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662085 tn?1331349160 Administered to both adolescents and adults, the Rorschach can also be used with children as young as three years old, although the commonly used Exner scoring system (discussed below) is appropriate only for test taker five years or older." - so they may do one for people who are depressed but i dont think its common since most of the time they just want to med you.
Avatar n tn i have not used drugs in the past thirty days, but this past friday i took a 10mg lortab. today is monday and i have to take a drug test. do you think the lortab will show up today?
Avatar f tn He did do a good job of asking me questions but at the end of this he said he would test me for TSH and low iron. If those come back "normal" he said that I have clinical depression! I know what clinical depression is as I went thru a bout of it about 10 years ago! Anyway, if the tests come back "normal" I am going to ask him for the results of my clinical depression labs!!!!
1742748 tn?1311300062 Talking to people feels traumatic to me. Not scoring 100% in a test or exam. I guess with ptsd it is likely to be caused by some significant event. I guess with bpd you don't always know. I think that you can sense that stuff is wrong though. You can feel like something is missing or not right. One of my nephew's friends is diabetic and has an insulin pump. He's four now. I guess that would be extremely scary for someone so young.
469720 tn?1388149949 I must admit that I believe the jury is still out with regards to heart scan, CT angiography and calcium scoring. After Tim Russerts death, I must have received 5-10 question a day feom concerned patients and friends. They all wanted to know if they needed a scan. People who were relatively healthy wanted to know if they were going to die suddenly. The following NY times article does a good job of painting different sides of the story.
1926529 tn?1323083015 Each of the personality dimensions below may increase or decrease the chance of non-melancholic depression. However, it is important to remember that non-melancholic depression usually results from an interaction between stressful events and personality, not personality alone, and that there are other factors involved. Therefore a high score on any of the scales below does NOT mean that depression is inevitable.
Avatar n tn 34h in range 00.00 - 0.21 Fibrosis scoring - 0.21 = no fibrosis Necroinflemm activity scoring - 0.29 - 0.36 = Minimal activity = grade A1 He said this recent test for Tumor Marker, AFP, Serum ,should not have been taken ,Seven is high, but only means that liver cells are producing, and it does not mean a tumor! We are doing another biopsy and an ultra sound. But he thinks i'm probably ok still. He says some people just don't progress. Boy, that would be the greatest!
Avatar f tn I'll also admit that I've taken an online test for anxiety and depression and always score SEVERE on both. But this has never happened to me. I'm a girl that LOVES to eat and I never lost my appetite EVER BEFORE until now!
Avatar f tn I have been trying to conceive for over a year and recently started taking fertilaid. Now i should have started my period on Feb 26 th but didnt. The home preg test was neg. On top of all that i think I have a uti now too. Is all of this a side effect of fertilaid. Has it messed up my cycle and given me an infection?
Avatar n tn Some depression screening tools-such as the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)-are geared toward assessment of nonsomatic symptoms of depression, and may be useful in HCV-infected patients who exhibit symptoms of major depression. The Center for Epidemiologic Studies of Depression (CES-D) self-administered scoring sheet also may be useful in an office practice.
Avatar f tn Someone had mentioned a book one time that had a test that you took. It told you all the vitamins and supplements that you could be taking. Does anyone remember that book, b/c I was interested in it and it will take me forever to look thru all the old post. Um, I take a multivitamin everyday and B vitamins are supposed to be good for energy. I've just started taking them. Milk thistle is a good antioxidant. It's supposed to help the liver repair itself.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the fun of PVCs! Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do except go through the battery of tests (EKG, echo, stress test, calcium scoring, etc.) to confirm that they are "benign". I put that in quotes because it will mean that they probably aren't going to kill you - but it won't stop them from annoying you. Most likely is that they will be benign - most are. What did they do at the ER?
Avatar f tn different doctor, ok we will lower dose, and send you to cardiologist, so off I go, have had ECHO that was fine, 24 HOUR ECG that was fine, Calcium CT scoring that was a little too high so was offered CT Angiogram, I asked for a different test as was beginning to think I would light up in the dark. waiting for exercise stress test next weds. Meantime blood test come back t3 and t4 "normal range" TSH " out of range" have to wait until next tuesday for appointment.
Avatar f tn The only thing I can say about Mirena is I understand some people get depression from it, which would not make it a good choice with tx. I don't know anything about deprovera.
1166907 tn?1263105248 For the last 4 months I have been having indigestion (acidity), bloating feeling, weight gain, tiredness, depression and being quite weepy. And now for the last fortnight an unstable BP. I have had all the tests done The blood work, the ECG, the ECho, TSH,Liver Function tests. In short the works. Everything is normal. The TSH (latest) is 4.12 which is within the normal range. But what I want help with is: I have had TSH 1.59 in 2004, TSH 1.75 in 2008 TSH 1.89 in Feb 2011 and now TSH of 4.
Avatar f tn Are there special considerations for senior citizens with this diagnosis. I also take meds for depression. Starting back on effexor xr from welbutrin.
Avatar n tn jhtml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another effective self-report screening test is the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), designed by the World Health Organization. A score of 8 or more on this test strongly suggests alcoholism: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) 1. How often do you have a drink containing alcohol? (0) Never (1) Monthly or less (2) 2-4 times/mo (3) 2-3 times/wk (4) 4 or more times/wk 2.
209384 tn?1231171906 I would have opted out of that test due to its cost and vagueness, but family history and being hypo made me uneasy and the doc advocated it, so I went ahead and paid 415 bucks for the calcium test to be told what I suspected, I have zero build up in my heart. Imagine my chagrin when I looked up the calcium scoring CT heart test online and found it to be dramatically cheaper in other parts of the country.
Avatar n tn A nuclear stress test was done and a potential problem was found. A Catherization was done and everything was found to be ok. Since that time, I have continued to be bothered by Chest discomfort. As mentioned above, started a pretty extensive exercise program to lose weight. Currently work out at least 1/2 to one hour 6 days a week. Before starting this program, revisited my cardiologist just to be sure, he said all was well. Lately, I have started to feel flutters/skips in my heart pattern.
Avatar f tn The ANA level came back high and high on repeated tests. I've seen a rheumatologist and I don't have enough criteria to get diagnosed and the only test that was positive was the ANA. I have a follow up with the rheumatologist in March. In the meantime, my GP checked my thyroid. Here are my results TSH. 1.62 miU:L. 0.4-4.5 FT4. 1.1 ng/dL. 0.8-1.8 FT3. 2.7 pg/mL. 2.3-4.2 RT3. 17 ng/dL.
131817 tn?1209532911 You can also have another bloodmarker test for fibrosis done, and compare the two. The test is called Fibrospect II, and it is done at Prometheus Lab in San Diego. Tel. 1-888-423-5227 The test measures differnt markers in your blood, meaning different markers then Labcorp uses. They are not contracting with insurance companies, but will do courtesy billing for you. Don't know were you live, but unless your insurance covers out of state labs, you will have to pay out of pocket...
Avatar n tn my new freinds depression and Mr. Score again. I mean how sick is that?!?! Feeling like life is not worth living without my little pills. Physically I am doing better, but I dream about those pills and think of new and inventive ways to score them. I should be elated since I am over the hump. Do the cravings subside? Shouldn't my wife and kids be enough to keep me from going down that path again? In both groups I was in yesterday, they said to play out the tape to the end.
515698 tn?1211493123 I am looking foward to bumping into more people here LOL . I just finished a very strange neuro psych test, it was just like the test I took to get into nursing school !! I passed that one with flying colors ... Did any one else take one like that?? It really did not seem very leget. pardon my spelling it and numbers are something that seems to have fallen out of my head when I had this last incident about 3 mo ago. Many Blessings to all and sorry I seem a little foggy to day.
3242988 tn?1359310116 Over time this process can result in cirrhosis of the liver, in which the architectural organization of the functional units of the liver becomes so disrupted that blood flow through the liver and liver function become disrupted. I just posted a graphic showing the stages of liver disease according to the Metavir scoring system showing the growth of collagen within the liver lobule as fibrosis (collagen growth) occurs. Glad to hear your treatment cured you of hepatitis C. Stay healthy.
Avatar f tn Not husbands fault at all....but ironically he was trying to score dope. Smokage. Talk about scoring. Know your not alone. Post alot and ask yourself really hard soul searching descissions. Are yku waiting for next doc appointment or do you want the sober life? If either no jusgement will be. Its your body your choice etc. What do you want? How long have you been using medicine? Big questions to ask yourself to a big problem.
Avatar n tn Sounds like your doc is using the Fibrosure test in lieu of biopsy. The test has its advocates, but it's not as accurate as biopsy. Although it wouldn't be my choice, I could understand using the Fibrosure test in lieu of biopsy if you decided to treat. But given your age and the fact you decided not to treat, I think it's very important that you base your decisions on a more accurate test -- the liver biopsy. Obviously, your doc is not comfortable in this area but most heptologists are.
Avatar f tn A in Boston and found out something very interesting. Because my fibrosure test shows 0 damage, he said I do NOT need a bx. Dr.A went on to explain that the fibrosure test is 90% accurate when showing 0 damage,,,while the bx is only 80% accurate when showing 0 damage. This is just in a case such as mine. He is not saying fibrosure is better than bx at other times. Dr.A is a great person to meet and consult with as is the Doc that assists him.
Avatar n tn Also your Mother's anger is probably caused by depression caused by the disease. It changes your whole body chemistry and affects your emotions quite a bit. Try not to take anything she says or does personel. Please come back there are a lot of people who will direct you toward the correct actions to take. It is great that you want to help her. There are many brave people here that have to handle this disease alone.
1329847 tn?1275176334 Off balance when walking lightheaded/dizzy ALL the time tingles and numbness in arms/fingers and cheeks sensitivity to light/blurred vision/halos can't sleep anxiety/panic attacks depression soreness just under ribs FATIGUE I tested positive for initial lyme disease blood test and then with a further test it came out negative I had a CT scan of the brain and spinal cord which came out clean... Would lyme show up if it was effecting my brain?
1257808 tn?1322765815 Also, just to be sure, might be good to test for Grave's Disease, by running a TSI test. The other thing to consider would be to get an ultrasound test on your thyroid glands to determine if you have any nodules." Another thing that comes to mind is a 24 hour urine cortisol test to assess adrenal function. Many hypo patients also find that they are deficient in areas of Vitamin A, D, B12, zinc, iron, selenium, RBC magnesium.