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Avatar f tn I am currently looking for a new depression medication. I need some info on something that is NOT a SSRI, a hormone, and is not zoloft, celexa, or prozac......also something that does not contain salicylic acid aka aspirin. If anyone can help I would appreciate the help.
Avatar m tn He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds. More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside). Im not suicidal like I was in middle school, but I definitely don't feel good.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn remedies for depression. I put natural in quotes. because some natural remedies aren't all that natural, they're still pharmaceutical products, but because they do use substances found in nature they can't be patented. Because that takes most of the big money out it, most people don't know these things exist.
Avatar n tn I,ve been on depression meds for 30 years. My mother, sister, grandfather are also taking meds for the same reason. I,m on effexor xr and 375mgs per day. It works just fine as long as I don,t miss a day. If i do I am very short tempered and get angly easily along with depression. My problem is I can,t afford Effexor taking it at such a high dose. Is there something else that works like Effexor but costs less? My other meds are Diavan HCL 160/25.. thanks!!
Avatar f tn Protozan is an herbal used for depression, and amoryn a natural formula for depression. These remedies are not regulated like medications, although they are starting to look closer at them. They may have some serious side effects that are unknown, and I would avoid them. If you feel depressed, I agree that you need to see a psychiatrist to determine this, and he would know if medication is needed or maybe just therapy or both.
Avatar f tn I got medication for my depression, I was told that the side affects could be to have the baby deform. Has anyone taken depression pills during pregnancy!???
Avatar f tn So I started packing for my road trip to NJ, the day before I awoke not feeling myself couldn't put a finger on it, waited a couple of more days Depression thats what it is, called doctor asked him if Meloxicam could cause this , he said he didn't think so, he priscribed Sertraline, had servere side effects, extreme heart burn , sore throat, tongue and mouth blisters lost 8 lbs in 5 days, not complaining about that part. Dr.
2041909 tn?1329939633 Hello dear and welcome to the medhelp forum. Pituitary disease can cause emotional problems like depression, anxiety, behavioral disturbances due to changes in the hypothalamic- pituitary end organ axis. other reasons for these emotional variations could be long term effects of the pituitary tumor, the treatment and the hormonal effects on hypothalamic-pituitary- organ axis. The reason behind this association is possible certain circuits and can cause apathy syndrome.
Avatar m tn It is a natural way of healing any mood issues going on. It won't work to treat clinical depression but it helps overall.
Avatar n tn Because it takes awhile for medication to build up in your system and start working to begin with, so it takes awhile for it to get out of your system as well. Because of this, it is still treating depression sypmtoms until its out of your system. If your still feeling depressed, then maybe you should start taking them again, or another form of depression medication.
Avatar n tn I am considering asking my doctor about discontinuing medication for depression completely to see how I can handle things with counseling, but am concerned since I have been on various medications for depression for such a length of time - probably 10 years. I'm not sure what to do, and when I consulted with my psychiatrist, who has been simply a medication manager, he said, I don't have any answers for you, come back in a month.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had depression for over 20 years too. At the moment I am a bit low. I have taken anti-depressants for all those years, but sometimes I have stopped them. The longest I went without depression was a year. But it came back very bad. I have always avoided sleeping tablets, and take herbal sleep aid if insomnia gets too bad. i can understand why you don't want to see doctor again. How about you try slowly weaning yourself off the sleeping pills.
Avatar n tn We have had our relationship problems and trials in raising kids, but I truly believe that some people's brains just don't make the right chemicals which causes depression. At times though, situations do make the depression worse. The worst part is not always knowing what really causes and triggers it. I wish I din't have to rely on meds, but I guess I came to that realization with this recent trial and error of trying to do it without.
1458597 tn?1286376717 You are having emotions that are typical of depression. Depression robs you of positive feeling and depresses the good feelings we can get out of life. With treatment you can find your way back to your usual self so stick with what your doctor prrescribes and know you are not alone with this illness. Take care.
Avatar f tn Here where I live in the UK, they don't prescribe medication to people of your age. Only a specialist can decide that in certain cases that medication is needed and that would be after trying therapy. I wish there was an over night cure for you but as you know there isn't. No matter how much I wish I could take this feeling away and trust me if I could I would in a heartbeat. Please confide in someone and let us know how your doing soon.
Avatar n tn Is there something over the counter or natural I can take to help me. I've been on the meds for many years and the depression is severe.
Avatar f tn Is there any medication that is effective to use prior to my menstrual cycle that would alleviate anxiety and depression? I don't want to take medication on a daily basis, but need something during that time of the month.
Avatar f tn Caffeine is 'natural' but something mentioned above as something to be avoided, so not sure how different an herb is from caffeine (which is found naturally in some herbs). Lastly, exercise is the only completely natural thing that helps depression, from the natural endorphins produced in the body when you exert yourself. The only problem there is finding the motivation when you're depressed.
Avatar f tn If it's just a temporary stress thing, as you describe the depression, medication wouldn't be called for. Wellbutrin, by the way, though a good anti-depressant, is also very stimulating, so it isn't usually used when anxiety is a primary problem. A natural program would be trial and error, just like meds, so don't expect a magic pill.
Avatar n tn Now as for your primary question, there is no supplement that will replace a standard medication (if you read through my posts what I am on is an anti-psychotic agent in Phase II FDA study not a natural remedy). You could speak to your psychiatrist about what could help with depression or google "Depression Central" for more information if you want to know what else is available in the way of anti-depressents and discuss it with your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn Are there any natural ways besides taking St.John's wort and eating Salmon, that would help with depression? I do exercise every day but the endorphines last only through mid day, I get very depressed in the afternoons (when I overeat) and on the weekends (have no energy, feel guilty about not being able to do things that I used to) so I usually seek comfort in chocolate candy or other stuff. I went to see a doctor but it was very unproductive, almost as he didn't believe me.
Avatar f tn Subsitute for prozac would be St. John's wort, it is regulated and used as a first line treatment in Germany and other places in the world. One of the more studied herbal medicines. HOWEVER. It raises seretonin which makes it a bad choice for people with bipolar. As does most herbals and things like HTP. Unfortunately there isn't really a subsitute for abilify which is what is keeping the SSRI from causing mania. And herbals have side effects.
Avatar m tn My question is around anti depression medication. Could anyone recommend one. My doctor had mentioned Zoloft but would like to get another professionals view. I a, just looking for a medication hat does not interfere or complicate my migraines with aura. Any help would be highly appreciated.
539694 tn?1434569547 I am fed up with dealing with this curse alone and never being able to get any help from doctors. I want to try medication so badly even if it makes my mania or depression worse if it relieves other things i wouldnt care. Alterations between insomnia and hyposomnia, suicidal levels of depression one day then highs of the greatest joys ive ever had with hallucinations sometimes hours later. It feels like my bipolar is ultradian at times..
Avatar n tn What you describe is definetly a significan depression, and medication is very much indicated. It sounds situational in origin, and once you are through with the depression, you will not have to stay on medications. They are perfect for your situation, will give you the boost you need to add to your counseling, and let you concentrate so you can move your business out of depression.