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Avatar f tn I'm just curious if there is anyone from Canada that has been accepted for Triple Therapy Treatment? I'm in British Columbia and I have to meet the treatment critieria before the Canadian government will fund treatment for me. So, the one thing holding me back is that I have to meet the enzyme criteria of having to have 3 lab tests of enzymes that are 1.5 times higher than normal. The problem is that most of my enzymes are in the normal range.
Avatar m tn Since then he complains of bad smell in nose, passing yellow urine,loss of appetite, little shivering and skin becoming red if pressed, preferring to stay in dark . He was already a patient of depression before leaving to Canada and too treatment for the same for few months but was not on medicine during July. He was also having mild vericocele problem which was not advised for operation.
Avatar m tn Since then he complains of bad smell in nose, passing yellow urine,loss of appetite, little shivering and skin becoming red if pressed, preferring to stay in dark . He was already a patient of depression before leaving to Canada and too treatment for the same for few months but was not on medicine during July. He was also having mild vericocele problem which was not advised for operation.
Avatar f tn From back in 1999: Heart-rate test to measure mental disorders The Vancouver Sun Pamela Fayerman, Sun Health Issues Reporter Vancouver Sun The first physical test developed to confirm mental disorders such as depression and anxiety will soon be tested on Vancouver patients. Until now, doctors have based their diagnoses of depression on physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in sleep and/or eating, and feelings of worthlessness.
Avatar f tn Apathy can be part of depression. People think that depression is only just being sad, it's much more complex. Apathy, anger, mood swings, states of manic, and sadness can all be feelings of depression. Now when it comes to depression there are lots of causes. Hormonal -thyroid disorders, straight serotonin problems, etc and these usually take medication of some kind. The other is environmental -so excess stress, seasons, or having a lot of things go wrong with your body at once.
Avatar f tn In my previous post I mentioned that I just began taking ERFA thyroid from Canada 3 weeks ago. I'm only on 1/2 grain daily. I know this is a starter dose and I know it is pretty early in the game to expect spectacular results. Here is my problem. I am currently taking Wellbutrin (now for about 3 months) is not relieving my depression symptoms in the least. Talked to my doctor (psychiatrist) this afternoon and explained the situation to him.
Avatar m tn It was actually Wednesday afternoon and I felt very depressed (didn't think it was depression cause I just left Canada. I felt naturally sad.) Then at Thursday I went to Dorney Park which is a fun amusement park which COMPLETELY kept my mind off of depression.Then at Thursday night after coming back, I stayed with my cousin. I felt kind of tired (not sure what the symptom was) until I went exercising and drinking a lot of water. I felt better.
Avatar n tn I hear there is a cure in Canada and the UK... Does anyone know if this is true? If so please contact me at ***@**** and I'd be so appreciative. Thanks!!
Avatar m tn 5 grams per day with breakfast) also reduced cortisol levels and improved responses in one test associated with anxiety and depression (measuring attention to positive and negative stimuli). These effects occurred with the use of a galactooligosaccharide prebiotic (Bimuno®-GOS) but not with a fructo-oligosaccharide prebiotic. However, neither prebiotic affected other aspects of stress or anxiety, nor improved working memory and executive functioning (Schmidt, Psychopharmacology 2014).
Avatar n tn Weight gain Inability to loose weight Extreame Fatigue Feeling of heavyness Dry skin Foggy mind Depression Joint pain itchy throat and ears hair lose With those symptoms I went to the doctor and had blood work done, but he only did TSH and Free T4. I have had this blood work done over and over and each time comes back completely normal. The doctor then suggested I may have fybromyalgia, but I really don't think it's that...............
Avatar m tn I'm sure I tell him some stuff that has happened lately and how I am feeling and then what? Like how does he test me for depression? I then assume if he thinks its depression I go talk to somebody... my question here is will this cost me? I am barely working right now due to my "depression" I suppose as well as my job closed down and not many jobs in my area as of now.... This leads me to one and my last question or concern.
Avatar m tn In the last year of hi engg he went in depression. We were worried a lot about his depression so we were preoccupied with his treatment. we could not arrange finance or we could not concentrate properly what he should do further even he could not do it. I couldnot come to a conclusion about his further studies. He says the going to other country was his third option where as his second option was MBA and the first option was going to UK which was not done.
Avatar m tn My son is now 24 years old. He was suffering from depression three years back. He did not go to college for two months continiously. He was just sitting in a corner and not going out any where. He was started with depression medicine. Doctor gave him Mirtaz tabs and one another tab. After six months he suddenly stopped medicine saying that I donot require this medicine. After eighth months he was to start the same again.
1175284 tn?1263976683 The last time I went in for a iron level test 2 months ago it was good, at a 16 I think she said? But then I started my period just after and its been going since.
Avatar f tn Not even that one political thread and I really had things I wanted to say to I've not been doing well. I made it all the way through treatment with no depression and no meds other than the ones to deal with the wild mood swings. And now that I've done treatment, I've sunk into this deep dark depression. I've been quietly trying to battle it and I'm not doing well. It's completely irrational. It isn't because I got pulled off treatment early, that's not what I'm focused on.
Avatar f tn After stating these few things about its physiological role, my intended message is that it is not a test to be used to diagnose, or monitor depression, but can be used when the patient shows signs and symptoms physically, of a high or low level. It is very complex, and currently being researched, but is not well understood by many physicians at this point. I hope this was informative, and not just more confusing.
Avatar n tn it has been many of years so i just decided now that i live in canada (for a job) and i get free health care might as well go... and my test came back with this.. now im awaiting the 2nd test.. and i really pray its negative... I am sure it will be positive but i guess you just never know huh? The doc at the clinic said if it is positive he would find a specialist for me cause i know none around here... so im gonna trust him first.. and see how it goes...
Avatar f tn They are just looking at the test results. Test results have to be read in conjunction with your presentation of symptoms and your history, which takes a real, live, LLMD. Spend the money; you won't be sorry. It's what I would do, without hesitation. Good luck, and let us know what you do and how it goes, okay? Take care!
1823715 tn?1319389396 At the recommendation of Gimel and after reading many times on here regarding test results, I have mine updated now with the Free T3 & T4. I can't see my endo at the moment as she isn't working since breaking her leg, so would appreciate advice please. History: I had a partial thyroidectomy in July this year, due to benign nodules on my left gland. In Sept I was diagnosed Hypo TSH was 6.17 uIU/ml (0.27-5.
Avatar n tn Though I don't think that the digestive problem is a link to my depression, my depression is more than likely a result of my digestive problem taking my life away. I did just start getting therapy to help me try and mentally cope with this though. But I've only been to one session.... I really hope they will help me... Maybe that’s something you can think about doing too?
Avatar n tn hi friends 2day is my 14th day after egg retrievel ,so im very eager to do home pregnancy test,,so friends plzzz tell me weder i can test 2morrow morning ,,r i have 2 wait for some more days
Avatar n tn This was a very frustrating time however I was still able to work as a GN and I was allowed to retake the test in 45 days. I studied and took the exam again only to find out that I failed agian. This was also right at the end of my 16 week period so I could no longer work as a GN. I was now stuck with finding another job at the hospital in order for me to keep my benefits and insurance.
Avatar m tn I got tested in Canada with a Rapid POC test at the 4 week point, which was May 10th, and it was negative. Using the timelines and info provided: what can you determine (if anything) about her HIV status, and what can be said about my negative Rapid POC test at 4 weeks?
Avatar n tn I am a 73 years old man with no particular disease. My blood test shows low Vit D level and doctor prescribed 2000 IU of Vit D3 Daily. Why is the Vit D level being tested? (new to me). What cause the low level than normal range? What would that affect my health? Your help is highly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Not enough to cause serious concern, or to keep me from functioning completely, but I have struggled with having low motivation and energy, some mild depression, moderate weight loss.Headache, swallowing problem, thorat choking, constipation, throat dryness. I have to really push myself to get the usual stuff done...laundry, house cleaning, etc. Im workign& i become so lethragic that i dont feel like going for work &have been unable to concentrate on it or feel motivated to work on it.
Avatar n tn Went to see a neurologist who within 3 minutes of walking in room and essentially exchanging pleasantries said I was depressed and depression causes memory loss. Told me if I wanted she could run some tests though she didn't expect to find anything. My MRI showed "few bright foci within the periventricular and subcortical white matter", EEG showed "mild, non-specific dysfunction of the left fronto-temporal region".....
Avatar m tn and this eventually led to my mental illness anxiety, clinical major psychotic depression, and OCD for 5 years now. My crash down is better than before but I have not recovered from mental illness. First time I was treated with during Winter 2007 tripletail, seroquol, effexor for 9 months. I came off medication and I felt so drained that I could not do anything over Summer of 2008.
370801 tn?1264408618 I hope that is whats wrong here, because this kind of depression becomes intolerable at times. Also, I took another blood test to determine the absorbsion level for my b12. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat. Its something like twice a week only. We will see what happens.
Avatar n tn All tests came back negative. They even did an ESR test and full CBC (complete blood count) to test for other possible causes or signs of infection, and everything looked normal. I have become obsessed with checking my symptoms, and every little pain sends me into panic-mode. With all test results negative, do you think I'm in the clear? Could my symptoms be caused by stress?