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351317 tn?1204755471 Can depression cause physical symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and fatigue? I am starting a new job as a security guard in a hospital and it will be the second job I have had where I have to deal with the public directly. I have been basically bed ridden with extreme nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue for a week up until I start which is tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I have been told that my physical symptoms are likely to be due to depression and the lymphocytosis a result of having asthma. I have been taking antidepressants (60mg Duloxetine/ daily - for 12 months), although I stopped taking them 2 months ago as they had no effect on my symptoms. I don't know whether these symptoms are physical or psychological. Can depression cause the physical symptoms i've mentioned above? If so what can I do about it?
Avatar f tn Symptoms, 8/17/2009 I have had nausea and bowel problems since I was a kid. Periodic Diarrhea, frequent stools, and nausea, are just a few of the symptoms I started having. I have also had periods of time where I will feel spacey, almost high, with vertigo, I went to a neurologist when I was a teen, to see if I was having seizures, he thought it may be migraines. I had very heavy periods, with extreme cramping. I have always had depression problems.
Avatar f tn Yes, acid reflux may occasionally present with severe symptoms leading to inflammation and spasms, which may cause vomiting. However if this occurs frequently, an active search for other possible causes such as GI infections, inflammations, GI motility issues, growths/ masses etc may need to be considered and an evaluation by a gastroenterologist would be required. Hope the information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Depression may cause some physical symptoms but nothing this extreme. Let me know what medications you are on in case it might be a reaction to one. Some medications can cause nausea and vomiting but usually not this extreme and not if you had it continuously even when off medication.
Avatar n tn its like my chest has butterflies in it. any idea? or recommendations? the med that the doctor gave me was for nausea and vomiting. i dont remember the name.
Avatar f tn I don't know about you but I definately have depression like symptoms but when they put me on antidepressents it made me hyper so when I told the psychologist that she said I'm not depressed. I'm now on antidepressent for a gi problem, and it didn't change my mood so far. It didn't help my gi problems either. I'd suggest ask for a specialist in chiari one ns and see what they have to say.
4592241 tn?1359816738 Just like coming off any opiate, there is an emotional w/d as well, and depressive symptoms are common. Obviously, that's going to be worse in someone with a history of depression. Have you ever tried therapy for an extended period of time? Therapy really can be so helpful in teaching someone how to cope. Are you on a sub program, or doing this on your own? One possibility is you're tapering too fast. It's usually better to allow a person to stabilize in between steps down.
501944 tn?1224059621 I am now starting my days vomiting, sometime in the first couple of hours I wake up. I also started vomiting more than once a day. I went to the dr. last week with my son (mon.) I weighed 149. Ttoday we went back for a med check for him and I weigh 139 (wed) I tried for a couple of years after the last steroids to lose weight but couldn't do it. So no its not normal. I have nausea and vomiting and I can't sleep at night. Any advice..............PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing episodes of intense vomiting that usually last from 24-48 hours. I also experience lack of appetite and upper right/mid abdominal pain. Over the past year I have lost 55 pounds without trying. All my blood work has been normal. I have had 2 normal gallbladder ultrasounds, 2 normal abdominal X-rays, normal chest X-ray, and a normal hida scan. I've had 2 upper endoscopys, on the most recent one they found gastritis and signs of GERD.
Avatar f tn What aggravates and relieves your headaches? Do you skip meals? Any associated symptoms like nausea, vomiting, weakness, numbness, visual symptoms?
Avatar n tn If she has had an appropriate work-up for her complaints without any known cause being found, depression could be contributing to her physical symptoms. In some people, depression shows up in the form of physical complaints. Your wife is on an antidepressant, but maybe not the right one for her. The Pancrease that your wife is on can cause iron deficiency anemia. A simple blood test could determine if this is contributing to her feeling so poorly. Has your wife ever been on Megace?
Avatar f tn Did your doctor prescribe it for your depression? For your depression see a psychiatrist, they are most knowledgable with the medications used in treating depression. Don't rely on your GP, they don't have a clue when it comes to this. Let us know your symptoms so we can help.
Avatar n tn Still had severe depression about 4 days after resumption and headache with vomiting. During this time, my Endo's nurse called me to order me to get RAI. I told her that I trying to give the medication another try at lower dosage. Anyway, I will not do RAI if I experience major depression with thyroid medication treatment....I feel that the depression would be ultra-extreme with RAI and a nightmare of musical thyroid replacement medication dosages for quite a long time.
Avatar n tn I came home and for the past two and a half weeks or so he's been ill but too scared to go to the doctor... He's been having coughing fits and vomiting as well, He's lost weight become lethargic and energyless... He even has no energy anymore for his favorite things... He's lost about 8 pounds and he's getting awful headaches... His lips are pale and his skin almost looks sickly....
Avatar f tn Eventually I had to pull myself out of my program due to lack of health improvement, so here I am, June 19th living at home and still not feeling myself. My symptoms have improved but I have little motivation and always feel weak and fatigued. I am not myself and do not know if I am fatigued from my disease or do I have depression?
Avatar f tn I have found these symptoms all described as Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. (CVS) I have been fired from jobs from this illness (accused of being hungover even though I've been sober for over 8 years!) I have not been able to get a diagnosis from a doctor, but one Dr. suggested that I was mentally making myself have these episodes. I told him he was right, I look forward to some of the worst physical agony I have ever been through!
Avatar f tn When he joined water polo last spring and went through a big growth spurt, the morning vomiting started He ended up on Home hospital for two months. The symptoms went away over summer and started again when he was back in the pool for water polo in the fall. We have done all the tests for celiacs, ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, chron's, nothing. CT scans, MRI, ultrasounds, fecal samples, blood tests. NOTHING.
Avatar f tn Hello, my worst symptom is almost constant nausea- ranges from mild to severe, no vomiting, normal bowel movements.
Avatar f tn My opinion remains that you should not use DXM to get high and/or to cope with your depression symptoms. It is basically like if you would take heroin to cope with depression and pain.
Avatar m tn Today I saw a Neurologist, he told me that he did not find anything wrong with me, and says that it is Depression? He wants me to start taking Zoloft. Am I depressed, YES! I have not been able to work/drive/get out of bed for TWO weeks now! Everyone seems to be just giving me the run around. Please tell me what you might think this could be, I think that Depresson is not what it is, when I look up Depression I dont see my symptoms.
Avatar n tn You will find this to be true if your symptoms improve over all, even if you do still have some symptoms, when you go on a gluten free diet. Many doctors view gluten free diets for anyone without a conclusive diagnosis of Celiac to just following the latest diet fad. This is ridiculous if you feel better without eating gluten. Just be prepared for the backlash from both doctors and family if you also have a negative blood test result after testing for Celiac.
Avatar n tn The doctors keep telling me that I am ok and that the depression, anxiety, obsession over symptoms, and worrying are causing my body to have symptoms. My wife doesn't fully understand what I am going through. I needed her very bad this week. She elected to help her brother move out of state instead and left for the week. I had a very hard time with her going as I already was having a hard time dealing with all of this and now felt that my wife didn't care enough to stay.
Avatar f tn The way you are taking it builds tolerance, as you found out, and the same addiction issues as a meth addict. Detox of amphetamines definitely causes depression, but depression alone doesn't cause eating disorders on it's own. Like mentioned above, you self-image was suffering before the ephedrine. CBT will be able to help you with redirecting your thinking and help you have a more positive view of yourself. The amino acid L-Phenylananine has helped many with amphetamine recovery.
Avatar m tn was told nothing about the side effects/withdraw symptoms. I dont swallow anything without first looking it up regaurdless. The side effects dont weigh out enough on how im feeling to give them a go. I took one and was left vomiting for an hour or so & simple youtube testimonials will tell you the drug really has messed some people up pretty badly. Worsened depression/Anxiety,BRAIN ZAPS(sounds horrid). If anyone has any advice I could use to lessen the depression further.
Avatar n tn Even now that my doctor done all tests, he thinks that I have some physical pain but what's making it greater is my depression. My constant search on the internet for the possible causes of my disease got me closer to be crazy, I found all possible cancers & serious illnesses which after I find out about them I feel even sicker! I'm constantly anxious when I'm feeling nausia, I lost interest in everything that I used to like before, I have no energy.
Avatar f tn Tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms such as confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, unusual irritability, or aggressive behavior. If this occurs, psychiatric therapy and monitoring is recommended during and after treatment with this medication.A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is unlikely, but get medical help right away if it occurs.
145315 tn?1192241113 HCV treatment utilizing the drugs ribavirin and interferon is notorious for its severe side effects, including nausea, vomiting, weight loss, sleeplessness, and depression, which cause many patients to discontinue the long, demanding regimen prematurely.