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Avatar f tn its a test and depression is a test for us....we ll be held accountable when we die for our good and wrong deeds. i wish you best of luck.....
Avatar f tn You can "Google" Amsler Grid testing. read about it, print out an amsler grid and be able to follow better your level of distortion.
Avatar n tn It is Gods little test for you, he throws this on you, which is too much to bear, and wants to see if you crack right now. Don't give in to the Dope no matter what, it will take away the pain for 4 hours, then you will have to deal with all this later. Time by yourself is important right now. When my best friend died 8 years ago, I didn't see daylight for a week. All I did was lay in bed, crying occasionally. It is a sort of spriritual cleansing that must happen.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share a wonderful website I stumbled across: You have to sign up to acess all the features but its free. It has a symptoms "test" which you can take and sends a pretty comprehensive diagnostic report, based on your answers, to your email that you can print and could take to a therapist.
Avatar n tn I originally thought that everything here is linked to depression from stress and anxiety so I started taking Lexapro for the depression. But my wife thinks that maybe all of these things are linked to a health issue. About 11 months ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and low thyroid, so I am taking red rice yeast and .088 mg of Synthroid, then about 9 months ago I was diagnosed with low testosterone and was prescribed adrogel, which after reading the small print I decided not to use it.
Avatar m tn Hello Dr. and thank you for taking my questions..... Over the last year I have convinced myself I have something from a couple of dumb unprotected sex exposures from mutual friends of unknown status. Here are the details: In May of 2012 I had 2 unprotected episodes. I did the 10 panel tests via Labcorp scheduled through and on July 9, 2012, September 10, 2012, October 15, 2012 and for the heck of it I did another on May 15th, 2013.
Avatar n tn -- so the test result seems to makes sense, but I have not been able to find any information about the particular number of my test result, the "77". The receptionist who gave me the information said that a normal healthy result would be between 0.28 and 5.0, and the highest she has ever seen has been between 8 and 9. She said that the 77 was shocking, and this is very disturbing to me. Can you tell me what this result might mean?
Avatar f tn I suggest to everyone to do the same. To me the cost of the saliva test at Dianos--Techs thru the Canary Club (order online and they send it free, you pay only when you return the saliva to them for testing and decide the day you want to do it) was very hard to save but WELL WORTH IT. My doc does not even BELIEVE in adrenal fatigue.... showed him my test and now he is quite docile and does practically anything I suggest if I explain it to him.
Avatar f tn html You could discuss this with a psychiatrist and they could then see how to best help you. Also it is worthwhile to keep a mood tracker and print out the results for your psychiatrist. If you have suicidal ideations at any time its best to seek help as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I have been on too many psych meds to list here to help with depression and anxiety I have suffered for many, many years. About 8-9 years ago I suffered a compression fracture of T12. Upon taking opiates for pain I noticed instant relief from my depressive symptoms that I had never experienced through numerous meds and years of therapy EVER before. After several years of opiate use for back pain I had become physically dependent on opiates.
1679243 tn?1307678538 She said he acted like he understood and agreed to move forward with the test. I was taken to the Cath lab and prepped, then put to sleep. I was awakened by being shocked at a rate I cannot explain. My entire body was levitating off the table and I was screaming my lungs out from the pain of being electrocuted.They shut it down, I cursed out loud, demanded to know what just happened. No one was speaking to me except to say relax your legs. I couldn't put them down.
Avatar n tn If there are a very small percentage of false negatives, as I understand, with stress tests (and this was one case) is it appropriate to then follow-up the placement of a stent with a stress test? Would catheterization be in order here? It would seem to me that if the stress test was normal to begin with, it would be "normal" again even if there was a problem. Thank you.
Avatar n tn In order to test positive for our meds we have to have the required amount in our system that the test requires in order to test positive. If one test requires only trace amounts then surly there will be no problem, if one test requires that a high level be detected then we will have to have that level in order to test positive.
Avatar n tn I remember being asked at my 4 week test if I had taken certain medication, but can't remember what they asked me, my mind was else where. I don't want to go for my 12 week test to be told come back in a week or so, because I have taken medication.
Avatar n tn That's not to say that the condition causing the hypocortisolism doesn't also result in depression, due to being ill but it points to another underlying cause. Hope that made sense.
Avatar n tn Now, I'm put off with the doctor and don't even know if I want to go back to him and have the PH test with his attitude like it is. I still don't want to eat today. I also seem to have this excess sinus drainage since the test also. May have something to do with why I don't want anything to eat. Have you ever heard of a gastro. doctor prescribing an anti-depressant for burning in the chest????? I'm scared to take them and don't WANT to take them. I feel like he totally brushed me off.
203342 tn?1328740807 Yesterday I got to spend the day with my good friend, go to her church and out to lunch. It was really nice. I don't get to see her as often since she moved further away so I treasure our time together. I'm trying to learn to appreciate the moment, live for each day, not mourn the past or worry about the future but to appreciate each and every blessing that each day brings. I hope this blesses someone else as it has me.
Avatar f tn My Vitamin D is only 64 (30 - 100) though I am taking 20,000 units of D-3 sublingually, per day. I had to force my doc to even test it, and when she finally did, saying it was a superfluous test.... it was only 25. She was *shocked* I tell you. *shocked* Rash and respiratory problems can both be related to low thyroid, and I have both. My eosinophil count is at the bottom of the range. Do you feel you're on the proper dose of thyroid hormones now ? How have you been tested for central hypo ?
Avatar n tn Do you have any ball park idea to how much a cd4 test costs without insurance and if you have insurance will it cover for such tests? And where would one go to get an immune panel test or cd4/cd8 test? Can any doctor have these tests done at a lab or do you have to go to a specialist in hiv or immune system?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am trying to understand my lab results. October 2011 I was diagnosed with Lupus based on the following findings: Joint pain swollen lymph nodes muscles pain basically pain over my entire body Fatigue ANA 1:80 speckled The part I am trying to understand is the ANA # and pattern. Different sites on the web state that a titer 1:80 is considered normal or insignificant.
1004097 tn?1251121210 I totally get it - Been there and done that sweetie. :) It is so hard to stay positive when you feel like cr@p about yourself and especially gaining weight - that's the tip of the iceberg.... was for me. I know I had some REAL dark days when I was ill and I totally get what you say about your babies keeping you focused. truly - I know what you are saying and my boys were my focus.
547181 tn?1255150106 i think with that low starting VL you could stop at 24 weeks and be fine. personally i would taper off the drugs for a few weeks after finishing 24 full weeks. I'm curious, did you ask your doctor to test at 4 & 12 weeks? what did he say or if you asked him now why he didn't? I can see an old school doc not testing at 4 weeks but if he doesn't know to test at 12 weeks I would make sure he is a real doctor!
Avatar m tn The following link is worth looking at because it has specific instructions that someone can print out give to a lab to ensure that the specimen is properly handled. I've pasted below a couple of paragraphs that preceed the instructions: "Because cryoglobulins are thermally unstable, any test that measures the quantity of cryoglobulins in the blood must be performed immediately at the place where the blood is sampled.
Avatar n tn Annie,sometimes when test come back negative the DRs. get stumped,for insurance reasons and all they have to go by the test results that they are given,just because the test they have ran now are negative doesn't mean its not there.Diseases manifest themselves in there own way.You could very well have MS,micro lesions that don't appear on MRI's. Get copies of the MRI's and the reports from the Mayo,see what they state.
1015302 tn?1252242711 Thanks everyone, it's nice to have some idea about what is going to happen. Lots of questions! I going to print off a couple of diary entries, a high and a low one and then, because my memory is shot and I'll be nervous I can refer to it. I never talk to anyone about how I feel so on my visit to the GP I skipped over the important points. I will really try to be as honest as I can.
3082244 tn?1348003585 That's y I m telling u to go to ur doc n ask him to do a h pylori test insist him I repeat again my palpitations chest pains breathing issues plus panic attack was all due to this stomach infection I'm feeling a lot better but I get a bit anxiety when i think about getting cancer cuz of h pylori but then d techniques I learnt in CBT really helps I use them n think positive Trust GOD Plz check once if it's not h pylori at least u can sure 100% it's anxiety But in my case my anxiety came from
Avatar f tn Upper half of range is the rule of thumb for FT3. You might ask your doctor to test for thyroid antibodies. TPOab (thyroid peroxidase antibodies) and TGab (thyroglobulin antibodies) are the two markers for Hashi's. This could be what's giving you the positive ANA. You have to test both TPOab and TGab as some of us with Hashi's are TPOab positive, some TGab positive and some both.
676032 tn?1315677663 When I was in hypohell for my RAI it did help to write out the emotions and put the depression on paper to get it out of my head. Be good to yourself and and let us know what the doc says.
281565 tn?1295986283 That definitely deserves hugs!! Huggies Moki PS. I'm thinking I'm going to print these all off and give them to the neuro before the appointment starts.