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Avatar m tn It is usually seen in a person suffering from depression who also has cognitive impairment like memory loss. The assessment and diagnosis is made on basis of Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS). It is treated with antedepressants and psychotherapy. Memory loss and cognitive impairment is also a common symptom of frontal lobe injury. In the past you must have directly or indirectly hit your forehead jarring the frontal lobe of the brain just underneath. Take care!
Avatar n tn However, more importantly, since your memory loss may or may not be related to the Celexa, it could be that your memory loss is due to something else. Plz let your Doc know about your memory loss before thinking about quitting Celexa cold turkey. Example: your memory problems could be from your actual Depression not being taken care of. When I had my 1st Major Depression, I had a form of memory loss problem, and that was BEFORE I took any meds.
Avatar n tn That's very complex. Memory loss and disruption in the visual and auditory process (other than the standard visual and auditory hallucinations of psychosis) don't sound psychiatric. Illogical thinking does. And other symptoms you described did sound like depression. That's not to say you don't have depression as well but there may be something in addition.
Avatar n tn Roaccutane causes depression. And memory loss is one of the symptoms of depression. This could be the reason. Check for signs of depression.... loss of interest, sadness, sell problems, weight changes, irritability, etc. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn This will help with determining if there are any physical, treatable reasons for your memory loss and depression. Some examples include anemia and an underactive thyroid condition. After your doctor has ruled out any medical reasons for your memory loss and depression, you can discuss a referral to your local psychiatric clinic. Memory loss can be a symptom of depression, which is termed pseudodementia. When the depression is treated, the memory loss diminishes.
Avatar m tn Ive never know antidepressants to cause memory loss ,..its depression that causes memory loss ,..
Avatar m tn I am in a "depression class" (thanks Kaiser), and they say memory loss is very common with depression. With all the physical problems & meds to deal with them, who wouldn't be depressed????? I started on anti-depressants after 3 years sober, still very very depressed. It helps for a while, then stopped. I realize my entire life I have been depressed, and now have Fibromyalgia, and take Wellbutrin for that.
438667 tn?1204593673 Hi, I'm 38 years old and I own a business that I manage by myself. I am under an immense amount of stress. I have 14 employees, way too much overhead, business has been slow etc...I drove myself to the hosptial last summer because I was going through a severe case of confusion and dizziness. I had a series of tests done and the only thing that came up negative was a heart condition called a pro-longed qt (not sure if there is any relation to my symptoms that day).
Avatar n tn I was in a auto accident in 2005 and my brain felt like it exploded, I have suffered memory loss in the analytical area, sequencing, name memory, headaches, etc. I have been tested and the dr said he is preplexed. He said I have a non specific abnormal mri in the white matter and my testing shows I am having issues as mentioned above.
Avatar n tn And memory loss is one of the symptoms of depression. This could be the reason. Check for signs of depression.... loss of interest, sadness, sell problems, weight changes, irritability, etc. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn s 12 years ago and experienced some memory loss, but had some relief of the depression symptoms. After numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations I have again returned to ECT's, this time uni-polar. I am having much relief from my depression , and no more suicidal thoughts. I also do not have any memory loss. ECT is supposed to be a therapy of last resort, and for me it was. I am pleased with the results.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Serzone for about two years now, and I am noticing a significant memory loss (mostly short term). I know that memory loss is a rare side effect of the drug, but I am a pharmacist and I really do believe it is causing my problems.
Avatar m tn After various doctor visits, therapy, antidepressants and antianxiety meds, work-up at Stanford, etc., I am still having the same level of memory loss, although the depression has finally begun to weaken some. They call the memory loss Pseudodementia (believe me, there's nothing pseudo about it). It's difficult to find much information about it. Does anyone have personal experience with it?
Avatar f tn I have documented short-term memory loss plus bouts of depression.(no meds for depression) Lately I have been experiencing extreme sleeplessness. Who/where do I start for these? Are they all related? My GP? Neuro? Psych? A sleep clinic?
Avatar n tn Is it possible you have become more depressed? Depression seems to have a big impact on memory. Have you recently changed your dose of antidepressant or other meds? If you can't remember your childhood and you could before then it seems maybe more than medication. It sounds like you need to get an MRI or CT scan of the head to make sure nothing is wrong. You may want to see a neurologist but your family practise doc might be able to get started with some of the neurological tests.
Avatar f tn am taking abilify 8 years and suffer fom random memory loss, also have experienced uncontrollable shivering . Have major problems with the psychiatrist as they simply state no other patient has experienced those symptoms. The memory loss is fustrating/social embaressing but the 'shivering' is actually very scarey. Also keep waking up at night...4 or 5 am .Am seeking info/contact with other persons who may experience the same. Am 48 years old female.
Avatar n tn No question to me that depression itself is the main culprit for memory loss or just difficulties bringing to the front things you know well. Just can't spit 'em out. Don't forget the benefits of memory loss either!! You only need to buy one movie CD!!!
Avatar n tn He deteriorated to the point where he has been hospitalised. He is suffereing major memory loss and confusion - to me the symptoms resemble Alzheimer's disease - confused about time and place and events with no short term memory. He was treated for depression, incluidng ECT. He deteriorated rapidly to the point of being unable to speak coherently or follow simple directions.
Avatar m tn It like many other anti depressents have side effects to include a chance of memory loss but you have to weigh the therapeutic benefits of the medicine against the symptoms of your depression. Also depression itself can cause memory loss and I know for a fact and personal experience that it lowers your concentration which, to me, is one of the worst parts about being depressed.
Avatar n tn She has been through many stressful situations and I was wondering how I maybe able to find out more about dementia since I do know that it has to do with memory loss and can be caused by stress and depression. What are some other signs I should look for to try and find if she has dementia (by the way, her psychiatrist has mentioned dementia)?
Avatar f tn Not too long ago my grandpa started getting night memory loss. Only at night though. Some people think it might be dementia. At night he starts moving his arms around. He even talks to himself or just talks. He already went to the doctor but they didn't know what it was.
Avatar f tn Can memory loss be caused by diabetes? Can memory loss be caused by mental health disorders? Can memory loss be caused by seizures? By doctor says I'm to young but young doesn't make it impossible. I'm a 20 year old just graduated last summer in high school and for years I have had this problem of losing or miss placing things that I know I ha put there but yet it's not there.
Avatar f tn I think I am starting to level out a little and my therapy is for sure helping. I need to know if anyone else has ever heard of memory loss and making crazy, bad decisions after a hysterectomy??
Avatar n tn Posted By MargaretC on November 19, 1998 at 08:34:30: My husband has been treated for depression for 3 years. A year ago he bagan t suffer headaches and bloodshot right eye. After extensive investigations by an eye surgeon it was decided that medicattion(anti depressent "Effexor" was the culprit and he ceased taking it and tried a variety of other annti depressants. The headaches returned, and it was suggested that this might be neuralgia.