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Avatar f tn They have contacts and can get you help even with no insurance. This is what they do, let them do it. Make that call.
Avatar f tn I started using when I was 13 and by 21 I was addicted to coke, methadone, opiates and liquor. I had no insurance there was no hope... and my mom died shorty before I turned 22 from cancer. I continued to use and overdose and lose things when I was 28 my father passed of copd..I was tld due to my injuries I wouldnt be walking by the time I turned 30 and I would NEVER EVER get off methadone When I was 29 Some things happened and I left the abusive drug fueled 10 year relationship...
1075007 tn?1255649651 Change docs and get some sensible advice and treatment. No doctor should prescribe off a checklist in response to a questionaire. That tells you he knows nothing about the meds and is actually dangerous, not helpful. Change docs, now. The pharmacist has also told you this in other words. Right? Do it.
Avatar n tn How can I get treatment in Florida for my depression? I am unemployed and have no insurance. Things are getting very bad.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I have 2 much on my plate boyfriend very abusive i cant take it anymore seeing phyc on mon for my depression meds for treatment he was supposed to drive me now he says he wont i live out of town now what?
Avatar f tn Hi Barb I get depressed during the middle to early part of the treatment but there were a lot of bad thinkgs going on in my life at that time like my husbands job went bankrupt without notice and we lost our insurance and since I had a preigisting illness no one would take me and then my hubbie went out of state to work for a month.
Avatar f tn The conculsion is the key element in the treatment. Without that there is to treatment and no help for depression. I want to let people know that ECT treatments are not like they are depicted on movies. They are very relaxing before and after. The patient is not awake for the procedure. After the procedure was done, often times patients ask if they are next. The nurse will tell them that they have already had their treatment and they can just lay there and relax.
Avatar m tn We don't usually make good decisions while in the midst of depression. Look at getting treatment as a stepping stone to taking back control of your life. It's a first step, and naturally it's the most difficult one. After that it's only going to get better.
2105456 tn?1334368647 looking into getting my PCP to Refer me to another Doctor.......Depression has no name or condition...when you feel your life is going good...That is when Hell Breaks loose....I was paying money to my aunt for a house she promised me and she was about to hand over my house..My Mother and Daughter told her lies about me...My daughter gain to get 3 houses and I million dollars and 50 thousand dollars for her daughter college fund..But only to get me off her will It Worked.................
Avatar n tn - Current work situation, can you afford to take time off work if things do not go as smooth as you want - Insurance, how much will your insurance cover the treatment. - Your family situation, your treatment will affect people around you. I do not know what kind of medical advances we will have in 5-10 years, but I heard that 3a genotype is one of the easiest to cure, so I would do it while you are young.
Avatar f tn I was already on an antidepressant prior to treatment and I had absolutely no problems with Depression during treatment. I am now off the antidepressant and doing fine. I am also cured of Hep C. But, bottom line, the new treatments are Interferon free so you would not be on Interferon. I would just keep looking for a doctor who will treat you. And, as I said, I would get a Hepatologist at a large university affiliated medical center.
Avatar n tn i have been in treatment for several years for severe depression. i think i have tried almost every drug and combination. i can get some shortterm releif but nothing works for very long. i am currently taking parnate, lithobid, cytomel,amitriiptylene, clozaril. the clozaril was added recently. when i began hurting myself. i have also had ect therapy. my question is, why after so long would i begin to hurt myself. i should add that i have thoughts of suicide.
Avatar m tn According to studies I've read, it is supposed to be the most suitable for clinical depression while on treatment. I don't know about off treatment. Here is a link for the comparison of the two: Escitalopram versus citalopram: the surprising role of the R-enantiomer. Sánchez C, Bøgesø KP, Ebert B, Reines EH, Braestrup C. Research and Development, H. Lundbeck A/S, Ottiliavej 9, 2500 Valby Copenhagen, Denmark.
1986676 tn?1329866071 How can I be sure my new insurance will cover treatment. If it does not cover Hep C treatment what are my options? Generally, speaking most of my colleagues who have retired have found their coverage to be adequate, but with Hep C expensives I need to know for sure. My insurance coverage has been changing constantly over the years since I treated. As my workplace is a hostile environment and I also have two sick parents I would like to leave sooner than later.
2011699 tn?1328936953 You should do both before ever starting hepatitis C treatment. A serious potential side effect of Hep C treatment is depression. People who suffer depression while taking treatment, people who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm or people with a family history of depression should be encouraged to access support and counseling. Anyone with a history of depression should be monitored throughout their treatment to make sure that treatment is not causing a major depressive episode.
Avatar f tn i have a question about a med. Its lexapro. i was wondering if u can get pregnant while u are on it. if so what do i have to do.
Avatar f tn I work as a bartender/cocktail waitress and my company offers no insurance. I actually applied online at a health insurance site and was declined today....due to bulimia (not surprisingly). I am so fed up! I live near Duke and UNC-chapel Hill and they both have programs, but are SO expensive. I just can't pay for the treatment on top of all of life's other bills. I have searched the internet for resources and I just want someone to help me!!! I am dying inside and I want to live.
Avatar n tn '05 and started treatment Feb. '06. No insurance so learned alot quickly about how to go about getting med's etc. Drank alot, (owned a blues/jazz club until '03) i found out and quit that day. am convinced it led to quicker progression in my case. have 2 sons, one @ home, and a wonderful husband who turned my entire life around. felt like i had to treat no matter what. would do it again in a heartbeat. SVR dreams to us all....
Avatar n tn The problem is there's no telling if he's right or not. But it sure would be good insurance against the hepC interloper to do what you can to really make sure its gonna be gone if you're gonna fight it at all. The latest statistics are showing the best odds for clearance for those who have a 2 log drop by 12 weeks. If you didn't get that, continuing those extra months would be prudent. But, as I said. I'm not treating, so I don't know what it feels like to face what you are facing.
1391695 tn?1298143389 Not necessarily, Bree. Well, actually you might be covered, but to what extent is often the case. Some insurance policies cover the riba under their Rx plan but put the IFN into major medical, sometimes requiring 30% copay. That happened to me, and while I paid the first time out of pocket, the second treatment I went through the mfgr’s patient assistance program; they paid for 100% of both meds, with no copay or deductible to meet.
Avatar n tn Hello, my son is 21 years old, has hypothyroid, my insurance dumped him when he stopped going full time to school, he's living on his own now, and his job offers no health insurance. He barely makes ends meet with what he makes, and can't afford buying insurance for himself. He hasn't taken his medication for about 6 months now, I'm wondering how dangerous this may be for him? He doesn't seem to care much, but I worry myself sick.
Avatar f tn to sum up, I went from one day to the next swollen thyroid, it is now under my collar bone pressing on all my nerves causing excrutiating pain and has moved my trachae.. I have no insurance and they will only do the surgery when i land back in the emergency room at point of death basically... I have nodules shown on ultra sounds and ct scan, blood levels normal never had a history of thyroid issues (all blood work always negative) although i show alot of the symptoms for years now..
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been searching for a method for treating my depression. Of course with no money that has been hard. I have read about ECT treatment and have finally had hope that this might work for me. I am trying to find a way to get this treatment, but have no money. Any ideas are welcomed.
Avatar f tn I am just about at the end of my rope with these people that work for my insurance company. My depression is getting worse and I cannot get any help, I just do not know what to do next!!! I have made it very clear how desperate I am to find a doctor, and I even told them I am trying to save my life because I have tried to commit suicide on 3 separate occasions, but still no help!!
4592241 tn?1359816738 it seems like the doctors just keep giving me pills. I know there is no real cure for depression or addiction..but is it wrong to just stay on suboxone so I can live a some what normal life????? I really feel so lost and guilty for being this way.
Avatar n tn Laura, I was denied extending treatment meds by my insurance company (I am going to 72 weeks) and I did what Kalio has advised and called Committment to Care. They were prompt, easy and FREE and they send the meds right in the mail to me. The insurance company does pay for my Epogen (so far) but even if they start refusing that one - most of the companies now DO have programs to help us out.
Avatar f tn I am 26, I have had lyme since '04 and i am currently doing my second picc line of rocephin. 4 weeks in, 2 to go, as far as insurance is concerned. No improvement yet. I am scared because this depression/anxiety thing is getting out of control. It is so bad sometimes it physically hurts. I have taken anti-depressants in the past, I don't like them. The side effects make them not worth it. I've tried Xanax for the anxiety but it's too strong and I am sensitive to most medications.
Avatar m tn This depression is not rational. No depression is rational. You have been diagnosed with AIDS. Yet the diagnosis has happened and you have aids. This does not directly affect your mood. The change in mood comes from judgements about your life with aids. Most likely these judgements are associations in your brain that are happening sub-conciously. The fact is that rationally you should be just as happy as you ever have been. This is for the following reason.
Avatar f tn The studies show that pharmacological treatment along with talk therapy is most effective for MS depression. Realistically that might not be an option for all of us - talk therapy is costly and not necessarily covered by our insurance. My insurance, although a very good policy, has a $40 copay, so each time I would walk through the door I have to pay that amount. Talk therapy is not a short term deal - it is an ongoing lengthy process.