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Avatar n tn , now it is time to come off again!! Side effects felt equal to if not worse then the paxil. My question is which medication can I start ,that if and when I need to come off it, would not be so horrific in side effects? My diagnosis ranges from PTSD, Social Anxiety, Depression I had tried Zoloft some years back it was intollerable for the first three or four days, that "they" had me stop taking it.
1039200 tn?1314915608 After a rotten winter full of depression I was so relieved to have a spring hypomania which I have largely managed to control myself I now have to admit it is starting to get a bit much. My last question described a collapse after a week of non stop activities /driving hundreds of miles on a handful of hours sleep where what I diddnt say was that I did many outrageous things.
Avatar m tn i have taken every type of anti-anxiety medication you can think of and never want to take these meds again - i felt terrible while taking them and they never did anything to help in fact, i was worse while taking them. tramadol on the other hand calms me down. i was also surprised how much energy i felt while taking it and noticed it significantly calms me down while im at work and its the only thing that seems to work for me.
1378456 tn?1282998938 We can't say why you are suffering from paranoia by looking at your post. One thing that could help with paranoid behavior is cognitive behavioral therapy. Panic attacks with attempt to hurt yourself would suggest an anxiodepressive mood. This should be addressed with a mental health professional. A wise thing to do would be to get a diagnosis from a psychologist.
Avatar f tn Alot of the symptoms you describe are related to anxiety and depression.I'm not a big fan of medication,I sorted out my depression and anxiety by keeping myself busy and when I wasn't tired,being active.
Avatar f tn I am 18 years old and I've been taking the birth control, Yaz, for about 2 years now I also have a history of mild depression, but I've never taken any medication for it. I'm no stranger to feeling sad and sensitive, but lately everything has been upsetting me more than usual, and when nothing is wrong I feel sad and have a lack of motivation more severe than it's ever been.
Avatar f tn She says the lithium was for recurrent depression, but that she only had depression once and faked it other times. Is there a cause or a cure for this problem? seems pretty reckless faking mental illness. Don't doctors see through this behaviour? Do people outgrow it?
Avatar m tn *) what is it about other opiates that makes you say they are dangerous? In my opinion all opiates are dangerous in that you can overdose on them quite easily and all opiates are addictive.
419309 tn?1326506891 Of course, there are all ranges of depression, but clinical depression (major depression) does have some significant differences from feeling a little or moderately depressed or down due to circumstances in ones life. Not knowing exactly how you feel or how severe the depression is, I cannot offer advice, per se. In the end, deciding what to do is your decision but from your description, your feeling down and your depression is probably normal for all you have been going through.
Avatar m tn But time and time again, whenever I ever have occasional bouts of depression...and even severe depression. Primrose Oil has worked like a godsend. I even told my sister to try it , and she couldn't believe it either. Whenever i'm very irritable , angry , depressed , anxious.. I take a 1000 MG's of Primrose Oil a day...and ALL OF THAT goes away. I feel soooo calm and relaxed everyday after. It only takes a day or 2 to start working. and by the 3rd day, you'll definately notice it.
Avatar n tn CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) has been shown to be very effective in combination with medication for dealing with depression and anxiety. http://en.wikipedia.
1511164 tn?1301584382 Are you on any medication for the depression? because sometimes anti depressants can cause movement disorders.
634733 tn?1316629592 Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time right now my dear but I hope the Citalopram will help you! I was diagnosed with depression after a neuro/psych consultation and put on this medication and I have to tell you that my results were nothing short of miraculous! Prior to taking this med my speech was slurred, had trouble with word retrieval and I stuttered and now I have no problem whatsoever unless I am really tired.
Avatar n tn It is worth mentioning that this third dose gave me the worst night sweat ever ..... Is this dangerous? Problem is, now I am leaning towards depression and I feel self-pity and am very irritable at the moment .... I keep going to the bathroom to lock myself up and cry ..... Suicidal thoughts have passed through my mind, but not seriously ..... I fantasized for a second or two about jumping off the roof of the building but it never manifested or materialized into serious thoughts .......
1641772 tn?1301361489 //en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Do you still get help for your depression and is your medication helping you if you take it? Depression frequently comes and goes in cycles and sometimes never fully leaves. It sounds like yours is getting a bit worse but perhaps not overly so. I always suggest getting an appointment with a psychiatrist and let him know what you are going thru. Therapy and medication can be quite helpful. let us know how you make out. Check out the attached link. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Depression IS a mood disorder, btw. Not sure why you're making the distinction, asking if you have one or not when you have depression.
370801 tn?1264408618 and still I felt I was losing my battle with depression. I just wanted to die. I saw a life ahead of me on medication and forever altering who I am and how I feel and what I am able to do... Until... After two years of reading countless articales, books and people's experiences with depression and medication .. I decided to try injecting myself with Vitamin B12 with a syringe. I literally, instantly started to feel better ... I stopped taking my medication after tapering off within two weeks.
Avatar m tn // 2. - Major depressive disorder - which is clinical depression 3. - Cyclothymia which is a mild for of bipolar 4. - Bipolar disorder, which is when you have periods of mania and depression You might want to ask your wife's doctor for a specific diagnosis and more information if wanted.
Avatar n tn Since Effexor is an antidepressant medication, I suggest you ask this question on Medhelp's Depression forum.
Avatar m tn Have you been taking anti-depressant medication all that time? I have not heard a diagnosis of depression that is only supposed to last 6 months. Who told you it was adjustment disorder? Was it a doctor? How does the doctors think a counsellor will help? You say you are stressed. Has this been going on for all the 4 years. I do hope the counsellor helps you. Sorry to ask so many questions. I am trying to understand what is wrong with you. Take care.
Avatar m tn i am taking zoloft, I have heard of many natural remedies to battle depression. kira St johns with 5htp, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation, specific brand and product?
Avatar f tn I'm on zoloft, lithium, and invega but I vaguely remember the hand contortions before ever taking medication for my depression. I've mentioned it to my psychiatrist but he doesn't seem to care. I'm ok with him not thinking it's important, but I would at least like to know why this is happening. Thanks.
Avatar f tn in my case i was treated for the migraines and then the medication they put me on i was allergic to. then i waas diagnosed with depression- the dr i was seeing said i was depressed and put me on meds for that which made the migraines worse. a few yrs later they determined i was bipolar. this didnt have an effect on my migraines much but they put me on medications and it seems to help the mood swings. my migraines i am still working on.
Avatar n tn We have seen a few eye doctors and she has had one eye operation to correct and bring in her right lazy eye, however the squint has again gotten bad and she keeps her eyes closed almost all the time. She is also most likely still depressed although any medication we tried did not improve her state much.
Avatar m tn however things started to get worse with his mood and i thought it was just because of the trouble in marriage but now that i have researched the welbutrin some i now feel it was the medication .my husband has never been depressed ...but he started being emotional ...fearfull i was going to leave him ..he had recently also been put on security at his job as the factory was thinking about closeing down ...he had been working 12 hr days ..
Avatar f tn what is clinical depression?... see the attached link. http://en.wikipedia.
1237495 tn?1268840883 After weening myself off of Cymbalta (I had been on it for 4 years without ANY anxiety or depression no matter the situation) I fell apart and now am on 300mg of Luvox and .5mg Xanax when necessary. I can't really even exercise anymore due to the fear of suffocating... which started in October.
Avatar n tn also try anti anxiety medication for a week or so. Here are some causes of insomnia taken from website http://en.wikipedia.