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574118 tn?1305138884 My father who was puzzled by these 2 months of stability was betting that I shall plung into depression and concluded with my other pdoc that lamictal is the right med as an MS. However I didn't take it. The strange thing it was rage and not depression which happened. My original disease was OCD and after using an AD alone I turned manic thus BP (I know you object on this that I must have been BP from start) but never had mania except with AD in 2006.
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10537309 tn?1411404299 Well, I'm not normal, I am bipolar, but I can see how withdrawal of methadone creates similar symptoms. All your emotions will be sensitive, I cried, screamed in rage, laughed, got depressed and all that was before my brain healed enough for my bipolar to really kick back in. Just surrender to the feelings, don't try to explain them for now, just feel it and let it pass.
3617465 tn?1406644800 Healthy Water Association Some symptoms of magnesium deficiency are irritability and belligerence [1]. Another symptom of magnesium deficiency is depression [2]. Depression is a mood disorder that can lead to suicide [3]. The activity of serotonin receptors is affected by changes in magnesium levels [4,5,6,7,8]. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary says that serotonin is a potent vasoconstrictor and is thought to be involved in neural mechanisms important in sleep and sensory perception.
Avatar f tn The out of control rage may have subsided because of the sedative, but the sedative may just be masking it. All of the other symptoms of severe depression and anxiety are still present and seem to be increasing. My husband is in his third therapy for Hep C (currently on triple therapy with Incivek). Prior to his first therapy (SOC in 2007), the Gastroenterologist who was treating him at the time put him on Lexapro and then gradually increased it during treatment.
Avatar n tn he dosent think it is rage , nor depression. He does think I am having panic Paxil, Xanax, and a stronger sleeper were added to the mix.
1739637 tn?1312327010 Interferon causes depression and irritability and anger are common symptoms of depression. Rage itself is a psychiatric manifestation and interferon is the drug with the FDA-mandated psychiatric warnings - not the ribavirin.
Avatar f tn Discuss the use of a Selective Serotonin Reupiake Inhibitor (SSRI) with your doctor if you're not already taking one. If you are, you may need to switch to a different type. You are going to need to some type of outside support in dealing with your children if you're going to get through this. You may even need to delay treatment until your children are older. The psychological side effects are caused by the Interferon - not the ribavirin. Please get some support as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn Interferon can cause irritability and anger which are symptoms of depression. Consider the fact that interferon is the drug with the FDA-mandated black box warnings, not the Riba. I’ve noticed this emotional rollercoaster more during the first few months of trt. Maybe after this time the body has a way of adjusting to the meds and the serotonin levels aren’t as affected. I’m not sure, but at week 36 I don’t feel the surge of anger and emotion that I used to.
200220 tn?1361955154 Your other issues might be related to depression, cramps, stress, in other wards, once your depression, cramps, stress are treated, the others may be alleviated. There is a lot more to all this, but as you can see I have already but too much here as it is. You can google graves disease and rai (you must join) to get more info plus meet and get support from great people. Regardless, Good luck!
Avatar m tn At the time it happened neither me nor my docs had any thoughts to check my thyroid levels, despite having an unusual bout of fatigue, acholic stool, depression/sleep-energy-and rage. I always balk at calling thyroid bounces depression or anxiety because those are so frequently given priority in treatment and as such are only a band aid over the infected cut so to speak. Over the next year my R lobe kicked in and worked mostly.
1095630 tn?1369943256 I am not my feelings and emotions because they are symptoms of my mania or depression. The meds made me fat so forget attaching a sense of who I am to my body because it is a result of the MEDs. Then where am I.... all I can answer is I,m not here.
181549 tn?1277211196 Yes, Missy, there is Riba Rage. It exists as cetainly as flu like symptoms and decreasing hemoglobin and you know that the effects of medications that you are taking are real and are affecting you. It would be a dreary life if there were no hope against this insidiuos maladay we share. There would be no hope, no faith and no companioship and understanding that we share at this place. Not believe in Riba Rage?
188500 tn?1207368551 the sides of treatment (increases seratonin - feel good chemical in brain) in addition to helping any symptoms of depression. it is my guess that an anti-anxiety med would do the same. fyi. psychiatrists will prescribe benedryl to children who suffer from anxiety, as opposed to a benzodiazepam type drug. this is due to its safety, and non-addictive properties. benydrl also known as dipenhydramamine is inexpensive and is the main sleep ingredient in tylenol pm.
Avatar f tn Interferon causes depression and irritability and anger which are common symptoms of depression. Rage itself is a psychiatric manifestation and interferon is the drug with the FDA mandated psychiatric warnings, not the ribavirin.
Avatar f tn My child has the following symptoms that dozens of Doctors can not diagnose. An MRI, PET scan and EEG have been performed, to no avail. We are desperate for anyone out there who can recognize these symptoms.
Avatar n tn I'm sick everyday (flu symptoms), I'm full of anger.. UNBELIEVABLE. I hate myself, how I look now, and feel I have no purpose in life anymore. I was so much stronger on the pills. Everything is going down hill since I stopped.. I can't even do house work anymore, it's so hard. All I do is cry, and don't want anyone around me. I don't Know how to feel, christ I don't even know who I am anymore.. I can't take it. All I do is sit down or lay down on the couch.
Avatar n tn My 6 yr old shows un controllable rage when he is upset with my discipline. He sometimes throws things, slams the door and screams in anger. I put him in his room to cool down and then I try to discuss his behavior and why he is there in the first place. I try to include him in the punishment choices, giving him options and his response is the only thing that will stop him from doing what he does if I let him do what he wants. He won't give me a realistic punishment, even if I give him choices.
4605616 tn?1362006758 Hoping someone with lots of clean time will chime in. I thought I was an oddity, I go into rage over silly things. No road rage or anything normal people get upset with, I can handle that. It's silly stuff. And most of the time someone is being nice and helping me. So I have learned to keep my mouth shut. I would die if I hurt someone's feelings. Sadly, know what you're going through.
1032715 tn?1315987834 All day today I have felt depressed,anger,rage and hate.I woke up feeling like this It sounds sick but today I've really wanted to hurt and kill my brother.I have kept my hate and rage in my whole life and now my counsellor has made me face it,I need to learn how to control it,The alcohol and codeine used to do it now I have no safety valve,I so feel like going back to what I know and understand I can't handle these emotions at the surface.
Avatar n tn In addition to these symptoms, I have recently started suffering from very uncharacteristic episodes of anger/rage which are worrying. The rage seems to be fight or flight based. Whilst researching my symptoms, I have read that thyroid disorders could be a possible cause for some of these symptoms. In addition to this, two other members of my family have had thyroid issues leading to thyroidectomies.
Avatar m tn My understanding is that even though we call it"Riba" rage the phenomenon is really attributed to the Interferon. Interestingly I always wondered if folks who only used the Interferon experienced it. Anyway here are some interesting takes and suggestions related to what some people do while treating. Either way you might want to see someone about it if it gets too overwhelming.
1745492 tn?1320201940 I was actually diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a team of psychiatrists. I do have other symptoms. Like I said, all my symptoms have gotten better with the medication, but the episodes of rage still bother me. I don't like feeling that way.
Avatar f tn After my RAI and for approx two years thereafter, I went through delirium, psychosis, and depression. I was ashamed to tell anyone my thoughts and thought I was a little crazy. It was bad, although not dangerous or harming to others. However, others around must have known something was wrong when I went through the crying jags, although I tried to hide them. Then after this stage, the Myxedema Madness, I went into Graves' Rage which was worse because I couldn't hide them.
Avatar f tn I rage when I'm overly frustrated. My son does it too, and he's not diagnosed bipolar.
1711722 tn?1356491154 AH bee let me tell you the road rage from the riba rage was almost beyond my control (not that I have too much to begin with) I really probably would have brandished a gun at people if I had had one in my purse.
Avatar m tn A severe depression should RAISE the suspicions of MS, not lower them. Now, calling a patient's new set of symptoms a Manic episode was reported in the literature as a cautionary tale. If a person has a psychiatric episode of some kind along with neurologic symptoms, the investigating doctor should include that piece of info and, if they have an MS-educated head at all, it should point them toward the correct diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Recognizing teen depression for what it is no easy matter either.
Avatar n tn Within 2 years, I developed a menstrual cycle with 33 days in between and mostly every other month. I was very blue and hopeless, cried much, experienced withdrawal symptoms, had a high stress/high profile job that I both loved and hated due to a controlling personality conflict with a superior. I had suicidal thoughts but no action. At my primary physician, depression was queried. Then a gynecologist, PMS was queried as well as depression.
Avatar f tn Some people with bipolar have mixed episodes, that is having symptoms of depression and maniia at one time...sad and laughting, etc. Not all cases of bipolar are the same as there are various categories. But, most always have the mania and depression involved.