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1130576 tn?1260154370 This clearly states 5.3% of adults and 4% of adolescents. Sorry but that means teenagers are less commonly depressed than adults. And faces are certainly the first indicator of depression in any person. The other things you mention are useful too but sleeping in for one is a common trait of every teenager I have ever known and depression did not automatically follow as a result of that.
Avatar f tn These meds were never tested on children nor approved for children, so are used off-label. I'd do anything to avoid meds for adults, and even more so for children. Have you tested for all food sensitivities - the worst are wheat and dairy -- hormonal problems, blood sugar, some traumatic event that might have happened, presence of heavy metals or other contamination in your area, I mean, the possibilities on a forming brain and body are endless.
293157 tn?1285877039 however large clinical trials are needed to assess treatment efficacy. Most symptoms of MS seen in children are similar to those seen in adults. There are, however, symptoms experienced by children that are not typical in adults, such as seizures and mental status changes (lethargy). Increasing evidence suggests a slower disease course in children with MS, but significant disability can accumulate at an earlier age compared to individuals with adult onset MS.
Avatar f tn What I'm wondering is do any other adults with mild CP have these symptoms? The dr's have no idea what is causing my issues.
Avatar n tn Not to alarm anyone but I have heard that for teenagers and young adults it's not recommened that they take these drugs because of risk of suicide. I would consult your Dr. again and stress that you son's depression is severe and that he has temper outbursts.
Avatar m tn Consumption of fermented foods that contain probiotic organisms may have a protective effect against symptoms of social anxiety, according to a study of young adults. The study compared foods reported to have been consumed to scores on personality tests. Those who most frequently consumed the most fermented foods tended to also have lower levels of social anxiety. This relationship was strongest in those who had higher levels of neuroticism.
Avatar n tn One of the common side effects of antidepressants, more common in young people but also in adults, are violent and suicidal thoughts. Sometimes a particular antidepressant can be very stimulating as well for some people, and Prozac is one known for that. That can increase your anxiety rather than help tamp it down. Much of this typically happens during the early phase of taking the drug and can stop over time, but it can also just be that this is not the proper medication for you.
Avatar n tn Take the above advice and see if the professionals think he needs medication for depression. It can be hard sometimes for parents to get a balance with school work because they want their child to do well. But if that means he is being pushed beyond what he can cope with, then unfortunately you do have to drop the pressure. And you need to be very aware of what is going on in school because he may not be being supported to the level that he needs.
Avatar m tn They haven't given her anything except for our in home services and a recommendation for integrated preschool which my town will not add into her IEP regardless of doctor recommendations! My fight is not over. I sometimes fear my 3 year old because she is so strong but I am skeptical on medications since I'm convinced that these issues are situational... We live with my mother who's twin sister is bipolar and there is clearly some disturbance in my mother but she is in denial...
Avatar f tn I have struggled with depression since I was very young, so I understand what's going on in your mind right now. If you have a school counselor, go see him/her and he/she will do their best to provide you with necessary coping skills so you can learn to deal with depression. Also, a wise person once told me that the best way to rise out of your depression and to motivate yourself again is to always have something to look forward to.
Avatar f tn Stress and anxiety and sometimes depression can also affect children as well as adults. Have a quiet and calm chat with her to see if there is anything bothering her at home, problems with friends, or at school. It would be a good idea also to talk with her class teacher to find out if there is any issues there that may be the cause of the migraines. She may be under too much stress with regard to any school work and exams or not like a particular class.
Avatar f tn Nearly every AD I know of, carries warnings that they may make depression worse in teenagers/young adults. Sounds like that might be what happened to you. Yeah, I bet it was scary. Your depression could very well be caused by thyroid, but sometimes, we have to treat the symptoms, individually, until we get the underlying issue solved. That's what I had to do, though I fully understand that we are all very different and what's right for me, won't be right for everyone else.
Avatar f tn My question is are these symptoms temporary - does it take a while for his body to adjust to being off the med? He is very confused now, thought he really wanted the Marines but now that he's off the med, not so sure. He's so confused and depressed. PLEASE HELP! He wants to give Addcare (all natural) a try and see what happens. Any thoughts, advice? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I can only tell you my story and each of us are different with different personality traits and backgrounds, and not everything that worked for me will for you and so on it goes. I also found God and I must say that helped me tremendously. I remember how those feelings were so dark and lonely and I hope I never forget those, so I dont go back there. I hope you find your way soon as suicide is not the answer.
Avatar n tn Somehow ask her to wait a few months before you engage in sex. For her sake and yours, avoid sex for at least 3 months post warts. Bring up the CDC link ( with her and educate her on what this is. If she has been with 4 or more partners in her entire life, she probably has it even if she has no symptoms. If she never speaks to you again, then she was not worth knowing to begin with. And she will probably get it soon.
Avatar f tn Children are happy by nature, and I don't feel depression would present itself in one so young, as it does in adults, it would manifest itself in others way, like acting out, mis-behaving, etc. I strongly feel now is the time to find and hopefully resolve any issues going on with your child to avoid future problems. He deserves a happy life, and is missing out on this. I would get him checked for other physical, emotional issues and not label him too quickly as "depressed".
Avatar m tn It is clinically termed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is common among young people. Around 9% of children between 3-17 and 2%-3% of adults suffer from this disorder. Symptoms: 1. Predominantly lacking concentration 2. Highly restless/impulsive Bipolar Disorder: It can be described as a chronic ill health with frequent episodes of obsession and depression that can stay from 1 day to even months. Symptoms: 1. Abnormal and dramatic mood swinging 2. Lack of energy 3.
702147 tn?1289835970 I am interested for personal reasons as well because I feel like this generations teenagers and young adults are the first to have "grown up" on this medication and I'm very anxious to see what happens.
1309735 tn?1275583364 I was setting here kind of pondering..... were a lot of you young when this started? I have been trying to pin point the moment this all started in my life. I have memories very young probably 7 or 8 where I remember i just couldn't stand all the commotions of the house parents and the kids and I would go lock the door in my closet and climb onto a shelf and sit there with my big raggedy Ann doll.
202436 tn?1326477933 Have they tested your daughter for any food allergies? Sometimes that can cause depression symptoms and tantrums. Sugar can cause tantrums and crying because when a child's blood sugar goes down they can feel sad. The strangest thing happens when my 4 year old son eats Saltine crackers. He starts crying real tears and has tantrums on the floor. Even though he has no food allergies I found out there is something in those crackers that affects him.
Avatar f tn When I was out of school for my 1st year,during college,my doctor said I had stress and anxiety disorder.I would break out in cold sweats and black out sometimes without warning.He put me on some anxiety meds.Later after my mom had past he put me on Deprozan. I had begun cutting myself and one morning around 1am,I had a bath and left my house walking because I needed to clear my head. I ended up in town and my brother had to call a taxi to come and fetch me to take me home.
Avatar m tn This week I went shopping, young adults meeting for a fun movie/pizza/Wii night, and friends movie night, and next week am planning on going to the symphony. And I'm laughing as I think about the symphony- it isn't always easy to go even though I love the music.... the LAST time i was there I had a head-ache and had to climb 3 sets of stairs (which is super hard for me) due the place being a historical site without an elevator.
Avatar n tn My daughter (15 years old) has been recently prescribed 50mg Zoloft for mild depression. I am very scared that this is not the right way to deal with the problems that she has and in particular scared of side effects and withdrawal dramas eventually. Do you have any suggestions how I could help her deal with depression without the medication and is Zoloft very dangerous to start with?
Avatar f tn That's a tough drug for someone so young -- it's not an easy one for adults. But if the depression has not been treated, it will still be there, and again, drugs don't treat it, they tamp down the symptoms. At that age I'm surprised therapy wasn't tried first, but so it goes.
Avatar n tn causes me major depression... well, anyway, my AIM/AOL is PaulostheSpy for anyone who wishes to respond or something. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Good luck to you. Lean on your family for support if needed. My kids are losing their dad soon. You are so young. Don't throw your life away.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same symptoms for the past 2 years. It came on very suddenly at a time when I was exercising regularly every morning on the stairmaster and lifting weights every evening. Since that time I have forced myself to work through the weight lifting and have cut out the the stairmaster (which did cause a lot of sweating). I found that after a few days the flu like symptoms would diminish from the weight lifting.
Avatar f tn I do believe that your gut instincts are right, even for such a very young age, and something is wrong, like diabetes (probably type 2) and a UTI. So, I feel strongly that I'm not giving bad advice even to a minor. I do believe that if no one else is listening that you should go in to an ER. Do this during the day time hours and make sure you use good discretion and get there in a SAFE manner. Don't do anything dangerous to get there.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
190559 tn?1280615967 They'd like you to know how they do it, and they hope that you'll be glad you came to visit. I've divided the contents into three ponds; one for kids, one for teens, and one for adults. Figure out which you are, and jump in! Thyroid Disorders in Children Just my personal opinion and/or experience.