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3236191 tn?1451025079 How many of you have ever decided to not have any goals in life because you've been beaten down too much by life to have the energy to have any? Is this a sign I'm getting depressed? I haven't been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or depression or any mood disorder of the kind (except anxiety) but I thought it would be appropriate to ask people who experience depression regularly. I'm going to be going through a divorce so... yeah... that's part of the reason I've decided this.
Avatar n tn Relieving those symptoms supposedly allos us to think more clearly, identify the problems causing depression and fix those problems which in turn fixes the depression. That's the theory. Some of us have long term treatment resistant depression and even though we know what started it etc just cannot change it and how we think and react to life. For such people, including myself, a negative event is devastating and causes relapses from being OK.
2105456 tn?1334368647 And my diagnose was major Depression......And I did drink....I wanted to change and I wanted gastric bypass surgery was told Yes.....Went to all the hoops..................And was told no..............I knew the risks...............He knew even got a green light from the committee................I was a smoker so I had to stop for 6 months I did..its going on 5years can't seem to adjust to the fact that those people lied.....
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Avatar m tn You do not have to feel like this. This is classic depression and there is treatment available, this treatment works very well for a lot of people and you can live a full and happy life again.
Avatar f tn ) but soon those symptoms will die down, and you will think about the positives of having a baby, not just the negatives, you will develop new goals in life or put the ones you have on a new timeline and everything will seem much brighter. if you remain active and eat right, your baby will probably not ruin your body, just when you are eating for two remember one of them is smaller than your hand and really only needs a bagel more food a day!
4705307 tn?1447973922 Do whatever you have to in order to complete your treatment. You had a good response to the treatment and you were UND at week 8. You are half finished. Now you are on the home stretch. It will go faster than the first half. Advocate has a good idea in terms of counting the weeks. I had my own little goals and markers. Every time I made it to the next goal, I had a mini-celebration. One thing we all get sick and tired of is feeling sick and tired.
Avatar f tn I am having bouts of depression ever since I lost both my ovaries and uterus to stage 3 adenocarcinoma. I have not even started chemo yet... I dunno how to pull through this. I am having sleepless nights thinking of what's in store for me and if it is worth the effort...
Avatar f tn You can call a physicians hot line and inquire about therapist who deal with anxiety, panic and depression and are knowledgable of the medications that are used for the treatment of these issues. Medications are wonderful tools to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety or depression, but they only mask the symptoms, they don't cure the root cause of what's underneath those symptoms. Meds can be a tremendous adjunct to therapy.
Avatar f tn (Stress management, weight loss and maintenance, regular physical activity, etc). I have a basic sports background but just can't seem to translate my goals into action. (Can't stop eating, can't start exercising. It's driving me nuts.) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
1551327 tn?1514049467 It didn't really make it any easier since I was stuck in manic depression. I was much further into depression than I was last year when I came in detoxing. It lasted for 3 weeks and on the second week I tried to end it. This is how I came out of it: Thought Stopping The first exercise that my dr started me on was the thought stopping exercises in CBT. He wanted me to write down my thoughts and what feelings those thoughts caused. While in the manic depression it was very hard to do.
1551327 tn?1514049467 It didn't really make it any easier since I was stuck in manic depression. I was much further into depression than I was last year when I came in detoxing. It lasted for 3 weeks and on the second week I tried to end it. This is how I came out of it: Thought Stopping The first exercise that my dr started me on was the thought stopping exercises in CBT. He wanted me to write down my thoughts and what feelings those thoughts caused. While in the manic depression it was very hard to do.
Avatar n tn I have read close to 100 posts if not more, and many of the withdrawal symptoms do NOT say anything about depression. Depression was my absolute worst symptom!! Is this not a normal withdrawal symptom? Most symptoms are the flu-like and diarrhea which I definitely did have!!!! The headaches are absolutely killing me. I need to look for something other than this narcotic junk to help me with the pain of fibromyalgia, although I didn't find it yet.
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
431685 tn?1324341198 -Lose interest of doing things I enjoyed (sometimes) But all of these go away when i take my medication (xanax) I KNOW these are some of the symptoms of depression, HOWEVER I'm 90% sure that I'm not depressed. I have goals in my life, I have my dreams, I have hopes and faith in God. Do u guys understand me? Oh and the main thing: - I always want people to be sympathetic.. I want people to understand me.. and care for me.. I just had a panic attack that's why I'm writing this..
Avatar m tn I am convinced they are all related somehow and wonder if the thyroid is the main issue? I want help and am willing to do it but this fatigue and depression has me whipped to the point of no return to try?
Avatar n tn Someone else knows they are not alone when reading your words. Depression with tx and post-tx is not uncommon. I started treatment at 48 yrs of age, and like Scott, I had never experienced depression during all my years prior to tx. I was happy go-lucky, free spirited, energetic individual with a real zest for life. I don't know how to explain how Interferon works on our brain - all I know I was apathetic during treatment and working at less than 50%.
791120 tn?1236834218 In any event, I treated twice and my side effects were very manageable both during and after treatment; I did have to deal with some depression post treatment second time, but I also might have stopped an antidepressant too quickly as well. In any event, my labs returned to normal within 30 days post both treatments; I’m 1.5 years out now, and SVR. No issues to speak of long term. Good luck as you enter the home stretch- I wish you nothing but the best.
Avatar f tn Week 6 on tx for my husband. He might as well be a million miles away. I can take him being sick, but the shut down to those he says he loves. Does it get better? And please don't recomend a anti depressant. HE WILL NOT TAKE ANOTHER PILL. Especially one that he feels labels him "crazy" in his eyes. Do you all ever move past this in treatment? I need support before I leave him. But don't get me wrong at this point I'll take the the pills!
Avatar n tn More than 85% of people who have achieved an sustained virologic response remain free of HCV five years after completion of therapy. Secondary goals of treatment include normalization of liver enzymes and improvement in liver inflammation and fibrosis. Hepatitis C treatment only succeeds in about half of people with hepatitis C. Various factors influence treatment outcome, including HCV genotype and viral load, HIV status, race, age, and body weight.
Avatar f tn Hi there, You use a few words asking for the solution to depression really. It's not that easy to describe but I'll try a dot point for you and others can add to it. May be meaningless points but if so ask what it means. . identifying you have a problem, . defining the problem for yourself, . getting a medical diagnosis, . Agreeing with and fully accepting the diagnosis, . Accepting the need to get help, as in treatment, and support, .
Avatar f tn Also your anxiety tends to cause you to shrink back from your usual life and pull back into a bubble and your life becomes very short term orientated. because of this you lose your drive and determination to achieve long term goals because you are obsessed with the short term. I got over this by forcing myself outside and to build my social life up.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
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Avatar f tn Medications, particularly serotonin medications like escitalopram (Lexapro) or sertraline (Zoloft) can certainly plan a part but treatment usually also involves finding a therapist or coach who can help you move gently out into the world. Effective treatment works a bit like yoga - stretching into new activities that are a bit uncomfortable, but not overwhelming, and as you gradually stretch yourself you get better and better at handling new challenges.
Avatar f tn But, I battle depression and they see it. Depression is really a quality of life issue and it consumes a person. I would talk to your son about this and ask him how he feels about you and his life. If he just says, "o.k.", I would try to approach it at another time or explain to him that this is a serious topic to you and that his happiness is very important to you. I wouldn't burden him with your own issues (I mean don't confide in him, etc.
804223 tn?1304716456 If you do have ongoing depression, it may be more then simple depression but Major or Clinical depression, which does need meds. Please ignore the previous poster, many folks do extremely well on meds and become very stable and do not get "doped up by some monkey in a white coat", including myself. I'm not saying it's easier with meds, but they give you clarity to focus on your issues, which don't go away just by ignoring them.
2080359 tn?1332301472 Interferon can cause depression (in some people severe depression). In addition, the drugs can cause anxiety, irritability, mood alterations, insomnia and concentration impairment.If you are having these psychological problems, speak with your treating MD and get a referral to see a psychiatrist soon. They should be able to get you in on an emergency basis if necessary. Many of us are on antidepressants during treatment. Best of luck in treating.
195469 tn?1388326488 While no damage to the reproductive system or the fetus has been observed, these drugs are not recommended if a woman is pregnant or considering pregnancy during her treatment period. Male patients considering certain long-term treatments should discuss options for family planning with their doctor. Other treatments are sometimes used to try to slow MS disease progression when other therapies have been ineffective.
Avatar n tn He has severe mood swings after taking Remicade and then high and lows that resemble Depression. Are there any reported cases of this happening with anyone else?