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Avatar n tn I have read that the hormonal changes that you go through after a miscarriage are essentially the same that women face after giving birth. That is, what you are probably experiencing is some form of a "post-partum" depression. I would definately talk to your obgyn and let them know. If they cannot recommend someone to talk to, perhaps your primary physician can.
Avatar f tn October 19, 2006 After the birth of a child, it is common for women to experience some type of mood disturbance. Typically, it is relatively mild (postpartum blues). However, about 10-15% of women experience a more severe and disabling illness, postpartum depression.
Avatar f tn Secondly after having a miscarriage 2 1/2 weeks ago I had sex with my partner after a week without protection (we were thinking of trying again at the time think it was the shock and loss of our beautiful sky) and have done several times since but he pulled out & then yesterday i started taking my pill again & he came inside but i needed the loo so bad I'm sure it all left me I am just wondering what are the chances of me getting pregnant again?
Avatar f tn my chances are excellent) but I worry when I read about people who miscarried after 8 weeks, even at 20 weeks. Can anyone who had a miscarriage between 8 and 20 weeks of pregnancy share her experience? What was the reason for miscarriage and were their any signs/symptoms that you had earlier? THANKS SO MUCH.
Avatar f tn The weird thing is, that I thought I accepted the miscarriage?? I thought I was ok with it. Maybe im not? Also doesnt help about a month after the miscarriage, my best friend and I got into an argument and she said "F***K you at least when I have a baby I wont have a miscarriage." Needless to say -- we are no longer friends.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have a medical explanation for the weight gain after miscarriage? I had a D&C in April for a missed miscarriage and I've gained 8 pounds since. I've been keeping a food journal and exercise log and I'm eating 1500 calories a day, exercising 3 times a week, and I can't lose weight. Even worse, according to the scale on some mornings I've gained weight! I've been tested for PCOS and hypothyroid and they're both negative.
117004 tn?1218648744 i didnt have many preg symptoms after the miscarriage. actually they started going away a few days before i miscarried. started to feel more energetic and less hungry. i assume b/c the baby was no longer taking from me so i was losing symptoms. afterwards, i was crying everyday for a week and teary for the week after. although i am sad at times now i am overall more optimistic about the future and am feeling more like myself. sorry but i dont know anything about heart shaped uterus'.
Avatar n tn anyway, 2 weeks after my loss my dh and i had sex. my pregnancy symptoms disappeared after the m/c but now 5 days past unprotected sex i feel EXACTLY like i did when i was pg. im excited but scared to get my hopes up. how soon did you get your symptoms back?>? i wish the best you you and your family. funny how this wonderful site helps us connect and deal with loss and with joy.
Avatar n tn They say that a woman is really fertile in the months directly following a miscarriage. The irony is that most of us don't feel like fooling around after such a loss, but just go for it. It's hard, but don't give up. Last year after my D&C I told my husband that I would only try one more time because I just couldn't deal with this over and over. However, I may or may not have a viable pregnancy right now with all of this bleeding. I may find out tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I had been testing with OPKs and I had a few days of false negatives days after the miscarriage due to the left over HCG in my system. But, then the tests started coming back negative again. Late last week I started having some ovulation (pain) and per the OPKs I ovulated on Sat. Is this possible. Is it possible to ovulate 10 days after a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I guess my question is, how many of you had this many pregnancy symptoms after miscarriage and this strong? I feel like they are getting worse rather than better!?!? And it's adding a bit of insult to injury. Those of you that did, how long did they last? I do have a call to my midwife, but I'm waiting for a call back. Any help would be much appreicated.
Avatar f tn Me and my boyffriend were very excited because we found out we were having twins. But after the miscarriage i've been down, sad, and cry at times. Its very hard for me to see couples with their babies because that was supposed to be us. I've been acting a little weird towards him. Worrying if he's cheating, getting upset at him over something so small like calling me back. And I know he isnt cheating but its just very wierd. Could I be having some signs of depression?
331422 tn?1309930249 fatigue of mainly in my back, legs, shoulders and arms 1 1/2 months after a miscarriage two years ago. I have dificulties climbing up stairs and getting up after sitting on the ground or crouching ( I have to use my hands) and I get easily out of breath with light activities. The level of muscle fatigue varies throughout the day and increases with physical or mental stress and the late afternoon and evening. I have become noticably weaker lifting and gripping things.
Avatar n tn Well I am on my second miscarriage, The first one was not has hard as this one. I went to the doctor Friday and they could not find a heart beat they said the heart just stop beating. I was 10 weeks pregnant and you could only imagine the blow to me when they said that. I found myself in a deep depression. I took a medical leave from work and I cant get out of the house. I know it will happened for me some day, I have faith in god but know it is still hard.
511455 tn?1224187431 I'm sorry about your loss....It's so hard. As far as symptoms go, I didn't have any until I was at least 6 weeks along, so I'm not sure about that part of it.... Anyway, I had a missed M/C in Dec....meaning my babies (twins) did not miscarry on their own. I waited for 5 days for something to happen and nothing did, so I had a D&C after confirming the lost pregnancy with bloodwork (i was in denial as I was having no symptoms of anything being wrong). After the D&C, my Dr.
Avatar n tn HI, I too have a very similar story. I miscarriaged at 13 weeks but found out the foetus was only the size of a 7 week old. I started miscarriaging naturally on the Thursday afternoon and went in for the D & C on the Friday morn. I am still bleeding after one and a half weeks. The cramps are still quite strong as well. I am going to wait for the bleeding to go down before my partner and I start trying again.
Avatar n tn I have had several miscarriages too. After a miscarriage I think it is totally normal to worry all the time. I watch for blood everytime I wipe through the whole first trimester with each baby. The friends I have who haven't miscarried never even think about it. They just assume everything is fine each time. It is sad we have to worry so much and can't enjoy the first trimester but I think that is just how it is after losing a baby. I am sure you will be fine.
1049259 tn?1295092078 Obviously I cant tell you if its normal after a miscarriage or not, but I can absolutley tell you that the dizzy and shakey inside,ringing ears shortness of breathe are things I went through and sound 100% anxiety related. Who wouldnt feel anxious and a bit paniced after what you've been through... Ive been through just about the worst anxiety has to offer and can tell you that you really need to make every effort not let this cycle get started..Let me explain..
Avatar f tn This started about 8 months ago after I had a miscarriage. The only diagnosis I have gotten is of course anxiety and depression but honestly the only thing Im depressed about is this terrible thing that just came out of nowhere and has ruined my life. Im expecting a baby and I feel like I wont be able to care for her properly. I am taking zoloft and have been for months but Im not noticing much difference.
Avatar n tn I am also glad I found this post, since I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who had such a complaint, and it was just plain weird. After several years of putting up with these "flu-like" symptoms after aerobic exercise, I think I have finally found out what's going on. While scanning the web searching for answers, I came across a site that deals with digestive ailments, and their possible influences on your body.
Avatar n tn However, like a week later, I started to experience symptoms like I had after my daughter. I had the hot/cold flashes, anxiety and depression and problems with my MS. I was wondering if it is normal to experience a post partum after a miscarriage?
407790 tn?1397764626 ) He basically told me to go back to my shrink. But too much suspicious stuff is going on for me to think this is related to my depression. It seems like something isn't right with my immune system. For those of you with CFS, is there another type of doctor I should see? (beyond a rheumatologist and an infectious disease specialist.
Avatar n tn Becoming a mother is life altering and can cause even more stress and possible depression after birth. You need to think about how this baby and how he/she will fit into your life, if at all. I wish you luck.
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Avatar n tn I am writing because I recently began suffering from anxiety attacks and perhaps some symptoms of depression, both of which run in my family. I was an avid pot smoker for several years, smoking at least three times a day. I experienced my first anxiety attack while I was high; at first, I thought it was a "bad high," but my second and third attacks told me it was something more.
Avatar n tn I dont know what it's at now, but the last time I checked it was around 10. I went back to work a week after the miscarriage, suffered from some depression and significant fatigue. I made it through all fine and have started up my regular exercise routine but I am now suffering from muscle aches in my arms. I went to a Occupational Therapist because I type a lot in my job. They have me on muscle relaxer at night and ibuprofen during the day but the aches have not subsided.
Avatar n tn my friend sara got it with her 2nd son but she is also prone to have depression anyway pp or not. i know after my ds was born my dh had timed his leave from work instead of leaving when i went into he was only at home with me for a couple days and then headed off to work.....
Avatar f tn Low thyroid levels in the mom can result in low IQ or developmental delays in the growing baby. Just be aware of the common hypo symptoms, foot and leg pain, constipation, brain fog, depression, hair loss, weight gain (more than normal for pregnancy), fatigue (more than normal for pregnancy). The below site lists endos recommended by their patients: http://www.thyroid-info.