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Avatar n tn at 6 months the virus was undectable. Lately (last couple of months) I have been having symptoms....depression, night sweats, shakiness, fatigue, lower abd pain, nausea, loss of appetite....what are the chances that the virus has returned? I am scared to go back to the doctor...if the virus has returned what are my options? Will treatment again be necessary? I have an appointment with my physician tomorrow and am really scared.
Avatar m tn We know them pretty well because MS and Lyme mimic each other's symptoms in so many ways. stay in touch here too - we like to know answers .....
118074 tn?1228332603 well, my dad mom does not...(in fact talks in spanish to people forgetting they don't understand her!! so funny....), but that doesn't stop them from riding the bus to the mall, or walmart.....or my dad to grab my bicycle and ride it to the mexican store to get some groceries a couple of blocks down. It helps we live in a development near down they don't have to 'drive' all the time.....(which we don't even have a car for them anyway...).
535822 tn?1443980380 and in Chinese at: NaturalNews has worked tirelessly to create public educational information about GMOs including this "10 Ten GMO Foods to Avoid" infographic:
396308 tn?1213377232 Hello everyone.. I really hope someone can help me because I am considering ending my life, I simply cannot bare to feel like this anymore.. I am a 21 year old female living in the UK. I am about 4-5 stone overweight and am a university student. My grandmother died when I was 15 and I began binge eating (mainly on sugary foods). I havent binged now for a week which I am proud of :o) so I am changing things in that way.
Avatar f tn Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms because there is no test that is 100% accurate. I have a negative Lyme test, but have all the symptoms and have other tests including my SPECT Scan and CD57 which point towards a Lyme diagnosis. I did have a postive Bartonella test done by Fry Laboratories which looks at the actual bacteria in the blood. As Jackie said, a negative test is very common and LLMDs know that.
154927 tn?1205246451 It's happened to me with depression (both ends), arthritis (runs in family), back pain (have a crack in my 5th lumbar that's recently been aching again), and headaches (have had some but never like since tx). The difficulty driving (sight), I think is also an expected side. Before beginning tx, my dr. INSISTED on an eye exam and a chest exam. They ask me about my vision each time I go in for a check-up. It's worsened on tx.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend was told yesterday that she might have "hypothyroid" b/c her TSH level was a 4.5. She also got the autoimmune test done which she does NOT have. From what I have read online I am having a hard time figuring out if she really hast this condition. Since I have known her she has had the opposite of fatigue (lots of energy). Except for recently b/c she started taking warfarin (a blood thinner) due to a blood clot she aquired after a surgery.
Avatar n tn But i dont know why i feel i have to go again to the dr ( i dont know how to say it in english) that knows about bones.. in spanish is Ortopedista....i have been reading about this desease in the web, and i havenĀ“t suffer a trauma i dont remember, the doctor told me that it might be a result of a fall when i was a kid or something like that... do you thinks so??... what can i do to be sure look for second opinion...go to another doctor specialized in the spine not in the nerves neuro surgean?
Avatar f tn In the shower, the sound of running water; if you are in the shower you can hear the water and if someone knocks on the door while you are in the shower you will hear that secondary. With shower water running, I hear what sounds like one of those flexible plastic tubes kids spin in the air to make a weird noise. When the furnace turns on, I hear what sounds like a truck running, but not as distinct. Everything seems to have a secondary sound lately ...
Avatar m tn But this last symptoms could be due to depression (not sure if I have that, but I do show a lot of signs) Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I was confirmed pregnant on day 14 after the procedure by blood test. I had the symptoms before I was confirmed positive and I also thought they were in my head, but there could be more to it. I had a failed IUI a few months before and I did not have any symptoms at all. Good luck!
Avatar m tn variable acuity in left eye, from 20/20 to barely able to see. starting in the right eye also last week. (I got the results of the MRI this week) speech problems - stuttering, miss-used words, words in the wrong places, trouble remembering words. (this in patricular bothers me as I speak spanish, portuguese, and english and have a rather large vocabulary) Saying things as I think them...
Avatar m tn i thought i was the only one this issue is driving me crazy feels as thought something is stuck in my throat, slimey, feel as though i need to belch to ease it, i am worried about this this has only occured the past week and i have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow just hoping its nothing serious, i try not to panic when it feels very closed but i do and it just makes it worse i just want to be back normal again i sometimes feel as there is a mucus in my throat and in the back of my nose,
Avatar n tn Dark Skin Treatment You must consult your doctor if you experience symptoms other than the appearance of pigmented skin, as that may help in diagnosing and treating any underlying condition. However, if the darkening of the skin is a normal phenomenon homemade remedies or simple do-it-yourself methods can help in lightening the skin. Blend fresh lemon juice with either bath oil, olive oil or almond oil.
Avatar n tn If nothing else it will be therapeutic to discuss these issues with you all. Depression is starting to set in over these issues and I can't help but think there has got to be some way to fight back and regain some confidence and acceptance that age will happen but we don't need to sit back and go down without a fight. I am 57 and will confess that I have not taken very good care of myself. But that is going to change, starting now.
Avatar f tn The symptoms he is describing dont pertain to Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is called "The Silent Killer" because it usually doesn't have any symptoms at all, until it is too late, and a person is cirrhotic. Then the symptoms are edema in the legs, and ascites in the belly, and "bleedingout" from backed up vein, usually in the Esophugus. A person will cough up giant chunksof blood.
Avatar m tn I have also other symptoms like when i wake up in the morning, i can taste something sour in my mouth. I think its the stomach acid. I really need help but no docs seem to be able to help me. I have seen more than 3 doctors in the past two weeks.
Avatar f tn Thank you! I suffer from depression and subit changes of humor... I read in this website something about premenstrual desorders of... something, and I suffer that too.. I am going to therapy but still, it is way to hard to me to open myself to another person (specially to someone that is right in front of me).. So, I'm sorry if I can't introduce myself with all of my "symptoms"... All I can say is that I am preety ****** up.
425312 tn?1279969779 When stopping the use of any anti-anxiety medication it is best to contact your doctor on how to taper off the medication slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine Agitation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger, cravings, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, shakes, irritability, muscle pain.
Avatar f tn I don't take anything for depression something I have considered when depression trys to take over my thought process. While in this depression one big problem is fatague and a huge lack of energy. The lawyers at work notice and try to help me. Thank god there good people and dont hold my past against me but look at the present and how I conduct myself today and my tomorrows.
Avatar m tn plz peaple help )= what to do thats to much for me the a anexity killing me depression ....all what in my mind is hiv from moring tell i go sleep all i want is normal life all i want is ti finsh my study can hiv not kill me untill i finish my study ?? i want to make father happy for finishing my study )= my symptom goas a way when i do joginf or playing sport but when i stop joging symptoms come back...
Avatar m tn 4 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac quimioluminiscencia - in spanish) ------ negative 5 weeks Elisa 4thG (AG P24 included) ---------------------------------- negative 7.5 weeks Elisa 4thG (AG P24 included) -------------------------------- negative 10.5 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac by quimioluminiscencia) -------------- negative 13 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac by quimioluminiscencia) -----------------negative My physician told me after the second duo test at 7.
Avatar f tn can prescribe you another pain killer,I understand all that you going through right now, I'm in my 12 day of total dropping of that evil, I took it for several years no more the 3 pills daily of 50mg each one, unfortunateley there people that got trap taking 20 pills or even 40 per day as you can check in this forum or if you to the spanish forum you will be horrified,how people ended at the hospital because the convulsions and serious respiratory problems.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac quimioluminiscencia - in spanish) ------ negative 5 weeks Elisa 4thG (AG P24 included) ---------------------------------- negative 7.5 weeks Elisa 4thG (AG P24 included) -------------------------------- negative 10.5 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac by quimioluminiscencia) -------------- negative 13 weeks Elisa 3rdG (Ag/ac by quimioluminiscencia) ----------------- Waiting for results. My physician told me after the second duo test at 7.
Avatar f tn For the last 5 years I have been suffering with symptoms of depression, insecurity, anger and the inability to behave normally in a relationship. On the outside I appear completely normal an can generally get on with a normal life, work is fine, friends are fine. However, 6 months after a breakup 6 years ago, I had what i thought was a breakdown.I had uncontrollable bouts of highs and lows, panic attacks, anorexia, and thoughts of suicide.
745195 tn?1232826866 It's interesting how we come across as being passionate about mental health, etc when in our own lives we struggle so much. My brother did a short course in Spanish a few years ago and I expect he would be most impressed if I ended an e-mail with besos y abrazos. Thank you for the offer, and it sounds beautiful, but you need to be extremely cautious with people whom you meet over the internet.
Avatar m tn 2- Fatigue and depression ( i just wanted to sleep, i am a really hyper person, and i never felt sleep so fast in my life), in a way i made a depression, i was really depress, that is why i think i was sleeping so much ( that last 2 weeks ). 3-I had also the togue white, and my mouth was totally dry , desapear when brushing and after appear again that color all over my tongue( i smoke also ).
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home in Part 31 ...
424839 tn?1268189846 Methamphetamine Extreme fatigue, disturbed sleeping patterns, irritability, restlessness, intense hunger, moderate to severe depression, anxiety, angry outbursts, lack of motivation, mental confusion, psychotic reactions, depression, intense cravings for the drug. The average length of stay in detox program for methamphetamine addiction is approximately 3-5 days but might be longer depending upon medical problems, drug combinations and severity of withdrawal symptoms.