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4754423 tn?1364113317 It's not uncommon for depression to increase any type of pain. Headaches are often associated with depression for an example. You can look at this link and it will give you more information. It's truly amazing the effects that depression can have on the body. You can also go to this page and ask them any question about the medications if you would like or more of a follow up to your question. They are great about getting back to you.
Avatar f tn same flo, lower back pain. nausea i run up stairs int the room, vertigo dizzy lightheaded...... The docs dont get that i am not so much depressed just friggn Neuroticly anxious!!
Avatar n tn The symptoms by themself are not a means to diagnose depression. If you are concerned about the sensory symptoms, perhaps a consultation with a neurologist would be useful to exclude any abnormalities. Since this followed a recent change in medication, it is possible this is a medication side effect. You should discuss this with the doctor who prescribed the medication. Good luck.
459155 tn?1264011742 swettie contact ---the coleman institute--the detoxed me from subvoxone and for a long time while i suffered it was only because it can take up to 8 weeks for the sub to leave your system. its half opiate /half blocker i returned back 2 main line 240mg+ day ---oxys went back to clinic they detoxed me in 3 hrs.
Avatar f tn He hit me and insulted me to an extent that i had to hit him back and my nails got in his neck and blood got out. After that, he remained coming after me and scaring me that he will hurt me or any of my close people at any moment. However, all these years of pain included a big drawback in my university grades. I used to be the first in my class and then i barely passed my courses. I tried so hard to overcome what i've been through but i couldnt do that alone. I had to visit a psychologist.
Avatar f tn I went to a Muscul/Skeletal center, there I was diagnosed with reheumatoid arthritis, He also did other test and said I tested positive for Lupus , but because of the lack of other systems he didn't think I had that , also mild back flow of left heart valve. Treatment was a shot of cortisone in each hip and priscribed Meloxicam 1 day for 6 weeks this all helped a great deal.
980510 tn?1282014546 I feel that Chiari people who suffer on going depression should talk to their Doctor. It is Important because we are living with pain everyday and taking strong pain medications some of the medications we take can cause depression, talking is important as well.........
Avatar n tn Can this be depression ? does anybody experience anything like these before? Can my headaches come from the comp. monitor ? I have feeling of sadness and fair. Now , when im back on computer somehow i feel normal, but otherwise it's really wierd. please i need help..
Avatar n tn sexual encounters) and the tests (2 test in different laboratories came back negative). In this week I had fever, little noodles in my neck, pain in my body... and depression because I feel it's ARS. The questions are: 1. Am I in a high risk level for HIV? 2. Should I be tested in 3 and 6 months (Do you recommend it)? 3. Can continue my life without thinking about HIV or Should I wait the test results? 4. Do you think I am infected? 5. Do I have ARS? Thanks. DarkMaster.
Avatar m tn So this flatness is mixed with depression and cravings and it's awful. It begins when I get home from work and lasts (on and off ) until around midnight. I was wondering if this will ever go away. And if so when? I really want the cravings and boredom to go away. I used to love watching movies and now I cannot get myself to sit and watch anything. I am on a good dose of SSRI's but it is not helping! When can I get excited in doing the things other people do everyday? Thank you.
200220 tn?1361955154 I have mixed feelings about that. Sometimes the depression is mild and I keep it pushed back. Sometimes it comes screaming to the front and I am in a black, negative place. Last week I actually came out and told my wife the only reason I was still breathing was because I couldn't stand the thought of her and my boys suffering for years because I was weak and selfish, but there are times I just want to end it. She wasn't surprised. She has been worrying about it for a long time.
Avatar f tn Basically, he said that if you are suffering from a mental illness - like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, et al - that the symptoms will manifest in your body. He is a scientist and so believes that there is a reason for everything. There is a reason you are suffering so much grief and cannot let it go. Whether you are depressed and sleeping all the time, or having high blood pressure, or feeling nauseated, or suffering aches & pains, there is a reason.
Avatar f tn I talk to any of my doctors who has the bedside manners conducive to discussing the intimate subject of depression. I would think that every cancer patient has to deal with depression at some time or another. It hit me during chemotherapy. You should bring it up with both your doctors and let them decide who will treat you for it. You may have to get a third doctor. Nothing is easy now days.
Avatar f tn It is heartbreaking to read the pain and suffering we are all going through. I have been doing battle with major depression since the age of 13. I am 55 now, so I can easily relate to most here. I feel the absolute truth in what people are saying. I come here to learn how other people cope, what they have tried, not tried, and why. But I have questions. How did we as a group of depressed individuals get to be so huge in number? Why are there so many of us? This in itself is depressing.
Avatar f tn You are having classic symptoms of both depression and anxiety disorders. You are not unique as myself and others here can definitely relate to the stress, hopelessness, pain and frustration. You mentioned that you were seeking counseling. Is this with a psych specialist? Have you been given a formal diagnosis? There is help available through therapy and/or medication. You don't have to, nor were you meant to live this way.
Avatar f tn After calling my psch doc yesterday and really not getting any where, other than he asked me if I wanted to stop the meds, I said no, cause I didn't want to go back into withdrawal. He told me to cut the dose back to the original 4 mg, which I did. Well what a nite I had, so dizzy, cold sweats, the whole ball of wax. Anyway went to get up to go to work this morning, got so dizzy, and disorientated , my husband took me to the er.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar m tn Can depression and axiety cause pain. I have had stomach pain almost constantly for about 1.5 years. I am very depressed as the doctors can't really tell me why.
Avatar n tn my physical symptoms consist of mild to moderate to excrutiating pain especially in my upper back. i wake up constantly in the middle of the night due to this pain. the pain is widespead but the back is the worse. i also have nausea , diareaha, stomach pain, headaches,and's hard for me to phathom that these pains ar from depression although its contrary to what i have read.i am at my wits end and EXTREAMLY frustrated.
Avatar n tn i am writing because i would like to find out if these symptoms are from anxiety,stress and depression or something else. about 2 months ago my girlfriend ended things with me. i will admit that i have been depressed,stressed and aniety from this situation and others. i am a 33yr old male who is in very good shape and i just had a physical done 6 months ago and everything came back normal.( cholestrol was a little high)my physical symtoms are muscle twitches all thru out my body.
Avatar f tn Can those be symptoms of anxiety and depression? Can constant popping, clicking and cracking joints with pain really be a symptoms of anxiety and depression? I am just so scared that their is something else causing my symptoms? @Mammo-you're right. I'm letting my life pass me by and I'm wasting it worrying about my health. I just do not know how to make all of these symptoms go away and get my life back. I just don't know what to do. I have no where to turn.
Avatar f tn At the top of the forum index page there are two buttons - Warning signs of Depression and Symptoms of depression. The symptoms page follows the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) which is what pdocs used to diagnose mental illness. The other one, warning signs, covers DSM symptoms and a few more related signs which may or may not be present, like anxiety, irritability and alcohol use.
2033435 tn?1329947108 How do you differentiate between hypo symptoms and depression? It seems to me that since I know I have a hypo issue, I am even more fatigued and unable to get out of bed. And this makes me think if the way I feel is psychological related, or if it's from being hypo. In the last 3 weeks I can hardly get out of bed and I can't pinpoint if it's just laziness, depression-related or a hypo symptom. I know hypo causes depression and no one really knows if it's egg or chicken paradox etc.
Avatar f tn When my stomach acts up I get shaky, dizzy, very out of it. More recently I have had joint pain. My feet, hands, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, back, shoulders, and neck all hurt. I am still getting low grade fevers. I have a normal body temp of about 97.6-97.8 and get fevers of a bout 99.5 to 100.2. I have had frequent throat/ear and vaginal bacterial infections (regular sore throats, feeling like the roof of my mouth is raw). I have had about 7 cases of strep/ throat infection in 2-3 years.
Avatar n tn they don't know what is causing any of this and now are trying to say since she has a history of depression that her sensors are not turning off the inital pain and it may never turn off. Her Psychiatrist says no way pain causes depression not depression causing pain. he says see an orthopedic doctor to find the problem with her back pain. she is in so much pain and can't walk without assistance.
Avatar n tn And devoting as little time possible to dwelling on any symptoms I might suffer. If the back pain is severe... by all means pursue it. If it's just another in a list of unpleasant and unexplained pains... then you may never find a real answer. One thing that's evident from reading this board is that there are quite a few people who suffer from all sorts of discomforts. And most of us are looking for answers... often after many years.
Avatar n tn HCV discovered at the famous Rehabilitation Institute where I went for back pain Trial. Rejected. I saw another www trial call for back pain that excludes Heps. Wha up wit that?
2010625 tn?1329375656 I'm glad that your doctor is investigating this further for you, I hope they come back clear for you. Stress and depression having physical symptoms can also be a bodies way of saying slow down and take care of yourself for a minute. If living with mood disorder or stress is ongoing, at times the signals of distress your brain is sending can be constant and your brain will find it's own way of prioritizing them.