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363243 tn?1331037450 I sought the help of an endocrinologist and he ordered a lot of blood tests. I never had problems with elevated glucose and the test showed that my fasting glucose was 102, slightly elevated. My free testosterone was elevated also which explained the excessive hair on my chin, neck, chest, stomach and thighs. I haven't had problems with fertility because I have two children who were conceived with no difficulty because my periods had always been like clock work.
Avatar n tn 127 H AU/mL (normal range is 0-99 RN) EBV Ab VCA, IgG: 3073 H AU/ml (normal range is 0-99 RN...this one is off the charts!). EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG: 234 HAU/mL (normal range is 0-99 RN) His tests were also flagged for low WBC, high RBC, low Neutrophils, high Monocytes and low Absolute Neutrophils. Does anyone have insight as to what might be wrong with him?
413852 tn?1317312312 ttc~Au Naturale... SusieQ64 (Susan): ttc~Au Naturale... TreeFrog7 (Wendy): ttc~ Au Naturale...tww (01/06) Miranda9 (Mira): ttc~Au Naturale... Mature Momma (Debra): Planning on TTC again in Feb2010 4 snowbabies ;o) alikat1205 (Kat): ttc~Au Naturale.... Lilian69 (Miranda): ??? AliceW: ttc~IVF....CD17 (01/20) sophiejeanne (Stephani): ttc~Au Naturale....CD5 (01/20) Naturschld (Linda): Will actively ttc~ again--Feb 2010. Marcy: ttc~Au Naturale... Mjmom69: ttc~Au Naturale.
Avatar m tn Then after 2 years beginn with symptoms witch I have till today like-Headaches, nausea,fell very weak,all the time coated tongue-white,blurred and distorted vision,stiff neck,mental problems-depression,problem with memory and concentration,...I did again hiv test-result-negativ,Then I did own investigation-CD4 count,whitch in march was-(CD4-340,CD8-316,CD4/CD8-1.08) again inJUN(CD4-420,CD8-272,CD4/CD8-1.
Avatar m tn Hi. Im new and had a recent blood test for thyroid function and it picked up an ALT of 114! I did have 83 last yr. Im on 40mg of citalopram for depression but Im freaked out that it could mean hep C. dont drink a massive amount, eat healthily and am fit & healthy apart from this. Can a high ALT be for another reason? Thanks a lot.
410801 tn?1220123045 my personal experience is that, the bigger picture, Synthroid helped me, and whenever i had symptoms, such as fatigue, low energy, depression, constipation and hair loss, i raised the dose and soon i started to feel better. but since i was never on Armour, so i couldn't compare, and maybe Armour will be easier to manage so i don't have to keep running into this roller coster? just thought it might be worthwhile to hear the other side of the story.
Avatar m tn Celiac disease,Type 1 Diabetes,Type 2 Diabetes Insulin Resistance,Addison’s disease,Cushing’s disease Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS),Premature ovarian decline Premature ovarian failure,Alopecia,Reynaud’s syndrome Sjögren’s syndrome,Chronic fatigue syndrome,Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis,Systemic lupus erythematosus Multiple sclerosis,Sarcoidosis,Scleroderma Vitiligo,Psoriasis. If you were to do Dr.
Avatar m tn 1st time I had high prolactin I was also having severe migraine, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Doctor sent me for mri,, no findings. So, post hysterectomy I have developed allergy and sinus issues, ibs, gallbladder removed, pre-diabetic, neurothapy, degenerative disc, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, the list goes on and on so as u see the prolactin issue got put on the back burner.
Avatar m tn My EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG came back at 848 AU/mL, EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG came back at 49 AU/mL, and my EBV Ab VCA, IgG came back at 2537 AU/mL. Anything over 120 in each category is considered postive. So, now that I am having a full blown attack what can be done. I was put on Valtrex 500mg once a day but after researching treatments that seems way low. I read one place that said 1000mg every 8 hours for up to 3 months.
Avatar n tn This kid cannot keep warm hands and feet, has had chronic constipation since he was 10 months old, he has much trouble with catching colds, he has had over 28 ear infections, 4 sets of tubes, his adnoids removed 2x, his tonsils taken out last month, he sweats and smells like a teenager, (but has no pubic/or arm pit hair, that's why they ruled out petuitary gland issue) has allergies, had a colonoscopy last year, so many tests performed including cystic fibrosis tests, Hirschsprungs disease te
Avatar m tn I BEEN ON IT FOR 5 WEEKS NOW MY BLLOD LEVES ARE 0.8 they say thats in the great norm last time before this was my 1st lab test was .6 how much difft is the numbers i though that .6 was 0.6 if so it dint go up much..unless im not doing the numbers write cuz yesterdays level was 0.
803938 tn?1403751853 if the pregnancy sticks either I start looking for an other job or we hire an au-pair! I am hoping the pregnancy sticks, I am doing a 48 hours HCG blood test, I should have the results Tuesday. Good luck to you all, life can be full of surprises!
Avatar n tn however, i knew there was something going on since 2001 but i thought that was depression and fatigue so i did not bother seeing a doctor at that time. over time things started to get worse then i though hang on there gotta be something wrong going on then i decided to get a comprehensive blood test which came back negative for everything but Hep b. i was shocked and still.
Avatar m tn Please see the symptoms accordingly the doctors, I visited 21 May 2018: Neurologist A: He said, looking at my symptoms, eye and MRI report. It is BPPV. 28 May 2018: Neurologist B: He said, looking at my symptoms and MRI report. It is BPPV. 29 May 2018: Neurologist C: He said, looking at my symptoms and MRI report. It is BPPV. He told me if symptoms persist even after 2-3 days, get your brain mrs done again.
Avatar n tn mild hearing loss at 250Hz AU. Slight conductive component in right ear. No acoustic reflex decay in the left ear (IPSI) and CNT in the right ear. Can someone please explain what these results mean? 3. Can ear pain be related to nerve problems and is it possible to have all the symptoms I have and have them mean nothing is really wrong?
Avatar f tn Generally you must have 5 -15 apneas per hour to be defined as mild. However there is another breathing disorder newly being recognized it is called UARS ( upper airway resistance syndrome). Although many doctors will not treat this - they usually just say it's due to "depression" or "stress". Perhaps your doctor can prescribe a trial of bi-pap just to see if it helps. An informational site i enjoy reading at is called sleep apnea dot org and also talk about sleep dot com.
Avatar n tn ) wake up with Sulfur bacteria on tongue (sour taste n mouth) Excessive urination waking up 3 times during the night feeling fatigue during different times of the day lightheaded, dizziness, loss of concentration memory loss wanting to drink water constantly and craving for ice water depression, wanting to stay solitary problems talking because my throat gets dry I am so confused on wat to do and I am desperate to find out whats causing my symptoms to finally have a name for it all.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Saliva testing is not reliable, period. If your compounder suggest the saliva test, be wary. Providers and compounding pharmacies often include Progesterone claiming additional health benefits. The fact is progesterone does not add additional benefit and should only be included when a woman has not had a hysterectomy. Progesterones should not be prescribed in women whom have had a hysterectomy.
Avatar f tn The withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as I thought they would be,,mild diarrhea,,some leg cramps/restless legs but what is killing me literally right now is the depression. I feel so hopeless. Like I have nothing to look forward to. I'm newly married only 4 months. I have a great job that I love but also makes it easy to get the drugs I want. I can have my choice and I dont have to pay a dime. I havent lost everything yet but I feel like Im about to hit a bottom.
329950 tn?1194801117 if you are on stimulant medication, the side effects of that stuff can look like bipolar disorder or accentuate an underlying condition. I have mood swings, have had them my whole life, but I think I fit the profile of someone cyclothemic. I took Adderall for a year and quickly started having rapid mood swings..elation on the drug and crippling depression when I was "coming down" from my daily dose. It was horrible. I considered suicide a few times a week at least.
Avatar m tn this happened may 7th and i have had 3 elisa tests all im just wanting some reassurance that my 12 week 3 month test will be negative as anywho thanks for taking the time for reading my concern..take care and bye for now.
505363 tn?1211210560 thanks! i do need to relax, or i'll just make myself worse. and i'm glad you like the name, though i think maybe i should have called myself "dharmaslacker".
789911 tn?1368640383 Im going in for a bone density test this week, possibly an RA factor test, I want to look into other things, fibromyalgia or ???? I dont know what to ask about. I called the hepatologist that was the head of the North Texas Research Center in Arlington Texas to discuss some of the things I might have looked into. They kept steering me to my family doctor who knows nothing about the effect of what I have been though.
Avatar f tn Then 4 years ago, after I had suffered for more than 20 years with an undiagnosed stomach ailment, I asked my doc to perform a test on me for h.Pylori. He didn't want to do it, as it is an expensive test, and the triple-antibiotic treatment VERY expensive, he didn't think it was causing my illness, and I had no insurance. I told him to let ME worry about the expense, and just do the test. Sure enough, I tested positive and started the antibiotic regimen.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of aching and pain in my legs, mostly in the calf region, front and back. We did blood work and it showed my magnesium was low. He started me on 420 MG, but I still had the pain. So after a month we increased it to 840 a month, and its finally at a good level, and most of the time, the pain is gone. Every now and then I do have some pain still, but its usually after a day when I've been on my feet a lot. After the pain had stopped with the increased mag.
Avatar f tn We cannot join the military, we cannot be police officers in most places and yes it can indeed stop us getting a security clearance or cause us to lose one (this happened to a person I know if in AU who used to work for a defence contractor here and lost his Top Secret after a breakdown and was asssesed as a judgement risk) but thats the reality of mental illness sad to say.
Avatar n tn Im 34 y.o trying for 1st bb, I've been TTC for 7 months now.....went to my ob/gyn 3months ago, done some test-U/S, blood test (chemistry, cbc & Hcg) all seems normal.....tho' my ob/gyne didn't advised me to take Clomid, I started taking it today morning.....I heard that clomid is quiet effective and I did a lot of research about it on net, asking some pharmacist opinion and read lots of article concerning clomid, reading forums etc it took me atleast 1 week before i decided to take.
Avatar m tn If you doctor suspects that you may have Candida, he/she would ask for a Candida saliva or candida spit test. With this test, you are asked to place a glass filled clear water by your bed at night. When you wake in the morning, work up a bit of saliva and spit into it, then check the water every 15 minutes or so for up to one hour.
352007 tn?1372861481 They didn't have much to offer and often I was making requests for this test and that test. I was obliged because I was a cash cow. I'm sure many thought I was imagining things. A few along the way pointed me in the right direction because they LISTENED to me. I got myself very stressed out and had to take a break. It was all so frustrating. For now, go get your forehead stamped "Not Conversion Disorder.
1272624 tn?1395437957 Iam still here 44 years old and ttc . I just got my test back for progestrone it was 7.4 much higher than June 3.2. I hope this is the month. DH is now taking maca root with me as well as folic acid. I am taking baby aspirin 2000 maca root 4000 calcium prenatal vitamins with include DHA/EPA. and 50 clomid. Am I missing anything?