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Avatar m tn It cost $33,000 up front. He had a really bad experience there. He was told he could take his depression medicine but they would not let him. They sent him to the hospital when he became very upset but did not follow up or check on him. He was allowed to just walk out and then disappeared and relapsed. He was only there 4 weeks but they will not give any type of refund. I later found out they are part of Narconon but they never disclosed that.
469720 tn?1388149949 The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the Agriculture Department said the beef was sent to retail distribution centers in Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah, with some sold at Safeway Inc. and Sam’s Club. On Friday, the department confirmed that California, Colorado and Wyoming had reported illness linked to the recalled beef. Colorado health officials said 21 people there had been sickened, and all were recovering. California officials said five people had reported feeling sick.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Having worked with thousands of patients seeking treatment for opiate dependency over the years, it’s extremely disturbing to see that heroin is becoming the drug of choice for an alarming number of young adults and professionals. Although heroin was once primarily considered a street drug, many people in suburban communities are finding it easier to access than prescription painkillers – and more affordable. As mindboggling as it may be, it’s true.
766573 tn?1365170066 Chronic HCV: No Benefit From Milk Thistle 21 hours - 0 comments - (Public) July 19, 2012 — Silymarin, or milk thistle, a botanical extract that is widely used by patients infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), has no effect on liver enzymes or viral load in those with chronic HCV, according to a large multicenter randomized clinical trial published in the July 18 issue of JAMA.
3093770 tn?1389742726 Depression is a common side effect of interferon treatment, ranging from simple irritation to suicidal thoughts. For some, beginning ADs prior to tx is a good idea. I didn't take them. I did get somewhat crazy but not extremely. Now, I'm post treatment and happy again. It's probably easier on our doctors if we're on ADs. The decision is yours. You need to be aware that changes are likely, though as can-do wisely pointed out many don't need them.
712314 tn?1303101690 I know i should go to a treatment center over the summer, but i seem to completly lack motivation to do anything. I know how treatment centers work because i was in one last summer, but i relaped, and am wondering if going back to another one is just a waist of time. I just don't feel like i have the strength emotionally or physically to get better, to sit with food in my stomach. I just feel like saying the hell with it.
Avatar f tn Control group – study participants who are receiving the standard treatment or no active treatment, and not the drug under study. Experimental group – study participants who are receiving the experimental treatment. Randomization – the process of randomly assigning study participants to either the control (standard treatment or no treatment) group or the experimental (study drug) group. This process is as random as the toss of a coin, although a computer usually performs the randomization.
233488 tn?1310696703 // has worked extremely well. OSD treatment usually begins with use of preserved and/or unpreserved artificial tears during the day and gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime. Environmental modification is important. Don't belittle eye drops. They are not ‘all the same”. You would never walk into a restaurant and say “Bring many any type of food, it’s all the same.” There are over 100 different brands of artificial tears and they can't all be lumped together.
6404620 tn?1381529727 Hi, You can google treatment centers in your area. If in patient treatment is not possible for you then you can find out patient. It is not going to get any better so get the help while you can.
Avatar f tn A broad range of psychiatric reactions have been associated with Lyme disease, including paranoia, dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, major depression, anorexia nervosa, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Depressive states among patients with late Lyme disease are fairly common, ranging across studies from 26% to 66%.
Avatar m tn //">Play doctor with HCV/diabetes patient </A> <A HREF="">Play doctor with Geno 1 + advanced fibrosis</A> <A HREF="
572651 tn?1531002957 Because they make our mind more malleable - and help counter the toxic effects of stress - the drugs have potential implications far beyond the treatment of depression.” So maybe we should all be on Prozac to up our neuroplasticity? Newsweek also has a nice chart showing some types of conditions that are responsive to placebos and some that are not:
Avatar f tn A biopsy might also be used after therapy is initiated if there is poor tolerance to treatment with either systemic and psychiatric side effects or bone marrow depression. The presence of advanced fibrosis might influence the decision to continue therapy and use adjunctive therapies such as antidepressant drugs for serious psychiatric side effects or G-CSF for leukopenia or epoetin for anemia.
789911 tn?1368640383 I am looking into doing a clinical trial with a 3rd drug added to the standard treatment called mk7009 by merck. They also gave me 3 others to consider such as R05024048 by pharmaset roche (sp) and bms790052 from bristol myers squibb. Also something called Filibuvier as third additives to look into. . I dont know anything about them yet but am going to learn everything I can.
Avatar n tn I'd give it up completely while on a clinical trial and I wouldn't smoke it with Hep C UNLESS it helped me deal with either the issues arising from my Hep C, other health situations I have or if it helped me tolerate the side effects that come with treatment, whether it be the nausea, the depression or what have you, if it made the difference on how successfully I got through treatment or if I got through it at all.
569676 tn?1315644758 just seemed to all be amplified from any ct I have done before. The real ***** was the PAWS.... It was unbearable, depression was constant, from time to time I would get rebound wd's, flashbacks.... bad news. This went on for a year and a half and I finally sought help elsewhere.... I was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder... believed to be brought on by the trauma my body underwent during rapid detox.
Avatar m tn An LLMD can be an infectious disease doc, or an internist, or a GP, or any kind of doc, but the problem is that there is no standard for testing and treatment, so sometimes those with Lyme have to change docs a couple of times to find one whose approach works for that particular patient. If you search "Ohio LLMD" or "Cleveland LLMD", you will get a bunch of hits to other websites and message boards, and you can go through those looking for links and suggestions.
Avatar n tn I have to do it on my own.any treatment from a doc. is self pay,no insurance.They dont want to talk to me after they hear that.I am also hooked on wethadone wafers for about a year.20 mg.meth.wafers a day.I've heard the detox is horrific from methadone.I'm scared to death.I have two kids,so in treatment is not an option.My husband is the only one who is emplyed,and he is hooked as well.where can i go for help.Even to get some meds to help with the detox.
Avatar f tn OH did have her old liver entirely removed, and she received 65% of her daughter's liver, so she had a live donor liver transplant. Some transplant centers do live donor liver transplants, and some do not. I think the confusion is just with the word "partial". OH's daughter donated "part" of her liver to OH, so OH received "part" of a liver. She went out of the country to have her live donor transplant, but some centers in the US do this type of transplant.
Avatar m tn Here is a link to a presentation about treating patients with cirrhosis that my doctor who directs the treatment of HCV at the University of California Liver treatment and transplant center. Management of Hepatitis C in the Pre-Transplant Patient with cirrhosis (compensated and decompensated) (UCTV #14086; 39 minutes; March/6/2008) Dr.
Avatar n tn I do not think Dr. G is the only one. I will post if I can find a treatment in California. Love, Brighty PS... I may not be successful.. if anyone else can search it would be a help to Tom/Pat.
Avatar n tn Cuteus is onto something there! About 4-5 weeks ago my WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit and ABS neutrophils were all extremely low. Procrit was prescribed, but takes several weeks to take effect. The last two weeks before Procrit kicked in, I had two major "melt downs". I yelled and cried, and was full of anger. I did this a lot at home, perpetual "bad mood". But these two times were outside of home, "in public".
Avatar m tn I felt like all of my rocks were gone till I decided to listen to a few bible teachers explain life and depression/anxiety to me. There are alot of fakes and people out there using God to make money. I kept it simple and private. I don't go to any ceremonial stuff like Benny Hinn. No miracle cures of any kind. I just stick to my own private relashionship with God. I am not cured of my stresses, I only feel like I'm not alone.
Avatar f tn He has been to 4 different doctors and all 4 of them have treated my husband like he is exaggerating his pain. He was even denied Medicaid for help getting treatment. I am a student and I work at a job that does not offer insurance. I have no money to help my husband, so I don't know where to go for help. My husband continues to drink beer because he feels like it's the only way that he can deal with the pain, even though he knows it's harmful to his liver.
Avatar f tn She said I was self medicating with the norcos since I refused fentanyl. Since I refused pain management treatment because I did not want the strong medicine, that I was just self medicating with the norcos to take the edge off the pain, which is true. I became dependent because I did not want to get sick, and I took more. I was not getting them from my doctor because he said that was too weak for the pain, so my godfather gave me his script every month.
Avatar m tn I wish I could provide help in every way to every addict in the world, including myself. If I were Oprah or Will Smith or a member of the Billionaires Club at all, I would use much of my money to provide luxurious detox & treatment centers for us. I would make it affordable or have some sort of financing or free or within your means, whatever. I type this message crying for all of us that became addicts blindsightedly or on purpose, those that left themselves to become something else..
1288737 tn?1272515071 thanks to every1! If any1 knows any treatment centers around the Louisiana area or any others that will accept me & has a GOOD program—please share!
Avatar m tn Mills, a senior investigator in the NICHD division of epidemiology, statistics and prevention research, went further, recommending all women of childbearing age always consume the daily recommended amount of vitamin B12 and at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. More information The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more about having a healthy pregnancy. -- Kevin McKeever SOURCE: U.S.
Avatar f tn // A treatment is described in which the nasal optic is truncated and this worked in their reports: I don't know anything about the IOL dr. Masket designed other than the article in JCRS. Get your dry eyes under control.