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Avatar f tn I know it's depressing, it is for all of us but you can only do so much at this point. There are tests you can test that tell you what you are best suited for, and you can get this thru a therapist. Maybe this would help you determine what you would like to do, but it's a tough time to look for a job. If you feel this is all becoming over-whelming for you, then see a psychiatrist and the two of you determine what route of treatment is best for you.
Avatar f tn So it was a great suprise for my significant other and i when a test came back positive....... I'm also beginning to have second thoughts about my SO and myself being together and I keep finding myself drifting away from him and stop finding him attractive etc..... and I just moved to SC and he doesn't plan to move until august..... Meaning I am alone for the next three months and he'll be missing majority of the rest of the pregnancy.......
Avatar f tn hi, i don't really know all that much about antiD's...but have you been to women's docs for a hormonal balance test? etc..? With me I think depression is pretty tied to my hormonal balance, and it makes sense, in that women supposedly suffer depression issues at twice the rate as men...or something like that I've read...I remember first being horribly depressed when I was 12, at the start of menses...then, horrible episodes right around my hysterectomy, and since then..
Avatar n tn Nonetheless, here is the little gem that doctor's reading your results seem to forget, and it's that the Testosterone range used by labs to compare your testosterone results is the range for men from 20-100 years of age. So, if you were say, 35 years old, then the range isn't really representative of the correct testosterone level for people your age. If you want more info got to this site: www.mens-hormonal-health.
Avatar m tn Now i started thinking on hpv and i started reading horrible things and as i understand there isnt a test for this on men, or it doesnt exist an accurate way to diagnose this virus, anyway i dont want to test anymore i have an ocd, im taking antidepressants and klonapin, im 19. Never had that warts but i dont know, i´ve read that there are dangerous types of this virus,with horrible consequences please help.
Avatar n tn Add me to the total column for men. Been hypo t and on T4 meds. for over 30 years. Learned a lot from this forum including the need to check free T3, to assure the body is converting T4 adequately ( which mine was not). Seems like I have read somewhere that over 20 % of the population has thyroid problems, with women being substantially higher, especially over the age of 35. It was interesting that when the range for TSH was revised downward from .5-5.0 to .3-3.
Avatar n tn Reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, and irritability to work and I was condemned with a Fitness for Duty Evaluation. I have very low test and have gone from .25 to .75 and now back to .50 Synthroid and was on one injection a wk. Have Endo in 4 weeks. Is there any information out there that symptoms are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act to fight off uwarranted action from employer?
Avatar n tn I'd like to know what my blood test results may mean. I've taking diet pills (ephedrine/caffeine) for a few years. In last year my endurance has decline. About 8 months ago I started noticing Fatigue, memory problems, body aches and problems maintaining erections. I started taking pregnenolone and 7-keto DHEA thinking it would increase testosterone. I finally went to my doctor 2 1/2 months ago. He ordered blood tests. My total testosterone is 375 on a range that says 250 to 1100 ng/dL.
1731671 tn?1398528929 It took me and my boyfriend about 3 years to get pregnant again. He told me that he had low sperm count, and it took this one time to conceive. We never took precaution and I was never on birth control. We have a 3 year old daughter, so in a way I'm surprise it took us this long to get pregnant. We weren't trying but then again we weren't preventing it either.
Avatar n tn If you type that into a search engine it should come up. Again my PC Dr. treated me for depression and anxiety from the "git go". I'm taking shot #23 of 24 this week and to tell you the truth I'm sick and tired of the tx, sx and the drugs for everything else! But this is what it took to save my life and I am eternally grateful. There is a finality to this one way or the other and personally I will be thrilled when it is over. Undie dance, here I come!!!!!
Avatar n tn did your heart dr. do the test for the coronary artery spasm? i just went thru this my self. was having angina pains (pressure) and was real sick at work they called ambulance. he did the heart cath. and test the left side of the heart and then the right side and that is where i have the coronary artery spasm, they did this test three times to make sure, and i felt it! did you feel anything when they had you in the heart cath? they had to give me nitro by intervenus to stop the spasms.
572651 tn?1531002957 I'm talking about studies looking into this issue. RSD/CRPS1 is a good example. Of course men also get this treatment, but the question was whether or not this happens more frequently with women, and it does. It's rooted in the assumption that women are "hysterics," dating back a long-*** time. For the record, there are studies that indicate that when it comes to emotions, men are more likely to exhibit them and to extremes than are women.
Avatar n tn So I have had pretty serious anxiety and depression issues for as long as I can remember. I am 22 years old, and I have spent everyday of those 22 years obsessing over things that are completely out of my control. I have been diagnosed/misdiagnosed as having multiple disorders; GAD, agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and finally as manic depressive, which I think is the most accurate.
Avatar m tn (I did the at home Vinegar 5% acetic acid test, where you place a dampened rag on the area for 5min to see if it turns white, and the left side did turn white but it wasn't suggestive of warts, it was actually a patch that raised below my head on the shaft, i am uncircumcised, so the area between the foreskin and the head) Another symptom I experienced was a odd rash on the left side of my cheek, it was red, dry, itchy, painful and formed a handful of skin colored flat bumps.
Avatar m tn Irritability over small things some times, some times I feel ticked off for no apparent reason, some depression, anxiety. MOstly I feel these last few things some times with no apparent reason triggering it.
Avatar f tn The following tables list selected natural treatments for depression that have good scientific support for a beneficial role for treating depression.
Avatar f tn Your thyroid isn't optimally treated which isn't expected since you just started 3 weeks ago. The stated "conventional" treatment for hypothyroidism is to aim for a TSH is between 0.5 - 2mU/L. As symptoms rule the show this is just one lab to take into account. Many feel their best with free T3 and free T4 in the upper end of the reference range. All antidepressants have the black box warning of suicidal thoughts and actions.
509877 tn?1315365294 I have always told my sons that as long as they stay in school, I will work as many jobs as needed for them to succeed and graduate from college.But if you are not in school or working, you are not going to get financial support from me, so this is why he lives with her. They live about 3 hours away from here and she is also "taking a semester off from school" and does not have to work because her parents pay for all of her bills and in that sense, they are supporting my son too.
Avatar f tn Ima keep this short. At least he went to doctors appointment my babydaddy never came to any and I offer every time I go! TRUST ME YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE DEALING WITH A NO GOOD MAN!! Instead of worrying bout him you need to be concerned about your child. Easier said then done I know but you have to do it. Maybe when the baby come he will grow up and all will be good but then again maybe he won't and you have to do it alone. YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST TO DO IT AND I PROMISE YOU WON'T BE THE LAST.
1211508 tn?1343083205 I was depressed really badly 1 year ago for 1 month (first and only time I've ever experienced depression on that level). But during that time nothing made me happy. This doesn't feel like that. I'm just very bored. I used to find things that made me excited or motivated--stuff I looked forward to. I feel like I've lost many of those things and it's tripping me out.
Avatar n tn Make sure you do something good for yourself. Like a mini-reward for all you have been through. Nourish your spirit and the body follows. Write if you need to vent or report progress!
Avatar n tn I am a 31 year old male. I have been depressed for the last three years due to the ending of an 11 year relationship and the seperation from my 4 children due to it.I have slashed my wrists once, but not good enough...I'm still here. I have set with a shotgun in my mouth, but couldn't pull the trigger because of my children. I think of and wish for death daily. I have planned my suicide over and over again.
Avatar m tn I've dealt with feelings of depression for a long time--years. And I've been suicidal in the past. I tried the therapy route. Been prescribed multiple antidepressants. Nothing has worked. I'm done with the whole racket, scam which is the mental health industry. I have not heard from one person, not a single person, who has been "healed" from a mental health "disease".
Avatar n tn This was recommended because I was also being treated for Hep C which also causes depression. Most of the people in my group were not given any AD's though. There must be a good reason for this, I suppose. If you read some of the posts in the MGH depression forums, you will hear a lot of bad things about them. This may sound strange but when I was on Paxil, I started drinking heavily after about three months. I rarely even had hangovers.
Avatar m tn Anxiety and Depression Chronic gut disorders are associated with higher rates of anxiety and depression. A well-publicized study in mice suggested a possible role for probiotics in reducing anxiety associated with gut inflammation (Bercik, Neurogatroenterol Motil 2011). Mice in the study had a chemically-induced inflammation of their gut and exhibited anxiety-like behavior. Giving 1 billion cells of Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001 for 1 week normalized their behavior.
Avatar m tn Unable to concentrate, unable to think and plan, confused , indifferent to the envoirment,tries to do too many things simulteniouslt,wander around aimless manner, does not like to make any decision, limited attention span..?? the above mentioned symptoms are seems abnormal to a common men, what is the name of the illness? can it be treated? whom shall I should meet tor recover from above mentioned problems? please guide.
Avatar f tn It is quite common for women especially but also for men to be diagnosed with depression when it really is low thyroid condition. Dr's are seemingly quick to prescribe anti-depressants but loath to test for Free T3 and Free T4 or believe that depression symptoms are associated with low Thyroid. I think it is a pharmaceutical conspiracy. They can make more money selling 6 drugs to cover (not cure) 6 different symptoms than a single drug that cures the source of all 6 symptoms!
484508 tn?1290014144 I have been feeling depressed, but mostly anxious now for a few years. I have tried several SSRI's and even St John's Wort and became very hypomanic- not pleasant at all. I had to stop them. Even tried benzos and they work but I don't want to become a benzo addict! Stopped them too. I finally went to my family doctor, who stated that my testosterone level is low--170, and told me to make an appt to come in.
Avatar m tn I think you need to seek the help of a psychiatrist for your symptoms and I recommend that you get evaluated for depression. I definitely see a problem with your health just as you do, but there is nothing more that can be offered to you from an endocrine point of view and no hormonal treatment is going to relieve your symptoms. I would also urge you to try meditation and/or yoga to reduce stress.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism can cause depression and in men it can cause low testosterone levels which also can cause depression. Hypothyroidism can also cause B 12, Calcium and Vit. D deficiencies. So the answer to your question the chicken came first. It is important that you keep taking your replacement testosterone as it can cause issues of it's own. I'm not sure about the estrogen relationship. If your taking your meds and still feeling depressed maybe you need a adjustment in your meds.