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Avatar n tn I have been reading the archives about depression and while some of the symptoms of depression are like mine, I also have just the opposite. I have withdrawn from my family and friends and society and I have also lost interest in activities which used to give me pleasure. I don't like loud noise and I am quick to anger. But, where as most people lose their appetites and have problems sleeping, mine are just the opposite. I sleep all day until the kids gets home and then I am in bed by 9:00 p.m.
Avatar n tn The symptoms by themself are not a means to diagnose depression. If you are concerned about the sensory symptoms, perhaps a consultation with a neurologist would be useful to exclude any abnormalities. Since this followed a recent change in medication, it is possible this is a medication side effect. You should discuss this with the doctor who prescribed the medication. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and was taking different type of SSRI. Last five years he started taking 150mg of luvox and for the last 6 months he made a decision to cut down the luvox to 100 mg/day and started to feel anxiety. He went to see a psychiatrist and was told that he is having a GAD and advise to take 0.25mg of xanax in the morning,at noon and half of xanax at night and also to increase his luvox to 150 mg. Is this the right advise ?
365138 tn?1234487019 Hi, i was wonder what i should do if i should see someone about it or is it just in my head - Always sad - Feel like everyone is judging me when i go somewhere - Dont like to go in places that are crowded - Cry for no reason alot - Cant sleep at night - Big change in my appitie - Very irritable/ restless - I dont enjoy the things that i use to - I am very self concious Its ruining my realtionship with my fiance and i dont want to loose him over this i also have a 20 month old son and
Avatar m tn It seems like depressions as these are the symptoms of depression. There are some more depression symptoms like: Feeling of sadness. Difficulty concentrating hopeless, irritable, anxious Fatigue Decreased energy Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts. If you feel these types of symptoms than it is surely depression otherwise ignore this and enjoy your life.
Avatar n tn You don't mention how long he has been taking these meds. Depression and its physical symptoms aren't arrested with medication alone. Moderate exercise is going to alleviate the mood and physical issues. Of course none the medications are going to work correctly without treating the illness aggressively. Medication can only do a small part so that the patient can move forward. Its not easy and most depressives are resistant to change but it helps.
Avatar m tn I was never concerned with the physical withdrawals because I knew I can deal with them. What I can't deal with is this flatness i feel every night. I only took these pills at night ONLY, usually when the kids and wife went to sleep - around 11pm. So this flatness is mixed with depression and cravings and it's awful. It begins when I get home from work and lasts (on and off ) until around midnight. I was wondering if this will ever go away. And if so when?
Avatar m tn Hello, The symptoms are suggestive of depression. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood, loss of interest in usual activities and diminished ability to experience pleasure. The three most commonly indicated treatments for depression are psychotherapy, medication (antidepressants), and electroconvulsive therapy. Talk to your family members and consult a psychiatrist because it is the beginning and psychotherapy may suffice.
1780448 tn?1326252209 Exercise will especially help as it increases endorphines which will reduce the depression in addition to helping you sleep better at night. Talk therapy (especially proven to be effecctive with depression is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which a Licensed Profressional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), or Psychologist can provide and they are not doctors but it would still more than likely require insurance to see them unless they would do it pro bono.
Avatar f tn So I started packing for my road trip to NJ, the day before I awoke not feeling myself couldn't put a finger on it, waited a couple of more days Depression thats what it is, called doctor asked him if Meloxicam could cause this , he said he didn't think so, he priscribed Sertraline, had servere side effects, extreme heart burn , sore throat, tongue and mouth blisters lost 8 lbs in 5 days, not complaining about that part. Dr.
Avatar f tn So, assess that first and then go to work on the depression. You've had some level of depression for a long time. It's time to realize you don't have to live that way. Now, this is not to say that you won't have good and bad days. All humans do and it is normal. So, you'll maybe want to log how things are going each day to take to the doctor with you for examples of how your moods depression are interfering in your life just for clarity.
Avatar f tn I made so many mistakes and I fix them I was forgiven for all of them but I still feel the guilt and the sadness and most of all I feel lonely.i cry almost every night asking myself why I feel this way and nothing seems to help. When I try to talk to someone else about it, I dont get anything but their silence and their judgement or they will simply ignore me. I need to find something that will help me.
Avatar f tn u could ask ur dr about efexor-xr its another anit depressant hardly has symptoms just makes u sleepy at night...I take them at night ne ways...
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Avatar f tn This is probably mild depression (but just because it's mild, doesn't mean it's to be ignored or that it doesn't matter - mild depression can become severe depression). It is a completely understandable response to your situation. I would recommend seeing a counsellor or psychologist or some kind of therapist, who knows cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).
Avatar f tn She'll have all kinds of information for you about things like if SHE's ever felt that way or anyone else in your family, what she feels is normal and she would be the one to get further intervention if the two of you decide that you may have symptoms of depression. There are important things that go into being diagnosed as depressed. One of the criteria is that one must have the symptoms every day for at least two weeks straight.
980510 tn?1282014546 Hi All Iam not sure if anyone posted anything about depression if they did iam sorry So a few weeks back i was really super crabby, i mean seriously nasty i chose not to speak anymore because it was likely not going to be anything very nice i had to say, ( I was always told if you cant say anything nice say nothing at all..
Avatar f tn During the second year, i never felt i had the power to leave. I was so weak and i used to cry every single night hoping that by the morning this nightmare will end. I was afraid that if i decide to leave he would hurt me and i couldn't handle this issue alone. Until the beginning of the third year, i started getting stronger. I was able to leave him, but the end was not so sweet. He hit me and insulted me to an extent that i had to hit him back and my nails got in his neck and blood got out.
5368438 tn?1366988615 I recently took about 3 Do I have depression test and I scored really high. They all said that I had severe depression. I'm not sure if those test we're accurate so I came on this site to ask people who do have depression if this is depression. I have low self-esteem. I'm always downing myself. I don't consider myself to be beautiful, gorgeous or anything--that's why when people call me stuff like that I let it go in one ear and out the other.
Avatar n tn Dr's bring us off far too quick, ive weaned off slower with my support group been off my tablets 10 weeksand now getting depression symptoms. You will know its withdrawal because its worse in the morning, it comes in waves and links in with your periods. Take 5HTP its natural from the health shop you can go up to 400 mgs aday whilst suffering W/D. I take 200 in the morning it converts to seretonin and 200 of a night converts to melatonin.
Avatar f tn You are having classic symptoms of both depression and anxiety disorders. You are not unique as myself and others here can definitely relate to the stress, hopelessness, pain and frustration. You mentioned that you were seeking counseling. Is this with a psych specialist? Have you been given a formal diagnosis? There is help available through therapy and/or medication. You don't have to, nor were you meant to live this way.
Avatar f tn I spent three years inside when agorophobia had me by the throat. I've been in, around and through all of the symptoms of major depression, and at my age, I know I have this to look forward to for the rest of my life. Unless a discovery is made, and that might depend on all of us comparing notes. If this is just too weird, I do understand. And you may, like I do, get tired very easily. I'm tired now.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
1639313 tn?1314587142 well, i woke up and i fell this morning, i hit my face and its hurting non stop i was in a hurry and my eye is swollen and im cramping .last night i had labor symptoms. I am really scared now. the doctor changed my medication from suboxone to subutex supposed to benot harmful to the baby, but i feel like i have been ran over, the depresssion and crying spells just wont stop.
Avatar f tn I've been on the Prometrium for 6 days and very tired and depressed. I'm taking it help regulated my cycle and shed my uterine line. I'm not taking another dose. It is making me really really down. I have had a history of depression in my family though so I may just be more sensitive to it. Is that how you are feeling?