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Avatar f tn I think im depressed. But im not sure. I have most of the symptoms. I've tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
215461 tn?1331862765 I guess it was only a matter of time before depression grabbed me with its nasty claws. The constant anxiety has finally won over. I want to live life. I look out the window longing for some normalcy. I feel lonely and vulnerable. It's as if I am the only one in my world, physically. I'm tired. It's so tiring to constantly be fighting a battle you can't win.
Avatar n tn m now wondering if perhaps my symptoms are due to depression or are perhaps exacerbated because of depression. My question is can depression be a purely physical disease? In other words, can one have depression without feeling 'sad' emotionally? I've always been a happy, optimistic person. I have no other major stressors in my life, aside from my present illness. I'm a 30 y/o male with no history of any serious illness. I'm in good shape and have a good social life.
Avatar n tn I have been reading the archives about depression and while some of the symptoms of depression are like mine, I also have just the opposite. I have withdrawn from my family and friends and society and I have also lost interest in activities which used to give me pleasure. I don't like loud noise and I am quick to anger. But, where as most people lose their appetites and have problems sleeping, mine are just the opposite.
1639313 tn?1314583542 well, i woke up and i fell this morning, i hit my face and its hurting non stop i was in a hurry and my eye is swollen and im cramping .last night i had labor symptoms. I am really scared now. the doctor changed my medication from suboxone to subutex supposed to benot harmful to the baby, but i feel like i have been ran over, the depresssion and crying spells just wont stop.
Avatar f tn Well there are several types of depression, major depression, chronic depression, bipolar manic depression as examples. Symptoms of depression can include an extreme feeling of sadness, sometimes you can’t sleep or you sleep too much, you cant concentrate, you feel hopeless, you have negative thoughts that you cant control no matter how much you try! you can lose your appetite or sometimes you even gain appetite. You can be easily irritated.
Avatar m tn it can last from 6 to 9 months and should be treated. And what about chronic depression? What about symptoms of chronic depression? If depression lasts longer than nine months, it is chronic depression. Its episodes go away only to return in a short time. This is a long-lasting mental disorder causing loss of interest in everything and interfering with our daily life. There is no much information about causes of chronic depression.
525545 tn?1293181194 t seem to get it to ease off. My Fibromyalgia symptoms seem to be getting worse. I find myself bumping into everything, dropping things a lot more, and the Fibro. fog gets really bad. I am not giving up, I am just having set backs again.
Avatar f tn My depression is back so obviously I am too. I haven't written in my journal in a while now and the only time I usually do is when I'm depressed or my OCD is coming back. I've been feeling really down lately. It's the holidays right now and I'm not in the holiday spirit at all. I miss my dad a lot. I've had a lot of dreams about him lately.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 and I think I'm depressed. I've had a constant feelings of sadness and the typical depression symptoms for 5-6 months. But some days I'll be fine and happy. Other days I'll barely make it out of bed, be super irritable and have no Motivation to do anything ( but I'm still capable of not showing these signs and getting on with my day). I typically have more good days than bad but lately it's gotten worse.
Avatar m tn hey all, I have a friend who is showing some weird signs or 'symptoms' im not exactly sure if they are depression related but i just need some clarification if possible. He tends to be angry with me alot of the time even though we are best mates and like a brother to me.
Avatar f tn I was depressed since my daughter and her husband separated. She run away with another man because she has no other choice. His husband kick her out of the house in the middle of the night penniless. I have 3 grandchildren that was left behind. It was spontaneous so she has no other alternative but leave her children. My grandchildren brought back to the Philippines after a year of separation because they rebel against the separation. They cut classes, vandalizing etc... Things went smoothly.
718687 tn?1232017036 This is my first day using pain tracker, i feel it will help me better understand my physical symptoms of depression. And im really looking forward to a week,a month from now and see what the patterns are.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms. so weak i barely walk. very severe depression and anxiety.
1054985 tn?1257173275 ), I am very tired, have bits of depression. Are these symptoms or just the disease itself? I guess the question is this an episode or just minor things that MS cause. Is a person with MS tired all the time or just during episodes?
619439 tn?1282094079 very severe fatigue, anxiety, and depression. feel very drugged and dazed. barely able to function.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have not heard of Lovan, but you sound as if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms. The problem is withdrawal and depression can have the same symptoms, so it is difficult to know what is going on. If you are in doubt, I think you should have a chat to your doctor. You obviously do not want to take the anti-depressant any longer, so if you can, ride it out for a bit longer, and see if things diminish.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms again today. depression has been it's worst over the last several days.
Avatar n tn That's very complex. Memory loss and disruption in the visual and auditory process (other than the standard visual and auditory hallucinations of psychosis) don't sound psychiatric. Illogical thinking does. And other symptoms you described did sound like depression. That's not to say you don't have depression as well but there may be something in addition.
Avatar f tn I have been told that my physical symptoms are likely to be due to depression and the lymphocytosis a result of having asthma. I have been taking antidepressants (60mg Duloxetine/ daily - for 12 months), although I stopped taking them 2 months ago as they had no effect on my symptoms. I don't know whether these symptoms are physical or psychological. Can depression cause the physical symptoms i've mentioned above? If so what can I do about it?
Avatar n tn iam 22 yr male.iam using spit tobacco for the last 4 years.i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.
Avatar n tn Pain can be so corrosive, and in itself can cause depression. Depression can make pain worse. It is unlikely that the toxemia still is effecting you, but you should address that question to an expert in that field, which I think you can find on this site. It is very likely, from what you have said, that a real depression is apparent. The proper treatment would be a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Celexa is a good one, and you should probably stay on it.