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1337734 tn?1336238191 I guess it's hard to tell where the depression/low self esteem started- but in a way, that doesn't matter does it. You still have to try to live with it. Depression is a common symptom in MS. Some think it's caused by some of the meds, some think it comes from chronic pain, and I've read where some think it's a direct result of demyelination. Still others feel that it may rise from grieving over your lost "good health". I don't know who is right, or even if perhaps they all are.
Avatar n tn coming from an emotionally dysfunctional family that included an extremely withdrawn and ghostly mother and a self-absorbed, snarling father. I suffered from hideously low self-esteem which manifested itself in various ways and I think now that if my mother or a loving presence had intervened I would not be struggling with major depression, or letting it totally envelope me, at the now age of 21.
Avatar m tn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Self-Esteem, Depression, and Other Illnesses Before you begin to consider strategies and activities to help raise your self-esteem, it is important to remember that low self-esteem may be due to depression. Low self-esteem is a symptom of depression. To make things even more complicated, the depression may be a symptom of some other illness.
Avatar f tn I have problem of low self esteem, some times feels neutral, not like to do anything. Are this symptoms of clinical depression? Please suggest.
Avatar n tn This is why children with anxiety cry a lot, and are frustrated often, and have low self-esteem, and feel they can "read negative thoughts and others dislike them, and throw tantrums in safe environments. Some researchers even believe that children who have inherited anxiety (try to think of anxiety like a genetic malfunction as diabetes) also are delayed in their social development and I believe this to be true.
Avatar f tn But this generally refers to those with poor confidence and bad self esteem. As confidence and self esteem has a BIG part of how society effects us. Those with allot of confidence and a good self esteem, wouldn't really care if someone called them names, normally they would go as far as fighting back, verbally, sometimes wouldn't be effected if it got physical. Where as if someone with poor confidence was called a name, we would just either run away, or try hardest to ignor/repress it.
5368438 tn?1366988615 I'm not sure if those test we're accurate so I came on this site to ask people who do have depression if this is depression. I have low self-esteem. I'm always downing myself. I don't consider myself to be beautiful, gorgeous or anything--that's why when people call me stuff like that I let it go in one ear and out the other. I rarely post pictures of myself to the internet because I'm afraid people will make fun of me so Instead I used cartoons or pictures of celebrities.
Avatar f tn You do NOT sound pathetic, you sound depressed!! Your self esteem is in the pot. You've suffered so long, I'm SURE you're just tired of it all. I don't blame you ONE bit. I know it's hard to believe, but there's always hope, and coming here was a great idea. It's always nice to get a fresh perspective. If I may ask...what kind of research did your friend do? Were you a participant? What was the conclusion? Did you seek treatment based on those recommendations? What meds have you tried?
Avatar f tn There's 9 days left till my period arrives and Ive been acting pretty much annoying. I've been depressed and having low self esteem for 3 days out of nowhere. Sometimes Im fine then in a coyple of minutes I feel like the worst looking female or like I'm always alone etc. It happens almost everytime I'm close to my period but as far as I remember I didnt used to get this kind of stuff when my period started. Help!!
Avatar n tn my 10 year old son is suffering signs of depression such as low self esteem, lacking in confidence, angry, aggressive, aggitated, very emotional, self worth, unwanted, unloved, wishes he was dead, most worrying that he is now experiencing evil hallucinations and the sounds of screaming in his head since the last 2 weeks, the other symptoms have been on & off through out the age of 4-5 years old since he got bullied, i tried to get him help just over a year ago through school and our GP but h
Avatar n tn I'm afraid that even though he doesn't display classical symptoms of depression, his low self esteem and threats to harm himself may cause him to do something impulsive and rash. Thank you. Your suggestions are appreciated.
1053987 tn?1279308110 My big things are loss of interest, low self-esteem, grandiosity, racing thoughts, pressured speech, poor judgement, irritation, aggitation, disorganized thinking and frustration, trouble concentration and memory issues, intrusive thoughts, mild paranoia, and of course the bad stuff of self-harm and suicidal ideation which is not fun.
Avatar m tn Although, they elevated my mood, I never felt they addressed the real issue, that being a low self-esteem. I felt they allowed me to remain protected from life. I attended Cognitive behavioural sessions but my negative thinking is so powerful is that I could not be open to that and refused to believe it would be of use to me. To get to the point, I came off medication a few month's ago. I experienced 3 weeks of 'genuine' happiness. I loved this feeling so much.
Avatar f tn You are right, EVERYTHING becomes HUGE. I am so self-critical and my self-esteem is non-existent. I can hardly believe that just one year ago, I was a totally different person. We can endure it and get through it. That's all we can do. I don't even want to know how long it might last. I totally sympathize and encourage you to write and discuss how you feel. Best wishes and good luck.
1130576 tn?1260154370 Teen girls may be more vulnerable to depression than teen boys because girls are more likely to derive self-esteem from relationships. Some teens' relationships can be especially challenging due to early physical development that can make them look different and change the way peers treat them. Sometimes teen depression is triggered by a health problem, stress or the loss of an important person in the teen's life. How does teen depression affect a teen?
Avatar m tn very low levels of energy, feeling of helplessness, low self-esteem or despair, problems with sleep (oversleeping or insomnia), problems with concentration and appetite (its significant decrease or increase). If you feel at least two of these symptoms of chronic depression, you are better to see a health professional.................. Continuation of the article: Source: http://www.depressionhelps.
Avatar f tn back and neck pains, muscle spasms, lost in appetite or increased appetite, insomnia or too much sleep, other various psychosomatic pains. I might have forgot some symptoms and it varies from people to people.
Avatar n tn When I try to do any task it overwhelms me to the point of quitting, I am always tired , can't sleep, cry alot, low self esteem, emotionally eat etc. I certainly haven't been myself in years. Depression meds stop the emotional part but do not help with anything else. Any advice would be helpful.
Avatar f tn There are various depression symptoms to be on the look-out for as parents of teens, teachers, helpers, friends and influencers in the teenagers life, particularly if these depression-like symptoms are uncharacteristic of the teen, disruptive to daily life and normal functioning, leads to negative behaviour that impacts or endangers the interpersonal social and family relationships, consistent low self esteem vented as either aggression and/or withdrawal and feelings of worthlessness and futil
Avatar n tn I've had severe serotonin and dopamine deficiency from numerous conditions including nutrient deficiency states - notably vitamin B12 malabsorption (severe serotonin deficiency of note!), magnesium, other B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A..., hypothyroidism, severe insulin resistance, estrogen deficiency, adrenal insufficiency.
306455 tn?1288865671 By going through those philosophy, he realized that such self-low-esteem complex can never be removed forcibly. “But when we fully accept it, just let it be, it will disappear magically”. (Counter Therapy) Based on Mr. Hei Xi’s more than 10 years’ research findings and experiences gained from the treatment process, he came up with his own so-called Easten or Natural Therapy.
Avatar f tn not sure if this helps but I have been having the same thing with cerazette, the progestrogen only pill and the implanon releases the same hormone. Noone has confirmed to me that the self harm and depression is related to the pill but I know it is. The only thing you can do is have it removed and see if this helps. If it continues then it might be something else in your life, if it stops then try another method.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and i also suffer from bad Anxiety. I have a very low self esteem and i'm very shy, i was bullied alot at school cos of my weight (i'm naturally very slim) and was constantly accused of being anorexic and that. I also don't look my age, i look about 16-17 if that and no matter how hard i try i just cannot feel good about myself.
Avatar f tn Also, I was a straight A student until the second semester of my freshman year, when I got very sick. My self-esteem never recovered from not having straight A's, as I've always defined myself by my grades, and my physical health still isn't great, either. I assume Medi-Cal is some California thing? I don't live there. My family was homeless in middle school, so I'm very familiar with social services.
Avatar f tn After analyzing my symptoms from different websites I judge that I may have depression from last few years but I already knew my low self confidence and social fears are from childhood. My mom felt that may be she is not doing enough for me that’s why I am doing such things but that’s not the thing she is the best mother in the world, my life is really comfortable, I recently got best job (says others)just after finishing my masters. But for me its just getting in my nerves .
Avatar n tn I spend the majority of the day sleepy to exhausted I have trouble focusing I have major mood-swings I have low self-esteem I have trouble growing/maintaining muscle mass I eat less than 2500 calories a day, and live a very pedestrian life style (i don't have a car, walking everywhere), and yet i have been gaining weight I also have a low sex drive I also seem to have a predisposition to ligament injury and chronic disease (frequently have knee pain w/o having recieved a satisfactory di
Avatar f tn I don't know if my problem is situational or what to think anymore. I have no self-esteem, cry VERY easily (which I couldn't do when I was on Effexor before), don't want to leave the house or see anyone particularly, finding it VERY difficult to get ANYTHING done around the house...have about 4 projects on the go at once and none nearly finished. I have a huge emptiness in my heart and in my stomach. Off my food...only eat b/c hubby makes me.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear about your other halfs ogling other woman, that has a way of hurting our self esteem, it really adds to the negative feelings or fears that we have developed which causes the anxiety/panic attacks. Be a little selfish and focus on you some. I know that you have a little one and they require so much attention, but try to make time for yourself. Having a forum to share your feelings with others that are going through similar problems help.
Avatar n tn I feel so tortured and chemically altered I feel that Interferon has given me the equivilant of a brain injury ....I know this sounds depressing ..but my self esteem has hit rock bottom, so many people on here are so seriously ill, and I feel , like this message is a slap in the face to they are probably thinking just get on with your life ....but I simply just cant seem to reassemble the mental pieces after this treatment. Has anyone experieced this ...