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Avatar n tn The symptoms include lots of irritation, frustration, a little depression, mood-swings, stomach ache, lots of gas release, sometimes body-ache and lots of weakness!!. Recently My scalp become bald and lost hair. please help i am just 24 years old. I hope you are able to diagnose it!
Avatar n tn It's hard to say if your symptoms are from decreasing your present meds or just the Zoloft. Starting any new SSRI can be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. I would talk to your doc to see if he may want to slow the taper to let your body adjust more slowly.
Avatar n tn The thing that is depressing me the most, is the fact that i can constantly feel my pulse everywhere in my body. Even when i am not thinking about it, i can feel it. If im resting on something, or i cross my legs or something, i can feel it even more then. This is scaring me so much, because it just feels like my hearts beating too hard or my bloods too thick or something. Replies will be appreciated!
4754423 tn?1364113317 com/depression/physical-symptoms It's truly amazing the effects that depression can have on the body. You can also go to this page and ask them any question about the medications if you would like or more of a follow up to your question. They are great about getting back to you. https://www.************/PharmacyDrugGuide Chest pain can be a side effect of Mirazapine, but I haven't read anyone having it in the leg or back, but then again we all react different to medications. .
Avatar n tn 1. What b/c are you taking? Are you taking any kind of other medicines? 2. When do you get the dizziness and flushes? Is your bloodpressure changing?) Some contraceptives make a depression worse. What I think has happened now, is that the underlying condition was not treatable with the contraceptives. They maybe helped you with getting a normal period, but what was it that brought you off the cycle?
Avatar m tn Not dealing with your diabetes can very well be making your depression worse. With proper treatment you should see improvement with your depression and your general health as well. As far as the other symptoms 'pins and needles, etc.' these could very well be the early signs of neuropathy which is very common in uncontrolled diabetes. I have severe polyneuropathy and believe me when I say that things will not get better from here. Pain 24/7 will make depression seem like a mere cold.
Avatar n tn Focus on engaging in healthy behaviors because these types of behavior takes a toll on the body and mind. Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Try going to the gym.
Avatar f tn You can have physical symptoms such as a heavy feeling in your body and head and legs. Often times this depression also has very severe anxiety associated with it which makes your body tremble all the time. Your hands will shake. You will often feel dizzy and disattached from the world around you. Your level of daily fuctioning will drop to almost zero. Even the simple act of taking a shower will seem like too large a task to deal with. So at least that is my experience with depression.
Avatar n tn As withdrawals can feel same as depression, we have to give it time after we stop. Withdrawal symptoms will come on pretty quickly after we stop, depression rather slower. We will know ourselves what is happening, as you and I did. Your suggestion to wonder502 is a good one.
Avatar f tn I think the depression symptoms are less about the secondary thoughts of poor body image etc caused from the weight gain. I believe they are more direct. As Thyroid hormone sets the pace of the entire metabolism of the body, I suspect (and this is only my thoughts and theory) that if your cells in your brain are not responding as quickly as they would if there were proper thyroid in the blood that may effect general lethargy and depression itself.
Avatar n tn After my father passed away, the depression got severe. Before the mild depression I did any street drug that was around me, only purchased twice. But, never got addicted to the meth, coke, weed, u name it.
Avatar n tn Can this be depression ? does anybody experience anything like these before? Can my headaches come from the comp. monitor ? I have feeling of sadness and fair. Now , when im back on computer somehow i feel normal, but otherwise it's really wierd. please i need help..
Avatar m tn So this flatness is mixed with depression and cravings and it's awful. It begins when I get home from work and lasts (on and off ) until around midnight. I was wondering if this will ever go away. And if so when? I really want the cravings and boredom to go away. I used to love watching movies and now I cannot get myself to sit and watch anything. I am on a good dose of SSRI's but it is not helping! When can I get excited in doing the things other people do everyday? Thank you.
1458597 tn?1286376717 You are having emotions that are typical of depression. Depression robs you of positive feeling and depresses the good feelings we can get out of life. With treatment you can find your way back to your usual self so stick with what your doctor prrescribes and know you are not alone with this illness. Take care.
Avatar f tn She'll have all kinds of information for you about things like if SHE's ever felt that way or anyone else in your family, what she feels is normal and she would be the one to get further intervention if the two of you decide that you may have symptoms of depression. There are important things that go into being diagnosed as depressed. One of the criteria is that one must have the symptoms every day for at least two weeks straight.
Avatar f tn i know i should post this on the depression forum but u guys r my friends and i know i can count on u all for great most of u know i have been having some terrible depression problems and i was wondering,since i have a dr.s appt today,should i ask her for some depression meds or ?...after my accident i was put on lexapro ....after about 2yrs she weaned me off that because she felt i was better.....i was at that time i guess because i was on oc's and didnt give a **** lol....
200220 tn?1361955154 Your other issues might be related to depression, cramps, stress, in other wards, once your depression, cramps, stress are treated, the others may be alleviated. There is a lot more to all this, but as you can see I have already but too much here as it is. You can google graves disease and rai (you must join) to get more info plus meet and get support from great people. Regardless, Good luck!
Avatar f tn Basically, he said that if you are suffering from a mental illness - like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, et al - that the symptoms will manifest in your body. He is a scientist and so believes that there is a reason for everything. There is a reason you are suffering so much grief and cannot let it go. Whether you are depressed and sleeping all the time, or having high blood pressure, or feeling nauseated, or suffering aches & pains, there is a reason.
Avatar m tn that is causing the depression. Since you have not mentioned what has led to your depression it is hard to say what might help. There are natural substances such as St. Johns Wart that have some success. Check with your local GNC and ask about natural remedies that help restore dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Exercise is a must. The harder you can push yourself the better. This will produce endorphines in the brain which lift your mood.
Avatar f tn I think my problem thru menopause was just that. I wonder if my body is just rejecting all this meds now , because my body doesn't need it. Ready for the er. Thanks and can't wait for your thoughts on all this.
Avatar n tn Be optimistic, your result should be negative. Did you have negative results during tx? My doctor told me that if you have negative at 12 weekes you probably are one of the SVR, I was negative at 12 and 24 month but trubled with depression and anxiety.No other important side effects.For me "depression" sounds morescary that hep C. I know many people living a normal life with hep C although they didn't do any treatment. The treatment improve our chance to survive, I hope.
Avatar n tn That new research doesn't surprise me at all..... Depression was HORRID for me last round... I just wish I had of known "WHAT" exactly depression was when I had it... & how SERIOUS it can be... Although I had a lot of personal baggage at that time (which has since been resolved) it most definitely affected me negatively last round...
459155 tn?1264011742 I don't feel much w/d but the depression is BAD!!! when will that get better?? before I went on sub I had my doctor increase my zoloft to 150mg and plan to get some of the vitamins that have been listed (the ones that I can take w/ zoloft) The depression is the worst part of this for me. I started using when I got divorced and my dad died suddenly of a heart attack (all happened w/in 7 weeks). Please tell me this gets better!
Avatar f tn I don't recall him having any symptoms of depression after stopping either of those therapies. However, he did remain on Lexapro after both of those therapies. He hadn't been on an AD prior to being diagnosed and treated for Hep C, but seemed to do better staying on it after both treatments.
Avatar f tn I spent three years inside when agorophobia had me by the throat. I've been in, around and through all of the symptoms of major depression, and at my age, I know I have this to look forward to for the rest of my life. Unless a discovery is made, and that might depend on all of us comparing notes. If this is just too weird, I do understand. And you may, like I do, get tired very easily. I'm tired now.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar n tn While Major depressive dissorders can effect the body in many physical ways, I have never heard of "physical Depression" without mental depression. Maybe something I have never heard of before.
Avatar n tn i am writing because i would like to find out if these symptoms are from anxiety,stress and depression or something else. about 2 months ago my girlfriend ended things with me. i will admit that i have been depressed,stressed and aniety from this situation and others. i am a 33yr old male who is in very good shape and i just had a physical done 6 months ago and everything came back normal.( cholestrol was a little high)my physical symtoms are muscle twitches all thru out my body.