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748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar n tn I'm sure the psych hosp will come up with a good diagnosis and proper treatment. Depression and anxiety can have symptoms you described, the anxiety builds to such a point that a mental 'break' occurs. She may need help in controlling the anxiety so it doesn't build to this point again, learning how to indentify when it begins and what to do to diffuse it.
Avatar m tn I have not started treatment because I am being treated for depression. I have an appointment 1-14-11 to begin treatment despite the troubles with the depression. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I could not begin treatment due to depression. I have been in a state of denial I guess. January I met with my VA Doctors in Orlando and was informed of the new drug and it was strongly suggested to wait. The drugs have arrived and I will begin treatment August 8. To be honest I'm still not right mentally but feel this is far more important so I'm going forward and thinking I'm prepared.
2137079 tn?1335987132 Since you have had so many surgerys and related problems it might be easier for you to find a decent Dr that will treat you . I was prone to depression before treatment and some people have it worse after tx as you dont come out unscathed after 1 time tx let alone 3 times. Things can get better with proper meds. I look back now and am glad I dont fell like offing myself and take it a day at a time.
Avatar n tn 3) SEX -- big one for me. When did your sex drive come back? 4) Depression - Do we still need to be on antidep's after tx? 5.) Was there any lingering physical conditions after taking tx? 6.) How was you liver/blood work did it go back to normal? 7.) At what point does your hair/skin go back to normal? 8.) Patience do you have more of that once tx is finished? Please list your your type and bx conditions.
Avatar f tn chronic insomnia, depression, skin itch(now the above diag.), heat problems, shortness of breath at times and sinus problems, lack of motivation, muscle aches, tiredness, and on and on and on. Oh yea, and my thyroid has now been decided is on the low side, so Synthroid (low dosage), as been added into the mix. None of these things were as wrong with me several years back. My first 1 or 2 treatments, I bounced back from fairly well, even though I was a non-responder.
Avatar f tn J suggested I go back to Shands for all treatment at this time, as this Orlando Docs seem to be giving me the run around. He is setting up another appt. at Shands with a Neuro for me. My enzymes are slightly elevating with every lab, but at least, not flaring like before. His take on the Neuropathy at this point is probably interferon induced. Their is no guarantee with the knee or back surgery regarding the Neuropathy of feet and legs.
Avatar n tn i too can relate about the depression and losing oneself. i have suffered from depression most of my life. one thing that came to mind while reading the original post was that for some people discontinuing SSRI's such as paxil can cause what is referred to as "discontinuation syndrome", not a return of the depression exactly... do some research on withdrawls from this class of drugs and see if that might be what is going on.
Avatar n tn I am having a biopsy done after Christmas and beginning treatment in January. I am a full time student. I don't work right now, but my studies are very very demanding. I am very worried what to expect. My doctor says that I should only need 26 weeks of treatment for type 2, as type 1 is much more difficult to treat. Does anyone here have type 2???? I have read that less than 10% of people who have Hep C, have type 2 as this is not common in America.
1701799 tn?1307223379 Now we are trying to see if that and other medications will help. We just had a Nuerologist at a Top Orlando Hospital have me see the Head Psychiatrist. He just laughed when he met me. He said I definately had a stroke. If you met me I have all facial and left side signs of a stroke. They are defiately not mental. This is being reseached in Germany. I'm trying to get Tampa General or a major Hospital to reseach this. I can't be the only one out there.
Avatar f tn If the depression and gross fatique hit me, I think I would have to make the decision to suspend treatment. Like foreseegood, I hope you can get a biopsy. It will help you make treatment decisions in the future. I am sorry your medical professional people did not come to your assistance sooner. Don't they understand that they are making people quit because they don't understand how bad it is?
254544 tn?1310779332 It's not that huge of a percentage (at least mine wasn't), compared to how much easier it is to win it. I used a guy in Orlando that advertises on T.V. I'll try to write it, but it may get deleted! His colleague came over to Melbourne for my hearing. Anyhow, his name is Mark Nation of the Nations Law Firm. Since he is already advertising on T.V., I see no harm in putting this down. But, of course, MedHelp might not see it that way.
899454 tn?1295587538 Tomorrow will be the first time that I will be in front of a psychiatrist. I have anxiety sometimes panic attacks (and depression not sure). What can I expect in this first app. What questions is he going to ask me? I am a little nervous that's why and I do not know what to expect. Many thanks. Amethyst.
131817 tn?1209532911 depression; severe fatigue; psoriasis. Incapacitated and unable to work most of treatment but feeling better now. Worst thing about treatment: A very humbling experience that made me keenly aware of my mortality. Best thing about treatment: A very humbling experience that made me keenly aware of my mortality. Location: Moth infested house Latest hobby: Moth hunting Lastest read: Of Moths and Men: An Evolutionary Tale by Judith Hooper.
Avatar n tn More fatique, mood swings, depression- same as I was on booze. I wondered if I could skate through treatment without him knowing. One day he was 13, found a book on liver diease in my room and questioned me. So I told him. Not in one full overwhelming blast. I started with, 'well, ya know how I'm always tired, I have some blood problems affecting how hard my liver has to work. I'll be fine, but I may have to go on some medicines that can't make feel sick sometimes.
87972 tn?1322664839 51 year old Caucasian male Genotype 1a Grade 2, stage 3.5 226 lbs Diabetes M. type 2 Dx with HCV 12/04 Treated with Pegasys/ Copegus total 56 weeks, from 2/05 through 3/06. Slow viral response at 12 week assay, so increased riba from assigned 1200 mg/day to 1800 mg/day. Became undetectable to <50 IU by week 20. Relapsed within 30 days post Tx Began treatment again on 9/15/06 with Peg-Intron 150 mcg/week, and ribavirin 2000 mg/day. (I've actually been squeezing the vial, and injecting .
Avatar f tn I insisted right back it was a situational depression. If he could find what was wrong with me, the depression would lift. NO I would not allow him to medicate me nor was I going to prove to him that the depression was situational by spending my money on a shrink. When I went to my new neuro, I told her up front what neuro one had to say.
12773 tn?1328916786 Which he had a total knee replacement on, and body was rejecting during this time of Moms death, and they were talking about taking it off, that was part of his depression. He lives out in Portland Oregon, and I am in florida. At least I do still have my Dad. I finally talked him into coming back from Mexico after Mom passed and getting a place near by. That I worry about him traveling alone all the time. So he did.
Avatar m tn After my wife started treatment, I knew we'd need help taking care of the children and keeping house, so we ended up getting wonderful a young lady to help us out who was then finishing up high school. She has been a godsend and a blessing, wonderful with the children, and has made all the diffrerence in helping us get through this difficult time.
138239 tn?1239928524 -- I would say anything above 3 in this case is abnormal and merits thyroid hormone treatment trial in hopes the goiter shrinks/stops growing. The slightly high uptake is not unusualy in hashi. If things keep getting worse then surgery is back-up plan.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking neuortin 300mg 3 times a day and pristiq for depression. I am not sure if the neuortin is helping as I don't understand why it won't ago away. It is worse at work as I sit all day but I do get up and walk around. My neuorlogist can't guarantee it will go away but thinks it will. It is very annoying. I have even tried acupuncture so maybe the next step is a chriopractor. If anyone has any other advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I started AD on Thurs. and am already feeling better emotionally. Does depression and hepc go together? I think I've been depressed (and didn't really recognize it as such) for several months.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I was also uninsured and the state care was my only hope for treatment. I had to wait a month to qualify for the health care because I made too much money (even though I lost my job). It took me 2 months to get to new neurologist. During that time, symptoms stayed...including light and heat sensitivity and tremors. I also went to the library and learned what MS was because I had no idea. The pain was so bad and I had nothing for it.
Avatar f tn If they drop 50% they'll stop treatment and they will drop but as soon as they drop and you go off treatment they'll go back up. Can't take anything for low platelets. Anemia, can't really do anything about that. 3. What about Procrit if his blood platelets get low? No can't take that. If your blood is anemic it can't make platelets. 4. Can he relapse after a period of time? a. Absolutely not! Once it's clear, it's clear.
1414195 tn?1281893944 To begin, I am 31, and I live in Georgia with my husband and two kids. I went to Orlando to meet up with my kids who were visiting my husband's mother June 30 for the fourth of July weekend. My husband is in the military, so he could not leave until Friday evening to visit. Sunday, June 27 I noticed some pressure on my right ear that has not gone away. The pressure is similar to the pressure I feel after exercising or exerting myself.
108191 tn?1199603505 I will hold onto the thought that God willing that this disease will be altered to a state that it does not do my body no harms. I realize today that this treatment is my amends to my body for making a foolish decsion earlier in my life.
Avatar f tn Stage 2 grade 2 2nd time around, went thru interferon treatment (by itself) in 93 for 6 mos. Was slow to respond, and it came back, found out in Sept 06. Favorite Movie: hmmmm Ghost or Dirty Dancing.... LOL NOt sure which I have watched more..
Avatar f tn Other conditions that cause weight gain, muscle aching, and easy fatigability include thyroid problems and depression, among several others. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that primarily affects the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves from the eye, the optic nerves). Symptoms may be mild to severe, ranging from tingling and numbness to paralysis.
Avatar n tn I get the shakes, my hands tremble and i feel so hyper sometimes i cant stand it!!! And this drug is supposed to help with depression. I dont get it. Where did you read about serotonin syndrome? I am interested in reading about this.