Depression symptoms of underactive thyroid

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Avatar f tn In my opinion and check with your doctor - I feel you may be having a conversion problem which can happen to RAI patients with in the first year of taking that glowing pill RAI It's a guessing game for doctors - after RAI to get the right dosage of meds to balance the thyroid levels. It may take time. It may be helpful to ask if a T3 medication can be given in addition to your T4 meds too. Or a combination med of both T3/T4. Cytomel is a T3 only med - Armour is a T3/T4 combination.
Avatar n tn I really don't know what to do, maybe you can tell me the symptoms of an underactive thyroid, please help me out here and tell me what to do. Thank you so much! Jenn L.
1128565 tn?1316724743 Yes, some times low thyroid can mimic depression, or make existing depression worse. I'm sure some of the other members here can better help you with these results. Take care.
Avatar f tn Since my 40's I've had an Underactive Thyroid. Can some of you please shed some light on this condition and tell me what foods will help/hurt, what medications hurt (lithium?). I've done some research but some info seems contradictory. My doctor doesn't seem to think there are any food issues. Thanks, Christina P.S. I've gained over 30+ lbs since going underative. I can't seem to take it off no matter how hard I try and I'm frustrated.
Avatar m tn e get actual thyroid levels tested and adjusted to where they need them, not just the TSH within a normal range, symptoms of depression, often go away or are much reduced. Many can get off their anti-depressants, but few avoid or get off thyroid medication. Depression that goes with thyroid conditions (can go with either hyper or hypo) is not necessarily low level depression, though many doctors will try to convince us of that.
Avatar f tn I posted recently with my symptoms of extreme tiredness, weight gain and depression. I now have got a copy of my blood results from my GP and here they are, I live in the UK btw not USA. serum TSH level HI 5.2 mu/L (0.30-5.00) serum free T4 level 14.7 pmol/L (9.0-24.0) SR Plz can someone help me understand these results??
1128565 tn?1316724743 Also recently been undergoing tests for Adrennal's underactive and I am on 10mg's of hydrocortisol, I have underactive thyroid and on 100mg's of thyroxine per day. I am a single mum and find it difficult to cope and feel guilty because of this. I think my depression has worsened since on these steroids. I am on a rollercoaster ride up and downs. I don't really want to go on strong anti-depressants, what should I do? Also why do some people with thyroid suffer depression more than others?
1128565 tn?1316724743 Hi All its Lorraine Does anyone experience more symptoms of depression the exhausting tiredness on the lead up to their period and their period. Who would be a women hey especially with a thyroid problem - underactive. According to the specialists thyroid doesn't interfere with hormones and doesn't cause depression. If you weren't depressed and confused before you went you sure would be after. Why do these so called specialists lie through their teeth.
1617467 tn?1298683877 If so it is best to post your test results and the ranges provided with them, this way the more experienced members can see where you are at regarding your thyroid, weight gain and depression are symptoms of an underactive thyroid, are you sure it was your T4 that is high? I would think for underactive your T4 would be low and your TSH would be high. Anyway post your labs from the test if not, you can request them from your MD.
Avatar f tn Since I have been diagnosed in September i been depressed and very anxious, together with physical symptoms of underactive thyroid, although i did not put any weight on, i have opposite problem I am too slim and cant put on any weight. My endo said that the increase she gave me will be enough but she said depression and anxiety is not caused by thyroid. I read here in numerous posts that it is clearly linked and since it started after I was diagnosed I dont see what else can cause it.
Avatar n tn Dry skin, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sensitive eyes, exhaustion, muscle aches, depression, weight gain, hair loss etc, etc. How does a sluggish thyroid or lack of thyroid hormone affect so many different bodily functions?
Avatar m tn Nodules are, typically, benign, but they can be cancerous, or in the case of hyperthyroidism, they can produce thyroid hormones, independently of the thyroid. It's not the least bit hard to diagnose a thyroid condition; med schools need to change the way they teach the chapter on thyroid to include proper/thorough testing/treatment, with more reasonable reference ranges.
180255 tn?1371414263 Symptoms such as fatigue, lack of motivation, mood swings and weight gain can be attributed to both and as a consequence is frequently under-diagnosed by healthcare professionals and is misdiagnosed as depression.
Avatar m tn Hi it sounds like you have had all sorts of tests done i am just on the start of my journey, I am a mum of 4 and have had brain mush for a long time, i do have underactive thyroid, but have had a persistant cough for a long time also which gets constant in winter, also achey joints and feeling of no motivation, sometimes depression.
Avatar f tn Write a list of all your symptoms before you see the doctor and give the doctor the list. Saves the hassle of trying to remember everything. Ask the doctor if he can also refer you for counselling. If you have unresolved underlying issues, you may require help with counselling to help you to deal or come to terms with those issues.
1580318 tn?1550258081 So i know there's a few ladies on here that have issues with their thyroid, and was wondering what some of your symptoms are. The reason i'm asking is cause i'm wondering if it's become an issue for me. I did an online quiz for thyroid disease, and it came back that i answered 12 of the 33 questions as possible thyroid disease indicators. Which is 36%. Some of the ones i answered yes too were Irritability - this was i think the big one.
Avatar f tn Many members say that symptom relief required Free T3 in the upper third of its range and Free T4 around the middle of its range. A good thyroid doctor will treat a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting Free T3 and Free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels. Symptom relief should be all important, not just test results.
865758 tn?1285956504 078 My endo just dropped me from 88mg Synthroid to 75, I was on Levothyroxine 100mg (Generic) and my Tsh would not come down, he changed it to name brand synthroid and within 6 weeks it dropped to where it is now, so it makes a big difference between generic and name brands in thyroid meds, the symptoms will ease when your meds get to the right level, If you are having a lot of muscle aches, you can try taking 1,000 units per day of Vitamin D (They say if between 50 and 70 years of age you shoul
Avatar n tn Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (An underactive thyroid) fatigue, exhaustion feeling run down and sluggish depression difficulty concentrating, brain fog unexplained or excessive weight gain dry, coarse and/or itchy skin dry, coarse and/or thinning hair feeling cold, especially in the extremities constipation muscle cramps increased menstrual flow more frequent periods infertility/miscarriage Symptoms of Hyperthryodisim (An overactive thyroid) nervousness irritability increased perspiration thinn
1402763 tn?1280918620 Im sorry but we dont have that many doctors who take depression seriously and Im kind of scared of doctors as Ive had bad experiences before.I dont take any vitamins only basic food (rice and curry) and cereal fruits etc...please advice.
Avatar f tn i did, however, just find out that my thyroid is underactive, which causes some of the same symptoms...i'm on a.d. plust i just started this thyroid med, hopefully, i'll see a change. i'm in a new job also, and it helps alot....i work at a middle school, we just had a week off for winter break, and i did nothing at home! it was awful, i was glad to have to get up and back to work.....go figure... good luck to you. chelley.
648192 tn?1236226973 My daughter suffers from bipolar II, Recently I discovered a doc who advocated low thyroid can be the cause of depression, which is a stage of bipolar disease. Could some of her symptoms be hypothyroid, even though the TSH test is "in normal range"? I suffered for years from fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, memory loss, constipation and feeling cold. She has all these symptoms, plus depression and anxiety.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I had partial thyroidectomey in Jan and ever since then I felt like I was slipping in and out of a depression, sad one moment irrated the next always being hit with the feeling of gloom and dispair! I finally had my labs pulled by my primary doc and my thyroid is underactive, though my endo did a sensitive TSH and said I was normal.
Avatar n tn An underactive thyroid can cause weight gain, depression, muscle aches, fatigue, dry skin and dry or brittle hair, hair loss, constipation, a constant feeling of being cold, and many other symptoms. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn depersonalization can bd a part of depression casued by low thyroid. at least thats what I am experiencing. I can tell mine is low and has been low for the past week. Brain fog has set in. blah!
Avatar n tn it is only until a threshold is reached that underactive thyroid is diagnosed. one can stay below this threshold for years without triggering diagnosis- symptoms- fatigue constipation depression raised cholesterol(heart disease) brain fog apathy dry skin-eczema ARE ALL CAUSED BY IODINE DEFICIENCY. our bodies are designed to be eating fish all day. pls buy kelp or lugols iodine and spread the word. the recommended daily intake is too low-to keep people ill requiring medicines.
Avatar n tn I have had my thyroid removed b/c of thyroid cancer and if you look on the thyroid board there are many women on there that have had their thyroids removed for that reason and many other reasons. Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? Also, your thyroid can contribute to ovarian cysts and other menstrual problems. I would DEFINITELY see an endocrinologist!!! Good luck! I would also suggest at least browsing on the thyroid board.