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Avatar m tn It's not actually that easy for most of us to get inpatient treatment for anxiety -- beds aren't in abundance, and the only thing they'll do for you is give you drugs anyway and try to clear your bed as soon as possible. The exception is when you're a threat to yourself or others. On the other hand, you've been suffering with anxiety for a long time now and you're still with us, so you know it's not going to kill you and that nothing truly terrible is going to happen -- you just think it is.
Avatar n tn How are people paying for inpatient treatment at an eating disorders center if they don't have money? Does anyone have info on resources that would pay for this very specialized treatment? Thanks for any info you can offer.
Avatar m tn So I'm a 17 yr old girl living in NY with severe depression and anxiety. I'm also super new to this website. Has anyone on here been to any Inpatient hospital programs in NY or any relatively close states (ie: CT, NJ, PA, etc) that they'd recommend? Because I have a limited amount of time before my shrink and my parents are going to make me chose a place to go. Extra Details: I'm not particular about location.
1895503 tn?1332376974 I know I am so blessed to be able to go to treatment. I am so sad to leave my daughter again. Can anyone relate? Do you think this panic will go away when I am off Suboxone??
Avatar n tn I am wondering about your view of using opiates for treatment resistant depression. I have been on almost all antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. A world renowned MD has suggested it as a last line of RX for me, but neither my PCP or psychiatrist thinks it's sn option. Believe me, I know it is contraversial. I have also had ECT and 16 years of therapy. Please can you give me your opinion.
1229112 tn?1268185693 **** Cavett (intelligent talk show host) is the only public figure I am aware of who spoke openly advocating shock as the treatment that helped him overcome depression. This is a strong tool, as are the drugs they will recommend you use. Take time to research all of this dear.
Avatar f tn I'm currently seeing a counsellor concerning depression/anxiety, and am still wavering on the idea about telling her of my binging/laxatives/over exercising. Is a counsellor qualified anough to give me the support I want? She is unable to give out medication, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Would you advise seeing someone different (a psychologist) and requesting medication, or sticking with therapy? What has/hasn't worked for you?
Avatar f tn is it depression when it seems to come in waves along with suicidal thoughts? i will be fine one minute, then the minute i start to think of my life and its issues, i get severly depressed with thoughts of suicide, but then within minutes i am ok again, but then it can start all over again within minutes...i dont understand why i am feeling this way...i have been on every antidepressant in the book and nothing has seems to get worse every year.....
Avatar f tn I'm not really sure if you are asking me about her first time in treatment, or the one she is in now. The treatment center she entered yesterday is a 5 day medical detox from oxy, they were going to use clondinine (?) for the anxiety, but her BP is too low, they did start her on suboxone tonight once the w/d's were strong. Please know I am not passing judgement on anyone, or what they have used to beat addiction, but she will be on the Sub for only 5 days.
Avatar n tn I now realize that depression and anxiety have played a significant role in her illness. She saw one therapist for 2 years, another for this last year, but has now gone away to school and is seeing no one. We now realize the stress of school and a strange city cause here to cylce through restricting again, and the depression and anxiety have returned. She has not been able to break this cycle, so she will soon start seeing another therapist.
Avatar n tn The problem was he also insisted that I am a drunk. I refused to stop medicating myself with red wine and fun alcohol drinks he refused me treatment. He told me that 75mg of Effexor was not even therapeutic for a pediatric patient and to just throw the stuff away. I did. Dr. Michael Geraughty PhD. administered the BECK & MMPI tests when I was an inpatient at NCH (Naples hospital) and told me I was neither a drunk or depressed/b-polar. He said like a good Irish PhD.
Avatar m tn I committed myself to inpatient hospital at one attempt; it helped a little. The pain of depression is real like a broken limb. The general population may not understand that but I assure you people here do. You have to fight, for a new counselor and different meds. It is not unusual to try several types of anti-depressants before finding the right one for YOU. Everyone's chemistry is different, as are the life challenges and experiences. All are valid.
Avatar n tn Do I play hardball and say inpatient treatment or no support? I am not sure how committed he is to sobriety. He keeps lamenting how stupid he was to get the endocarditis ( not using sterile wipes) rather than lamenting his heroin use. Help! he gets out of the hosptital tomorrow and i have to decide what my part is. He wants me to help him get on welfare so he can afford to live in the city. I think that is just setting himself up for relapse.
2216810 tn?1420860476 '( i think treatment ,therapy or meds cant help to pass this situation as much,i just want to know has anyone recovered from depression???im scared that i'll never be the same,i'll never have a normal life because a person with depression,anxiety,panic attack,depersonality,agoraphobia, etc., could never marry,give birth to her child,and make a quite and happy life,,i think its not fair :'( its not our fault at all :'(..
Avatar n tn 9 years ago i was diagnosed with depression and hospitalized for inpatient treatment. now i want to go on birth control but i dont want to make my depression worse. ive been off prozac for at most 6 years. i also tend to get headaches and have asthma and painful cramps constantly lately. my sex drive is nill. will triphasil work for me?
5509652 tn?1391232415 So while both bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder involve depression, the treatment, especially when it comes to antidepressants, is different for bipolar and it's really important to screen for. You being pregnant right now does complicate things, both because medications do have some risk in pregnancy, and because hormones can wreak havoc with your moods.
7540527 tn?1401191358 I have been going to NA meetings and that's made a huge difference but today I just quit on myself. I'm wondering about outpatient treatment. Has anyone else gone that route and found it to be successful? I really want to stick with what I'm already doing because it has been working but my therapist has basically given me one last chance and I blew it. I agreed that I would go into treatment if I messed up again and here I am. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I need to find a good treatment program, I am scared to death to go. I have been in treatment before, and I have had some bad experiences. They are not all created equal. I now live in Ohio. I am willing to travel. I don't mean to sound like a rehab snob, but I want a safe sound program. Pleasem let me know, I am very desperate and depressed. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Help at hand Fortunately when things just seemed to go out of hand (thoughts of death were clogging my mind), I approached a wonderful counsellor, who suspected I was suffering from clinical depression — something even cognitive tests confirmed. Depression had occurred, she explained, as continuous grieving had changed the natural production of serotonin, the happy chemical in the brain.
1692704 tn?1307215380 Ok, so I am getting inpatient. I have Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Ehrilichia, and probably Lyme. I am one of those unlucky very sick, mulitple co-infected indivduals. I got ill in July of 2007 and saw multiple doctors and experimented with different treatments. Some things helped short-term, but nothing consistent. Most recently I have been on antibiotics. I have been taking them for about 3 months now.
Avatar f tn The last time he was in detox they made a plan which included referring him to a facility called Memorial Hermann's The Parc for a 90 day inpatient treatment plan. I even told her I had checked into that place before and his medicaid didn't cover it but they seemed sure. Then, at 4:30 after the doctor had left for the day they discovered his medicaid wouldn't cover it. I went from relief to complete overload. Since he couldn't go there they simply released him.
Avatar f tn It is common with people who have bipolar to experience this however even with the mania induced by the zoloft there is still going to be crashes which would explain the depression you are experiencing. I would definitely recommend seeing a psychiatrist before trying to come off the zoloft or making any changes to it if that is possible. If not then I would recommend trying to taper the zoloft.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for references of research that has been done to show that hypo/hyper thyroid symptoms coorelate with FT3 levels AND that treatment primarily based on FT3 labs has proven successful at eliminating symptoms.. I'm wanting this information to take to my doctor, she seems very open minded and willing to listen and if this in fact is the case i would like to present this information to her, and get her opinion, but would like to have some references to take with me to back it up.
Avatar n tn My 26 yr old nephew is suffering from depression w/anxiety and this seems to have resulted following a couple years abuse of pain killers to make life easier. He obviously became addicted and no longer has coping skills and thus has clinical symptoms of depression. Do you treat the depression or the drug addiction or both and HOW????? Does he need to see a drug counselor, does he need to go into an addiction program or see a psychiatrits/psychologist. Help! I know nothing about this.
Avatar n tn Anyway, my normal resting heart rate is 120-140...they noticed this when I was inpatient for severe depression 2 years ago and even though I added daily exercize and lost 60 pounds (I'm now normal weight), my heart rate never came down. When it gets going really fast it's like 200 and that's when I get the chest pain. The cardiologist said last week I need to treat the tachycardia so my heart won't eventually get weak.
Avatar n tn Is there any way you could check in to an in-patient treatment center? I know that before I did, I could get sober, I just couldn't stay sober. If you can't then I would go to a hospital detox and be very honest about EVERYTHING you are taking. Because the only way to get and stay sober is to stop everything except AD's.
Avatar n tn how abot you,,,now it's your turn to think about you..what about going into treatment for yourself....inpatient if possible....maybe outpatient? you have got to do what is best for you...