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Avatar f tn its a test and depression is a test for us....we ll be held accountable when we die for our good and wrong deeds. i wish you best of luck.....
Avatar f tn You can "Google" Amsler Grid testing. read about it, print out an amsler grid and be able to follow better your level of distortion.
Avatar n tn I know that being without drugs so early after you last detox, you must have a hell of a depression right now, and this on top of it is no better, but it is a test, and I believe you will make it through with flying colors. Please don't use GWH, I don't want you to be in pain again, not for this, not for a pill. I suck at condolences, but please hang on, at least for today.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share a wonderful website I stumbled across: You have to sign up to acess all the features but its free. It has a symptoms "test" which you can take and sends a pretty comprehensive diagnostic report, based on your answers, to your email that you can print and could take to a therapist.
Avatar m tn You can be sure he will be neither shocked nor surprised and will manage your concerns with tact, sensitivity, and confidentiality. I'll bet you'll find his opinion is the same as mine. (You could even print out this thread and take it with you as a framework for discussion.) I hope this has helped.
Avatar f tn i need some assistance with updated test results. i am still waiting for cortisol level results. my tsh more than doubled from 02/25/08 to 03/06/08. I am confused as to why the FT4 and T3 are at the high normal and the TSH is now what I consider high. Why would all three values be high now? i started at 50mcg levo last july then increased to 75mcg on 01/28/08. wouldnt i feel better if the TSH was under 1.0 and the T3 and T4 stayed where they are now?
Avatar f tn html You could discuss this with a psychiatrist and they could then see how to best help you. Also it is worthwhile to keep a mood tracker and print out the results for your psychiatrist. If you have suicidal ideations at any time its best to seek help as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn You can go to your pharmacist and they can print out the classes for them pls do not go over a class C drug. If you do however feel that you can stop and stay clean by all means go to your ob to set up a very strict and so taper for. It is better for the baby to be taper in the womb. One thing you do have going is you r only 6weeks by the time you stop your baby will be ok when bundle of joy is born. Pls don't stay on it your whole pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I do believe conventional opiates and Suboxone (which is actually a partial agonist, meaning it only partially effects your mu receptor) are probably some of the most effective drugs out there to combat depression/anxiety/panic disorder....BUT in all but the worst cases of panic/depression I would say the negatives likely outweigh the positives.
12773 tn?1328916786 Many have found they've gotten incorrect info from their doctors on these matters and all that is needed is an rx for any test. But assuming it turns out to be an issue, you might want to take this test instead since it's only one step and therefore might be as acceptable to your insurance company as the PCR. The test is Quest's "HCV RNA QL TMA". Once you've been non-detectible down to 50, it's just as good as Heptimax and happens to be the test I've taken since treatment ended.
Avatar n tn stress test just happened yesterday don't have another appointment until next week to find out results. But now I am a little worried. I passed the stress test with 99% in over 7 min. I have been trying to find out more about the right atrium does anyone have any websites that could explain more in detail about the right atrium? Thanks in advance.
1679243 tn?1307678538 But, the one thing he could do was to conduct an EP test to see if arrhythmia could be induced easily. If so, even though the guideline was 30% EF. I might be a candidate for an ICD. This was actually good news that I still had room to improve EF f and hopefully regenerate some damaged tissue in time. Nevertheless we opted for the test to satisfy that I had no rhythm problems to speak of. During my exercise the nurses stated that i had one of the prettiest heart rhythms they'd seen.
Avatar n tn I hope I can get some assistance with this dilemma. I am currently assisting a person dealing with PTSD , neurological and physical truama and a lot of the pain associated with being a victim of a gay hate crime. For the past year and a half, he has been on several medications for depression, pain, sleep and for symptoms associated with PTSD anxiety and nightmares.
Avatar n tn Also, as you, my symptoms seemed to return after the test. I was symptom-free before the test. I was experiencing some very LIGHT burning in my upper right chest the morning of the test. But the whole week before I was great. Weird huh?
Avatar n tn all i'm saying is if your son has problems with weight when he is older and it gets him to where i was with a ton of depression print this, let him read it and you can find on the web the team pic of unlv boxing he can see that he can have his life. it just is up to him. anyquestions hit me up at ***@****..
Avatar n tn I didn't even know they had done this test, but I found out today that the result was a 77, so I am going in for another test for hypothyroidism (I think it's called the free T 4 test?) tomorrow. I have been looking for information online since I got this news. The symptoms I have read about seem to match things I have been going through -- fatigue, depression, abnormal menstrual cycle, dry skin, weight gain, etc.
Avatar f tn Anyway, bottom line, against my better judgement I shelled out $190.00 for her special test from Great Plains Laboratory in Lenexa, Kansas. Coincidentally I had an appointment with my gynecologist the following day and my immunologist the day after that. When I got home I'd done an internet search about the validity of IgG testing for food allergy and everything I read said it wasn't valid. As if I didn't feel stupid enough, both my gynecologist (who believes in the book Wheatbelly etc.
Avatar n tn Do you have any ball park idea to how much a cd4 test costs without insurance and if you have insurance will it cover for such tests? And where would one go to get an immune panel test or cd4/cd8 test? Can any doctor have these tests done at a lab or do you have to go to a specialist in hiv or immune system?
Avatar f tn If you google ilads [dot] org, the first hit is the ILADS website, and the first sub-item there are the guidelines. They're long, but print them out and take them with you. And read them yourself! Sometimes MD who are edging their way into an ILADS-friendly position are just not aware of what ILADS actually says, tho it sounds like your MD may be well on his way. All good wishes to you -- hang in there. You are not alone.
Avatar f tn I think I will get the visual field test done as well, just to get it out of the way. I am seeing another ophthalmologist today. Though I have been told by couple of ophthalmologist that’s maybe because I am under too stress this is manifesting. I find it difficult to believe but they are one of the best in the country I come from.
Avatar f tn Hi Faithforhealing, my doctor's reaction was almost as if she was insulted that I would turn to a medical board online instead of just listening to her. I brought a print out of Gimels advice and mentioned how he was correct about knowing my B12 and D Levels were low without me telling him. She became kind of confrontational, insisting that all of my levels were fune although the lab report clearly indicates that they are low.
Avatar n tn I have been having symptoms of dizziness, head pain, shakiness and a spaced out kind of foggy feeling like i am watching my life from the outside - all day every day. There are some times for a couple of hours during the day that the symptoms may lift and give me a few moments to live- but not much. I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of.
522415 tn?1242941355 Maybe print out articles on how pain meds work for Fibromyalgia pain. If you tried Lyrica or Savella/Cymbalta and can't tolerate side effects you should be able to request pain meds. The doctor isn't at home with you to see you in severe pain. He sees you come into his office and not the daily pain you go through! He's not sufferin with this is he? No. I found that Methadone works for me. It lasts 24hrs in the system so there is no need for over use.
Avatar f tn The antibody tests you need are Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb) to test for Hashimoto's and Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI) to test for Graves Disease. It's important to note, however, that if you had Graves Disease, you'd have high Free T4, with the low TSH.
Avatar n tn Dear Miriam, Yes, it is important to rule out any GI problems. I had every test imaginable (to the tune of 30,000 dollars). You have to be tested in order to be sure it's not something serious or life threatening. If they don't find anything, then definitely consider the shingles diagnosis. When my symptoms first occurred, it was just pain and it lasted for 1 week and went away as mysteriously as it came.
Avatar f tn On the other hand if its NOT good news then im missing getting treated..... OH WHAT should I do other then go tomorrow and print out info for the specialist to look at???
Avatar f tn Im glad you found them helpfull, Ive given a print out of the OBAD book to several people over the last few years as its an excellent way to educate someone about BP.
Avatar f tn Ask doctors office for a print out of test results. A lot of doctors will say your tests are normal when they are not. Post the lab results on this site and you will get good advice about whether they are really normal or not.
Avatar f tn Hi the only thing on the print out are the TSH and it says Serum free T4 LO 6.9 pmol/L (10.0-20.0)sr. There is no T3 there, I have another blood test in he first week of December so will ask for that then.
349147 tn?1202437546 My vision is so bad, I can no longer read small print at all, and even have trouble reading larger print because my eyes get blurry. I have always had perfect vision. My eyes have become extremely sensitive to light, dust and debris, and seem to be very dry. There is always a redness to them. I now have a problem with strong chemicals or odors of any kind. I am getting more headaches and worse headaches than i've ever had in my life.