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Avatar m tn me i know the possible alternative or medication for hepa b
Avatar n tn If you have true bipolar, probably not. If you have one of the trendy bipolars, such as 2,3,4,etc., these are just pharmaceutical company sales pitches for plain old depression. There are natural remedies that might help with depression and anxiety, but they aren't easy to do for oneself if you have no knowledge of natural medicine.
647330 tn?1232815819 I feel like there will never be a good side to this. A year of seeing the endo doctor every 3 months, what can she tell with visits like that?
Avatar n tn Other somatic treatments with a possible application/treatment of depression is TMS(transcranial magnetic stimulation) which involves the positioning of magnets over the head leading to a vague mechanism of action. TMS is still in experimental mode at present and not available for general use. Please keep in mind that ECT is still the most effective treatment for depression and is very safe. I hope this was helpful.
Avatar n tn The very best medication is no medication, so consider psychotherapy for your depression as an alternative. Topamax is a good medication, especially in low doses. Prozac is the one antidepressant that does not usually cause weight gain. If you are depressed, you might also be using food to control your depression and gaining weight for that reason..if that is possible, then to to to learn more about emotional eating.
Avatar n tn I went off amitryptiline when put on tikesyon. I cannot sleep and I am suffering depression since going off this med. CCF put me on Ambien, which does not help. I am on migraine headache meds, which act as antidepressants as well. These include serooquel, neurontin, depakoate, which all serve as anit-depressants (and for bipolar), as well. In addition, my neurologist at CCF prescribed pristiq; I am at full dose, and it is not working.
Avatar n tn 5mg daily for depression. I am a 47 yr old female. ============================================================================================= Well this is a tricky one and you will need to discuss and treatment with your surgeon. You could use tylenol which would be safe but may not provide the pain relief that you need. Trilasate is another option which is an ANSAID that have less affect on platlet count and prothrombin time. You will need to discuss this with your surgeon howver.
Avatar m tn back to one per day. i will try dr tracy maharaja on tuesday. i have researched alternative hiatus hernia treatment.
Avatar m tn I've recently been diagnosed with Graves. Unfortunately I don't have insurance and can't afford it. I'm stuck with a doctor whom I don't feel has my best interest at heart. My last visit with my PA (who pointed out concerns that prompted testing) I was told my levels were low, the same day, saw my endo doc and she tells me (from same lab results, that my levels were normal) and immediately suggested removal as soon as possible.
955897 tn?1257775828 Sara sends me info website on dental facial apparatus as an alternative treatment to cpap night-time face mask.
Avatar n tn Special foods and herbs might do some good, but they don't eradicate the virus. Calling these products 'treatment' implies that they are on the same footing as a medically proven treatment like INF. That is very misleading.
Avatar n tn My doctor has me taking Amantadine, Urso, and Cholchicine as an alternative treatment for Hep C. He has treated another patient with this whose viral count has been drastically reduced. He told me that this probably will not cure Hep C but the indication is that for the other patient, it is probably protecting the liver from further damage and may be able to be used long term for management of Hep C. If true, I would be willing to use it to buy more time until some new treatments are developed.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for alternative treatment for Multinodular goiter or hyperthyroid. I have been diagnosed with 2 cold nodules and one hot nodule. My TSH, T3 and T4 are all out of range. They want to treat me with RAI which I am opposed to. To be honest, I don't have most of the symptoms. I don't have an increased heart rate or hot sweats or heat intolerance. In fact, I love the heat and live in Dubai !!! My BP is on lower range at 90/60. I sleep just fine.