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Avatar m tn This was hard. I first want to say im sorry Kim. I have made a plan for the first time to get off and stay of heroin and all other drugs. Iv thought about this all day . I dont want to go on a methadone program as i feel it wont help or benifit me .I have not ruled out rehab, but would prefer to just go cold turkey. I know my time is running out and need to get this done .
5864500 tn?1380893197 If you have truly tried a lot of different meds and therapy and just haven't seen any improvement, you may have a tougher case of depression (called treatment resistant depression). Your doc could shed light on that for you, if he/she feels that may be the problem. If that is the case, and you're doing as much as you can to address it, trying different meds and working hard yourself, then it may be time to discuss treatment options like ECT or electroconvulsive therapy.
Avatar f tn A healthy diet certainly can make your body run smoother but if you do suffer from the dual diagnosis of depression/anxiety first you must get together a treatment plan that in many cases will include a well balanced diet. You do ask about staying motivated and I have found that depression drowns motivation in most cases.
Avatar f tn Yes ma'am. I actually suffer from depression, medicated & weekly therapy sessions. But stopped all treatment at the beginning of the year, then found out I was expecting 2months later. Many days I am down in the dumps & I really worry about postpartum depression because I plan to breastfeed & am terrified about not being able to because I would have to go back on meds. I would recommend staying busy, surround yourself with friends and family, and make sure you have a support team.
Avatar f tn The fact you're writing on this forum suggests you really don't want to die, so go to the hospital, get stabilized, and then with a psychiatrist figure out a plan to learn what you do want and how you might get there. Good luck and get help now.
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed with major depression 2 years ago & responded well to medications primarily Zoloft. A year into treatment all her medications were tapered & discontinued. She then had a relapse after 4 weeks, since then she has been started on different medications each time & her symptoms continue to persist. Currently she is on Zoloft 100 mg BID, Elavil 75 mg BID & Bupropion 150mg QD.
Avatar f tn i've never been depressed in my life till now ,I DON'T want to be a miserable person.. I Think to myself how am i going to go threw treatment and take care of my children ? how do you plan to be sick for a year? I just feel like i have no control and hate it !
Avatar n tn It is possible that your doctor can increase the dose and that will take care of the depression. I plan to stay on my anti-depressant for several months after treatment(6 weeks to go) to let the drugs get out of my system and to let my body begin to work right again. My doctor has been very good about treating the side effects so I imagine if I had trouble after treatment, he will help then too. Hope you feel better.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I have 2 much on my plate boyfriend very abusive i cant take it anymore seeing phyc on mon for my depression meds for treatment he was supposed to drive me now he says he wont i live out of town now what?
Avatar f tn Depression is a common side effect of interferon. Yes, it will go away after treatment is over. You can go on ADs or you can constantly remind yourself that it's just the meds. I don't take ADs but I do break down now and then. ( avoid the news) My best solution is watching comedies.
1564367 tn?1296001270 And realizing as of lately I have Autism - Asperger's Syndrome. Is there a treatment for this disorder? I take Prozac for the depression.
Avatar f tn Depression is listed as one possible outcome post surgery for thyroid disorders. is this because of the high possibility of hypothyroidism after surgery which will cause weight gain? I would like to know more about the long term effects of Graves and how to get things back to the way they were. My boyfriend has been diagnosed recently and is still trying to get the levels under control before he can have iodine treatment or surgery. He wants the surgery and to be done with this.
Avatar f tn The conculsion is the key element in the treatment. Without that there is to treatment and no help for depression. I want to let people know that ECT treatments are not like they are depicted on movies. They are very relaxing before and after. The patient is not awake for the procedure. After the procedure was done, often times patients ask if they are next. The nurse will tell them that they have already had their treatment and they can just lay there and relax.
Avatar f tn I DID read the hydrocortisone CAN cause depression. But as I explained in my last post, once I dropped the dose, the depression went away. I think they may have made a mistake about my adrenals... well, soon we'll know, and obviously I'll post back somewhere on this site what they say end of next week. And thanks again for your thoughts. It is indeed an interesting subject, all this adrenal and thyroid stuff!
2011699 tn?1328936953 You should do both before ever starting hepatitis C treatment. A serious potential side effect of Hep C treatment is depression. People who suffer depression while taking treatment, people who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm or people with a family history of depression should be encouraged to access support and counseling. Anyone with a history of depression should be monitored throughout their treatment to make sure that treatment is not causing a major depressive episode.
Avatar f tn Sorry your treatment has not worked. Can you tell me a little about your experience.
Avatar n tn i was told by my doctor that he treats very aggressive and instead of 48 weeks standard for geno-type 1 that he would require 52 weeks.....after 2 months of treatment my levels were declining but my doctor said not fast enough. he asked if i would consider 2 shots per week instead of 1...i did not think that was going to work for me...we agreed on a shot every 5 days until i was testing negative.
354706 tn?1279474395 He had also explained to us the differences 'conventional' treatment vs the 'new' treatment and how he would be tweaking the administration of the drugs according to his timetable, something he pioneered. I am not sure whether this is true, he told us that any single chemo drug has only 20% chance of them working. So by combining the 2 drugs, you have a 40% chance of them working.
Avatar n tn There is treatment - your depression needs treatment (hope that is going on now). I suggest a different doc. I hope he just didn't leave it at that. If you have hcv you should automatically have a liver biopsy. Depending on the results and other factors a decision to treat or not treat can be made. There is definitely a treatment available.
Avatar f tn would be in a better position to assess your symptoms and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Keep looking for a dr. who you can be honest with and who understands MJ.
Avatar m tn What coping strategies have you used in the past for when you start having suicidal ideation and things happen for example such as a plan pops into your head and you hear voices in your thoughts as loud as if someone's talking telling you you should be dead?
Avatar f tn Not even that one political thread and I really had things I wanted to say to I've not been doing well. I made it all the way through treatment with no depression and no meds other than the ones to deal with the wild mood swings. And now that I've done treatment, I've sunk into this deep dark depression. I've been quietly trying to battle it and I'm not doing well. It's completely irrational. It isn't because I got pulled off treatment early, that's not what I'm focused on.
Avatar f tn They'll help you set up a treatment plan, whether it be some at home thing you can do, therapy, or medication. Good luck!
Avatar m tn You do not have to feel like this. This is classic depression and there is treatment available, this treatment works very well for a lot of people and you can live a full and happy life again.
1551327 tn?1514049467 Anyway I a not going to harp on that. If they are not using CBT as past of their treatment plan then they are being lazy and don't want to learn about it. Telling you that CBT wouldn't work for you as saying physical therapy would not help someone who was in an auto accident and had to learn to walk again. That disturbs me. Practicing CBT is directly related to working on codependency behaviors. Anyway, it is unfortunate that they do not use this as a part of your treatment plan.
Avatar f tn Namaste, The good news is that your symptoms are treatable with a minimum of side effects or side effects which dissipate with continued use. The bad news is that it may take a long time to find the right medication or combination thereof that will control your symptoms and still allow you to function at a "normal" level. It took me over 6 years to find the right medication cocktail which helps me witthout putting me in a fog and causing memory and concentration problems.
883075 tn?1284603308 Anxiety can come out of nowhere, or can be the result of continuous fears that build up. Only a professional can diagnose you and come up with a treatment plan if you are at a certain severe point, although you can try on your own to resolve it if your case is moderate. Only you and or the professional (and not this chatline) can determine the severity of your situation. Judging from how long you have been suffering, you should see a professional.