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Avatar n tn I believe stress can cause all the problems you described, along with stress, depression, can cause these symptoms also. I had similar problems, and I thought it was ms, it wasn't it was stress, and then after feeling bad and the worry I was depressed, after awhile all my issues faded, and now about a year later, I feel great.
225237 tn?1333142599 I struggle from anxiety, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and obesity! I never feel right anymore, I'm always worrying about my health!!! I have constant back aches, tense through my neck & shoulder and on an on.... can anyone tell me symptoms of stress and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms??!! Are there vitamins or any other herbal remedies??!!
Avatar n tn So, I'm now wondering if perhaps my symptoms are due to depression or are perhaps exacerbated because of depression. My question is can depression be a purely physical disease? In other words, can one have depression without feeling 'sad' emotionally? I've always been a happy, optimistic person. I have no other major stressors in my life, aside from my present illness. I'm a 30 y/o male with no history of any serious illness. I'm in good shape and have a good social life.
Avatar n tn Hi Can anyone else describe what type of symptoms they had with a high TSH level. It seems like I can't sleep enough, depressed, gastro problems, pre diabetic, confused. I sure would appreciate it!
Avatar n tn He says that I do not have anything neurological going on and he thinks that it's psychological. I can understand were stress/anxiety could cause sensory problems but, I don't understand how it can make my feet hurt when I get up in the mornings and walk on them - or how it could make my whole body ache like I have the flu sometimes. What would you suggest if I were your patient? Does MS sound unlikey to you? Thanks!
Avatar n tn This is a transition time for you and you are really susceptible to anxiety, stress, depression, etc. I would believe the neurologists that you have seen. If you are breast feeding I would probably not take medication, but if you need medication to help you through this period be assured that many an infant has been bottle fed and most all are doing quite well, thank you. Hang-in there.
676912 tn?1332816151 What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? I'm just curious because it runs on both sides of my family, and my dad is bipolar, and occasionally I think maybe I should be talking to a dr because of how I am sometimes, but I don't want to walk into the drs office and make them think I'm some crazy person.
Avatar n tn Your problem now isn't that you may have HIV (you do not), it is anxiety, maybe depression and stress. It really is amazing what anxiety and stress can do to one's mental and physical condition. And I speak from experience. I too had a low risk exposure, but when I was going through this hell, I didn't believe it was so low risk. No matter what anyone told me, doctors, counselors, nurses, Internet forum posters, I not only didn't listen, I found myself incapable of listening.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I posted the following in the Neurology forum but now since it seems to be a stress/depression issue, I am posting here in the hopes that someone else might be (or has) experiencing what I am. Thanks so much! I am a 41 year old female with no significant past medical history. For the past 3 months I have been suffering from lip tingling/numbness, mostly the left lower lip along with my tongue being numb. These symptoms are there EVERY DAY, they never go away.
Avatar f tn I had no flu-like symptoms except headaches--possibly from stress... Am I just being oversensitive? Is this stress or could this be something like lyme disease? I know LD can cause a lot of these things, but so can stress! I keep reading LD tests aren't always reliable and that starts to raise my stress level a lot. I really don't have terrible joint aches like a lot of LD symptom lists describe. I would post this in the LD section, but wanted to know what others here thought about it.
Avatar n tn i have anxiety extremely bad my current symptms are scaring me because there new so if anyone out there has simular symptoms or other anxiety symptoms please post your story i think it will helpme and others to accept and cope with this disorder latley ill be driving or walking and out of the blue my arms will feel heavy along with my head somtimes my whole body feels this way othertimes its just my head and arms i feel so tired and weak somtimes along with my lips tingleing heart skips beasts s
Avatar n tn i am writing because i would like to find out if these symptoms are from anxiety,stress and depression or something else. about 2 months ago my girlfriend ended things with me. i will admit that i have been depressed,stressed and aniety from this situation and others. i am a 33yr old male who is in very good shape and i just had a physical done 6 months ago and everything came back normal.( cholestrol was a little high)my physical symtoms are muscle twitches all thru out my body.
Avatar f tn At the top of the forum index page there are two buttons - Warning signs of Depression and Symptoms of depression. The symptoms page follows the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) which is what pdocs used to diagnose mental illness. The other one, warning signs, covers DSM symptoms and a few more related signs which may or may not be present, like anxiety, irritability and alcohol use.
Avatar f tn I have been told that my physical symptoms are likely to be due to depression and the lymphocytosis a result of having asthma. I have been taking antidepressants (60mg Duloxetine/ daily - for 12 months), although I stopped taking them 2 months ago as they had no effect on my symptoms. I don't know whether these symptoms are physical or psychological. Can depression cause the physical symptoms i've mentioned above? If so what can I do about it?
Avatar m tn Stress has a way of initially motivating and encouraging anxiety and depression. More stress makes it worse and eventually it will cause physical problems. Sorry, for the discouraging news. Just the way it seems to me now.
Avatar m tn And also could you please elaborate on your symptoms? Some amount of stress is essential for day to day functioning but if gets out of control it can lead to numerous physical and mental problems. I would suggest to you to please relax and try to make a list of all things that are causing stress in your life. This way you will know how to you can deal with each one of them. Also do some breathing exercises, go for short walks, eat regularly and take a mild tranquiliser at bedtime.
Avatar m tn I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ibs, ic, and endo and I do know that many of these symptoms, including stress, goes with all of these conditions. I have a doctor appt. today at 5pm, so we'll see what he says.
1100339 tn?1257636197 One of the symptoms of Hashimotos is depression. Often that is treated as an entirely separate issue and overlooked as a brain chemical reaction from the Hashi's. Often stress brings on the depression from the Hashi's! If you can avoid taking anti-depressants or anxiety pills then do so. You may not realise it but the anti-depressant actually causes the chemicals in the brain to become worse, not better!
Avatar f tn As the symptoms you describe can also be caused by other medical causes, it would be wise for you to make an appointment to see your doctor to make sure that you do not have any other underlying medical problem. The symptoms that you mention could be depression and your doctor will ask you questions to ascertain whether you have got depression or whether it is stress due to your school work load. He may also take a blood test to check whether you are anaemic or not.
Avatar n tn you could just have a chemical imbalance sweetie. i have those same symptoms, and i started taking a few different vitamin complex's, and they really help. go to a vitamin shop, and tell them your symptoms and they will suggest what you should take. dont get perscribed anything by a doctor. not yet anyway. i tried that and i ended up having a bunch of new symptoms and problems.
Avatar m tn then i was having trouble sleeping possibly due to depression or allergies. now im still having trouble sleeping and i have developed a tinnitus in my right ear. is there any hope once i start sleeping that this will go away. im so bummed about a lot of things.
Avatar n tn almost all symptoms are cleared but i have stress every time in my mind and this due to i have every time remember my mind.why am i not forget my depression.if i have my mind on my jow then stress comes on my gum.please give some advice or medication for this problem,my doctor suggest for this is SERLIFT along with STALOPAM-20.but serlift did not cure it.
Avatar n tn Based on your post, it is highly unlikely your wife would be pregnant (but always a slim chance as condoms aren't 100% effective for birth control). Stress can cause all the symptoms you have described and her cycle may be irregular for awhile since she has recently come off of birth control (this can also explain the mood swings). Is her stress/anxiety (possible depression) being addressed by a doctor?
Avatar f tn Sounds like stress! Stress can cause all kinds of things to go wrong including what you mentioned! Prolonged stress can effect your organs even, and cause stomache ulcers, its crazy what stress can do!It must be really tough on you right now nog being with your girl for a awhile, im sorry!! I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn hello everyone can stress /anxiety cause these symptoms ?
Avatar n tn If you do not have Chiari, I would recommend finding a forum that would be able to help you answer that question (possibly one that deals with stress/anxiety/depression), there is a huge availability here on MH and I have gone to many different ones here (for different things) and found them hugely helpful. Just type it in the search box up top and it will take you to discussions that relate. Good luck to you!