Depression medication is not working

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Avatar m tn Lamictal is often more effective on depression than mania although each person responds differently to each medication. Also for some people mood stabilizers can become less effective over time. As I remember from taking Lamictal the specific dosage range can go above that amount but you'd have to ask your psychiatrist about this. The drinking can undermine the efficacy of any psychiatric medication.
1551836 tn?1294151018 I think the depression is taking over my life. No matter what I eat and what I do nothing is happening. I don't even want to leave my room anymore and all I want to do is curl up and do nothing. I'm trying to push against it and I am trying to fight against the emotion, but nothing is working. I am on anti depressant medication but no luck. I am so grossed out when I look in the mirror and so sad when I get on the scale. It makes me not want to cook and eat healthy or work out.
Avatar m tn I'm going to a cognitive behavioral therapist but I find that It is not helping. Every time I stop going I end up depressed again. How can this stop?
Avatar f tn Also the sweating at night due to these is getting worse! Is there anything I can do to help? Do other antidepressants do this? Why does it do this?
1171357 tn?1285851820 Feeling about the same.
Avatar f tn I have realy high cortsol 1200 (200-700) and i was wondering if that could be the resone for the medication is not working (T4). Read that high cortsol would make RT3 high!! Do you think Adding T3, would be helpful?
Avatar n tn ive been there and taken all if not every colored pill they make, if its not working and for only a short period, stop and regroup! zyprexza was my answer.....
1248885 tn?1285832739 It seems to be helping. The thing is I am not sure if I should increase it. Does anyone know if the dose of the Celexa is equivalent to the Cymbalta? I do still have moment where I begin to cry out of the blue, even when things become overwhelming. Any sugestions would be a great help. thank you for reading, responding.
Avatar m tn Trying to log feelings to see if Wellbutrin is working for me....
692025 tn?1232218094 Today my pain has been painful. Medication is not working too well.
Avatar f tn does anyone know anything about celexa? for depression I have been on wellbution 300 mg lexapro paxil ... i can't find anything that continues to work for my depression. It seems to work for a little while and then stops. Or maybe it's just me? my diagnosis is bipolar 2 although sometimes I think it's bipolar1 with depression. I never have any energy and i feel trapped in my house. I am very antisocial. I don't want to be. I just cant help it .
Avatar n tn i have been taking prozac for about 3 years, and it is currently not working. my doctor, who i love to pieces, usually has me stop one med cold turkey ONLY if i am starting up on another one. i know from past experiences that your medication stays within your system for awhile, but if you are feeling really crappy, you should contact your doctor, especially if you aren't taking another med now....
1171357 tn?1285851820 The verbal therapy has really shed a lot of light on my life and why things are the way they are and how to cope with my problems. The problem that I am having is with my medication. I have tried flouxetine, sertraline, abilify, paroxetine now bupropion. The only thing that has worked was a combination of sertraline and bupropion, but I was told that the way I was feeling, I was in a hypo-manic state and that was not good for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do?
Avatar m tn As long as you can tolerate that combo and it is working, I don't see any of them that would cause a bad interaction in most people. You doctor has approved it and the Lexapro dosage is very small, so I can't see why that combination would be an issue as long as you can tolerate it.
1070864 tn?1255355237 hello, iam 29 yrs old and iam verry stressed out my 2 1/2 twins, iam not working at the moment i feel very sad and hopeless i need help can someone help me undrestand why i feel this way i also need help with my anger.
Avatar n tn I am sorry you are having a difficult time with this. Anxiety, depression and agorophobia often go hand in hand. When I had my first panic attack three years ago, it intially threw me for a loop. I went on an Antidepressant like you and went to talk therapy to no avail. My anxiety stemmed from my health and I would not believe the doctors or therapists until I finally accepted the anxiety. Whether you have or not, I do not know, but my advice would be to stress patience.
2097734 tn?1333394338 I don't know what to feel. I guess there's a lot more going wrong right now than there is going right. I feel so depressed; maybe it's the week of no medication, or maybe it's just me. Sometimes I think that no one really loves me. Steven's bugging me for not contacting him; the truth is I just don't think it's going to work. I'm not ready for a relationship at the moment. I don't even know who I like. Everything's so confusing right now.
797659 tn?1282812077 I would like all to know that I have been viral free for 4 months now..It looks like the medication is working..
Avatar n tn I am on it for bipolar depression, and it is working very well for me. I am not psychotic, nor does my psychiatrist think I am.
1348086 tn?1370783185 I know my Cymbalta is not working anymore. I am at 120 mg per day and my depression is so overwhelming I cannot think clearly. No appetite, crying, fatigued. My doctor, around three months ago, suggested I be put on Effexor along with slowly tapering off the Cymbalta, but I had a very bad reaction with taking both meds and we decided to just keep me on the Cymbalta. Something else has GOT to work. I can't live like this. Has this happened to anyone else?
Avatar m tn I just wanted to tell people who are struggling with opiate addiction its hard but b12 and someone to talk to helps. My question, is there a depression medication that works best for this type of thing?