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Avatar f tn I tried Meclizine also and found NO relief from that. Xanax or Atvian help me with my symptoms. My neurologist gave me something for depression, so you may want to try an ENT. I keep telling the Neurologist that if I didn't feel so bad all the time that I wouldn't need something for depression. I also told him I don't want to mask the problem, I want to find out what is going on. So, I don't take the depression meds and my ENT gave me Xanax.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist who is treating my dpression assured me that my symptoms are real and he strongly feels the depression is associated with my illness. I just want something to help my symptoms so I can move forward with my life. I'm now concerned about how my career will be affected. I can't be off work very much. I'll have to look into my options there. Well, thanks again Quix, I appreciate you. Have a great day!
2015596 tn?1329217952 Inner ear causes of vertigo most commonly include benign positional vertigo (BPPV), which is due to small particle in the inner ear that moves out of place, and can be repositioned with simple head maneuvers. The symptoms often include vertigo that occurs with turning of the head, often while turning over in bed. Another cause, if your symptoms are associated with tinnitus (ear ringing) and hearing loss is called Meniere’s disease and can be treated with medications and sometimes surgery.
209591 tn?1267418314 He was also hoping that this was a possible cause, but since stopping that Therapy, the symptoms are still persistent. How long does Vertigo normally last, and is hospitalization and IV therapy effective? Is Physical Therapy effective for this at all?
209591 tn?1267418314 I am 27 and have been experiencing Neurological symptoms for a little over three years now. I started seeing a Neurologist three years ago, actually today, and he has been NO GOOD. MATTER OF FACT JUST A YEAR AGO HE STARTED TREATING THE MIGRAINES HE KNEW I HAD, FROM DAY ONE. My first symptoms were numbness and tingling in my extremities that appeared in my left leg, but slowly spread to the rest of my body.
209591 tn?1267418314 It is often performed by a doctor or physiotherapist, but you may also perform this at home to decrease vertigo symptoms. Please consult with your treating doctor in this regard. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn thats not the problem., but as soon as it went away all my other symptoms went away as well, however...i had another vertigo attack or whatever you want to call it on the 7th of this month it was bad for a week again but slowly stopped being unbearable (i could only sit up straight my left side was terrible) to this day has yet to fully go away. i can drive and go back to work now but if i look up or down i get a bit woozy and i get headakes everyday like clock work.
Avatar n tn So, I'm now wondering if perhaps my symptoms are due to depression or are perhaps exacerbated because of depression. My question is can depression be a purely physical disease? In other words, can one have depression without feeling 'sad' emotionally? I've always been a happy, optimistic person. I have no other major stressors in my life, aside from my present illness. I'm a 30 y/o male with no history of any serious illness. I'm in good shape and have a good social life.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I'm trying to get out of this mind frame I'm in, Depression. I am meeting with my new therapist this am. I need to do this. However just thinking about someone coming to my home makes me so sick. I'm sticking with it anyway. Does anyone else get sick? Nausea,stomach pain, ETC. How do you deal with it? Thanks Flo43223 I don't sign in everyday so please know I will read your letters when I do. I'm working on that too! I need to get on a schedule and Keep It.
1556337 tn?1341712211 What i presume to be "Vertigo attacks" started happening again not long after i'd just had my first ear syrying due to my ear canals being so full of wax, it strikes out of the blue even when i'm sat still, its infuriating,nauseating and my depression cracked under the stress because of it all. Although this isnt the first case of it i've ever had its been happening recently and quite often.
Avatar n tn My mother had a bad attack of vertigo 3 years ago and fell down the stairs, since then her dizzyness has not gone away. She went through PT at that time and was told she was cured. Her lightheadedness and dizzyness has had a big affect on her quality of life. We have been to several doctors who now say its NOT being vertigo. She has very poor ROM to her neck and if she tips her head back to far she has an instant attack of dizzyness.
Avatar n tn One second I was reading the paper, the next I was on the floor, sweating, hyperventilating, and throwing up. The intense vertigo went on for at least an hour. I could not open my eyes or move my head one inch without being sick. The ER doctor could not treat me until they got a drip going of valium(I believe). This doctor and my regular doctor feel it is BPV. I had a head cold 2 weeks before this incident. I did not feel dizzy getting out of bed that morning.
Avatar f tn Symptoms, 8/17/2009 I have had nausea and bowel problems since I was a kid. Periodic Diarrhea, frequent stools, and nausea, are just a few of the symptoms I started having. I have also had periods of time where I will feel spacey, almost high, with vertigo, I went to a neurologist when I was a teen, to see if I was having seizures, he thought it may be migraines. I had very heavy periods, with extreme cramping. I have always had depression problems.
Avatar f tn I am also experiencing a lot of other things, such as dizziness, unsteadiness and vertigo. The other symptoms I'm experiencing, I'm not sure if they relate to my vision, so I will hold off from listing them unless someone thinks it might be helpful for me to share them. With my vision, everything is very blurry and out of focus. It's difficult for me to read or even to type this now even with my glasses on and I have been afraid to attempt driving like this.
12182312 tn?1427687556 I have migraines, headaches, dizziness, tingling in fingers :(
539459 tn?1213889789 As far as the anxiety and depression, maybe consider a sleep study because sleep disorders often manifest with symptoms like depression and anxiety. You may have more than one source of your symptoms, which would make them as a whole not make sense.
Avatar n tn well though drinking is funfor her it certainly isn't going to help w/her vertigo epilepsy is not vetigo its a form of seizures a disorer, though vetigo maybe a symptom now something as simple as an ear infection can can be causing vertigo like symptoms and straining eyes can cause this too has she had her eye sight checked?
Avatar f tn I take cymbalta for depression and diazepam. I seem to go 3 to 4 months then something happens. I started losing my balance a fortnight since and couldn't stand for long though I have catarrh in my head since the weather came colder.
362387 tn?1207277719 He hasn't even returned my phone call from the other day. I'm sooooo frustrated. The symptoms just seem to be getting worse even though the labs are so called normal except for the antibody which is greater than a 1000 I think.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I again awoke with vertigo and today also. It is mild but symptoms come and go throughout the day - when looking down or quick head movement (which is frightening while driving) - but I realized that in the past week I have also had a constant eye twitch and headaches. I had constant eye twitch for about six months straight a couple of years ago also - probably about the same time as the first episode of vertigo.
Avatar m tn The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs. Bowel and bladder symptoms include frequency of micturition, urine leakage, eye symptoms like double vision uncontrollable rapid eye movements, facial pain, painful muscle spasms, tingling, burning in arms or legs, depression, dizziness, hearing loss, fatigue etc.
1361724 tn?1277669957 No treatment is of any help. can depression cause vertigo....i started to experience vertigo after major attack of depression which lasted for 4 months. my ENT doctor also said that tension and anxiety could be the cause of my vertigo ..
293157 tn?1285877039 Has the doctor ever rx'd antivert for the vertigo? It mght help, at least you could try it. I don't know how the vertigo interacts with the lesions. I have serious balance and dizziness problems, which is not the same as vertigo. Here's hoping this gives you at least a partial answer.
Avatar n tn It could be vertigo because if it was sinus or middle ear troubles then you usually feel worse when you lay down. Just my opinion.
Avatar m tn These are symptoms i've struggled and, for a better word, been stressing and thinking on, which i know just makes things worse, but, that comes in the territory of panic and anxiety disorder - Symptoms - Vertigo/dizzyness- Its unerving, feels to me like a nightmare, the only way i can explain it, is that it feels like i'm swaying,pressure all over my head , a sudden dropping like sensation out of nowhere,climbed a very tall height and i've looked down, sinking, wobbling about and almost li
Avatar n tn Dear Dizzy Folks, A relative of mine has vertigo. Anxiety and depression accompany this, because vertigo in and of itself is scary, plus it keeps a person from doing regular stuff. I found it most interesting that two posters here mentioned neck or head injury perhaps contributing to vertigo. My relative got a crick in his neck, that's when the vertigo started, and ten years later, still a painful neck and still the vertigo.
1282565 tn?1271448444 Hi, I am little surprised you haven't been referred to an ENT specialist(Otolaryngologist) for your vertigo, dizziness etc., symptoms. They definitely do a bunch of tests which ofcourse may or may not prove something wrong. It is not like MRI, it is more like balance tests, ECOG etc., If you get dizzy if you tilt your head on one side then it may be BPPV which may be fixed with some therapies. Unfortunately if you don't have insurance ALL this can be expensive.
Avatar f tn I have been on Pristiq for 3 yrs, all of a sudden the nausea,dizziness,dry mouth, lots of diarrhea,fatigue, lost 49 lbs,insomnia, irritability, vertigo,terrible dreams, and horrible anixiety, can't function, I don't no if its the side effects from the medication or what to do, I am on, exforge, estradiol, edecrin,clopidogrel,tramadol,dexilant,bystolic, drug infusion-prialt, heart pace maker and defirillator, spriva,advair. is there anyway u can help me to function like a normal person.
Avatar n tn (the above would be a good description of very severe Refractory Depression. Your depression may only be mild to moderate in which case your symptoms may not be as bad) Keep in mind that even Mild to moderate depression can still be difficult to live with unless properly treated. As for Severe Depression.... Meds are simply not a choice, they are an absolute nessesity if you want to stay alive.
1087571 tn?1256619598 Here I am 2 months post partum and I still have the skull depression the best way to describe it is a golf club, the handle of the club smashed into the top of my skull and left a dent. When ever I wake up I have headaches so bad I have them all day and all night. Ive also started to notice my ears aching again and my upper thighs and upper arms are so tender to the touch that it hurts for my husband to hug me to tight or for him to touch me.