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Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and was taking different type of SSRI. Last five years he started taking 150mg of luvox and for the last 6 months he made a decision to cut down the luvox to 100 mg/day and started to feel anxiety. He went to see a psychiatrist and was told that he is having a GAD and advise to take 0.25mg of xanax in the morning,at noon and half of xanax at night and also to increase his luvox to 150 mg. Is this the right advise ?
Avatar f tn I think I have depression since the pregnancy, can anyone who's suffered/suffering tell me their symptoms? I don't want to be depressed but I just feel like I'm sinking slowly and my poor baby I don't want her to suffer with me..
Avatar f tn Going to AA is a great thing and many positive things can come from it. If it doesn't help relieve your depression symptoms then seek further help. Let us know how you make out.
Avatar m tn Not dealing with your diabetes can very well be making your depression worse. With proper treatment you should see improvement with your depression and your general health as well. As far as the other symptoms 'pins and needles, etc.' these could very well be the early signs of neuropathy which is very common in uncontrolled diabetes. I have severe polyneuropathy and believe me when I say that things will not get better from here. Pain 24/7 will make depression seem like a mere cold.
Avatar n tn My husband is 64 years old and he has a depression for a long time like 11 years, and it started due to serious tensions. Now his mother also happened to have depressive as well as excited moods. My husband however managed without any medications for about 2 years and was taking only Larpose 2mg for sleep during the last 2 years.
980510 tn?1282014546 Hi All Iam not sure if anyone posted anything about depression if they did iam sorry So a few weeks back i was really super crabby, i mean seriously nasty i chose not to speak anymore because it was likely not going to be anything very nice i had to say, ( I was always told if you cant say anything nice say nothing at all..
Avatar f tn Basically, he said that if you are suffering from a mental illness - like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, et al - that the symptoms will manifest in your body. He is a scientist and so believes that there is a reason for everything. There is a reason you are suffering so much grief and cannot let it go. Whether you are depressed and sleeping all the time, or having high blood pressure, or feeling nauseated, or suffering aches & pains, there is a reason.
Avatar f tn I just wish I could get over the depression. I'd be fine then. I don't know if I can hold out till 90 days not knowing if then it will be better.
Avatar f tn I'm married and the only support I have is my husband and that is one of the main factors of my depression. I have insurance and they cover all but $20. There are risk factors the baby can have being on anti depression medications, they can have cleft palate and I know that for a fact as my friend just have birth and get daughter has it due to the medication.
Avatar f tn I don't recall him having any symptoms of depression after stopping either of those therapies. However, he did remain on Lexapro after both of those therapies. He hadn't been on an AD prior to being diagnosed and treated for Hep C, but seemed to do better staying on it after both treatments.
Avatar n tn Be optimistic, your result should be negative. Did you have negative results during tx? My doctor told me that if you have negative at 12 weekes you probably are one of the SVR, I was negative at 12 and 24 month but trubled with depression and anxiety.No other important side effects.For me "depression" sounds morescary that hep C. I know many people living a normal life with hep C although they didn't do any treatment. The treatment improve our chance to survive, I hope.
Avatar f tn I found another anti depressant that suited me just fine and got rid of depression, anxiety and panics. It was the beat meds I ever took. So if you really find you are not improving, talk to your doctor, and he may put you on another anti depressants that suits you better. There are a lot of anti depressants out there now, and it is a matter of finding the one that suits you best.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar f tn I am 20 weeks, my husband and i had been recently married a month ago. We used to have sex every night. But the past couple weeks, even if i get him aroused he just rolls over and falls asleep! I am worried he is not physically attracted to me like he had used to be, it really hurts my feelings and i do not know what to do!
676912 tn?1332816151 What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? I'm just curious because it runs on both sides of my family, and my dad is bipolar, and occasionally I think maybe I should be talking to a dr because of how I am sometimes, but I don't want to walk into the drs office and make them think I'm some crazy person.
Avatar m tn I did have symptoms in my acute phase back in 1985 but there was no such thing as Hep C back then so nobody knew it was actue hep. I was on chemo for Leukemia at the time so they just passed it off as a chemo problem for me.
Avatar n tn can make neurological symptoms worse. However, one has to be concerned that the symptoms are real and that anxiety is making them worse and not causings them. Our perception of reality can vary according to our mental state. This does not make the symptoms less real to the individual however. If a full work up was done, then your symptoms might be due to a conversion disorder, anxiety, etc. I would first make sure that the symptoms are not real.
Avatar f tn My husband of 18 years is bipolar - he is doing really well we see a counselor, he goes to his psychiatrist, and takes his meds. He still has good days and bad days on meds and more good than bad and as I wife I just do not know how not to take it personal when he shuts down...
1890554 tn?1322681648 This upsets me so much that my stress level rises and things (symptoms) get worse!!!! I know my husband loves me a lot but WHY WHY does he not understand. I have send him articles about Chiari malformation…depression and he just does not give a damm….. he has gone with me ONE time to the doctor but I have mainly just be along with my CM.
Avatar n tn Wow -- I can't believe that his doctor would recommend waiting until the thyroid has "died off" to start treating the thyroid issue. Do you have a copy of his latest lab report? It would be great if you could post the tests run, along with their results and the lab's reference ranges, since different labs use different ranges. If you don't have a copy of the lab report, it would be a good idea to get one.
Avatar f tn Def talk to your regular doctor about the anxiety/depression there are meds that can help and I have seen improvements with my husband. Dont give up!!
Avatar n tn My husband suffers from depression, which he refuses to get treated. He's suffering from his 8th cold of the year. I wonder, is there a possible link between depression and a lowered immune system?
Avatar n tn A year and a half ago at the age of 30, I suffered a psychotic breakdown followed by severe depression. I haven't experinced psychotic symptoms in about a year now but still suffer with the depression that is somewhat controlled by medication. My question is, why would a person who has never had mental problems before (except some generalized aniexty since early twenties) have a psychotic break then suffer terrible depression as a residual result?
Avatar f tn I'm 45 - could this be part of perimenopause? My husband is helpful and understanding but I still get so angry about little things. It's like I have no control over my anger. My son will do something minor (spill food on his shirt) and I'll feel myself getting so mad that I want to yell and scream at him. Luckily, my husband usually tells me to calm down but it's starting to wear on him, too. How much can he take? I can't stand myself. How can I expect my family to put up w/me?
1087571 tn?1256619598 Ok, so Im 19 married and my husband and I found out we were expecting. Everything was going fine till I was around 15 weeks when I started having the worst headaches imaginable so bad that my eyes and ears would start hurting horribly. I told my OB's nurse practioner about it and she told me it was just swollen and not to worry about it and to take tyelenol for the pain, nothing helped.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to decide whether or not to start taking the medication again? What AD were you on, and for how long? For future reference, you never should stop an antidepressant abruptly, it should be tapered off. If you want to resume the medication, you must be sure that you're taking it consistently, not missing doses, and keeping in touch with your doctor. It's never good to take matters into your own hands. Have you tried any therapy?
Avatar f tn Probably is but lately I've been feeling really... Numb? I guess. Mostly just like a wallflower whenever I'm in a room even with my husband. I know these hormones change us in ways we can't understand or always control but I'm so tired of crying every time I think of the little things in my relationship that bothers me. I feel like I need to get away and that I need to breath. I don't want to be around anyone but I don't want to be alone.