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Avatar n tn At this time, I don't have much anxiety but am emotionally more or less flat, feel sleepy all the time and am obsessive about my problem. Has homeopathy worked for anyone in the long run and can anyone give hope that I will get out of this rut?
Avatar f tn Hi, has anyone tried homeopathy for dealing with anxiety and depression? I just started seeing a homeopath this week and he gave me a remedy that I have been taken for 4 days. He put something in it to give me the immediate benefit of better sleep (and it's working!), but since this is a holistic treatment I know my body has to heal itself, and so it'll take time to see my anxiety and depression improve. But I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of thing.
Avatar f tn hi im trying out homeopathy for my panic attacks and anxiety anyone know if its allowed to drink lavender or honey balm tea?
1007653 tn?1259389567 I've been under natrum muriaticum and nux vomica for a bit longer than a week and I saw some good results at first, then the dose decreased by half but my doctor said if I felt anxious I increased the frequency by as much as I needed, like 5 times in 1 hour and that would help but I don't know, I feel like I've been going backwards with feelings like the first times(horrible times) and like I can't control it anymore like I felt I could the first few days the treatment started.
931217 tn?1283484935 Those psychological attributes of people, sometimes go against what is known about medical science and common sense. Homeopathy is one such case. If it is true, then what we know about chemistry cannot be. If it is false, which I believe it is, it is at best a benign placebo, but as you shall read in the embedded link, it is at worst a harmful form of charlatanism, perpetrated on people (and animals owned by like minded people) who are at their most vulnerable and at risk.
1913502 tn?1330391792 I believe in an earlier post you said you would be starting Riba and Peg in January, 2012, to treat Hep C Genotype 3, correct? I don't know about the homeopathy part. I recommend that you talk to a doctor about any herbs or supplements that you might be taking as some may be contraindicated with your treatment.
Avatar n tn The most important thing doctors ever did was to create the modern water treatment system. From that point on, people living in areas with such systems have lived much longer lives. Sterilization of tools was also very important, especially in childbirth, which also lengthened life because much of the life expectancy problem was in not surviving childbirth. A lot of good has been done. But a lot of harm has also been done.
Avatar f tn During the course of these 3-4 years, my family doctor referred me to many specialists- nose, throat, eye, neurologist and had several tests to rule out thyroid disorder, anemia and even depression. In the way, I was being gently coaxed to take a series of pain killers to treat the secondary symptoms of what turned out to be a more serious underlying condition. I could not help feeling like I was not being taking seriously. I had a second mammogram on March of this year.
Avatar n tn Can you please point some alternatives for GAD and resulted from it mild depression. I am against medication. I appreciate your responses.
Avatar f tn I went down the natural root first and saw a homeopath but the remedies I took gave me extremely bad reactions, I felt like i'd been given a 'depression remedy'. I've never felt so low in all my life, i was like a shell, crying everyday which is not like me, completely desolate. At this point my family got so worried about me I went to see my doctor who put me on 50mgs of Sertraline. That was 11 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn John's Wort just for depression, taurine for GABA, and eleuthero and ashwagandha for balancing the adrenals. In other words, a program, not just one herb. Now, you can try one herb, and it might just hit the spot. Homeopathy also helps some people. But it isn't as easy as saying, here, take this, it'll help. Only trial and error will determine if anything helps.
Avatar m tn please google myers cocktails and hydrogen peroxide drips, you will find lots of useful information on the benefits from these 2 therapies. any practitioner that believes in homeopathy shoiuld be familiar with this.
Avatar n tn Meds for acute heart conditions also affect metabolism and often the uptake of magnesium and other nutrients such as CoQ10, which can also lead to a feeling of depression. Lots of factors to consider in such a complex case, and with so many acute ailments all at once, a homeopathic physician has the additional advantage of being a doctor. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Well, I started to get better after about a week of not having the nvaring in but I am still going thru a depression period. I think that its because I consumed myself with panic, racing thoughts the whole nine that I now I dont know how to get out of it. I started therapy two weeks ago and also went back to the doctors where they put me on YAZ. Its been four days so I will see how that goes. Hormones definitely by all means have something to do with how we feel.
Avatar m tn Are there any treatment options for CRPS or RSD other than painkillers or in combination with painkillers that can help someone who has had the disease for over two years? Does anyone have a story about CRPS or RSD that has a happy ending? What are the best medications and treatment options? Any information would be a really huge help. Currently I am taking Methadone, Lyrica, Cesamet, Baclofen, Citalopram as well as Hydromorphone for breakthrough.
Avatar m tn It's about the other people who did NOT get SVR on their trial or otherwise - it's about my friends on the forum, my friends in my community, the people in my support group in my area and anybody in the whole world frankly, where treatment didn't work, who are waiting out the new meds OR who cannot do treatment either because they've advanced to cirrhosis or have other health issues that mean they can't do treatment.....
253566 tn?1219683299 My husband did his treatment 8 to 10 months before I did. He started in 1999 into 2000. I started my treatment in 2000 into 2001. Six months for the both of us. Now we are in terrible health. There are times that we feel good for a short period. It seems like a cycle. Our first onset was with costeochondritis. Felt like a heart attack.
534105 tn?1226160777 Maybe a psychiatrist, the kind of MD who is all about the brain, which is where the GAD and depression are coming from in the first place. Sound like a plan? I hope you'll let us know what you find and, in the end, I hope you are relieved of the GAD and depression -they can be a big burden.
Avatar n tn Patients having delirium symptoms often had co-existing liver disease, history of psychiatric disorder or previous brain injury. Severe Reactions in Cancer Treatment The most severe effects have been seen in patients treated for cancers. In these patients death due to encephalopathy (widespread brain injury) and associated seizures have been described. This may be a result of combined toxicities of radiation, chemotherapy and interferon.
Avatar m tn Hi, If anyone can suggest me the best place for treatment of Hepatitis B in India? I have tried hard but could not find a hospital is specialised for such treatment.
Avatar f tn My doctor - who is actually a great physician when he can see something but terrible when he cannot see solid evidence - does not believe in homeopathy but I have found another world in homeopathic medicine. Instead of stopping the hydrochloric acid, I am taking digestive enzymes and garlic oil and slippery elm. I advise people to find a medical doctor who will let you try homeopathic treatments and find naturopath to help guide you through the options.
Avatar n tn vertigo weight gain nausea/dizziness vision blurred, can't read close up irregular menstral cylce - every two weeks depression ringing in ears/sound waves-by at times forgetfulness hand-eye coordination off, Treated with hidose antibotics, 49th day headache stopped. Pressure in top of head began and exist daily, especially when I bend over or strain. Mild headaches daily with occasional severe pain.
Avatar f tn From experience, my doc has never seen a cirrhotic liver go undie in 4 weeks, and he did everything to prep me that I was going to be taken off tx if I didn't drop a log. WELL......... This was his email I just received. I love that man, and I love all the herbs and milk thistle I've been taking, and in spite of what many of you think of them or me, I love you all, too.... Dear Chris, Congratulations!
Avatar m tn An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare. ReGen, based in Hackensack, N.J., asked the FDA in 2005 to approve its device under the so-called 510k system, which allows speedy approval for devices that are similar to products already on the market. ReGen argued that the Menaflex was comparable to shoulder joint implants sold by Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and other companies.
Avatar n tn I am wondering why I feel a vibration in my left leg. When it first started I thought it was my cell phone ringing but my phone was not in my pocket. I feel the vibration all day long and it has a pattern to it. It is a weired feeling and I can not figure out what causes this and why it will not go away. Can you tell me why I feel this?
Avatar f tn However, Three years ago I began experiencing additional symptoms and complications. In 2007, I began experiencing slight discomfort in my lower right abdomen. Upon having an ultrasound done, I was found to have a cyst. A few weeks after my period (late again) came and it was more painful than ever. For the months that followed, some months I missed my period and when it did come it was more painful than the last time.
Avatar n tn If you would care to know my opinion, I believe that if your sufferring is significantly greater than before you discovered this depression in your skull (and granted your symptoms aren't a suggestive effect of what you have read online) then of course consult a true physician who can feel the severity of the indent and add up the symptoms to make a correct diagnosis.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar n tn I just cant do it, I am in recovery for several years (NA) I thought the Ads would just hold the sides at bay and maybe stop the rage/grief/deppression cycle, but I felt SO stoned it freaked me out, not what I need, Im glad it works for you guys though, whatever it takes to get through the Tx. I may try seeing a herbalist or homeopathy, worth a try and I am learning about the water, loads of it.
Avatar n tn I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.