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Avatar n tn at 6 months the virus was undectable. Lately (last couple of months) I have been having symptoms....depression, night sweats, shakiness, fatigue, lower abd pain, nausea, loss of appetite....what are the chances that the virus has returned? I am scared to go back to the doctor...if the virus has returned what are my options? Will treatment again be necessary? I have an appointment with my physician tomorrow and am really scared.
1136436 tn?1261829761 If the medicion is helping you and you get off of it the symptoms are more likely to return just like was said above. Depression is like any other illness that is tough to deal with. But like I said if you decide to quit the medicion inform your doctor.
Avatar n tn or cold feeling in your hands and feet. Perhaps a return trip to the doctor is in order to discuss these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Smoking although clearly a good idea to stop does of course have withdrawal symptoms and also in noting why people with schizophrenia often smoked scientists are studying a new generation of antipsychotics based on the effects of nicotine (without the harmful effects). Clinical findings aside stopping smoking is rough for anyone so you can expect things to be difficult for a while and for standard symptoms from bipolar to worsen for a while.
Avatar f tn I talk to any of my doctors who has the bedside manners conducive to discussing the intimate subject of depression. I would think that every cancer patient has to deal with depression at some time or another. It hit me during chemotherapy. You should bring it up with both your doctors and let them decide who will treat you for it. You may have to get a third doctor. Nothing is easy now days.
Avatar m tn So this flatness is mixed with depression and cravings and it's awful. It begins when I get home from work and lasts (on and off ) until around midnight. I was wondering if this will ever go away. And if so when? I really want the cravings and boredom to go away. I used to love watching movies and now I cannot get myself to sit and watch anything. I am on a good dose of SSRI's but it is not helping! When can I get excited in doing the things other people do everyday? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have stopped my anti-depressants a few times, and the time it took the depression to return varied. Usually it was months, but last time I felt well for a year before the depression came back. Different for everyone. The more we have a depressive bout, the more likely depression returns. Perhaps, like me, you need to stay on the medication for the rest of your life. Again, like diabetes, you have to keep taking the tablets, or insulin. Just accept that if you can.
Avatar f tn I found another anti depressant that suited me just fine and got rid of depression, anxiety and panics. It was the beat meds I ever took. So if you really find you are not improving, talk to your doctor, and he may put you on another anti depressants that suits you better. There are a lot of anti depressants out there now, and it is a matter of finding the one that suits you best.
Avatar f tn I know that the discontinuation of antidepressants is meant to be a gradual process, but I had no choice but to abruptly stop mine. Is it normal for depression to return almost immediately? I was able to schedule an appointment with my doctor for this week seeing as all of my phone calls have been ignored, but I am worried he is going to feel I am exaggerating about the severity of my depression. As I said, I am surprised by the sudden intensity.
Avatar f tn If you spend some time reading what I and others have had to say, you'll see that for most people who get well, it is a combination of managaing symptoms with or without drugs and then learning about all the material present and past that goes into the panic mix. That is where the therapy is very useful. I would also recommend that you associate yourself with other vets who have the same thing going on; I don't know how much you hang out at the VFW, but consider it.
Avatar f tn Hey Melbee2. You sure have a challenging life. (Not the kind you wished for.) But hang in there. There are things you can do. Usually the tender point test (11 minimum out of 18 points) with confirmed pain for at least 3 months. it is rather fast and it's done at the Reumies office. Sometimes confused with other conditions. Lab tests and X-Rays may be needed to rule that out. Also check for Lyme disease, as it the symptoms could be similar.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until after the birth of my first child that I went on Paxil to control depression and anxiety. I just had my second child back in Sept. and had to be put on Prozac during the pregnancy due to a relapse. A month after I had him, I weaned off the Prozac and back on the Paxil that had worked so well for me for 4 years. A few days ago, I started getting anxiety and panicy type systems again right out of the blue.
Avatar n tn Of course discontinuing medications would bring back a return in symptoms but if this started after a brain operation the cause may very likely be neurological so it would be best to set up a consultation with a neurologist and they could then work with a psychiatrist to decide what to do from there. You could also post in the neurology forum for an informed answer by the staff neurologist.
Avatar n tn I have had several depressive episodes in the last 15 years starting in my late teens. The first two episodes went undiagnosed and untreated but I was able to get through them (without really realizing what was going on) and get back to normal functioning after a period of time. On the third occasion I was in therapy at the time, was evaluated for depression, and put on Zoloft. I stayed on Zoloft (and later added Trazedone) for about 6 years.
Avatar n tn I have been treated for depression aprox. 20 years. Different doctors, different meds. Now the pending diagnosis may be "uni-polar" depression. A milder form of bi-polar. I have several types of depression steming from childhood trauma to situational. I'm 50 years old and have never been a drug, alcohol, or chemical abuser. I have taken prescription anti-depressants w/o incidence for 15 years and am seeing a lcsw and psychiarist. Here's the problem. NOTHING WORKS.
1281073 tn?1272380079 After more that three weeks, I'm still dealing with some physical effects ( no sleep, serious depression, lack of admission.) This is not really a question but I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone has any encouraging suggestions on how to get past these awful symptoms. Thanks for reading.
Avatar n tn hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression.
Avatar n tn That's a really tough predicament to be in. Remeron is known for being an antidepressant that doesn't have many sexual side effects. But everyone reacts differently to these medications. Is is possible that your depression isn't in complete remission? Perhaps you feel "better" but the depression hasn't compeletely lifted? SSRIs are notorious for losing their effectiveness over time. Many people,my husband included, have switched from one to the other.
Avatar m tn it can last from 6 to 9 months and should be treated. And what about chronic depression? What about symptoms of chronic depression? If depression lasts longer than nine months, it is chronic depression. Its episodes go away only to return in a short time. This is a long-lasting mental disorder causing loss of interest in everything and interfering with our daily life. There is no much information about causes of chronic depression.
Avatar n tn I started taking 20 mg per day in the morning. My acute symptoms subsided, such as sore neck, chest tightness, excess sweating and the most disturbing symptom for me, insomnia. Still, I didn't completely feel 'right'. So my doctor suggested I increase the medication to 30 then to 40 mg. Again I saw no noticeable improvement but the side effects were bothersome, extremely tired during the day, tremor in my fingers and sexual side effects.
Avatar f tn I'm suffering from cognitive problems after a very severe stress-related "breakdown" (collapse or shutdown might be better alternative words) and ensuing clinical depression. While the stress and depression have lifted significantly since the initial problem in 2006, I am still nowhere like my old self in speed and ability to master new details. This is leading to a fair bit of frustration on my part, and also on those involved in my RTW (Return To Work plan).
Avatar n tn 5 days and the depression disappeared. Began taking Tapazole again, only to have a return of the deep depression. I spoke with Endo nurse and got a message to stop the med and see the Endo in 4 days. Return visit was not pleasant. The Endo was visibly miffed that I could not seem to take the medication and stated that "you did not miraculously become hypothyroid". Ordered more tests, which showed that I was still hyper.
Avatar n tn Question (1) I have been on approved FMLA Leave for what was diagnosed as severe depression and anxiety- "short term memory loss" due to a hostile and threatening workplace. I had a supervisor who was like a dictator who got up in your personal space, make up bogus charges on performance evaluations and verbally threated me when there was no one around in the office to hear or witness what was going on.
Avatar f tn I smoke and wonder if it interferes with the medications, have breakthrough depression after many years on meds.
Avatar m tn therapy and it can have an array of symptoms ,,including depression. Best to you. Will http://www.endocrineweb.
1259086 tn?1269609556 I have had severe depression after stopping anxiety drug therapy. I still struggle with anxiety but it seems all hopless. Is this temporary? It's been 8 months since my xanax stopped and I feel not only anxious but depressed. Can you help?
Avatar n tn Within 2 years, I developed a menstrual cycle with 33 days in between and mostly every other month. I was very blue and hopeless, cried much, experienced withdrawal symptoms, had a high stress/high profile job that I both loved and hated due to a controlling personality conflict with a superior. I had suicidal thoughts but no action. At my primary physician, depression was queried. Then a gynecologist, PMS was queried as well as depression.