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605458 tn?1539232408 Which would more likely cause weight gain? I went about most my life 'petite' until a lengthy depression hit and medication caused weight gain. I got quite obese for my size (168lbs at 5ft tall). I lost that weight a couple of years ago. It took me two years to do it right and I've kept it off. My psychiatrist knows to NEVER prescribe something that is known to cause weight gain. I read that the Lupron Depot can cause weight gain. What about a hysterectomy? Will you gain weight too?
Avatar n tn However despite the mitigation of the panic attacks, the Effexor even at 300mg/day does not seem to have any effect on my depression/fatigue. I ponder if I have become medication resistant. I have not been in therapy for years, but will be shortly since I realize that medication combined with therapy is shown to be more effective than one or the other. Any thoughts on what to do next? My recent physical suggests normal thyroid and good health.
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Avatar f tn read your comments on major depression and bpd. I continue to search along with provider a medication to help lift the depression and it has been a long battle. i am in dbt and cbt therapy for the last 3 years. I understand the concepts of both and apply them when I remember too.
419309 tn?1326506891 First I think it is important to clarify which is medical depression vs the public's idea about what depression is. What depression is not" It is not feeling sad or disappointed when things don't go the way we want is life. Feeling sad or disappointed is an appropriate emotional response to life. What medical major depression is. "Clinical depression is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.
Avatar m tn This is assuming that his life was so severely disrupted he actually needs meds at all -- they are way overprescribed and often therapy is a better place to start if life isn't so severely disrupted. If it is, therapy takes time, and then medication is probably a necessity. He can keep experimenting.
780665 tn?1239030149 Medication and talk therapy usually work best together though but as to whether you need treatment and what medication that would be up to the psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn If that's not the case (and even if it is, you can still struggle), consider therapy and/or medication. I'm not saying pop pills, especially while pregnant, but there are some safe ones you can take that can make a difference. Look at it this way: Depression and Anxiety Disorder are illnesses. Your body doesn't make enough "happy" chemicals or makes too many "anxious" ones.
Avatar n tn Although it runs in the family, that does not mean it is genetic. Look at your depression as having a cause in your life rather than an illness. Get therapy to help you. If you want some immediate perspective on this, go to and take an etherapy session.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 18, and has been under medication and counseling for depression for five years. She used to cut, and has made more than one suicide attempt in the past, but is significantly better now. She is brilliant (I am not bragging), and has done remarkably well in her high school, which is highly regarded in our area. She has topped in the subject she loves most and wants to major in.
2064754 tn?1333379263 Many people medicate without a second opinion. Most don't even need the medication, they can go through other forms of therapy. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn Is there evidence that a healthier diet and exercise can alleive symptoms of depression and anxiety? I'm so torn about taking medication at this point, and looking for an alternative. Thanks!
1551327 tn?1514049467 Oh yes, this is definitely a controversial topic, with a WIDE array of opinions on both sides. MY take on medications is that they can be a very useful PART of a treatment plan for depression (or anxiety, whichever is the case). I think one of the problems lies in the fact that people think they can take a medication and it will "cure" their depression. It's a treatment that helps to manage the symptoms.
Avatar f tn But you might be going through a withdrawal from wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is for depression, it can cause anxiety, although since yours didn't come for six months it's hard to say. But if you're going to be on a drug, with your symptoms, better lexapro than wellbutrin, though you could try therapy and natural medicine first. Just feeling stress and sadness is no reason to go on medication.
Avatar f tn I have since had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate tram reconstruction followed by 4A/C, 4 taxotere and 33 radiation therapy treatments. I am now on tamoxifen and have been experiencing depression, extreme fatigue( weakness) with any physical exertion other than just walking. Is a hysterectomy a better alternative to taking tamoxifen or would I still need to take it?
Avatar n tn i cant sleep at night at all, and when if and when i do fall asleep i am in a very conscious sleep where the slightest movement or sound can wake me up. i hate being alone but at the same time i hate being around my family and friends. i cant concentrate on things, and many times even after thinking about things for 5-10 mins ill walk over to go do it and forget completely what i was going to do and it will take another 5-10 mins for me to remember.
Avatar f tn ' Maybe a few weeks in Cognative Therapy would best suit, rather then medication. And if medication is necessary, I think perhaps a small dose wouldn't be bad at all. Again, a lot of kids this age and time of life experience this, its totally natural. I think maybe keep her, and yourself off of google (looking up symptoms), and work with her and a therapist, for however long it takes, maybe sooner, maybe later, but I think this is a part of life, many go through. Just my two cents.
1143570 tn?1261223356 He also had many issues with depression and anger ...meds do help some but you also need therapy to deal with everything that has changed in your life since the injury. Its harder for you than the rest of us to control your anger and like you said to be able to find the right words to describe something...this is all possible and will come if you are willing to do some work and get someone who is qualified to help you...
Avatar m tn I have also had physical therapy and gone through 3 epidurals which havent helped
Avatar n tn Additionally she is prescribed her medication by her GP, and she sees a therapist weekly for her therapy (which she loves). Is this the right combination or should she be seing a Psychiatrist for the Medication and her psychotherapist for the therapy? Was their some recall on Paxil that could explain the sudden change in medication? How do you feel about Paxil Vs. Effexor XR, and about changing medications without a dire need to do so?
Avatar n tn SUBOXONE and SUBUTEX are part of a complete addiction treatment program that also includes counseling or behavioral therapy. SUBOXONE and SUBUTEX have not been studied in children. SUBOXONE is a tablet that contains 2 medicines. 1. The first medicine is called buprenorphine (BYOO-pruh-NOR-feen). It is like painkiller medicines such as morphine, street drugs like heroin, and addiction treatment medicines like methadone.
13841903 tn?1432257394 I have never been on medication for Bipolar Disorder. I am wondering about what the pros and cons are. And changes it makes to the episodes and such.
3199802 tn?1362254159 You infer that everyone has a cause for depression and therapy will address that. But, myself has no reason for depression. It just is. Therapy in UKdoes not exist as such. I have lots of counselling, which is probably the equavalent. Got nowhere, and had some stupid ideas put to me. Probably if people here need what you call "therapy" that would have to pay an amazing amount for it. People like me have what is called endogenous depression - ie there is no obvious reason for it.
Avatar n tn I was treated for depression after the first accident and prescibed prozac. I feel that this worked well. My husband doesn't believe in medications and thinks that I should just pull up my socks and get over it. I have recently been diagnosed as bi-polar. I am currently being prescribed zyp[rexa 2.5 mg twice a day. I was on heavy duty pain medication after another neck surgery (cervical denervation. After the surgery the pain become intolerable.
Avatar n tn Ten days in hospital and two weeks of day-visits for therapy later, when he went back to work, he again did not do well (though he was taking his meds). His doctor said that he may not be responding to Risperdal and switched him immediately to Zyprexa (10mg/day). He did not do well in the next three days and went back again to the hospital. He is now recovering in the hospital but his progress seems slow. He seems sleepy all the time, and is on Zyprexa.