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298897 tn?1238076094 I am preg now but have quit pretty much, not easy but u can do it, 4me i try remember the preg i've lost and that helps me, but when i was preg with my son i suffered pre-natal depression, my partner left me and i was smoking near 40 a day 3months in. I know the smoke affects blood cells and your baby gets less oxygen and less oxygen is no way good but my son is fine. I smoked 4months in with my first shes fine. My mum smoked with us, were fine.
2120637 tn?1336002977 The crazy part about all this is that I never considered all these symptoms to be part of quitting smoking. I thought the stomach flu was somehow lingering and spreading around my body in other ways and kept blaming all the symptoms I was having on the stomach virus and started getting the bad anxiety because I kept thinking it was still the stomach virus but knowing that stomach viruses don't last that long but thinking I must have caught a new strain with changing symptoms lol.
Avatar f tn Bad temper, angry, headaches, nausea, irritibaility and similar are common. These are, of course, symptoms of depression too but the difference is that after quitting smoking these effects abate quickly after a couple of weeks. Not so with depression and it does not come and go with one's decision to smoke or not to smoke. That is simply an infividual's reading of what is going on for them. By the way, I smoked for 35 years and gave it up 2.5 years ago with no support. Just decided to stop.
Avatar m tn However, one thing has skipped to the forefront of my thoughts; quitting smoking. You see, I quit smoking in mid-September and by October, I began having daily anxiety attacks. Given some Xanax by my PCP a couple weeks in to calm my nerves, I woke up the first night taking the Xanax in sheer panic and it was all down hill from there, eventually leading to a partial hospitalization program and a resumption in my smoking habit.
Avatar m tn The last straw for me was going to a party of 30 people and I was the only smoker. I quit smoking less than 24 hours later. Quitting smoking will be the best thing you ever did. I hope to read this 1 year from now and know the quitting was best thing I could have ever done for myself as an adult. Good luck !!
Avatar f tn this is my 4th attempt at quitting smoking and every time i make it to 3 weeks i start to get frequent headackes and this time i am starting to feal asthmatic when excersind 2days aweek @1hr each. the heackes before subside to a large degree when i picked back up the habbit. tylonal and ibprophine are not touching it, what else can i do. i dont want a cigarette, the smell makes me sick..?
Avatar f tn This is taking such a toll on her health, as she can barely concentrate while driving or function at work. Why did quitting smoking start this? What angle should she take when she sees her sleep specialist again? Also, her thyroid levels are normal, but might there be additional tests they could do to be sure? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Anyhow, I feel as though basically Im not worthy and this isnt all the time I feel this way just lately and I think it may have something to do with my quitting smoking cold turkey. Im happy that I have decided to stop smoking but at the same time I don't like feeling worthless. Make sense? Okay!
Avatar m tn I have been smoke free for 64 days and it's still a struggle with a ton of anxiety, but I have an anxiety disorder in the first place and quitting smoking just amped all that up so bad, it was hard to get past, but I don't feel nearly as bad as a month ago so I keep that thought and think to myself how much better I will feel in yet Another month and so on...
Avatar m tn You have many concerns as you should about your mother. The current seems to be quitting smoking. There is a medhelp forum called "smoking addiction" and I think you could find some helpful answers there. Quitting smoking has its own demons. The only advice I can give you is really give your mother tons of positive support for quitting. Everyone who quits smoking deserves the rewards of a smoke free life...better health. Best to you and your Mom.
Avatar f tn I actually don't have any questions but rather want to share my experience after i quit smoking. I actually ended up quitting because of vape. I started vaping and loved it that i quit smoking The bad part was i vaped uncontrollably because i thought no harm done coz it has no tar only nicotine. The result was my nicotine level went sky rocket high that one day i started having palpatations.. Was sooo scared coz it felt like i was about to collapse and have a stroke.
753647 tn?1233868481 If not let's see what else we can suggest to help you out:)
Avatar n tn in my last year i was smoking irregularly .. i mean one day i stop and the next i smoke a week of smoking and a free one .. till i got those irregular heart beats .. which is realy annoying me .. i prefer i die and not to have those feelings .. i do an ECG and the Dr said that i have a PACs which he said that it is normal with stress .. but i dont know why i feel that i have a more serious condiotion .. any way i went to a another Dr which he suspected me of mitral regurge .
Avatar m tn I have a psychiatrist and he told me lexapro will/should help withdrawal symptoms. So if I feel bad I should start lexapro. But my depression is bad so I have a choice a) to start lexapro and hope it will cover withdrawal symptoms b) wait for this depressed mood to go away. That's why I asked how long withdrawal symptoms may last. Thanks for advice on smoking.
Avatar n tn i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.i feel very depressed and I cannot concentrate on my regular activities.
Avatar m tn Yeah you're right it's the lack of energy and mild depression that really get to me more than anything and the depression only comes around at night for some reason. Don't know maybe it's just a lonelier time of the day! I'm prescribed adderall for adhd and I find that that helps tremendously for energy, and cigarettes; lots and lots of cigarettes.
Avatar f tn Nicotine is a stimulant. Hence, it would increase your metabolism and cause you to lose weight, plus give you energy. You probably feel like *&*^ when you are not smoking because you've been smoking for 20 years. It's an addiction and your body is adjusting to not having the drug. I'm also assuming you enjoy smoking so you feel better when you're doing something you enjoy, right? Why don't you get assistance with quitting next group....etc.
Avatar m tn Combine that with the negative influence strangely increased cortisol levels and other chemicals that screw with dopamine/serotonin levels, Im primed to experience serious depression and anxiety that I attribute to smoking in general. Quitting smoking solves the sudden onset of depression, but so does switching to vapor that only gives me a nicotine fix. So I (personally) have concluded that some other chemical from smoking cigarettes is the culprit.
230262 tn?1316649534 i have no doubt quitting smoking will be easier than quitting coke, but it is going to be tough. does anyone know how long that really bad cravings are for when you first quit smoking.
Avatar n tn I was taking 200mg at first it was 100 for depression but then in therapy with looking at my behaviors we decided that it was more OCD than depression so we increased it to 200. after a few weeks i did notice the change in behavior. i have a obsessive shopping habit. not just any shopping it has to be on sale. it had gotten to the point that i would go store to store until they were all closed just to buy things that were on clearance. whether i needed them or not.
Avatar m tn Mainly because I can't be seen lining up for it as if word were to get out my professional career would be greatly impacted. I currently do about two 40mg oxycontin per day. Sniffing or smoking. My plan is to stop those altogether and take percocet orally, lowering the amount taken every day and then going cold turkey once I am down to one or two a day. I am curious to know what a doctor insructs a patient to do once they no longer need oxy for pain?
Avatar n tn Your tiredness could be the result of depression since you are grieving something that became so much a part of your life. I am going through major grieving right now as a result of giving up alcohol and nicotine. I am definitely off-schedule and very tired. I am aware that it may take a year for my body to get everything straightened out and get back on schedule.
443862 tn?1238003039 The anxiety is not here right now, just a sense of uselessness about everything, that's why I wonder if it's depression instead. But can quitting smoking activate a dperession???? any thoughts??
Avatar n tn i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.i feel very depressed and I cannot concentrate on my regular activities.PLEASE HELP ME.
Avatar n tn its not like the doctor was lying, i knew he was telling the truth but the symptoms i had most of it are abdominal aortic aneurysm symptoms. Or it's just the marijuana? i know it takes 3 month or longer for the marijuana to get out of my body. Im confused, it is the effect of quitting marijuana or the aneurysm? the best way to know the aneurysm is to scanning my body(CT, ultrasound etc) . Lately i also lose weigh, i lose 2-3kg and it makes me look like a drug addict.
Avatar m tn Also why when you get off tylenol 1's do I have an INSANE caught when I smoke, is it just me, or does this actually happen, when I an on them I get no caught when I an tapering or cutting out terrible caught while smoking, and I tend to smoke more when I am tapering off, but I seriously want out, Im done, 40 today 0 tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, I just hope I can still save myself.
3183328 tn?1351187117 Since you suffer from anxiety and probably some depression, counseling will help you get back on the road of quitting smoking. Please consult a psychiatrist or a family doctor and get a complete evaluation. Thereafter once your anxiety is under control you can follow the following steps: • The first step is to decide and stick to your decision. • Set and date and throw away all cigarettes.
Avatar f tn So far I feel tired, achy and lots of sneezing but that's about it. No GI symptoms yet. Maybe I didn't take enough to get those. I do feel down and really miss my sense of well being. I also take Zoloft 50mg/day which I was put on during cancer tx. I have 3 young kids and don't want to be grumpy with them. When on norco. I'm a very happy mama.