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687960 tn?1227207608 I have discovered that my smoking directly correlates w/my flashbacks & other symptoms of PTSD I am quitting & working on it anyway.
Avatar n tn iam 22 yr male.iam using spit tobacco for the last 4 years.i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.
Avatar f tn Anyhow, I feel as though basically Im not worthy and this isnt all the time I feel this way just lately and I think it may have something to do with my quitting smoking cold turkey. Im happy that I have decided to stop smoking but at the same time I don't like feeling worthless. Make sense? Okay!
Avatar m tn See Matt, this is why these forums are so great. You get many different perspectives. I never got sick like kathyjo, just felt incredibly edgy and nasty for those few days. Felt like crying alot too...which I did...alot lol. Each person has a different experience, but the one thing in common we all have and I'm sure would agree, is the thought that a cigarette is the answer to our woes and if we would just take that first puff, it would all go away.
Avatar n tn Still doing good with quitting smoking. Feeling a little more bloated and "wet" today.
Avatar f tn So i'm 12 weeks and after smoking roughly 10-15 cigarettes a day before I got pregnant, i'm down to one or two a day. I was told that quitting cold turky would be worse for my baby (especially dealing with depression and anxiety) so even though I've cut down and plan on quitting some time this week, could there be any significant damage done to my baby? I'm really worried and wish I just would have quit when I first found out..
Avatar f tn i have suffered depression when i have quit smoking. i started smoking again. i am now on meds for depression so i can quit smoking again. i do think smoking masks emotions. there is a good site to get on about smoking cessation. it is on about .com. there is really good support there.
Avatar f tn Are there any bipolar woman here who can help with tips on quitting smoking. My bipolar is going nuts when i try cold turkey and hubby is cornered into a wall. Without meds i am unable to control my feelings.
Avatar n tn It is extremely common to get depressed when you quit smoking. Besides taking antidepressants I would see a psychotherapist to help you learn about your depression. It is a great opportunity to learn something important, and learn it quickly. You might try the Masteringstress program to get you started.
Avatar n tn t know about that particular method, but if your depression has an organic basis, stopping smoking will not make it worse. The depression that comes from stop smoking is psychological...smoking keep an underlying depression suppressed and it comes out when you stop, and that is good, because you can resolve a depression by getting your life moving in the right direction..If you want some help with that online, go to
Avatar n tn i am going crazy trying to quit smoking cigarettes
Avatar f tn Hello. I've quit smoking for 3 weeks now after 32 years of smoking. I am using the patch and my doctor put me on zyban when I saw her sept 5 because I couldn't stop crying. The crying has gotten better I feel terrible. I think I'm obsessed with my breathing to the point where I feel it all the time. My chest feels tight. I feel myself inhaling all the time. I've been to the emergency room twice now in two weeks. Chest films taken. They put me on high does prednisone for.
298897 tn?1238072494 ve lost and that helps me, but when i was preg with my son i suffered pre-natal depression, my partner left me and i was smoking near 40 a day 3months in. I know the smoke affects blood cells and your baby gets less oxygen and less oxygen is no way good but my son is fine. I smoked 4months in with my first shes fine. My mum smoked with us, were fine. I think there is a 5 a day guidline if you desperately cant quit.
Avatar f tn Nice information about quitting smoking side effects. Quitting smoking side effects are mainly to do with the body trying to detox itself from all of the harmful chemicals that you have been putting into your body by smoking cigarettes. You always have to bear in mind from the beginning of any attempt at quitting smoking that the benefits for you are going to be fantastic. Mild depression or sadness, there goes your best friend that you turned to in need.
Avatar m tn All this has brought me down mentally as unable to work with the emaciation, so have been treated for Depression by my Doctor, who believes that my symptoms are Depression-based rather than the other way around. My symptoms described above have nothing to do with my own form of depression. Any possible solutions please or thoughts on my problem.
Avatar m tn Today is the day, the day that I quit using tobacco. I had my last bit of tobacco this morning, and it's been like 8 hours or so that I gave it up. Most of that time has gone relatively easily and seems a bit easier than the last time I quit.... (yup, quit for about 3-4 years) Anyhow, right now I am having a craving pretty bad. I've decided to go cold turkey.... not weening myself of.... just don't see me getting anything done that way.
Avatar n tn I am aware that smoking is a serious problem and quitting is something I hope to do but it will take a miracle..That being said, here is my problem On many occasions after I smoke several cigarettes, mentally I start feeling anxiety and the thoughts in my head become faster and louder.. ( I do not have a mental illness) This only happens after smoking..I know the easy fix is quit but the addiction currently has a hold of me...I seriosly feel like I am losing my mind in those moments..
2120637 tn?1335999377 The crazy part about all this is that I never considered all these symptoms to be part of quitting smoking. I thought the stomach flu was somehow lingering and spreading around my body in other ways and kept blaming all the symptoms I was having on the stomach virus and started getting the bad anxiety because I kept thinking it was still the stomach virus but knowing that stomach viruses don't last that long but thinking I must have caught a new strain with changing symptoms lol.
Avatar f tn One of the things that helped me was the timeline of how my body was recovering from quitting smoking. Does anyone know of a similar timeline for quitting opiates, specifically hydrocodone? I know it depends on age, dose, and how long using, but a generalized timeline would be great. Again, I'm not talking about the wd symptoms, but how the body recovers. Thanks!
Avatar f tn this is my 4th attempt at quitting smoking and every time i make it to 3 weeks i start to get frequent headackes and this time i am starting to feal asthmatic when excersind 2days aweek @1hr each. the heackes before subside to a large degree when i picked back up the habbit. tylonal and ibprophine are not touching it, what else can i do. i dont want a cigarette, the smell makes me sick..?
Hero Well its time to kick this dirty old Habit. The Monkey on my back is saying Good bye the more active I am. I love this Tracking stuff, it really helps me enjoy working out. Its more like a game to me now. Edit 1/30 still going strong.
1568041 tn?1311615212 I have been smoking since I was about 18 and am now 36. For the last 10 years I would say I have been a light smoker. I smoke 1 to 3 cigarettes a day. Before I had my children I was smoking a pack a day. Anyway, I need to quit completely because I hate it. I also want to go on some bc pills for acne and pelvic pain but to do so I have to be quit for at least 3 months. BC pills and smoking do not mix if you are over 35. So I am going to goes
212753 tn?1275073111 I am very excited because I am going to be hypnotized to quit smoking.I will make journal entries to let everyone know how well it works for me.