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Avatar m tn I am trying to come off my anti-depression medication as I feel that it is doing more harm than good. I have been taking depocote and mirtazapine for about 3 years. I have stopped taking the depocote 5 days ago and feel a bit strange. I am feeling more alive now than I have done for some time, I assume due to the fact that depocote suppresses the highs of manic depression. I need to ask advice as to whether I am doing this the right way.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have just been prescribed Mirtazapine/Rameron by my doctor yesterday for Anxiety and mild depression does any body have any experience using the medication? I done a bit of research on the Internet and not much information have come up for the benefits it would have on anxiety just mostly depression. Any help would be great.
1730432 tn?1310071247 I got addicted to sleep medication for last 3 years, after I had Depression on 2008. Now I had to regularly take combination of Clonazepam and Mirtazapine and sometimes lorazapam(combination of 30mg Mirtazapine, 1mg Clonazepam and 4mg Ativan) . Need help........... oh BTW for last 3 days iam trying to give all up only taking 15 mg Mirtazapine in a day before sleep. But also Iam feeeling horrible, how long it takes?
953190 tn?1276516034 re depressed again, I would definitely go back on this medication. Always keep in mind that every medication works differently in different individuals. Every situation and body is unique, so go by what you know has worked for you.
Avatar f tn The purpose of this medication is Not for depression (state of mind) or is it used widley for this purpose. I feel for the people that are new this forum, that read these threads are all for trying something like this. I know, I was at that state of mind once when I woul of taken anything to rid myself of the pain of depression. So, please, speak with your doctor's first before trying ANYTHING. Thank's for letting me set the record straight..
Business woman1 My son takes mirtazapine at bed time and he is having trouble sleeping can I give him meltione along with it?
Avatar n tn My question is this. I have been diagnosed as having depression issue and my doctor recently (less than two weeks ago) put me on Mirtazapine and instructed me to take it about 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed for the night. The past 3 nights, I have woken up several times while taking a deep "gasp" for air. I realize not wearing the mask is a cause of this, but could the combination of not wearing my mask with the Mirtazapine make the situation worse?
Avatar n tn His father sent his Vyanse medication for ADHD, but instead of the usual Mirtazapine for sleep, he sent new Hydroxyzine Pamoate with instructions to take it before bedtime for sleep. Due to situations involving Child Protective Services and Parental Custody Court Orders, there is no communication with the father. I did a short research on this new Hydroxyzine, and am concerned that the father could have sent the wrong medication (possibly his own after recent surgery) for my nephew.
874819 tn?1272907712 change to mirtazapine 15mg appointment Dr Watson low bp - 95/50
1730432 tn?1310071247 I got addicted to sleep medication for last 3 years, after I had Depression on 2008. Now I had to regulary take combination of Clonazepam and Mirtazapine and sometimes lorazapam. Need halp...........
Avatar n tn I have just been put on seroquel starting at 50 mg and increasing every three days until 150mg at night. I have also been put on Mirtazapine 30mg which i have increased over the same time. I have also just withdrawn after a week tapering it off. I still feel the electric shocks and muscle aches from the withdrawal of my previous antidepressant (paroxetine) and I started getting a pounding heartfrom the seroquel.
Avatar n tn Mirtazapine belongs to the class of drugs known as tetracyclic antidepressants which is mainly used for the treatment of depression. Many antidepressants, including mirtazapine, that were originally developed to treat depression have shown to be beneficial for treating anxiety. Although mirtazapine has not been shown to be useful in treating addictive behaviors, other antidepressants have demonstrated this.
1166402 tn?1303847056 Most antidepressants can give you memory trouble etc but mirtazapine can improve memory. Instead of switching medication right now I would try to add Wellbutrin to take in the morning. It's action on dopamine and norepinephrine might be the only thing you need more and especially since mirtazapine is sedative and Wellbutrin is stimulating. Taking both medications will take care of all your monoamines which are thought to contribute to depression. I would not recommend Effexor.
Avatar m tn ALL local pharmacies say mirtazapine UNAVAILABLE.....I have been off for 2 weeks...need a replacement that is most like this....
Avatar m tn i'm posting a question asking for your medical advice as i've suffered from long term depression since i was 18 as i'm now 38 going through various medication regimes throughout that time. I've previously been on mostly SSRI's ie prozac and seroxat, with in addition dosuphin and amtitrypline. Prozac and seroxat worked well with me for some time until they "pooped out" on me.
1294632 tn?1306358930 I've been taking Zispin now for the last couple of months because my anxiety was getting really bad, I only take it at night time and find it great for making me sleep, in fact it pretty much knocks me out.. lol. I have been taking Lexapro & Benzo's for many years now but since I've started taking the Zispin I seem to be putting on a lot of weight. It's annoying because it really helps my anxiety and depression.
574042 tn?1217656418 i have been ill for 4 years and i am on other pain/muscle medication and nausea medication, but it wasnt until i took mirtazapine(remeron) that all this terrible mental stuff started. please help... any information would be great.. even if you dont know of places maybe what i can do to get back to how i felt before i took it, or if you have ever taken it and had similar experiances, what you did to get help. i have gone to psychiatrist appts.
Avatar n tn I am currently on 75mg daily of mirtazapine (Remeron), I started out at 45 initially for GAD and depression, it has worked fairly well except for a few odd side effects (loud noises and light flashes send what feels like a charge through my body) I have seen the typical dosage at 15 to 45 mg, the Psychiatric nurse practitioner I am seeing assures me that this is a safe dosage, has anyone else see dosages this high? I was just curious.
Avatar m tn A few months ago I was put on Mirtazapine 15mg, on top of my Effexor 112.5mg. I started noticing memory issues. Recalling names of certain people, objects and some terms. My doctor upped my dose to 30mg thinking that the side effects would go away. They did not. About a month ago I came off the Mirtazapine, and still experience memory issues. I have read over and over again in forums of this happening to people, but when I told my doctor he claims it’s not from the medicine.
Avatar n tn I have been on venlafaxine for 4 years and after my recent visit to the doctor she advised me to cut down for three weeks on the venlafaxine and then start on mirtazapine 15mg. In my infinite wisdom I thought I would cut down the venlafaxine in my own way and not bother with the mirtazapine. I thought what is the point of cutting out one med to go on another as I'm keen to be med free. This is now third day without any medication I feel ill.