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Avatar f tn Depression is a common side effect of interferon. Yes, it will go away after treatment is over. You can go on ADs or you can constantly remind yourself that it's just the meds. I don't take ADs but I do break down now and then. ( avoid the news) My best solution is watching comedies.
2105456 tn?1334368647 And my diagnose was major Depression......And I did drink....I wanted to change and I wanted gastric bypass surgery was told Yes.....Went to all the hoops..................And was told no..............I knew the risks...............He knew even got a green light from the committee................I was a smoker so I had to stop for 6 months I did..its going on 5years can't seem to adjust to the fact that those people lied.....
Avatar n tn Hi I treated about three years ago with pegasys/and copegus. I stopped treatment after 19 weeks due to an infection in the eye which frightened me, and also emotional problems encountered at work because I stupidly refused to take antidepressants (I literally went off at work). I want to get well, though, and get on with my life. So, I am considering trying Pegintron/Riba this time (which I hear is much more difficult than pegasys). I need advice.
1677185 tn?1308975573 If yours is younger than that, then get him checked anyway. What can look like depression to us CAN be because the dog isn't feeling well. Anyway I'll briefly describe my dog's little "changes".... She is basically very fit and well. But a while ago (weeks ago now) I found that she was creeping along behind me when we walked in certain fields! If we went into other, different fields, she was completely happy and her normal energetic self!
Avatar n tn No, not that i am aware of. Within one year he lost his job, sold our home, his dad died, and our dog died.
Avatar f tn I really dont have a question but need to share an experience. My dog was laying under the coffee table last night she got up and her back legs would not work right, she had no control. Then her front legs went stiff. We took her to the ER vet, as this happened round 'bout midnight. The vet gave her some meds and a sedative. He (the vet) suggested we leave her overnight to see if there were improvement. No improvement this morning. We lost her.
1269044 tn?1393193503 A wife dealing with her husband sick again. Another son who I feel I let down. My Damn dog!! Even!! These are my emotions right now. I just had to let them out and hopefully here this is normal. Oh and feeling like I may go crazy any second.
698408 tn?1256961948 I have just completed an 8 week survey conducted by the Black Dog Institute. It entailed being sent a weekly module with information, answering a questionnaire and working on a stay well plan such as recognising early warning signs and taking action. It helped me a lot. I was heading down the depression road but took evasive action as per my plan and it worked! Here is the website link to the Online Survey
10624661 tn?1414904229 Are you getting any exercise at all? Even walking around the house just to be walking? I finally had to start walking the dog, not far, but enough and that is helping me. Have you just started Tysabri? Read the side effects on the pamphlet that they gave you? If not, go to Tysabri's web side and look for the pfd file that describes side effects. I'll look on mine tonight, can't do it this morning, no time. I had my Tysabri on Wednesday and its like a magic infusion for me…….
Avatar f tn I think I need to call my psychiatrist Because I am just so sad about it. I have had treatment for a long time for depression But I think this has really hit me hard Thank you again for being support for me.
223152 tn?1346981971 nice work there... geno 1a vl 10 mil 2/2 cc liver enzymes in the 200s start triple incivek 7/11/11 4 week <43 8 week und 12 week und incivek stopped 11+ weeks 19.5 week stopped tx due to eye retina bleeding /cotton wool spots und worse sx hgb very low.../ itching /rash / early tx gagging 4 post blood work good..liver enzymes normal!!
Avatar n tn I lost my first dog to pancreatitis and he had the same symptoms as your dog. It's an extremely painful condition and very difficult and expensive to treat. The only blessing here is that your dog was spared a great deal of suffering and took a difficult decision out of your hands. The only way to know for certain what happened is a full postmortem exam if the blood work doesn't confirm pancreatitis.
560272 tn?1311353893 I'm in denial about the weight too and about the anxiety/depression, it's REALLY hard for me to believe that anxiety/depression/obesity can really make a person feel this terrible on a daily basis for years.
Avatar n tn Over the last 6 months, I had a bunch of very stressful events occur such as our house flooding and taking 3 months to fix, my wife having medical issues, my dog being put to sleep, starting a new job, wife got in a minor auto accident. My dog being put to sleep was the last event that occured before I started having all of these physical symptoms. On Monday March 19th, it started by me loosing my appeitite completely and becomming very exhausted with no energy.
203342 tn?1328740807 com/wiki/Dog_Cushings_DiseaseIt will explain everything to you. My dog was just diagnosed with Cushings she is 10years old. She is a Siberian Husky and she has a longer life expectancy so I am treating her. She has had all the symptoms you describe. Panting, drinking water like crazy, back legs very weak and lost a lot of muscle, eating like a wild dog,up all night has to pee all the time even in the house which she NEVER EVER did before. She lost her eyesight but that doesn't bother her much.
Avatar m tn Hello I am sorry to hear about your dog. In my experience, having a crying giant breed dog who is also a senior and ages more quickly than smaller breeds is reason enough to visit your veterinarian. This will help you to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.
Avatar f tn Our kids are a 15 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old boy. We also have a dog. So that's me in a nutshell. I lead a high stress life. Our kids are not "ours" he has two from two different mothers, mine has a different father. So, that alone, makes my mothering job like one thousand times more difficult. We struggle as a couple, we are both recovered alcoholics/addicts and both have very strong personalities and sometimes that leads to conflict.
941766 tn?1257800201 Last December 09, I had some real bad family issues, put my 13 year old dog own, feared losing my job and my husband a heavy smoker got a terrible cold and coughed all night long, this went on for months. I thought I was handling things really well. The end of January my doctor just switched my Klonopin to Xanax, same mg. without even telling me why.
667078 tn?1316004535 Having the majority of folks say nice things but zeroing on those who said the negative things. Having the jauniced glasses of depression viewing the world. Attended a wonderful lunch with the Regional Director of U.S. DHHS today. Saw all kinds of people who encouraged me to get back to blogging. These folks are all professionals so It was good to know I am known and I make an impact. I had lost confidence in myself and stopped blogging. I thought no one wanted to hear what I had to say.
Avatar n tn I have been receiving treatment for depression for over ten years and have good spells and bad spells resulting in me having a lot of time off work. Earlier this year I was in a meeting with two managers (disciplinary due to abs, postponed as no union rep available) and I became very upset and walked out, looking back I'm not sure what e factly my reason was for leaving just I had had enough.
Avatar n tn Im sorry for bothering you all with this, I dont want to tell anybody this, b/c they would just say I need help, I dont want to be on meds for depression, I dont even like docs, I dont know what to do, I dont feel there is really an answer out there that "fits" me and my situation. I am a convenience store manger, and most of the time we are treated like the scum of the earth, I have lousy employees, and am expected to pick up their slack, I am to tired to do this.
337923 tn?1423328772 I knew that treatment would be tougher because of depression and it was. I was sick as a dog, completely brain fogged, slept tons during the 48 weeks and had no energy. But about half way through the "real" depression kicked in and I could tell the difference. To me, depression is despair -- a profound loss of hope -- hope that anything will ever be better than it is, hope that life can have meaning, hope for peace instead of anxiety.
Avatar n tn Taking note of this fact may help to diminish your own depression. IMO, the experience of pain and depression are valuable if they awaken compassion, for yourself and others. I do hope you overcome your pain soon, and experience personal growth in the process. You'll get better...look at the name you chose for yourself! Be well!
419309 tn?1326506891 This is why antidepressant are often prescribed to individual with a history of depression before starting hep C treatment with interferon because it is known that one side effect of interferon use can be depression. Treatment can be difficult enough without having depression on top of everything else that treatment can burden a patient with.
Avatar f tn I am receiving acupuncture for the withdrawal, as well as Bach Flower Remedies, and a homeopathic treatment for the depression. I think getting off of Tramadol is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think of you Suedeva, I hope your pain is being managed. Keep going and get off this stuff, there has to be a better way, my friend!
3199802 tn?1362254159 Medicine does not address the root cause of the depression, but will alleviate the anxiety from the depression for a while. Getting to the cause of the depression and addressing that is of the most importance. Think about it this way. You've got a splinter in the palm of your hand and it is painful. It continues to cause you pain, but you keep putting hydrogen peroxide on it and covering it with a band aide. As time goes by, it continues to hurt....