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Avatar n tn And there are some other associated symptoms usually seen in depression, such as, loss of interest in activities that used to give pleasure or joy, loss of appetite for food (or too much eating at times), disturbed sleep, feelings of helplessness and some more. Do you feel scared when you meet people, or is it just that you do not feel like meeting them? Do you feel better as the day progresses?
Avatar n tn I am concerned on reading your two questions. Both depression and the weight as i said are very classic symptoms of being in a hypo state. Where are your levels at? Can you go into a bit more thyroid history on yourself? What labs can you post - and When was the last testing done? To answer your question on a personal level. Yes I was referred to a therapist for my early anxiety and depression - but is was not sucessful.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from depression symptoms for nearly two years now although I didnt know it was depression. It was only when it got so bad recently that I started to look on the internet and found I may have depression. Basically I feel low most of the time, I dont get much if any enjoymetn, I sleep too much, feel weak and have out 16lbs on in one month (very out of character) I cry all the time but sometimes I cry and then realise I actually feel quite numb a lot of the time.
Avatar f tn This is probably mild depression (but just because it's mild, doesn't mean it's to be ignored or that it doesn't matter - mild depression can become severe depression). It is a completely understandable response to your situation. I would recommend seeing a counsellor or psychologist or some kind of therapist, who knows cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).
3082244 tn?1348003585 Hello everyone, i thought just give you an update and get some of my feelings out there for you all, as you may already know if you read my last post that i started taking meds to control anxiety symptoms, also started college and i am on the 4th week now, the anxiety is a little bit better, breathing problems is a little better but it's still there and i keep gasping air from time to time, the only annoying symptom that i am facing daily is "Heart palpatation" or "awarness of hea
Avatar f tn I struggled with very similar symptoms through highschool and some of college. I got on medication and this helps downd out the anxiety illogical thinking and paranoia that I have and helps me to focus clearly on things like school or relationships so I can return to feeling normal.
Avatar n tn I was young and naive back in college and had unprotected vaginal sex with approximately 6 or 7 girls. Never had any "one night stands" and never any sex with prostitutes. This was all between 9 and 13 years ago. I've been with my wife now for 5 years and have always been faithful. I've been a healthy person as well, rarely seeing my family doctor unless absolutely necessary. However, since mid-November I've started to feel "off".
Avatar f tn , irritable, and sad than I used to be and it seems to be worsening as time goes on, with symptoms similar to depression or anxiety. I went to my doctor and described my symptoms and she suggest I do some bloodwork and then see a psychiatrist as she believes I suffered from depression or anxiety. After doing some research of my own I am starting to question if these symptoms were brought on or intensified by the Kariva I am taking.
Avatar f tn Hi, It is difficult to pin point one condition for his symptoms. These symptoms could be related to migraines, eye problems, anxiety, lack of sleep especially because he has history of insomnia. It will help us to know if his insomnia is under control. High BP can also cause dizziness, vertigo and shaky weakness in the legs. Neurological conditions like MS also need to be looked into. I would suggest him to take a break for few days and take rest till he gets the neurological exam done.
Avatar n tn could it be all caused by depression? since i started to feel the first symptoms i felt anxious and stressed about being able to think and write properly, now i'm back in college having classes and the problem subsists. My question is if all my symptoms could just be caused by my anxiety and stress or should i seek aditional medical help since it's hindering my daily life?
Avatar m tn And the same thing happens when i have to tell someone that i suffer from depression and anxiety and explain my symptoms(for example to a shrink,or a friend),i become so depressed,and feel so guilty and anxious and inner tennsion.i feel so messed up,i start judging myself in my head.After a while,1h,2h maybe one day i get better. Is this thing common?is this a consequence of depression?Have you heard about this kind of stuff?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with anxiety my junior yr of college. I had couple panic attacks in one week (it was during finals). I could not go to class, was avoiding public places due to the fear of panic attacks. I was put on clonopin and lexapro. I slept a lot, the meds helped; but i still did not feel like normal me. After couple months, instead of clonopin I was put on xanax and i had to take it everytime I felt anxious.
3063937 tn?1352426455 I have had depression for 20+ years, and each time I take myself off my anti-depressant, depression comes back. This has happened many times. I have been in hospital, seen psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, etc. But I am still fighting it. I am in good place at the moment thanks to medication. I live in UK so cannot help you with residential care. Here a psychiatrist will recommend a hospital, or people pay a lot to go privately.
Avatar m tn Hey, my name is Nathan, i'm an 18 year old college student. Starting late elementary school and middle school, I've lived in a state of depression. In middle-school I got a psychiatrist (an adult psychiatrist). He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds.
Avatar f tn I really just want to be treated for my symptoms and to be believed (which I think, at this point, I am). I've been at this limbo thing for four years now. My oldest daughter was a freshman in HS when this all began. She just graduated last week. Our son just finished his Freshman year in college, and our youngest DD finished her freshman year in HS. They are growing up before my eyes, and will soon be living on their own.
599170 tn?1300977493 since I started college full time and am away from home and when I am home increadibly busy with studies..I notice my dog acting oddly. He is a German Short hair 8 yo . He thinks hes a person ( I think) I am his " picked or favorite" of the family...hes often laying by my feet as I study...I am trying to make time for him...and play with him more,,,he responds to that but in general he just seems depressed not sick,,,,eats,,normal etc...any hints...can animals be depressed?
Avatar n tn Rather than him failing the classes maybe he should take a semester or two off and focus on county college classes until he gets his confidence up. A friend didn't go to college right out of high school. Few year later when she decided that she needed a degree and knew what area to study so she went to college. She did very well in college since she had a goal in mind. She barely made it through high school. Not everyone one is reafy for college right out of high school.
Avatar n tn I'm planning on seeing a psychologist soon anyway for my depression, so I'll talk to her about these symptoms too.
Avatar n tn Hi, Im a college athlete who has been feeling ill since around St. Patty's day. It started with a sore throat and swollen glands in my neck but no fever. It has progressed to a headache with severe dizziness which was thought to be a form of viral meningitis, fatigue, constant elevated liver enzymes, slight hypothyroid that I have to take synthroid for, and some joint pain.
Avatar n tn My 18 year old daughter has been on zoloft for 2 1/2 years for treatment of depression. In actuality, she has never been depressed but anxious instead. She has had several anxiety\panic attacks over the past few years. I always thought that she was misdiagnosed but lost that battle with my daughter and doctor. I've wanted her weined off the meds now that she is starting college but I feel it's too late. She's leaving soon.
Avatar n tn Hi. You have the classic symptoms of depression, but you need to see your doctor for an evaluation. I know being a single mom is very difficult, but it is being done by many everyday. Try to dwell on the good in your're going to college.....and you have a daughter that loves and needs you very much. Life can feel like too much for us at times, but it always works out. It is times like this you need to seek professional help to learn how to cope with life's stresses.
Avatar f tn The last 2 doctors I've seen (regular doctors who haven't really talked to me, only listened to my list of symptoms) have told me they think it's depression but I don't feel depressed. I've been depressed and know what it feels like and I don't believe I'm experiencing that now but am open to the possiblity but anti-depressants always make me feel sick (noxious, sick to my stomach, etc) so I don't want to take them unless I really know I need to take them.
Avatar n tn My 20 year old son never appeared nor expressed depressed symptoms up to the time he sought in patient treatment to withdraw from snorting oxycontin in September 2009. He was successful in ending that addiction; however, while he was withdrawing he was extremely depressed, sobbing intermittently and then showing signs of extreme anxiety with racing thoughts. The anxiety symptoms mostly ended while still in rehab.
Avatar n tn I have never been an overly-emotional or person nor have I ever dealt with depression. Depression doesn't run in my family either, overall I am a pretty happy-go-lucky girl. However, when I started taking Yasmin I noticed I would get extra emotional usually around my period, or I would get angry and snap for no reason. This is not how I normally act. I have never been on birthcontrol before, until I was 19 and I always had regular periods, and hardly any cramps.
Avatar m tn i was trying too see if this is more depression symptoms or a thyroid problem.i started feeling kinda "off" around when i was about 14 years old.from what i read both depression/thyroid problems are really symptoms are brain fog,major depression/anxiety,memory problems,feeling tired/weak,constipation,memory problems and the cold seems too effect me. iam 27 now and still feel the same problems as i did before.
Avatar f tn I have posted a few times in reply to others' posts but this is my first new question I am posting to the depression community. So, I am 19 years old and a college sophomore and have been dealing with what started as severe anxiety at first to now a constant feeling of depersonalization and derealization and has caused me to suffer from depression.
Avatar f tn How can one tell the difference between ADHD and manic-depression? As a child, could not sit still, it started in second grade. I could not stay in seat, blurted out answers, daydreamed uncontrollably, unfocused, lack of concentration, could not read/comprehend until about two months ago (now 53 yrs. old). Slow learner, writing and reading difficulties as a child, full of energy, moving hands constantly, and many more symptoms... never diagnosed as ADHD but think I have had it since childhood.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with anxiety and depression since i was about 16 years old. There is an extremely strong family history, so I'm pretty confident that most of it is biological, although there are probably some underlying stressors. Last year I was on 5 mg of lexapro and 15mg of remeron for sleeping and eating. When I got home for the summer my doc recommended that I try getting off the lexapro.
Avatar f tn I don't have severe headache or milk production or irregular menstrual cycle or vision problem,. However, my biggest issue is that I am also suffering from depression and anxiety disorder and the trigger of my anxiety episode is extreme health concern. I am taking celexa 10mg and atarax. My question is how serious is my pituitary issue. Is it treatable? and does pituitary disorder has anything to do with my mental health?
Avatar m tn It was the prostate. This has rocked my foundation and I'm treated for depression but still it's a tough time . I allowed myself a one time experiment with m/m encounter as a bucket list experience . I had a much younger college guy (20) perform oral on me , after he finished me , I for less than 20 seconds was oral recipient ,I did not like it at all and soon stopped, I don't know if there was pre-cum as i did not check . It was a couple of deep thrusts and that was it .