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Avatar f tn I'm only 12 weeks but I've been reading so many crazy stories about worn and postpartum depression. I was just wondering how many of you second time mommies went through this? And how exactly did you guys cope with it? My best friend went through it so bad and in just mega scared I might go through it as well!
Avatar m tn postpartum depression Postpartum depression is also referred to as ‘baby blues’. It includes feelings of acute depression, irritation, dullness, anger and even thoughts about suicide. New mothers suffering from postpartum depression might also feel a complete lethargy and disinterest in the baby as well. These symptoms are accompanied by disturbances in sleep and diet patterns. http://www.postpartumdepressiontreatment.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism has the same symptoms as ppd? I didnt know that. What were your symptoms? I just get really emotional at times (like pms times 1 million). I miss my baby horribly, and I cry at the drop of a hat. This is why I thought it may be PPD.
Avatar f tn Hello there, indeed it could be sign of depression and depression is pretty common in miscarriage events. You and your boyfriend need each other more than ever so working on your couple could be a good thing. Another option would be to go for a therapy. You are still young so I do really think the depression is temporary and that you don't need medication. I know such event is hard to forget but you will eventually get over it.
Avatar f tn How many of you ladies have/had postpartum depression and did you take medication for it or try and "ride-it-out"? What were your symptoms and how long did they last? Ive definitely been having bouts of depression and feelings of being overwhelmed - yesterday I was in Walmart and called hubby to ask about an item and he asked me to get something else and I suddenly felt overwhelmed and like I was going to cry! LOL.
Avatar f tn Hi hun im going through something similar with the lack of help from hubby as he works and also home bound and constant worrying. I got twins they are 4weeks now. However in not letting it get the better of me. I did get it really bad with my son 4yrs ago after his birth and i can tell you the depression didnt last long as i kept myself busy. But the anxiety n worrying came back in full force after couple of years.
Avatar f tn How many of you ladies have/had postpartum depression and did you take medication for it or try and "ride-it-out"? What were your symptoms and how long did they last? Ive definitely been having bouts of depression and feelings of being overwhelmed - yesterday I was in Walmart and called hubby to ask about an item and he asked me to get something else and I suddenly felt overwhelmed and like I was going to cry! LOL.
791086 tn?1236915627 Hi. I went through PPD as well. My son is actually 3 and im still on my anti depressant. Signs of PPD are fatigue, sleeping all the time, not finding joy in things you used to find joy in, not being able to concentrate, crying alot and easily, irraitability, spending time alone more then u used to, not wanting to leave the house, etc. Its very common and easily dfagnosed by either a conselor or even your ob/gyn. Lexapro is a great medication for PPD and it worked for me.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor and she told me it was more than likely postpartum depression but I have more of the anxiety symptoms. I was put on klonopin and 10mg of Celexa. I feel better but still not myself. It has just been a struggle trying to take care of her and deal with this. Is anyone else going through this or has been through it. I just want to feel like myself again. Thanks!
Avatar f tn i went two weeks later to my practitioner who diagnosed me with severe postpartum depression. My husband works away and is only home about 1 week a month. He left the day after I got home from the hospital so i was alone with a 3 year old and a newborn. My mom said she would help me if i went to her house but she just was too tired to come and help. I'm essentially on my own.
Avatar n tn The symptoms of numbness and tingling and skin sensations are symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, you are sure to experience these symptoms. So these symptoms are related to anxiety and depression and not childbirth as such. You are likely to experience the symptoms if you have anxiety and depression without childbirth also. Please keep yourself free from stress and be happy with the baby. Please consult a psychotherapist for help.
Avatar f tn I saw my GP last week, she mentioned that postpartum depression can start before the birth, not just after. Is this true? I've never heard this before. Also, my GP said that I can try tapering but if my symptoms reappear that I can also go back on Zoloft while pregnant. I'm hoping I won't need to, however, I know I need to be mentally healthy to be ready for a baby. What would be the effects of meds on the baby, particularly during the third trimester? And will I still be able to breastfeed?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with aggitative postpartum depression - but this is my 3rd child and didn't suffer with the others - certainly with no physical symptoms such as these. I had a very heavy epidural this time, which numbed me from head to toe and which, for the next few days, I experienced double vision, weakness in arms and legs (similar to the way I felt 5 weeks after the birth). Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing a similar postpartum depression?
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5509652 tn?1391232415 Your depressive episodes sound like classic depressive episodes, but major depression and bipolar overlap in the depression phase, making them hard to distinguish if you're not manic. But you have some major mania red flags. Given your young age and the combination of symptoms, I'd say it's a definite possibility, and you clearly need help for the state you're in right now no matter what the diagnosis ends up being. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn i actually was crying and thought i was haveing some sort of postpartum depression. then just like it came it went away. same thing every day for the past 5 days. i went to the doctor thinking i might be pregnant because i'm breastfeeding and the symptoms kind of remind me of morning sickness. i am not, and he sent off lab work for my thyroid, but it seems to come for a couple of hours after luch and then go away is that normal? can anyone help?
Avatar n tn Hi I gave birth 9 months ago i was diagnosed with Post partum depression, my therapist suggested me to see a endocrin, when my baby turned 8 months old my anxiety got worse, palpitations i feel like i'm having a heart attack, sometimes it's hard for me to swallow, my neck hurts and i have a weird sensation on my neck i can't explain, my eyes are sensible to sun light, i gain and loose weight without changing my diets, sometimes i feel my body and arms, legs, and neck chaky, i crave sweets all th
Avatar f tn I was just told yesterday that I have Postpartum Autoimmune Thyroiditis. My TSH is .01. I feel like I am on speed,Im not sleeping well and this morning have woken up with nausea. My question is will they give me beta blockers? I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday, my primary doc offered me beta blockers and I told him I would wait to see what specialist told me. I also have PPD, now I am pretty sure the two are related.
Avatar f tn After 2 months I became hypo thyroid and was put on levothyroxine 50 mcg, since August 2015 I had symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, lightheadness, tremors, shaky hands and my heart rate was 110 with fluctuations in BP. I went to see a doctor but he said these symptoms are more related to Depression but I didn't believe him and later I went to another doctor he asked me to stop the levothyroxine for 3 days and asked me to go for blood test. The blood results were given below. Tsh - 3.78 (.
7338010 tn?1390203980 I have not tried it. Postpartum depression is a real thing. Exercise and sunshine may get you through it.
Avatar n tn Since I started working with this forum 2 years ago (today is my last day - will be replaced tomorrow) I have read and responded to many postpartum women with the complex of symptoms that you have aptly described. Unfortunately, unless it's MS or another neurological disease as evident by standard diagnostic testing I'm not sure what this could represent.
136956 tn?1425609872 The pain of endo plus postpartum depression was hell mentally and physically. And did I mention, I was a single mother as well. When my daughter was born I felt no attachment to her whatsoever, no love, nothing. I felt like she wasn’t even mine. I was depressed; I was in pain from the delivery and emotionally was not available to my daughter. I was also having trouble breastfeeding and after 2 weeks, I gave up. The first week after delivery was especially difficult.
Avatar n tn In general, most of the time, one gets sorted out with time. A very dangerous condition that can occur is postpartum depression. There are some conditions that can be unmasked in pregnancy such as Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders. I suggest that you see your primary care doctor for a thoughtful look at you to see if any of the aforementioned conditions need to be evaluated. best wishes and good luck to you.
1816154 tn?1463433618 If you mean postpartum depression you can. It can develope slowly in some women. as for getting pregnant again i have no idea what can happen. but if you are depressed i would get help before conceiving another child because your fetus can sense your emotions and that could cause problems I'm sorry i couldn't be more helpful. but if you mean depression you need to see somebody because it can be very dangerous.
Avatar f tn This was really only a few of my worst symptoms. I had mentioned my symptoms a couple of times in my children's appointments but was told as a new Mom I was really tired and that sometimes after a bad virus ( I was sick when my daughter was born in August ) you can feel dizzy for months. I wasn't convinced. It was about 3 months after my daughter was born all the symptoms came to head. I felt extremely weak and I almost dropped my 3 month old baby.