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Avatar f tn I was born in the Ohio Valley in 1955. The doctor had a radiation treatment done on me prior to me going home to start my great childhood. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism approx. 20 years ago. Each time I go to my doctor, I have the same problems... fatigue, weight gain, dry skin. depression, and lost libido. I request the doctor to increase my Synthroid. He is reluctant. I'm sure I need to go to an endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn this tumor is rather large so I would imagine that a mastectomy will be the first order of business in your treatment plan. Whether there will be some other treatment from Oncology before surgery will be up to the Oncology Team after they go over all the test results. You dond't state your age but in any event I hope that you have been having regular Mammograms/Ultrasounds but I wonder about this with a tumor as large as you mention ..... that is rather large to grow in only one year.
Avatar f tn s and reports to take 2 the Cleveland clinic where they have chiari specialists(i live in ohio). My ability 2 cope right now is nil and I cry at the drop of a hat from the pain and frustration. I'm only 36 and feel like my body has turned on me. Anyone have any other suggestions or words of encouragement? It's been almost a year since I started this quest and I'm losing my mind.
Avatar f tn She was introduced to heroin by someone that was in a free treatment center with her for alcohol. Three years ago we separated. She moved in with her brother, who is an alcoholic. When that didn't work out she moved in with her father, who is also an alcoholic. I have filed for divorce and this has intensified her use of heroin. She literally has nothing and now her father has kicked her out. She says that she wants help.
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Tbd I need help coping with my mental state. I have been diagnosed with manic depression with bipolar. Lately my depression has been increasing, pushing my stress higher as I try to deal with it, which has started to let out anxiety attacks. They are affecting my daily life. I take clonazepam 1mg daily, a 20gm at bedtime, and have and anxiety med as needed. It's not helping anymore. I'm looking for suggestions or Dr. suggestions or recommendations in the east-central Ohio area.
Avatar f tn Hi, my name is Emily, I'm 34 years old, have a boyfriend and together we have 3 kids. We live in a two bedroom house in northwest Ohio. We aren't rich but we aren't poor. He's a contractor and I have an eBay store and also do some cleaning. Our kids are a 15 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old boy. We also have a dog. So that's me in a nutshell. I lead a high stress life.
5750245 tn?1374169922 wondering if anyone has heard of northland treatment center in ohio. we are looking into it for my boyfriend.
3107270 tn?1341523196 I'm located in Cambridge Ohio which is located about 80 miles east of Columbus, Ohio and about 120 miles south of Cleveland. I'm willing to go as far as Cincinnati, as I have family in the area I could visit while making the trips... However I really need help finding a doctor around the will accept this insurance as I can't afford to drive to and pay for these cash only clinics. Can someone PLEASE help me find a doctor that will help me?
476708 tn?1256333639 Hello everyone, I'm currently seeing a Dr. H in Wisconsin. He's a good Dr. but i'm afraid he's a little too old school for me and isn't very responsive when I have questions on the future of my treatments, plans, goals, other drugs, etc. I'm looking for recommendations from others on who they'd recommend as an excellent LLMD. I would like to work with someone who's knowledgeable on the latest treatment methods of Lyme...
Avatar f tn Any Ohio mommys? Just curious moved to Ohio in april with my husband and I'm 8 weeks 1 day!
Avatar n tn After a short stint in the adolescent psychiatric ward due to ongoing strange behavior (bulemia, depression, substance abuse from alcohol/adderall/ecstacy/marijuana), she was sent home and put on Prozac 10 mg for depression. However, she told me that the Clinic had told her she had a thyroid condition, that I was never told about by the doctors that saw her.
575529 tn?1217655794 I am seeking suboxone treatment in ohio. I went to and they had 3 doctors email me. I have insurance and they all want at least 450.00 to see me. Is there ANYWHERE in ohio kentucky or indiana I can get treatment using my insurance?
Avatar n tn I have tried several times to break this addiction, with no success, Two years ago,I made it as far as 10 days, and i was still suffering from no sleep, restless leg, and then i went into a deep dark depression for the longest time. I already suffer from depression, and i believe trying to get off the narcotics made me sink into the darkest depression i have ever experienced.
148532 tn?1216640562 I finished a year of unsuccessful treatment last Aug and over the last few months have developed almost constant pain in my hands with swelling. I was also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago and have off and on pain issues. So my question is Has anyone else experienced this and is it the treatment ? Or can the treatment cause a worsening in fibro? I have been tested for other stuff and all negative. I have a vl of 1.3 mil all enzymes double normal and elevated afp.
Avatar n tn i live in Ohio,work in the treatment field and there is no Ohio law that will allow one to probate another in2 alcohol/drug treatment.I doubt there is one in Illinois that permits that!Also if one goes to an inpatient program...and they leave against staff advice....the insurance company can refuse to pay for what treatment they had!I suggest u check out some Al-Anon meetings in your area ASAP!
Avatar f tn this palce has a program for all ages and types of addictions I was living in Ohio and went to this one in NJ.....How old is your son?
Avatar f tn Looking for a doctor in Columbus Ohio who does pain management. The last guy we went to treated my husband like a drug addict and was outright offensive. I need a doctor who does both medicine and procedures and apparently this is a hard thing to find. His pain medication dose is low, however, we just changed insurance and our new family doctor says he cannot write more than one script for pain medication because he is under contract.