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Avatar n tn I dunno about buying stuff over the counter, although I know you can do that in many countries. In India often the pharmacies have a doctor in residence. However, someone who can follow up with you might be a better choice and I have found treatment to be very thorough when travelling - more thorough then here in good old NZ.
Avatar m tn Hi, If anyone can suggest me the best place for treatment of Hepatitis B in India? I have tried hard but could not find a hospital is specialised for such treatment.
Avatar n tn Risk in all areas throughout country except no risk in areas above 2,000 m (>6,561 ft) in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, and Sikkim. Risk also exists in urban areas below 2000 m, including Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay). If you have visited a malaria-risk area, continue taking your antimalarial drug for 4 weeks (doxycycline or mefloquine) or seven days (atovaquone/proguanil) after leaving the risk area.
Avatar f tn She needs urgent medication as she is not able to tolerate any further. Looking for a good rheumatologist in India. Awaiting your early response.
Avatar m tn by the way if hbsag quant in iu/ml is not available in australia you may check with labs in india or china and send samples to them i dont know how blood test are delt in aust but here you can ask private labs to draw blood as instructed for hbsag quant by architect and have them sent to other labs to make the test or just have a nurse to make this at home and then just ship by fedex.
Avatar f tn Have no idea about India in that regard, but before you do anything you need a diagnosis. Most people who think they have bipolar, and many who are diagnosed with it, don't actually have it. The experts in this are psychiatrists and psychologists, not your regular doc. Once you have a diagnosis and know what you're dealing with, you can ask your psychiatrist or psychologist if they know of groups. If you are truly bipolar, the only treatment for it is medication.
Avatar n tn He want to be treated. In what way it can be possible. We belongs to India. If you want some more information let me know I will mail you again.Please help him sir.If you yourself can't give treatment please let me know the other sources in India itself.
Avatar f tn Its called as shivyog, i got healed on a crystal bed, the guru heals for aperiod of 10-15 days 2-3 hrs per day, you can see tremendous change within 5 days only, the main thing is it is given in india, but if anybody is intrested i can find out from my guru if they have any branches outside india, i can also give his contact number so that u can know the process in detail.
Avatar n tn how long does the depression last. i know that i need to start trying to fill the void in my life but it isnt easy to do right now. i fear a relapse coming if this continues much longer............. also if for some reason i did relapse once 15-20 days from now and i only did it once, like a hydro/10 or 2, would i have 2 suffer the physical withdrawal all over????
748543 tn?1463449675 TMJ' as it is wrongly called by many) is easy to treat and self-manage or that it may all be in the patient's mind. The sources in the article stated that, "TMJ problems were originally thought to be caused by dental Malocclusion but that this was an infrequent cause of the problem". The American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of some 40,000 of the nation's leading dentist, recognizes the relationship between maloclussion and headaches.
Avatar f tn It's frustrating to find it's not being taken seriously by the medical profession. I can't believe there's nothing out there! I live in India and can buy cortizone over the counter, which I have done and it seems to having a positive effect but I'm wary about using it for long. I doubt that I'll be able to get milk thistle here - any other suggestions for calming natural remedies? Does lidocaine do more harm than good?
Avatar m tn If he's still in Canada, that's better than India -- in India psychiatrists tend to load on the drugs one after another, if contributors to this website are any indication. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure of treatment laws in India. There is a mental health international exert forum. Although the doctor charges a fee for posting he is from India and may be better able to advise about what services and options are available to you and your family. I understand what you're saying. I think that perhaps you're in a no win situation whatever you do. I think that hospital could be a good option for him (for now). ?? I'm just a layperson and are not qualified to make any decisions.
Avatar f tn If you do decide to try it, I would suggest you stop taking Lamivudine, as research has shown there is not advantage in taking the two together. Finally, I generally don't believe in starting treatment just after one set of tests, especially in young persons like yourself who had just discovered your Hepatitis infection. So, I don't know what to advise you. One option is to stop taking Lamivudine immediately and test again in two months time.
Avatar m tn 160 copies/mL • 2nd blood results were (taken in 08/19/2008). NOT ON TREATMENT HEP B VIRAL DNA QT 1,020,000,000 H <160 copies/mL *some fluctuation in numbers, but still very high ♦I started the combo drugs sometime in November with the high DNA count above, if not more.
Avatar f tn Yes, Anxiety is a definite side effect of ADD. In fact, that and depression are pretty classic symptoms. I assume your doc is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, since he is doing the prescribing? The following is an adult ADD site that has a ton of information. I think you will find it very helpful. Here is a site that is easier to read - http://www.webmd.
Avatar f tn Nitazoxanide tab. is not available in this part of india. Ihave ordered for nizonide500 and hope to get it in aweek.Shall I take this without the knowledge of the doc. What should be the dose for 500mg tab. How long should i continue?pls advise.forgot to mention my age inthe last post.
Avatar m tn They allow you to think and act completely as yourself by simply removing the negative and FAKE thoughts that were keeping you trapped in depression. Again. In no way am I telling you what to do. I just want to be completely honest about what your condition appears to be because of how nearly identical it was to mine, and all I’m doing is telling you the only way of treatment that has ever helped me.
583625 tn?1221086929 Some of the adverse effects of Interferon-alpha, such as minor blood dyscrasias, myalgias, paresthesias, convulsions, and depression, resemble those observed in mild forms of inborn mitochondrial cytopathies.
Avatar n tn They know just what treatment is appropiate even though they aren't doctors, nor have ever seen me for treatment. It's almost as if they just look up treatment stuff in a big book, the book that knows how to treat me better than my expert doctor who wasted all that time in medical school! Anyhow, I just thought that I would even it up with those petty bastards - for every time they do this to me, I'm going to create a billable event for them. Only costs me a co pay!
Avatar n tn Hello. The burning and cold sensations are very much a part of her depression. Depression is a state of mind where the sufferer needs to ventilate his / her feelings. It is a common knowledge that in people suffering from depression, a "somatization" phenomenon is observed. It is different from the somatization disorder. The somatization I am referring to is the transformation of the inner feelings and emotions into bodily (somatic) aches and pains.
Avatar n tn Hi, Treatment of disc dehydration may not include surgery. Symptoms can be managed with Exercise and Physical Therapy, Pain Medications, Taking steroid injections. However, if the disc protrusion or disc bulge does not improve with physiotherapy, surgery may be required. Please discuss the treatment options with a neurologist. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn What are the chances of my sons getting any STD. How about treatment in India, where it can be found quality treatment. How to find out whether my son is suffering from any STD. Is there any organization which will entrant by email and give suggestions. Any related doctor may also please reply. While in India earlier he was taking medicine for depression during last year ie Mirtaz and Sulpitac but stopped suddenly after taking six months.
Avatar m tn What are the chances of my sons getting any STD. How about treatment in India, where it can be found quality treatment. How to find out whether my son is suffering from any STD. Is there any organization which will entrant by email and give suggestions. Any related doctor may also please reply. While in India earlier he was taking medicine for depression during last year ie Mirtaz and Sulpitac but stopped suddenly after taking six months.
Avatar m tn You must be having type 1 lesions in which superficial pustular lesions without comedones is present. Treatment of gram-negative folliculitis includes the use of isotretinoin and systemic antibiotics like ampicillin and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Topical and oral therapy rarely works and so intramuscular or intravenous shots of antibiotics are required. My sincere advice is to consult a dermatologist. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal.