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Avatar n tn Hi.....I am not sure I quite understand what u r asking......u use the word permanent, and adjustment disorder?? I am not sure what this is. The is the chiari forum and I feel must ask do u have chiari?....what symptoms are u dealing with....
Avatar f tn It's easy to take and score yourself and it's what most therapists use.
Avatar n tn The Chinese believe depression causes a decrease in the flow of qi (chi), which is your life force, and the use of Chinese herbs re-energizes the flow of qi through the chest, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture work effectively together to relieve depression
Avatar n tn well when i was like 2 mos pregnant i started to notice that my breast were extremely tender and sore, and i started to have signs of morning sickness. i also was so extremely exhausted, major fatigue symptoms, i couldn't keep my eyes open at work and would fall asleep as soon as i got home until i got up the next morning!
365138 tn?1234487019 Hi, i was wonder what i should do if i should see someone about it or is it just in my head - Always sad - Feel like everyone is judging me when i go somewhere - Dont like to go in places that are crowded - Cry for no reason alot - Cant sleep at night - Big change in my appitie - Very irritable/ restless - I dont enjoy the things that i use to - I am very self concious Its ruining my realtionship with my fiance and i dont want to loose him over this i also have a 20 month old son and
Avatar m tn All of your symptoms are all good signs of depression/anxiety disorders. I have been struggling with this most of my life, off and on since I was 14 (now 23). Don't let if fool you, it may come and go for a while and doctors may say that you have "bi-polar disorder". I don't believe in prescription antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, as I have tried a multitude of them in my teen years and none of them helped.
Avatar f tn But after significant use, stopping abruptly will cause a period of anxiety, restlessness, and depression. I think your instincts about 'social dependence' on marijuana and a current minor depression are probably accurate. Symptoms of social anxiety usually respond very well to an SSRI or prozac-type medication.
Avatar f tn Going to AA is a great thing and many positive things can come from it. If it doesn't help relieve your depression symptoms then seek further help. Let us know how you make out.
Avatar n tn The depression consequent to drug use is also an imbalance in brain chemistry. The depression you get the next day after going off on a bender the night before is another imbalance in brain chemistry. And I've had all three. The difference between them all is what's in Casey's brain, not what's in Casey's son's brain. And in my opinion, a severely depressed person is not capable of self-support no matter the origin of their depression.
Avatar n tn After my father passed away, the depression got severe. Before the mild depression I did any street drug that was around me, only purchased twice. But, never got addicted to the meth, coke, weed, u name it.
Avatar f tn I talk to any of my doctors who has the bedside manners conducive to discussing the intimate subject of depression. I would think that every cancer patient has to deal with depression at some time or another. It hit me during chemotherapy. You should bring it up with both your doctors and let them decide who will treat you for it. You may have to get a third doctor. Nothing is easy now days.
459155 tn?1264011742 I don't feel much w/d but the depression is BAD!!! when will that get better?? before I went on sub I had my doctor increase my zoloft to 150mg and plan to get some of the vitamins that have been listed (the ones that I can take w/ zoloft) The depression is the worst part of this for me. I started using when I got divorced and my dad died suddenly of a heart attack (all happened w/in 7 weeks). Please tell me this gets better!
Avatar f tn Hep c tx can lead to depression...Symptoms include feelings of sadness and hoplessness, loss of interest in once pleasurable activities, changes in weight, sleep, or appearance. Sorry to hear you're going thru this. Talk to a medical professional about it. Hoping you find a good SSRI; Good luck with it all. Cory.
980510 tn?1282014546 Hi All Iam not sure if anyone posted anything about depression if they did iam sorry So a few weeks back i was really super crabby, i mean seriously nasty i chose not to speak anymore because it was likely not going to be anything very nice i had to say, ( I was always told if you cant say anything nice say nothing at all..
200220 tn?1361955154 Your other issues might be related to depression, cramps, stress, in other wards, once your depression, cramps, stress are treated, the others may be alleviated. There is a lot more to all this, but as you can see I have already but too much here as it is. You can google graves disease and rai (you must join) to get more info plus meet and get support from great people. Regardless, Good luck!
Avatar m tn hey all, I have a friend who is showing some weird signs or 'symptoms' im not exactly sure if they are depression related but i just need some clarification if possible. He tends to be angry with me alot of the time even though we are best mates and like a brother to me.
Avatar f tn I just wish I could get over the depression. I'd be fine then. I don't know if I can hold out till 90 days not knowing if then it will be better.
Avatar n tn That new research doesn't surprise me at all..... Depression was HORRID for me last round... I just wish I had of known "WHAT" exactly depression was when I had it... & how SERIOUS it can be... Although I had a lot of personal baggage at that time (which has since been resolved) it most definitely affected me negatively last round...
Avatar m tn So this flatness is mixed with depression and cravings and it's awful. It begins when I get home from work and lasts (on and off ) until around midnight. I was wondering if this will ever go away. And if so when? I really want the cravings and boredom to go away. I used to love watching movies and now I cannot get myself to sit and watch anything. I am on a good dose of SSRI's but it is not helping! When can I get excited in doing the things other people do everyday? Thank you.
Avatar f tn You are having classic symptoms of both depression and anxiety disorders. You are not unique as myself and others here can definitely relate to the stress, hopelessness, pain and frustration. You mentioned that you were seeking counseling. Is this with a psych specialist? Have you been given a formal diagnosis? There is help available through therapy and/or medication. You don't have to, nor were you meant to live this way.
Avatar n tn Be optimistic, your result should be negative. Did you have negative results during tx? My doctor told me that if you have negative at 12 weekes you probably are one of the SVR, I was negative at 12 and 24 month but trubled with depression and anxiety.No other important side effects.For me "depression" sounds morescary that hep C. I know many people living a normal life with hep C although they didn't do any treatment. The treatment improve our chance to survive, I hope.
Avatar f tn Muscle weakness or spasms can be a side effect of Prozac. With continued use as it builds up in your system it should subside. If it's been 4 or more weeks or if you find it's getting worse definitely call the doctor.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar f tn alcohol and xanex do not compare to medical marijuana. Cannabis is an herb not a drug. Yes people use it for depression. If you live in a state that allows it then get your card. if you need information please get in touch.
Avatar n tn When he leaves in the morning and comes back home one or two in the morning his mouth is dry, he doesn't have an appetite, he talks excessively, and has trouble sleeping at night. So are these symptoms of heroin use and if not what are the symptoms.
Avatar n tn The one hope I have is subutex, an opiod that very experienced doctors are starting to use for depression. The only thing that makes me ok now and with energy are real opiates: oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc. Maybe this will work. So, doctors may have opinions...but they DO NOT KNOW. I would say that the medical understanding of the brain and how it works is at stage 1 ONLY, with 99 stages to go. So, don't give up hope...they may not know for sure...but stage 1 is better than no stage at all.
Avatar f tn At the top of the forum index page there are two buttons - Warning signs of Depression and Symptoms of depression. The symptoms page follows the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) which is what pdocs used to diagnose mental illness. The other one, warning signs, covers DSM symptoms and a few more related signs which may or may not be present, like anxiety, irritability and alcohol use.