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Avatar n tn The problem was he also insisted that I am a drunk. I refused to stop medicating myself with red wine and fun alcohol drinks he refused me treatment. He told me that 75mg of Effexor was not even therapeutic for a pediatric patient and to just throw the stuff away. I did. Dr. Michael Geraughty PhD. administered the BECK & MMPI tests when I was an inpatient at NCH (Naples hospital) and told me I was neither a drunk or depressed/b-polar. He said like a good Irish PhD.
1692704 tn?1307215380 Can you have depression independent of Lyme? Sure, but rather than assume that's the case, getting treatment seems a reasonable course of action. Hang in there, everybody.
535822 tn?1443980380 As an international search continues for an American boy who ran away to avoid chemotherapy, a local who did the same thing 15 years ago says cancer treatment should be the boy's decision to make. Billy Best is one of the few people anywhere who knows what Daniel Hauser is going through. Best believes the law has no business in personal healthcare decisions. The courts have said 13-year-old Hauser will die without chemotherapy to treat his cancer.
Avatar f tn Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but a couple weeks ago I put all the pieces together and I strongly feel that I am hypo. I went to a Dr who has good word of mouth reccomendations. He did do a good job of asking me questions but at the end of this he said he would test me for TSH and low iron. If those come back "normal" he said that I have clinical depression! I know what clinical depression is as I went thru a bout of it about 10 years ago!
Avatar n tn I'm 23 years old. I'm originally from the UK, and moved to the US (Minnesota) in June 2009. I'm a graduate with a BA Honors in Journalism, and haven't been able to find any stable career path. THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE PROBLEM. I married my college sweetheart in 2009 when everything seemed bright and happy, full of expectation, excited fear and anxiety, and ultimately, a lease of life I never thought would diminish (I have been extremely focused on a successful career since I was 13).
Avatar f tn Lots of tests, lots of insurance payments, lots of copays, lots of visits to psychiatrists for depression that ceased w/ T3...but physically no improvement, in fact getting worse. I can't imagine how many gallons of blood have been collected !! Doctors are getting paid lots of $$ to file pieces of paper in my medical file without critically considering them to make a diagnosis, and the insurance companies are reaping huge profits for a lot of paper shuffling themselves.
Avatar m tn He said that meant I had 90% chance of clearing. I completed treatment and last month was my 6 month post treatment viral load, still no virus~ SVR ! Treatment isn't easy but compared to doing it the first time, with a cirrhotic liver, it was so so much easier. Really. If you weren't post transplant I'd suggest you wait for the new all oral meds currently doing so well in trial. But the truth is hep C can move much more rapidly post transplant. You've already been fortunate.
Avatar m tn My daughter, Katie, turned 17 recently. She’s in a treatment facility (her meds were Effexor, Abilify, Clonadine) and after recently being taken off of abilify she made a suicide attempt by hanging.
Avatar m tn gclid=CMSrt6fyjKQCFcjD7QodKDB5Sg Some of the more serious side effects of drugs heart attacks, growth problems blood disorders, and psychosis.Travis Thompson, Ph.D, from the University of Minnesota and Klaus R. Unna, M.D., from the University of Illinois reported that “perhaps the best-known effect of chronic stimulant administration is psychosis. Psychosis has been associated with chronic use of several stimulants: e.g., amphetamines, methylphenidate, phenmetrazine, and cocaine.
Avatar m tn To achive that sober time, I had to leave my native state (Michigan) go to Hazelden treatment center in Minnesota, stay in treatment for 7 months, then move to a sober house in St. Paul. I attended AA and NA meetings almost daily, worked at a company where just about every one else was in recovery, and spent my free time only with other people in the program. The problem was, I was never comfortable.
596143 tn?1226651654 My doc diagnosed me with depression and put me on Effexor. He said the aching will pass. But he doesn't understant that it is more than just aching. So, I'm doing my own research and found out about Fibromyalgia, and the symptoms fit. When I found this site I was so excited to see people going thru the EXACT same thing I am.
Avatar f tn Over the years we have tried counseling, treatment programs, and of course endless love and caring. I have 2 questions: 1) Are organized interventions often successful in getting someone who will not admit to a problem agree to enter long term tx? 2) What happens if meth is used when on the above list of meds? The intervention worker said if we decide to go that route, he will help us choose a program. There are so many and she has so many problems.
Avatar n tn ptsd (DSM IV) emotional disorder. Cortisol treatment and its evaluation is also gaining attention given the soldiers who are returning with head injurys, ptsd and low cortisol levels. The New York Times front page (1-08-09) reveals just the tip of the ice berg. Go on line to read. It hinted that while the military doesn't recognize ptsd as a physical problem vs a mental health problem, it reflects that it just not me that has alot of questions.
Avatar n tn But it did take several months post treatment to resolve the heavy flow. On another note, along with my year long post tx depression, I did feel even more 'odd' mentally for first 18 months post treatment during premenstrual time - cognitive and memory difficulties were far more pronounced during those four or five days. That also has resolved. However, I do feel more tired & a heavy feeling during those days, that were not there prior to tx.
Avatar f tn In order to treat addiction patients with suboxone, a doctor needs to complete an 8 hour class in addiction treatment and then they are granted a federal waiver in order or prescribe it for addiction treatment. A quick google search will tell you, or your doctor about this. I'm guessing that either your doctors are not educated on suboxone or do not want to prescribe it. It's a fairly new drug to the chronic pain scene, so it's not really a surprise that they don't want to prescribe it.
Avatar f tn CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT PAGE Mayo Clinic is one of the world's leading centers for treatment of neurological diseases, including Chiari malformation. Each year, Mayo Clinic specialists treat more than 200 patients for this condition. Chiari malformation occurs in 1 of 2,000 people, but the incidence of patients who exhibit symptoms is much less. Diagnosis and treatment of Chiari malformation depend on its form, severity and associated symptoms.
Avatar f tn Relieves your tension and your stress, Invigorate your happiness; Combats depression, makes you beam, And elevates your self esteem! Your circulation it corrects Without unpleasant side effects It is, I think, the perfect drug: May I prescribe, my friend... the hug! And, of course, fully returnable! My love goes out to Dear Jan. May the coming days return her to the person we so miss on here.
Avatar n tn First off My name is Andres, I'm 16 and live in Maplewood, Minnesota.. I don't Exactly know how to put this but I'm just going to describe exactly how it is... My Parents don't Believe me.. Plz Can you just believe me? and give me some serious answers.. Because I really don't think anything deadly should be happening to me yet.. Well this is how it goes.... Starting about 3 Months ago.. I've been having REALLY weird things happening to me at night..
Avatar n tn Rhodiola rosea may be used as a natural treatment for depression. Rhodiola has been shown to increase serotonin in addition to other brain neurotransmitters that contribute to a healthy mental state. A research study in the March 2009 edition of "The Journal of Ethnopharmacology" discovered that Rhodiola rosea has potent anti-depressant effects. Through these effects, it has been shown to improve mood and nervous system function.
1088527 tn?1425316975 I said yep I am depressed but not to the point that is causing my illness I see a counselor and she said i am sick and when they find out whats wrong and treat then my depression will go away. so I said depression can cause my walking balance problems he said well no and didnt offer any thing else except that I do not have a neurological condition and I should be happy.
Avatar f tn I never took Zoloft, but I agree with your Doc. I think its the anxiety The tried me on Trazadone, and Hydroxyz HCL at first, the Trazadone made me worse "probably because I fealt all drugged up" and the Hydroxyz is weak and a poor choice for the type of anxiety that I had, all it is, is a antihistamine "like Benadryl" Then after going to the ER about 4-6 times, they gave me Paxil and 5 "count em" 5 Ativan.
Avatar f tn MY question to forum members out there is if any of you had a cat that you had to take care of and monitor for 1 month post radioactive iodine treatment- how difficult was it to comply with state or provincial regulations with regards to litter separation if you have more than 1 cat- sleeping isolation if your cat is used to sharing your bed- and minimizing human contact etc......
Avatar f tn With today's limited coverage for hospitalization an average hospital stay is very short. My first hospital stay was a month but that was in 1991 and I was flagrantly psychotic then (read through my posts if you wish I'm fully recovered now). In 1993 it was 10 days. And in 2003 it was a few days (I'll skip the last one because the Clozaril clinic was outpatient). The most important thing to understand is that the worse off you are the longer the stay will be.
Avatar f tn A broad range of psychiatric reactions have been associated with Lyme disease, including paranoia, dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, major depression, anorexia nervosa, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Depressive states among patients with late Lyme disease are fairly common, ranging across studies from 26% to 66%.
Avatar n tn Has anyone tried curing their thyroid tumor with treatment by Dr. Hulda Clark? My husband wants me to try this treatment first, before doing something drastic like surgery. It seems intensive, but I guess it would be better than living a life on hormones. Thoughts please. Thanks.
Avatar m tn 3 jobs, a PhD dissertation, rental apartments, etc. I don't if the stress, insomnia or depression is from the workload or the thyroid, but I know this ***** gets to where you don't know what is a cause and what is an effect.Sure would like to talk to anyone sharing my plight, or who might have suggestions!
Avatar m tn Bottom line for me though is that I agree with much of what Rocker says in the above post, stay away from these drugs if at all possible and use them only for moderate to severe depression, as opposed to mild and transient depression. Again, I am NOT a doctor but I do work side by side with one who treats depression. Sounds like you are working with a good therapist too. Maybe consider a triple extra tall latte on those "dog days"? Hope you find a solution!
649598 tn?1239120815 This means I am now without any depression or anxiety medication for the first time in ten years and I don't know what to do. Of course, the first opening with any psychiatrist in the area is not until March. Not being treated with meds is making my employment situation shaky and my emotional stability situation even more so. Is there anything I can request from my PCP or even get over the counter?
Avatar n tn Everything didn't turn out as I expected but at least as of today - no cancer detected and back to somewhat of a normal life. Some days there is panic and depression, but every day is a new day and much to be thankful for. I was told and I believe it to be true... If you are going to get any cancer - Papillary Carcenoma is the best one to get. It's treatable and often very good results. Please don't jump the gun, have faith and don't worry about something you are not sure you have.