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Avatar f tn I was called in to do screening for the Boceprevir Trial October 22nd. Treatment will start in 2-3 weeks. Seeing as I am stage 1, grade 2 have decided not to treat yet. Maybe someone would be interested in getting into this trial, if so you can contact Zonca 313-916-8422.
Avatar n tn I wanted to ask the members of this forum if anyone can direct me to a reputable Doctor/Endocrinologist in Southeast Michigan, preferably in Macomb County. If anyone could tell me what the expenses are before during and after I would really appreciate it. If I had insurance this wouldn't be a problem but since I am unemployed and broke, I am stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place.
Avatar f tn I finished tx in May of this year and was on AD's in July becuause of the EOT blues/syndrome/depression. I too like you didn't take AD's while on tx or before tx but am on them now. I did pretty good while on tx but it was right at the very end, last couple of wks I noticed the change. I was like a basketcase and even remembering posting that I was falling apart at the end of my tx. I never even missed a day of work until the very end of tx. I can really relate to you...
577132 tn?1314270126 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Depression related to peginterferon therapy for chronic hepatitis C increases with duration of use, but reverses following treatment cessation, according to members of the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term Treatment against Cirrhosis trial. After 48 weeks of therapy, 42 percent of the patients developed depression.
Avatar n tn I'm pro treatment - but I believe in being informed. Find out what can happen on the treatment - talk to everyone about the side effects - ask what can happen - how long you'll have to be on it --- what can be done to treat the side effects... and if you can handle them. Lethargy and Depression are serious problems... I'm 4 months post tx (SVR now) but I still have sides... Was it worth it to get SVR? YES!!! Will I say that in a year if the sides continue? I don't know.
Avatar f tn Nuesa seems to be the most consistent issue. No skin issues as of yet but we are still very early in treatment. She finds avacodos to be easy on the tummy as well as her fat intake for the Incivek. She seems to have a very high sensitivity to smells. She has had some direharra issues as well but not consistent.We are taking notes on all diet so we can see what foods work better then others on the treatment.
748543 tn?1463449675 TMJ' as it is wrongly called by many) is easy to treat and self-manage or that it may all be in the patient's mind. The sources in the article stated that, "TMJ problems were originally thought to be caused by dental Malocclusion but that this was an infrequent cause of the problem". The American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of some 40,000 of the nation's leading dentist, recognizes the relationship between maloclussion and headaches.
612876 tn?1355518095 We just keep getting the same answer - it is very difficult to treat and we are trying to figure it out. She lives in Michigan.
Avatar m tn lead investigator Kimberly Brown, MD, head of the Division of Gastroenterology at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and colleagues report in their meeting abstract. In an interview with Medscape Gastroenterology just prior to her presentation, Dr. Brown said: "There are some data in the pretransplant population that, if you extend antiviral therapy, you reduce relapse rates, especially in patients who are responding slowly.
Avatar f tn Lyme messes with your whole hormonal system, which can easily feel like depression and despair. After treatment, when you are well again, the positive feelings will come back. I used to go around muttering, "It's not me ... it's the bugz", over and over and over, to remind myself that it wasn't my fault somehow. And guess what -- I was right! It wasn't me: it was my illness. Getting rid of Lyme and feeling totally fine again is doable, and definitely worth doing. YOU GO!!!
649848 tn?1534637300 City employees were involved in treating water at the Flint Water Treatment Plant as well as in testing residents' water for the state. One class-action lawsuit says residents have suffered skin lesions, hair loss, vision loss, memory loss, depression and anxiety. There are also concerns about miscarriages, imminent learning disabilities in children and Legionnaires' disease.
Avatar n tn For example we are having terribly damp weather here in Michigan and the last 4 nights I have come up right out of my dead sleep from the pain. I take flexeril to help my muscles relax and for sleep. Tonight I will up my dosage by a 1/4 tab and it should help me sleep better. I recently was on a panel for Pfizer regarding FM and Lyrica. I am seeing the doctor mid-April to see if it is a good choice for me.
Avatar n tn For over two years now, I have had numerous symptoms ranging from tinging in legs/arms, numbess in legs, pressure in head (not a dizzy feeling, just pressure), sporadic twitching in different areas, hard to enunciate at times, tongue tingling, sometimes I wake up and feel beaten up, like I worked out, pulling sensation in neck and under ears.
Avatar m tn Such reactions usually occur within 2 hours of administration, but may occur up to 24 hours and in some cases more than one year after initiation of regular treatment. Patients should receive treatment only under direct medical supervision and be observed for a minimum of 2 hours following administration; appropriate medications for the treatment of anaphylactic reactions should be available.
Avatar m tn The thought of not washing with shampoo or just plain water is interesting. Here's why, I used to live in Chicago and we had Lake Michigan water. Now I live in a suburb and we have treated well water. Since I have lived in this suburb my condition has been more noticeable. When I lived in the city it was less. Also I have noticed that when I am on vacation ( Mexico or Wisconsin) the symptoms clear up greatly. It is less stress but also in Wisconsin the water is untreated well water.
Avatar n tn If you would care to know my opinion, I believe that if your sufferring is significantly greater than before you discovered this depression in your skull (and granted your symptoms aren't a suggestive effect of what you have read online) then of course consult a true physician who can feel the severity of the indent and add up the symptoms to make a correct diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have read that anything above 1 CM is abnormal. I have no pain in the nodes themselves but have developed pain in the neck which seems like a stiff neck, and pain exists with any pressure from straining or lifting, also movement related pain in neck, chest and spine in the same region. No signs of infection at all, but do have extreme fatigue, back pain, some weight loss, among other varied symptoms.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar n tn I was in an auto accident approx. 9 years ago that left me a C-6 quadraplegic. I live in northern Michigan and since it is fall and rather cold outside, I spend most of the day indoors. Alot of you reported that your symptoms increase while watching television, I do spend alot of time in front of t.v. or computer screen, possible correlation? I smell the smoke whether I'm home or somewhere else. What the hell is causing this? This is the strangest thing I've ever heard of...
Avatar n tn I had to give up motorcycles 25 years ago because they were threatening my research of uncontrolable substances. I'm looking forward to cruising the back roads of Michigan this summer in the evenings after work and on week ends. May we each find what we're looking for. Peace!
Avatar n tn I've had numerous neurological symptoms. I do have a lump in my skull in my forehead called a Haemangioma of the Skull which caused severe pain and also spots on my brain MRIs so I am not sure what my problem is. My best wishes to you and I hope you find out what the problem is, it's very hard to be suffering so much all the time. keep looking for answers there must be one out there.
Avatar n tn I know they don't here, but they do offer free detox here in Michigan. It's a 5 day stay. You are right in assuming that xanax is very dangerous to get off. It's a Benzo as I'm sure you know so people have been known to go into a coma ect. if they try to stop cold turkey. He really should get help from a professional to get off of this. The doctor on this forum will be able to help you more with this. I hope he can get the help he needs.
Avatar n tn Your family doctor, local hospital, or mental health service can help provide you with a referral. If you live in Southeastern Michigan, you may contact Henry FordBehavorial Health at 313-874-6680. This reply is provided as general information only. Contact a physician concerning your health care needs.
Avatar n tn of Michigan-our local clinics/hospital-Grand View use their labs) (blood) checking on the thyroid, Lyme's disease, RA (arthritis- measures inflammation) factor (ALWAYS zero!!), treatment for depression (constant pain) and anxiety, being a new mother, past car accident YOU NAME IT- I went to Duluth, MN to St. Mary's hospital seeking answers-a Rheumatoligist discovered that I had rheumatoid arthritis immediately.
4190741 tn?1370181432 A small pilot study of veterans with combat-related PTSD showed that 73% of those who received 8 weeks of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) had significant reductions in overall PTSD symptoms compared with 33% those who underwent treatment as usual (TAU). The intervention group also showed significant decreases in avoidance and numbing symptoms. Lead author Anthony P.
Avatar n tn I live in Michigan and see we have the gamma knife at Mid-Michigan Neurology. I take several drugs to help with the pain, but it's never gone entirely. I'm willing to travel to seek treatment.
1684282 tn?1505701570 There are better (in my opinion) treatments for chronic pain that are much safer than opioids,such as physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-depression medications, and treatment of underlying psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety, dietary and life-style changes, etc. High dose long term opiates have not been shown in multiple studies to improve long term pain scores of chronic pain patients - and that is the most important fact of the whole article.