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Avatar f tn I realize this is a forum for dipolar, but if anyone has been diagnosed with unipolar could you please share with me?
2190999 tn?1504992491 I have read that one difference between general depression and bipolar depression is a persons energy level. It's a matter of feeling unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks because of overwhelming fatigue, instead of the general depressive sadness, hopelessness, ambivalence, etc. Does that make sense to anyone? Another difference is the depth of depression. The suicide rate for bipolar disorder is considerably higher than general depression rates.
912352 tn?1242888802 Now, at 23, I have been on over 5 medications to help my anxiety/depression symptoms. I've tried counceling for years. I tried exercise...medication. You name it..I've done it (well I haven't tried any natural remidies). But anyway...I am wondering if I am going to have to live with this for the rest of my life? Right now I am taking paxil, kolonopin, effexor, and a mood stabalizer. I can't deal with taking all these medications. I just want to be normal...
Avatar m tn Hi, I noticed that no one had answered you yet, perhaps it is because there may be no clear cut answer to your question. I am sorry that you are suffering from recurrent depression. I do as well. Has your doctor talked to you about any of the various "bipolar" issues? The classic "bipolar" or "manic-depression" illness has alternating moods of depression and high-euphoria.
1065872 tn?1265657330 So whether you have bipolar depression or unipolar depression, it isn't straight forward to answer. All i can say try to avoid taking an AD alone, because they cause rapid cycling and mixed states. So either you combine it with an antipsychotic like seroquel or risperisone or zyprexa which is pretty tough MS though an AP, or opt for the classical MS (e.
Avatar n tn From your description, it sounds like you should be evaluated for bipolar. Bipolar is frequently misdiagnosed as unipolar depression at first.
Avatar n tn While those are a few of the many symptoms of Depression, It may not actually be a clinical depression. Sometimes Depression can be hard to define. There are many different types and levels of depression. Some people with mild to moderate depression can actually get by without medication, while others have a form that is very severe and actually renders them completly non-functional. In which case Medication is a big help. There is Unipolar and Bipolar depression.
Avatar n tn My husband has battled unipolar depression for years. He has taken numerous medications and is generally functional when on medication but relapses any time he quits. He has two brothers, both of whom are bi-polar, one of them with schizophrenic symptoms when he is not on medication. The problem I have is living with hostility. We have, for more than 2 decades, lived a charmed life: great kids, good-paying stable employment, good friends, etc.
Avatar n tn Could he be suffering from more than simple unipolar depression? Right now he's on Prozac and it's working well with few side effects. But the hostility lurks underneath and I never know what to expect day to day. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I think that diagnosis is kind of controversial right now, but it does illustrate the way that bipolar illness may fall on a spectrum from straight up unipolar depression at point A to full blown manic depression at point B. Bipolar type 3 would maybe be depression with only "soft signs" of bipolar disorder.
Avatar n tn The nighttime fears ended and I no longer felt that I was being watched. None of the symptoms have returned, except the depression for a short period when I was 22 and tried ritilan for ADD. The first day I had a episode of depression, and quit taking it. The ADD remains a problem, but none of the other symptoms. This evening I was scouring the internet for information on dexadrine, but I found very little mention of depression as a side effect, let alone the other problems.
535822 tn?1443980380 however, is that because diet may be affecting your mood, your condition is very treatable naturally. A recent meta-analysis of 11 longitudinal studies involving unipolar depression and/or symptoms of depression in adults between the ages of 18-97 years found a distinctive link between said depression and diet. Follow-up for these studies ranged from two to 13 years, according to Diet and the risk of unipolar depression in adults: systematic review of cohort studies.
Avatar n tn both of which are treatment resistant. The physical and mental symptoms of my anxiety and depression are horrible. I have taken almost every single anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication out there...SSRIs, SNRIs, atypicals, etc. My internist actually has noted that I am allergic to a number of SSRIs because of the extreme aggression and disorientation it they have caused me.
574118 tn?1305138884 I was recently referred to a doctor in the US who has been doing TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to treat treatment-resistant depression, bipolar and unipolar. It's only been FDA approved since 2008, so it's quite new as a depression treatment, but apparently its effects are a bit like ECT, except without side effects and with a long-lasting lift in mood. The only problem is that since it's still so new, I don't know if it's offered yet in Egypt...
602796 tn?1219877065 But, your forgetting about the small percentage of sufferers that have severe Refractory Non-situational depression. Many of these people are medication resistant. Their symptoms are off the chart dibilitating. So much so that trying to get active just doesn't work. I know from your stand point it's hard to imagine a type of severe depression that is so powerful and so out of control that it simply leaves you non-functional in every aspect.
Avatar n tn Some case reports had been published recently for its efficacy to treat bipolar disorder symptoms - mania and depression. There has not been evidence to support its use in Major Depressive Disorder. I recommend your psychiatrist increase your dose of Effexor, unless your are having disturbing side effects, prior to changing or adding medications. There are more logical options with good research to back them, than the use of Lamictal in major depression. Sincerely, HFHS M.D.
Avatar n tn Depression with onset in the teen years may be a sign of bipolar spectrum disorder rather than unipolar depression. This would also explain why you have not responded well to anti-depressants in the past. For more information, google Phelps + psych education.
Avatar f tn I would check - if i were you - whether you have BP at all or just unipolar depression. If i remember right the dose is 10-30mg so you are taking the least therapeutic dose. Perhaps you built some tolerance and you need to up the dose.
Avatar f tn My new doctor thinks I've been misdiagnosed for depression/anxiety. He says this based on everything I described to him and because general SSRI's just cause me more problems than good (high anxiety and side effects). He says I'm not BiPolar, but that I have a mood disorder, on the BiPolar Spectrum... maybe unipolar. He says he does not know exactly what kind of mood disorder yet, just that I have one. So he's trying me out on Lamictal. Now he wants to add Lithium along with the Lamictal.
574118 tn?1305138884 I think what I was trying to say about this is that the spectrum spans between one mood disorder (unipolar depression) to another (bipolar I), not just from the state of depression to the state of mania. In fact, this view of placing depression and mania at two ends of a spectrum does not support the concept of mixed mood states, wherein both mania and depression are present at the same time (as is seen in dysphoric mania/ agitated depression).
654560 tn?1331858181 Its entirely possible to be Bipolar and fit all of the symptoms of unipolar depression and more so if depression is your most common state - major depressive episodes happen to many many bipolar's during their lives - my last one lasted nearly 3 years for example. Now I am not a doctor ok but your medications are interesting to me. You take Lithium which is a mood stabiliser and its effective on both phases; you take Seroquel which is another mood stabiliser - is this for sleep?
Avatar f tn Neurofeedback is proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD and more. Many times children who have been abused act out and the abuse isn't discovered until years later. Seeing a good child psychologist would get him/her help sooner and avoid many more years of pain. An interesting fact is that 50% of adults with Bipolar experienced child abuse. What kind of message does a child get when they are given a pill to mask symptoms of child sexual abuse?
Avatar f tn However, with that said it's almost always a case of having to just differentiate between unipolar or bipolar depression. Discovering if depression is present is the easy part... With Type 2 Bipolar for example, some people have no true 'manic' phases. Instead they can just be very infrequent 'hypomanic' phases. Hypomanic episodes aren't very spectacular and don't usually result in any social disruption.
Avatar m tn It sounds like he needs to up your dosage on the Cymbalta or change medications completely. You do have all the symptoms of depression, but your meds aren't doing their job. This is very common, and sometimes it's trial and error as to what will work best for you, and your needs. Contact your doctor and let him know that you have seen little improvement in your symtoms, he will know what to do. But it is depression, and maybe some anxiety. The shallow breathing is a sign of anxiety.
Avatar n tn During the individuals depressed mood period they will suffer from many of the symptoms of Unipolar depression however when their mood switches to mania they will have an extremely elevated mood. During a manic stage the sufferer can feel unjustified high self-esteem as well as a increased level of talkativeness. There have been numerous concordance rates of Bipolar with creativity and intelligence.
574118 tn?1305138884 As we've gone over before, bipolar disorder has existed for far longer than SSRIs or even any antidepressants, and while depression is often the initial symptom, it is possible to have unipolar mania (and since mania is all it takes for a BP I diagnosis, this means you'll have the BP I label). Also, a mixed state counts as mania, since by definition a mixed state involves fulfilling the criteria for mania and depression simultaneously. You need to get on top of this.
Avatar f tn I also have to wonder whether your depression is exogenous (situational) because stress can cause those symptoms too. I think maybe that's why Elinah suggested the 3 year thing simply because life is stressful, and school and adolescence especially are for almost everyone. If I were you, I wouldn't want a diagnosis attached to your medical record at such a young age. Medical records do not go away, but life stessors often do.
Avatar n tn However, a spectrum view of bipolar disorder is becoming popular. For example, you can picture a line with unipolar depression (major depression only) at point A, and with full blown bipolar type I at the end of the line, point B. If a person has major depression only, then they will fall close to point A on the line.
1351968 tn?1278208900 It also causes the moods to shift between the extremes (that's the difference between bipolar disorder and unipolar depression). Schizophrenia is an illness where the chemical inbalance causes someone to perceive reality differently than other people. While some people with bipolar disorder will experience a disconect from reality (hallucinations, delusions, paranoia) it's different from schizophrenia.