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Avatar f tn I'm on 50 mg Zoloft
Avatar f tn Topamax is the first step of treatment. I used it for two months it didn't help none. Best of luck and listen to your body when it is telling you something.
Avatar n tn I have been on pain medication for 2 years, I have been on depression meds for @ 10 years but got off of them as soon as I started on oxydone. I had back surgery and seem to be feeling worse, I can go out without my pain meds and have no withdrawals. I would really like to go back on my depression meds but I am not sure what medications that will be okay to take with oxycodone, valium, and ambien.
Avatar f tn Good doctors and parents know that no one asks for depression or gets it on purpose....Your parents may not be able to treat you but certainly can point out the best therapy and best therapists that are out there for you.... You can recover from this malady.....It takes hard work and a bit of determination and a lot of faith, but I have good vibes about you and hope you come back and tell me how well you are doing in a couple of weeks....
Avatar f tn I'm not taking any medication for depression - I was simply asking what depression felt like in my original post. My oldest daughter mentioned that there was a change in my behavior -- lately -- sad, recluse, and just not myself as she says. My diagnosis -- I have been diagnosed with Adult ADD - well, actually diagnosed with ADD ages ago.
Avatar f tn I'm 36+1, I've been depressed my ENTIRE pregnancy. Doctor Has Me On medication for It AND Also for my Anxiety. Before I got pregnant I was going through the hardest time of my life, my family and I lost out house or car and all our belongings . We went to California to find better jobs and came up dry again after 6 months of being there and me being 8 weeks pregnant we came back to az to live with my cousins.
Avatar n tn Personally because I have had depression in the past I have a line that if it gets crossed I know I need actual help. For me that's where I start zoning out, stop leaving the house, can't find enjoyment in things I always find enjoyment with and when I feel like running away. If I feel like that and can't pull myself out me and my husband know its time for help. Can you see a counsellor? There's even some online. Sometimes just talking through things can lift the sadness.
Avatar f tn they put me on medication and i am so much happier, i never think of suicide anymore. I will be on this medication for the rest of my life and i am perfectly 100% okay with that :) i just couldnt function as a normal human being when i wasnt taking it.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the apology and I appreciate it. I'm hoping to make some great friends here, I'm going to see a psychiatrist on Monday to deal with the stresses of everyday life, plus the fact that my brother just came home from iraq injured, and dealing with my sister and her baby has me quite on edge. It's bad enough to deal with chronic pain, but to also deal with everything else has me a little down. Jamie, Pmartin, and Totie thank you for your input.
Avatar f tn It's funny, because a few years ago, I used to have episodes where I could go a mile a minute for hours and days, and whenever I mention this, I get raised eyebrows, but this is no more. I have a family history of bipolar disorder - and I've never known it to become 'full depression', and regardless of any hyper/down cycles in my past, I think this can be pretty much ruled out.
Avatar f tn It was one of those things I put aside when I was low with depression, and forgot about!! Also did not pay bills, for same reason. So I know all about that. It is marvellous that you say you don't feel sorry for yourself. Most people would in your situation. When our depression is due to lack of certain chemicals, I think it can be worse, because therapy does not help. In the UK where I live, I have found that psychiatrists only deal with medication, nothing else.
Avatar f tn It is very important for you to consult a specialist and try to reduce the sleep medication you are taking now. You need to reduce it gradually, under the supervision and advice of a specialist. This is to prevent any rebound phenomenon. So many medication are bound to have their side effects. you therefore need to seek medical consultation with a specialist and try to find the root cause of your symptoms. This will help to taper off the medications also. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn If you are not on the antidepressants for depression you can ask your doctor how to taper off. You can take Benedryl at night but it dries your mouth and makes you sleepy in the morning. It works but isn't ideal. But it will get you off the antidepressants and maybe get you used to not taking a major drug. There are lots of sleeping pills but all are hard to get off of.
Avatar n tn For my depression I took fluvoxamine 50mg, mianserin 60mg and clonazepam 2mg before sleep for 10 years, after failing single drug therapy. I found Prozac, Citalopram, Sertaline, Paroxetine, Venlafaxine, Mirtazapine, and Monclobemide could not replace Fluvoxamine. It indicates that different SSRIs has different effect on a particular individual. I deny failing prozac and Celexa means the rest of the SSRIs is contraindicated.
Avatar n tn When he was 17, he had a lot of anger issues and would scream at me for hours sometimes, then he'd be totally unconcerned and uninterested in much of anything for a long while. He went to college and he'd stay awake for days and then sleep for days. That's when he went to the doctor and got the diagnosis. I know he couldn't have been truthful on his Navy application! I adopted him when he was 12 and I know that he was in psychiatric hospitals several times during the years before that.
Avatar m tn I usually only have two racing thoughts compared to 8-9 when I am very manic. Anyhow, I have tried EVERYTHING for sleep and I mean that seriously! I love to get good sleep. My best solution yet is the melatonin and noise machine. I did some research on melatonin and found that a lot of bipolars are depleated of natural melatonin compared to normal folk. Maybe this helps you? Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Hi, its me again sorry to bother everyone, but, I have been very very depressed over the past few months, as you all know I have the missed heart beats and so on, I have been seeing a pshychiatrist for the depression, doc has just changed my medication from Avanza to 'Cymbalta' has anyone heard of this drug, he said it would be very safe, but I dont know how it will effect my ever ectopic heart.
Avatar f tn Look, from what I gather from my readings and participation in many forums across the world, you wouldn't need to test more than either lamictal, seroquel or abilify. These 3 are the best for your case. The 1st AC for depression. The 2nd is antimanic and a moderate MS. The 3rd is AP atypical like the 2nd but a 2nd generation stabilizing the dopamine instead of supressing it.
550027 tn?1215770864 Both Cymbalta and Wellbutrin are unlikely to cause any physical withdrawal symptoms, although you may experience some psychological withdrawal that can express itself in a multitude of ways, to include, but not limited to, irritability, mood swings, sleep disturbances and depression.
766412 tn?1234896883 Seroquel has different properties, dependant on the dosage. It's really good for the manic phase, and there are new studies showing at higher dosages that it can be used on it's own for both "poles". Did you ask why? It's really important to find that out, the more you know as an educated consumer, the less stress you will have. Personally it works really well for me anxiety, hypomanic moments and I am darned sure my depression.
Avatar m tn Along with adding the Fetzma at 20mg a day, I am also on Effexor (150mg), Trazadone at night for sleep(200mg), restoril at night for sleep(30mg), Klonopin for anxiety (1mg up to 3mg as needed.) I have taken so many different medications and I can honestly say that none of them made any significant difference in my depression. I get so depressed that I don't even have energy to cuddle and play with my kitty. Feeding her and changing her litter seems overwhelming most days.
Avatar m tn John Wort numerous times... everybody says thats suppose to be the #1 natural / herbal pill for depression. But its NEVER worked for me. Evening Primrose Oil works in an amazing fashion for me. EVERY single time. I had a really bad bout last week... starting taking Primrose Oil, and I completely changed around for the better almost instantly Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Even 500 MG's a day is nice too. But 1000 MG's a day, you'll definately notice it.
663386 tn?1283646468 What experience have others had with counselling, medication and duration of depression beyond the end of Pegasys treatment? Grateful for any advice the group has.
612551 tn?1450025775 Sometimes the sleep cycle can break. For instance if you start vividly dreaming right when you fall asleep something is odd with your sleep cycle. This is because right when you fall asleep you should be in stage 1 and dreams normally don't occur there. The reasons the sleep cycles may start to break down could be biochemical, aging, depression, meds.
Avatar m tn So I stopped the medication and it's going to be 6 months from I stopped doing medication. For the past two months I am really feeling sad, can't sleep well and always being really upset even for silly reasons and sometimes without any reason. Looking at my life there is no reason for me to worry like this. I have chronic insomnia that I could go days without sleep and sometimes I used to sit at the same place even for hours whether it is day time or night.
Avatar m tn and this eventually led to my mental illness anxiety, clinical major psychotic depression, and OCD for 5 years now. My crash down is better than before but I have not recovered from mental illness. First time I was treated with during Winter 2007 tripletail, seroquol, effexor for 9 months. I came off medication and I felt so drained that I could not do anything over Summer of 2008.
Avatar n tn Controlled substances like the one you are on is never used, nor any pain killer used for depression. Do you have chronic pain? If that's the case when it eases up sure you wil feel better, but if you are taking it to feel high, it's not a good thing, whether its one pill a day - or when you just want to feel good. You are abusing the purpose of the med. There are a ton of pyschoparmaceutical meds out there that do work. If you are addicted, you need to seek help.
Avatar f tn Klonopin is better, but at a lower dose. But it's not for sleep, just anxiety. Therapy is best for sleep, and less habit forming remedies.
Avatar f tn In any event, Prozac is a pregnancy category C drug, which means that while SOME studies seemed to demonstrate problems with it, others have not. It should ONLY be used if CLEARLY needed for depression, not just so you can get along with your husband and kids. Here's what I found. Don't be frightened, because basically it boils down to some research indicates an association with problems, and others dont.