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Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn It depends on which medication, there are some that are safe. Ive been having issues with it, because ive already taken all the ones that are safe at one point and there are very few that are safe.
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I'm planning on going back onto medication for depression and anxiety as it's got much worse since being pregnant. I think after your first trimester any defects people claim pills can cause are massively decreased because your baby is developed much more. Just go through all options with your doctor first and any cons of pills you may take. Ask to see a counsellor as well as that may help as well.
Avatar f tn i am 16 weeks pregnant... has anyone had depression during pregnancy? i don't even know what to do with myself...
Avatar f tn Depression is definitely normal during pregnancy because of all the extra hormones you are producing. You need to talk to your doctor ASAP and let them know you have a history of depression, this way they can put you on meds. Your depression might also get worse after you give birth so do something about it now. This way the meds will be in your system and working by then. The stress and depression isn't just bad for you, it's bad for baby as well.
Avatar n tn I've been taking my anxiety and depression meds since day 1 my psychologist took me off the medication and i got real depressed and my anxiety i couldn't control the baby started to go thru withdrawal my obgyn put me back on the medication immediately I'm due feb 22 and baby looks very healthy.
430277 tn?1203874425 I had post pardem depression in April of 2006 after I had my daughter and I was put on medication for it. I was on medication until I was pregnant with my son in February of 2007, but halfway through the pregnancy, I had to start taking it again because I started feeling the same way again. Now my son is 4 months old and I have had my medication changed 3 times, but it feels like everything just keeps getting worse.
Avatar f tn Depression during pregnancy is common. Women who have suffered from depression before their pregnancy are more likely to see it again during their pregnancy. Depression, and or anxiety can be due to a number things. One is the obvious. Hormones. Your body is going threw a lot of changes. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. It's important to bring this up with your doctor. Depression can cause problems for you, and your little one. You want to get help as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn I dont know if that was the medication side effect or the pregnancy. It passed, but scared the life out of me. Does this happen to most people? I am going to see a therapist for this very soon.
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with depression throughout my pregnancy as well. I refuse to go on medication because I had a family member try to commit suicide last year due to their depression medication so I've been really having a rough time but my boyfriend helps a lot by just talking me through how I'm feeling and trying to find things to help cheer me up even though its hard. You're not alone! Its definitely tough. My little baby boy is the only thing that keeps me going some days.
Avatar f tn Hey i have been suffering from Depression and im 5 months pregnant the doctors say it can get worse after the baby gets here ive been prescribed Sertraline but i don't know how it will affect the baby.. should i take the medication or is it too much of a risk?
Avatar f tn I've been suffering with depression for a 7 months pregnant with my 5th child and been very depressed during this pregnancy..I have a lot going on with my life & it's really getting to not on any medication but I think in going to start because I'm having suicidal thoughts and I don't want to do anything to hurt my baby..its not like I wanna die I just want to do better..please help..what can do..I really need help.
Avatar f tn I got medication for my depression, I was told that the side affects could be to have the baby deform. Has anyone taken depression pills during pregnancy!???
Avatar f tn I have been battling depression majority of my pregnancy and I'm jw how many of you ladies have taken antidepressants while pregnant. Its a scary idea to me but I have tried counciling and herbal remedies with little to no help... I just want to feel happy again...
Avatar f tn How did other first time mom's cope with depression during pregnancy..... I'm 20 weeks 2 days and I've honestly been excited very little amount of times throughout my entire pregnancy..... i wasn't happy when i found out and it's rare when i do get excited about everything much less smile about everything. ....... i was never supposed to be able to have children. So it was a great suprise for my significant other and i when a test came back positive.......
Avatar f tn There are things you could do to help with depression. I don't recommend medication, whether pregnant or not, plus they have research studies that show medication can cause deformalities and other problems for mom and baby. Psychotherapy is very helpful, and omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to release feel good hormones and decrease effects of depression. Stay away from sugar and caffeine, which does the exact opposite.
Avatar f tn My friend has depression and she told me she's not going to have baby b/c the medication will harm the baby and also baby most likely will born with depression.
Avatar f tn don't wanna be on them again until Kyri is born b/c of the side effects. It seems that pregnancy has made my depression much worse. Has this happened to anyone else & what do u do to make it better. Thanks.
Avatar f tn You may have some depression and it could be because of the pregnancy. I struggle with depression and so the hormonal up and downs make it harder to cope. I would talk to your Dr. They may suggest medication. I presonally don't like meds and I struggle to take them consistently. So I see a therapist. It helps. And you can always post here for support and guidance.
19087390 tn?1474310277 Does anyone have severe depression during pregnancy if so what kind of things do you do to cope well half the time I don't know why I'm depressed I just cry I guess it's part of hormones it could also be that I'm doing this s*** on my own wish I had more support don't know who to talk to
Avatar n tn Also, zoloft is another anti depressant pregnant mommies take during and after pregnancy. Seeing as you have depression now your probably at high risk for post partum depression. I hope you can work through this. And get some help. Keep udated.
Avatar n tn How do you guys deal with depression during pregnacy? I have been fine up til now 22w1d. Now I don't feel like my self and just want to enjoy it since it's my last baby. I understand keeping stress under control but seems impossible right now. Dealing with my husband and his mentally unstable brother and moving in 3 weeks. It all seems impossible right now. I would like medication to be my last option.
Avatar n tn Pregnancy is hard and depressing. There situational relevant depression and then depression, with pregnancy those feelings can be normal but because tv etc shows us pregnancy is supposed to be this big great fantastical event it can make us even more down. Personally because I have had depression in the past I have a line that if it gets crossed I know I need actual help.
Avatar f tn I had depression before I gpt pregnant and its no different now, other then the fact that I cant take my medication. I live with my other half but every little thing sets me off on a crying rampage. I feel like it dosent love me or want this baby. In hindsight I know thats not true but in the moment it feels so real.
Avatar n tn that's another one of my depression problems...oh yeah...I haven't slept without major medication from my psych doc along with my inability to concentrate so adult add was also thrown in there.
518733 tn?1333020615 when i fell pregnant i was depressed and on medication mainly because i had 3 miscarrages and it was extreamly hard to deal with, once i found out i was pregnant i thort strate away that i would lose the baby and worried constantly, i had losts of scans and seeing her hartbeat for the 1st time was the best feeling in my life i could not belive it i never thort for a second i would see it! but i was still a worrying about losing her up untill about 25 weeks and then felt more relaxed!