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Avatar n tn Although she will say the paranoia is a result of the withdrawl symptoms, I know she was experiencing this paranoia as well as some depression before she lessened her dose. Could this be her body reacting to the longevity of her use of the oxycodone?
Avatar f tn Is this normal? The pills calm the panic attacks but not paranoia and the depression seems to be worse. Sometimes it seems I'm not talking to her but a different person. Everything was ok a few days ago now the worlds upside-down, I feel heavy headed and I have a knot in my gut worried about her. She hasn't taken her med this morn because she says there's nothing wrong, I'm at work so can't do anything about it until I get home.
Avatar m tn ) (Yea I'm smiling cos 2 long episodes of depression have taught me that nothing lasts forever) So my question is: Does this sound like STD ?
Avatar n tn Everyone feels a certain amount of guilt and paranoia after an incident like this. If you have an anxiety disorder, it just makes it worse. Use this as motivation to quit binge drinking in such large quantities. Tell yourself "I never want to be out of control again". This type of thing can help you if you use it correctly. If there was a horrific crime, I think you would have heard about it by now. After 20 drinks, I think that most people would be 3 sheets to the wind.
Avatar f tn you could spin yourself into anxiety and depression. The reason why i say this is, the symptoms of hiv are common to many other illnesses and i dont think pimple break out are symptoms anyway.. The best thing to do would just be to get tested now and itd be conclusive. Dont read too much into your symptoms you will just make yourself worried.
Avatar f tn Can my results be wrong? Can I have symptoms so early on? Are my symptoms related to HIV? I just want to feel normal again. I should mention Im 100 percent we were both HIV negative before this. He's never slept with anyone else but me.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe, paranoia and panic are atypical of the normal range of symptoms for PMDD, but considering the timing of the symptoms you may have PMDD. A panic attack is an episode characterized by some of the following symptoms; shortness of breath, dizziness palpitations, trembling, sweating, choking, nausea, chest pain, and possibly a fear of going crazy. A person may suffer a number of these attacks in a short period.
Avatar n tn Hi, this is my first time here because I don't know where else to go. I have depression and an eating disorder and have been seeing the same psychiatrist for four years and have switched from one med to another med, I've taken them all. Presently I'm on 60mg Geodon, 80mg Prozac and 20 Buspar. I do not feel I want a baby but have been relying on family and this Doctor for advice. My doctor told me yesterday have a baby, I won't regret it without adressing my issues.
Avatar m tn I even thought the depression I was having was because of HIV, then it went to MONO or LYME disease after reading more symptoms online. Stay off GOOGLE for symptoms and believe the tests. Hope my post helps someone else here suffering from the same condition. Best wishes and hang in there. Picturing positive things is key, remember it took your mind months to get here and it will take that long or longer to get back to your normal life.
Avatar m tn Weight loss Malnutrition Sexual problems (like difficulty getting an erection) Severe psychiatric symptoms including psychosis, anxiety, depression and paranoia. So, when was the last time you used. What are your feelings/ thoughts around your use? If you want to you can put a stop to this cycle of abuse & reclaim your life. Please let us know how you're doing.
Avatar n tn I would get extremely angry and could not pinpoint a trigger thought as to why I was angry, not to mention my anxiety had come back (I was originally on Paxil--he took me off of it bc of sexual side effects and because of a recent dip in my depression--I'm beginning to think I was better off on that). I went to my psychiatrist and explained the increased anxiety and agitation, and he increased the Wellbutrin to 300mgs daily and the Ativan .5mgs to 3x daily prn.
Avatar n tn Yes Adderall can cause the symptoms or paranoia. Amphetamine psychosis as mentioned above. I know this thread is old.. but the WORST thing you could do is have a gun in your hand or a weapon. Do not do it ! My best friend was shot and killed and after that I felt that having a knife around in case someone tried to harm me with a weapon would be a good idea. It almost caught me a felony charge and it wasn't even on me, it was in my glove compartment. Thats just one example.
Avatar n tn Either way, maybe for you, anxiety can cause paranoia. Things like anxiety and depression all have the same underlying properties, but I have always believed that they can manifest themselves differently in different people. Psychiatrists and other mental "health" professionals would have you believe that there is always a cut-and-dry set of symptoms for every single person on earth...but this can't be true because everyone is different.
505907 tn?1258372940 Ive been on a few others, but before I was on the Lamictal and Provigel, is when I was taking 20mg of Abilify and 300mg of Effexor XR, and that helped the most with the paranoia and the depression and the manic episodes, etc. but even though I felt the most stable on that, I felt so droggy all the time and tired and like I said I gained soo much weight, it just wasnt worth it. Now on the Lamictal and Provigel, and the lamictal is doing okay.
12268405 tn?1427856961 While you have posted in the Depression forum, you actually might try the Schizophrenia forum, because the hallmark of that disorder is hearing voices. This can create paranoia, depression, and confused thinking. Clozapine and Minocycline (Mino is new) are the very best drugs to take for your condition. The new drug, Minocycline, is originally an antibiotic, but turns out it substantially helps with few side effects the problems of schizophrenia.
Avatar f tn hello im grace im 18 years old and i recently made the stupidest decision ever on oct 31st (halloween) i went to monster massive and i decided to experience with drugs so i took ecstasy pills it was my first time and i took 3 by then end of the night before this my life was great i had school and work and friends its been a week and i feel soooo depressed and i have alot of anxiety i also feel really paranoid thinking that i have HIV because of the rumores going around the people poke you wi
1374490 tn?1282027635 Also, when there are bodily issues, it makes your thoughts out of order. Anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc. have been attributed to a magnesium deficiency. In general, you should make sure you are eating nutritiously -- fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, healthy grains, etc. Nutrition affects your body's balance of vitamins, minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.
1039200 tn?1314915608 Unlike watching for symptoms of mania or depression (such as with the mood tracker) checking for signs of paranoia is very difficult as the thoughts kind of take over you. Before my current recovery I had many delusions and despite reality testing I honestly could not be talked out of them. Other paranoid or otherwise delusional thoughts I did not believe in full and if asked I would say they were untrue but part of me believed them.
Avatar f tn This is my first post on this website, and any help whatsoever would be huge for me. I developed anxiety and depression after a horrible 4 months in my life when I was 18 (I'm 23 now).
1818882 tn?1317074918 My bf is suffering from depression. He is starting to show other symptoms like fear anxiety and paranoia. It started very heavily about a month ago. He has a hard time eating and feels like people are out to get him. It is more a fear based on the anxiety. He knows something is wrong with him and wants to get help.
Avatar f tn I have been smoking for like 2 years everyday til one day i had this horrifying panic attack and went to get help at that time i was not diagnosed with substance induced anxiety, just generalized anxiety, i took clonazepam and sertraline and worked pretty good, but in the mids of that I started to smoke again and suspend my eventually suspended my treatment after 4 months, a lot of time passed and i started to have paranoia and derealization symptoms to the point that it was unbearable, at thi
Avatar f tn I can usually eliminate anxiety attacks and a lot of paranoia attacks and some bouts of depression with jogging. It works pretty quickly. I would say if you jog the first day to the point of sweat and fatigue. You will feel results. I dont get any benefit from walking. I think the aerobic value in jogging really helps. If I get the onset of those anxiety/paranoia/depression attacks, I try to hit the road. I'm working my way back up to 3-5 miles. This has worked for me many times in the past.
899491 tn?1243777227 My bipolar symptoms was in remission for a very long time since 1994! I do have occasional problems but its easily fixed with adjusting my med's. But this episode was different. When I had my relaspe all the familiar sensations reared its ugly head and its very frightening handling this monster inside me. After experiencing the good, bad and ugly of mania I slid into a deep depression. I felt that familiar disjointed feeling like I did not own my own body.
756134 tn?1233823303 You can always go to the teen depression area, but this isn't really just depression.