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1806623 tn?1316211737 Hi....have you seen your doctor for these symptoms? That should be your first step. Lack of sleep can do a lot to us, but you always want to check with your doctor to make sure there isn't another cause. If everything checks out okay, then it's time to address your anxiety with a specialist. Many of us have a root cause for our anxiety which is usually a traumatic event from our past which we never truly dealt with...we just think we have and may have even forgotten the event.
404389 tn?1217034304 Does having high tsh (26.112) cause dizziness and like the world is spinning sometimes? I have been feeling this feeling plus being tired and have no energy to do anything! My thyroid had been taken out by radiation pill when I was 14 years and now I am 30 years old, just to give a little history. Please let me know!
366435 tn?1198111595 armpit odor that doesn't wash off, a breakout of sores on my body, anxiety, depression, helplessness. In extreme cases, the armpit odor has been taking on a skunk-smell. These latest 'symptoms' seem to come and go concurrently. I think they might be aggravated by sex. Maybe a sudden drop in body fluids, vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, protiens? My doctor appt is Dec 27th.
Avatar n tn I have seen a number of doctors including my GP, an ENT, and a neurologist. So far the only diagnosis I have been given is stress and depression, and I can tell you I am neither of those things. When I get dizzy I do not have a spinning sensation, I do not feel sick, and I have never passed out. These episodes last just a couple of seconds, and I get them about 3 times a day. The only feeling a can describe is that the room kind of shifts, and I get this exhausted feeling just come over me.
Avatar f tn I am 36 yrs old female. i have been suffering with dizziness constantly, i dont feel faint or off balance, my temples just feel pressured and tight at times and feels sore when i press on them, i also feel some pressure in my teeth, mostly the back ones. started about 11/2 year ago. i also have palpitations at times, i may be free from it for 2-3 months then it comes back again. i have suffered from insomnia as well but not constantly.
784382 tn?1376934640 other possibilities are internal bleeding, anemia, prolonged bed rest, infections, endocrine diseases, allergies etc. psychiatric reasons for dizziness are depression, anxiety, panic disorder etc. consult a neurologist and cardiologist for evaluation of these symptoms. Otological causes are meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo need to be evaluated too by an otolaryngologist. Hope these speculations would yield some positive results. Take care.
Avatar m tn Hey doctornee medical i dont know if i mentioned that i have impacted wisdom teeth i removed one before 4 years now with surgical operation,but the another one is stil here and its impacted for all these years can something be related to my symptoms such as earfullness tinnitus dizziness tighhtnes...etc with this tooth? thakns once again!
Avatar m tn Has he had any confusion or issues like getting lost or combative? Who did he see most recently for the dizziness/dehydration? His primary care guy or a GI doc? Has he had labs in the past that showed an increase in serum ammonia, by chance? HE can be precipitated when the liver can no longer manage ammonia produced by the colon as a byproduct of protein metabolism. Animal proteins can cause ‘meat drunks’ in cirrhotics.
686172 tn?1256843317 They did many test and could find nothing wrong with my heart, I had my thyroid tested, I am now being tested for Lyme disease, I am seeing a GP, Neuro and a cardiologist, I have this pressure every day, I was asked by the Neuro, if I was depressed, NO I am not, I was on depression meds years ago, is it REALLY possible, for these kinds of symptoms to be depression? REALLY? Personal stories and Dr's please reply!! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am curious about people's physical symptoms from depression and anxiety. I feel constantly lightheaded morning to night, sometimes worse than others but always, always there. I can hardly function. I have been diagnosed with type II bipolar but also have this mysterious neuropathy. It has been suggested to me that I may have MS by a few doctors (which can cause mood swings similar to bipolar) but so far my MRI has been clean.
Avatar n tn Depression ABSOLUTELY can cause dizziness! Its one of many symptoms of Depression..i was skeptical at first about taking antidepressants, but it sure helped me alot. My doctor had said the same thing, SO many people suffer from DP, and do not know it... but med's arent for everyone....check for inner ear infection too....
Avatar n tn 1. What b/c are you taking? Are you taking any kind of other medicines? 2. When do you get the dizziness and flushes? Is your bloodpressure changing?) Some contraceptives make a depression worse. What I think has happened now, is that the underlying condition was not treatable with the contraceptives. They maybe helped you with getting a normal period, but what was it that brought you off the cycle?
Avatar n tn but i still playing, not as much. Symthoms didn't go away. I feel spaced out , like detach from myself , lots of headaches and dizziness. Can this be depression ? does anybody experience anything like these before? Can my headaches come from the comp. monitor ? I have feeling of sadness and fair. Now , when im back on computer somehow i feel normal, but otherwise it's really wierd. please i need help..
Avatar n tn Your dizziness symptoms sound much more like the typical onset of an anxiety disorder, so I would recommend that either you consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis or treatment of anxiety, or ask your general doctor to prescribe klonopin for a trial rather than an antidepressant.
Avatar n tn I think the symptoms started first , a few months ago, then the anxiety. But the symptoms are definitely there, and I have never been one to have a history of anxiety, I am usually relatively calm. Does anyone else get these muscle twitches and floaters??
Avatar n tn 3- what else can i do to rid me of these symptoms and depression.
Avatar n tn My husband has had the following symptoms DAILY since June 2005 (over 2 yrs!): dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, weakness, orthostatic HYPERtension, insomnia (more specifically either delayed sleep phase syndrome, or non-24 hr sleep-wake syndrome), he is unable to sweat so his body overheats very easily, and he has had a slight, but noticeable (to himself and to me) decline in cognitive function (specifically processing and memory).
410281 tn?1254232664 I haven't been very good about keeping track of my symptoms. I need to get back on track. I have actually had a pretty decent couple of weeks with the exception of depression. I've got the shakes back today and of course the pins and needles. I'm having a very strange new aura accompanied by dizziness, shaking and tinglies. It's a grey or puple line across my vision that moves downward as I look at the same place. It's everywhere.
Avatar n tn Just to clarify, the list I posted are symptoms you "can" have. Not everyone will have these symptoms. Some will have none, some a few. Like a few others posted, they had no symptoms. That is why this disease is so nasty and hard to eradicate. It is sneaky and reproduces at such a fast pace. Eventually the battle that goes on between your immune system and HCV will cause you to feel symptoms. The most common being fatigue & joint pain.
324184 tn?1308079803 For me, it was extremely helpful throughout the process of learning to confront anxiety and depression. Some symptoms can definitely be from the medication, especially when your start, stop, and adjust the dose. I also believe that we sometimes tend to overemphasize and catastrophicsize our symptoms and link every little problem to the medication. In my opinion, it can be a little of both. I stayed on it for approximately a year even though I felt better.
1085124 tn?1256510663 Also, I wanted to know if by having such a minimal amount of hyperthyroidism, can it really cause depression, and extreme fatigue, slight dizziness, and this weird salty sweet taste in my mouth as of late? Maybe I should find a new Endo, or demand more help for a means to an end for this exhausting lifestyle. HELP!!!
362387 tn?1207277719 I have personal experience with dizziness and undiagnosed hypo for the last 13 years! Dizziness is much better since starting Synthroid. I had trouble concentrating and blurred vision before diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Has anyone out there experienced dizziness/Lightheadedness with anxiety? I took St. John's wort over a week ago and posted a question because I had a dizzy spell the next night after taking it for the first time! I haven't had a major episode like I did, but still jut feel off, like my head has pressure, a dizzy sensation, and I'm having an attack it could be a brain tumor!! I do suffer allergies, but haven't taken any medication for over a week. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn In 2005 started having dizzy spells (Not blackouts) avergingly two spells daily, probably only 1 blackout since pacemaker in 2005. Dizzy spells becoming more frequent. This may or may not be related to the above, but, depression has been suggested with MANY different medications (AD's) being tried, some of which I have had reactions too. Within the last month, I suffered a seizure (possibly as a result of taking one tablet of Venlafaxin) which saw me in hospital.
Avatar n tn I often experience extreme lightheadedness, dizziness, loss of peripheral vision, feeling faint, and muscle spasms/sudden loss of strength in my arms or legs when I stand up. I have a desk job, and have always attributed these episodes to standing up too fast. However, these episodes are becoming alarmingly frequent and intense, and I often have to lean against a wall to avoid falling down, for up to five minutes. I am overweight, but my blood pressure is normal. I take 20mg.
1204020 tn?1493702490 Hi past 4months now , ive had this dizziness nausea, i am so sick of it... My GP at first said Laybrythitis..Then i tried BP meds, Atetenol Beta blocker, yuk..i still get the dizziness, so it's nothing to to do with BP, although my BP is high. But i have this nitty gritty feeling something is causing BP to go higher...... Can depression do that? anxiety?, Raise your bp to high levels daily???......... should i try something else first before resigning to bp meds, its lightheady Dizzy non stop...
Avatar n tn These have ranged from mild pangs of panic to at least two incidents of panic attacks. Now, she is complaining of frequent dizziness and of severe headaches seem to occur at random intervals. She has said that she feels more dizzy when she is living nearer to where the incident occurred, but when she lives at my house (which is far away) she feels less so.