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Avatar f tn She needs urgent medication as she is not able to tolerate any further. Looking for a good rheumatologist in India. Awaiting your early response.
Avatar n tn ya i hv seen in ur forums many people come with acute symptoms and tests negetive in the end...actually here in India people are nt well enough knowlwgable with HIV....
Avatar m tn However i am suffering from upper arm muscle pain, neck pain with depression(headache) no other symptoms of HIV. Can tridot test (J-mitra) give false negative result? because according to a site," TRI-DOT test is outdated and gives false negative result mostly and this is clinically proved" But my test canter professional told me that tridot test is Rapid and gives accurate report. Kindly help me on this matter.
Avatar n tn Hi Gimel, I'm taking thyronorm but have no relief in thyroid symptoms. I desperately like to try the natural thyroid. I'm in India so pls let me know how to get it here. Thanks.
Avatar n tn almost all symptoms are cleared but i have stress every time in my mind and this due to i have every time remember my mind.why am i not forget my depression.if i have my mind on my jow then stress comes on my gum.please give some advice or medication for this problem,my doctor suggest for this is SERLIFT along with STALOPAM-20.but serlift did not cure it.
Avatar n tn Risk in all areas throughout country except no risk in areas above 2,000 m (>6,561 ft) in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, and Sikkim. Risk also exists in urban areas below 2000 m, including Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay). If you have visited a malaria-risk area, continue taking your antimalarial drug for 4 weeks (doxycycline or mefloquine) or seven days (atovaquone/proguanil) after leaving the risk area.
Avatar f tn To all FM friends, I m a female 40yrs a mother of two suffering from complete body pain. One neurologist in India has diagosed it as fibromyalgia but has not prescribed any medication. As per him it needs to be treated by a rheumatologist. The symptoms are as follows: 1.Pain all over the body & more severe at specific points 2.Fatigue 3.Sleep difficulties 4.Loss of memory / difficulty in remebering 5.Morning stiffness 6.Muscle knots, cramping, weakness 7.Digestive disorders 8.
Avatar m tn Post all results here in the forum. So other members, especially members from India in general and from north India in particular can use it. Take care..
Avatar f tn she is suffering from depression and anxiety. her symptoms are crying for multiple reasons, no willingness to live, doesnt find happiness anywhere and in anything. she feels isolated from inside..she cries in front of whomsoever she meets in the entire day. she is under a lotof medication and almost 3 physchiatrists hav been changed in the process.
Avatar n tn I dunno about buying stuff over the counter, although I know you can do that in many countries. In India often the pharmacies have a doctor in residence. However, someone who can follow up with you might be a better choice and I have found treatment to be very thorough when travelling - more thorough then here in good old NZ.
Avatar f tn I am taking synthetic thyroid derivative 125mcg.I am suffering from all symptoms of Hypothroidism inspite of this high dose- 1)Depression 2)Chronic severe Fatigue 3)Disturbed menstrual cycle 4)severe PMS 5)Increase in facial hair growth 6)Painful acne 7)Inability to lose weight inspite of rigorous daily exercise 8)Fibromyalgia 9)Disturbed sleep My current counts are T3-85 (60-200) T4-11.5 (4.5-12) TSH -0.49 (0.30-5.5) I am a practising Dentist.
Avatar m tn I've never heard of Fludec, but I think there is a good chance that your experiencing both Depression and anxiety. In most cases they go hand in hand.
Avatar f tn Also some studies have shown that vitamin B can assist with memory and overall brain power. A deficiency in vitamin B3 (niacine) can lead to a bunch of symptoms too insomnia, weakness, mental confusion are some of them. Vitamin B6 (piridoxine) is the one we will be interested in since you talk about anxiety and stress. Deficiency may lead to anemia, depression, high blood pressure and some other effects we are not interested for now.
Avatar m tn Hi Alimog and welcome to the forum. My late Aunt had a vacation home around Puerto del Carmen! Your symptoms are consistent with Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia, (Search under this : "PMID 7993614" regarding Post-traumatic fibromyalgia.) something similar to what I went through many years ago in my early 20's when Fibromyalgia was not even known then, following a nasty traffic accident.
Avatar n tn how long does the depression last. i know that i need to start trying to fill the void in my life but it isnt easy to do right now. i fear a relapse coming if this continues much longer............. also if for some reason i did relapse once 15-20 days from now and i only did it once, like a hydro/10 or 2, would i have 2 suffer the physical withdrawal all over????
186166 tn?1385262982 A lot of people have been writing questions about early symptoms of HIV infection. Many of these people do not seem to have any risk for HIV, but may be having some kind of anxiety related to an encounter with a sex worker (or as in the case of question one, a strip club). Most have tested negative for HIV and are beyond the window period. They report a wide array of symptoms, some of them are very severe.
Avatar m tn Now he says that my parents do not allow me to study what he wanted. In the last year of hi engg he went in depression. We were worried a lot about his depression so we were preoccupied with his treatment. we could not arrange finance or we could not concentrate properly what he should do further even he could not do it. I couldnot come to a conclusion about his further studies.
Avatar f tn And only one of my test have T3 readings, and that was in range at 152. These tests range from 2004 to 2008 and my symptoms come and go. I have one test result with a TSH reading of 2.95. Sometimes lasting a couple days, and other times lasting longer than a month or so. And sometimes I go months feeling fine. But when I feel like it's acting up, I find myself getting agitated and irritated at little things that normally wouldn't and shouldn't bother me, especially at home.
Avatar n tn All tests gone normal Thanks to God last year in sgpgi, lucknow, india an immunologist made test for serum ferritin and started himmup iron tablets twice in a day and i lost 90 % symptoms i am fine now. One thing I changes in my lifestyle is that i started taking icecream with full of dryfruits it gives relief to skin problems and after sunset i dnt eat anything it also helps me. Its true that there is no research available in low level of ferritin so doctors also cant help us they can try only.
147426 tn?1317269232 I have two buldging discs in my neck. My symptoms are tingling in my left arm and hand. Weakness in my left arm and my last two fingers go to sleep when I do anything with my arm extended out or above my head (probably related to the thoracic herniation). I do not see my neurologist for two more months! I have really felt like I am left out in the cold with my whole situation.
Avatar f tn A few years ago I had a rectal bleed (bright red) and mucus in my stool but never went to a doctor. Other symptoms include insomnia and night sweats. Also the lymph nodes in my neck, groin, and axilla are swollen (but nontender) and have been that way for about a month. A few weeks ago, my PCP ordered blood work (CBC w/diff, BMP, ESR) and a chest xray which were all normal. When I asked what the next step was, the nurse told me to eat well and rest.
Avatar m tn total lack of interest in most aspects of your life, disregard for most normal things one should care about to some degree, weight loss, isolation, losing faith in humanity or companionship or, as you also said, love. There’s no way for anyone to know whether or not the way you feel compared to the way a healthy and happy person would feel about EVERYTHING is more accurate or true. Nobody could ever know that. Maybe you are right.
Avatar m tn Since you are from India and have been tested there, and since I have a trip to India in a month time, I would like know where New Delhi I can go for a HIV Test and what test do you recommend me to take?
Avatar n tn I shelled out over $850 in out-of-pocket expenses in April, for NOTHING. It will take a lot to get me back in a doctor's office. I pray you get better.
Avatar m tn Unless of course you are BP in origin which is bloody rare The USA has a rate of 4.5 % (announced) in population simply because of the abuse of AD. India is 0.19 %. I think this disorder is an enemy of AD's. Right now, I didn't take them for one whole year, why i don't know !! except that after my last horrible mania which lasted for eight months and extinguished it with great difficulty, somehow i turned to BP1 and needing AP's only. Perhaps this is the case, still i don't know.
Avatar m tn I am from India After that on 22-Sep-2010(23th day from exposure), I had gone for following tests 1) Uretheral swap for Gonorrhoea 2) Herpes simplex(1+2) IGM ELISHA 3) TPHA test 4) Chlamydia IGM antibodies all turned negative. I had following symptoms 1) 4 red rashes(Sharp pointed, very small and not in same place) of 1-2mm size is there in my back(mostly upper and middle) near spinal cord. I had burning sensation on it. 2) I reduced by 2.5-3kgs.
Avatar f tn she is suffering from depression and anxiety. her symptoms are crying for multiple reasons, no willingness to live, doesnt find happiness anywhere and in anything. she feels isolated from inside..she cries in front of whomsoever she meets in the entire day. she is under a lotof medication and almost 3 physchiatrists hav been changed in the process.
Avatar m tn People say that you should do Yoga, but i hate yoga (cause i lived in India like 4 years and well, long story) ... i know i should try as well... You can't be sure of anything until you give a try... the trick is really to get yourself to try (like when i went to that workshop) But you can't push your fiance to do this or that... u need to be careful on that... Have you considered postponing your wedding? In m opinion maybe you should...
Avatar n tn Hello. The burning and cold sensations are very much a part of her depression. Depression is a state of mind where the sufferer needs to ventilate his / her feelings. It is a common knowledge that in people suffering from depression, a "somatization" phenomenon is observed. It is different from the somatization disorder. The somatization I am referring to is the transformation of the inner feelings and emotions into bodily (somatic) aches and pains.
Avatar n tn My hands and feet are almost always cold (in fact, they are right now), and I fall in and out of relatively mild depression. I have been told that carrying the thalassemia trait has no obvious symptoms, but I've been poking around forums a little bit, and the symtoms I experience seem to be fairly common. I'm still looking for ways to lessen the intensity of these symptoms, but for me I've found that maintaining physical activity helps, as well as not oversleeping, or overeating.